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Friday, December 29, 2017

The CIA Espionage Coup of the Century, as GHWB told me to remember it would be

"A Report on the success of the long-term counter-operation by the Communists to infiltrate the Office of President after having shot the Kennedys and others."

 In this manner I prove correct CIA Dir. William Colby's 'Family Jewel' reports to Congress in the mid-70's that that body was heavily infiltrated by such untraceable (By the APA, at least) 'Manchurian Candidates' as I had been bred to be.  They laughed him out of office figuring that by giving him long-term funding on the matter, it would then be too late to do anything about it.  

I am the subject of that 'Long-term double-blind Study.
And what does that have to do with the CIA's creation of Obama's 
false documentation and birth certificate?
Bill Clinton's?  Hillary Clinton's?
Why did GHWB mandate the release of the JFK docs to
be on her birthday of THIS year?

"8 times 8 equals 64 and he'll know what to do." he had told me in a 1977 hypnotic session at my US Army duty station at the Land Liaison Office in the safe and secure Duesseldorf Consulate in the British sector of Germany.
I was then to run a "Subroutine" of exposing secrets that I would be hiding for his new predecessor, the new CIA Dir., GHWB. It was just my 64th birthday and overlaps nicely with some documents put into seal in the Phoenix 9th Circuit and should be unsealed now.  To include emergency exhumations of some caskets on the island of Maui, one of the CIA's favorite hiding places.
If the VA were only to believe my words, I could tell of more.
Imagery was used to make me think of snorkeling and seeing a Treasure Chest of jewels hidden at the bottom of the sea, containing lots of jewels and treasures.
These sessions were long and many.  Full of all kinds of mnemonics, dates, overlapping religious holidays, references to the Gregorian Calendar and on and on.
In other words, would I, when the balloon went up, and everything overlapped properly, respond as such "Manchurian Candidate" would, in Congress?  Suddenly support a political action, vote in a particular way, etc., that matched the Enemies overall military and political and PSYOPS plans?
"Remember, Rick, you are the Linchpin."  Colby had told me.  I now can see what he meant, how I tie this ring of spies together.
Full of references to personal things about him that I would not realize until years, later, like how he'd been awarded the Croix De Guerre during WWII, and how he'd been in the OSS, and had been known as "The gray man."
Why he posed as "Guenther Hein," GS-12, LLO there half the week, and the other half would be a body double.
Why "John Willms, GS-13," (An actual identity borrowed from the Dir. of the 66th M.I. Group) would show up once in a while for these sessions.  Which were covered up by noisy and shuttered "Laser light marble cleaning" of the building, making eavesdropping impossible.
When Dir. Bush ("Mr. Willms") told me that he'd be President one day and that in the precedence of Pres. Adams, his son would follow him.  But only one son.  I would go into a state of denial that lasted until such things did pass.
But my 4 decade-long duty is now nigh.
The key is in that I'd been lied to.  No, this was not to be a decade-long gauntlet, it is "40 years in the (Wyoming Red) desert," a Biblical reference to remember.
And almost to the day, I am 64 years old.
So I now reveal to the "Navigators trying to peer through the currents of my mind,"  the endless interrogators and what I call "Mentals," those government agents who endlessly hit me up in false social encounters, just what the symbology of those "Jewels" are.
For I am one, "Sapphire."  Or at least so was intended to be by former Communist East German STASI HvA (Their version of our overseas CIA) "Master Spy," Gen. Markus Wolf.
His exploitation of the Hitler era Mauthausen Concentration Camp upon Jews in order to create "Ubermenschen," in short, "Super Spies" lead to his posting as such.  They'd discovered that those who had Celiac's Disease and/or were "Paranoid Schizophrenic," (Or could be hypnotized to exhibit such behavior) made for people who could easily hide their real self.  And in fact, could be bred world-wide by Wolf, who was himself highly Celiac Symptomatic.
He told me so himself, as I was used to lure him from the East in 1977 and met him daily in Cologne.
They even had this staged photo made for posterity.

Deliberately misdated, it was Oktoberfest 1977
and was a quickly staged photo shoot
with many agents in the background

By using his Intel resources, he could locate an overseas prostitute whose medical and/or family records could show they had it, and who would be properly motivated to bring such child to term, then release it for adoption.  Being adopted was key in hiding the true parentage, even allowing a different birth date.
From there, it was the motivation of an adopted mother, who would, just like in the hidden-in-plain sight movie by that name, "The Manchurian Candidate" would be raised in an abusive lifestyle that would behaviorally condition that person to be remote controllably snapped into a hypnotic, compulsive state, and carry out such orders as "Go jump in the lake..."
Wolf was also master of the indoctrination, false documentation, and placing of his "Agents of political influence."
But he erroneously named them all after Gems.  That's how he got caught and the infiltration of our Presidency counter-run. I had already been run against "Topaz" and "Turquoise," and visited their Schwabing residence weekly, being transported there in Herr Rupp's famous Porsche.

Rainer Rupp, "Topaz," after he'd been turned.

I was even ordered to once transport a packet of "Cosmic Top Secret" stamped documents to the SHAPE HQ. in Mons, Belgium, from the Duesseldorf Consulate to give to a man I knew by "Herr Krapp," supposedly the Administrator of the German Safe House I worked in daily, but after time found out he was Markus Wolf.  A security officer noted that transaction and filed a Security Breach.  I had no idea it was a set-up for future use, and had just followed orders.
But on my last working day at that safehouse, known as IRCD, "Frau Schneider," supposedly my trainer in inputting forms, let her wig slip and "Accidentally"  used some British words, such as "Trolly" and such forth.  I finally was clued in on that she was really Frau Rupp's British mother - the two who had turned Rainer in the first place.  I went into a hypnotic state of denial, also memorizing everything in my subconscious, as I'd been trained to do.

Me, Rainer Rupp, his Mother-in-Law, or "Frau Schneider," and British surveilance agents at "Fort Fun," an American West Theme Park.  My eventual posting would mean living in "Dick Cheney Land," Wyoming.  Her real identity
would be found in her love of high-necked jackets.

She told me to remember the gem code-names of other half-siblings I had:
"Diamond" (So named apparently in his use of very sharp objects in his assassination activity) had actually used his so-gained influence to convince the British Air Base Security Officer to let him become my roommate there.
He openly called himself "Gary Condit."
In the overall timing, I think it no mistake that his name long not in the
news, will shortly again be in it.

"Frau Schneider" explained to me that such code-names seemed to have been picked with care.  One jem, because of its multi-colored nature, was assigned to the agent Wolf has sired by a black Indonesian Muslim to be the be raised as the "Perfect alternative everything President" (In conjunction with PSYOPS campaigns to undermine our society), Obama.  I think, because I still partially repress this, that was termed  "Amythurst."
One other interesting anomaly was that for some reason, Wolf would arrange his agents to marry each other.  Perhaps that was for reasons of security.
In being worked against the Rupps, I was told that the disruption between they was in that Rainer had known all the time that they were half-siblings, but not told her.  As she found out, she dropped him on the spot.
Which leads us to the code-names of the Clintons:  Hilarious was "Pearl," I believe, but I cannot recall at present what Bill's was.
But you now have the explanation of GHWB's role in "Stewarding the Presidency," "Shooting himself in the foot to give it to Bill," and such forth.
This is merely a draft, please visit it again.
Here are some links to Alex Jones revelations of the CIA-produced Obama birth certificate.  I am sure there are others. Now you know why Sheriff Arpaio calls this "Universe-shattering."


Friday, October 27, 2017

The real JFK shooter

The real JFK shooter and why the CIA had to cover it up

I was ushered into enlisted US Army MI in 1974 because of who my relatives were, East German spies.  And how they wanted to influence an inheritance I stood for, and how people literally fell like flies about me my whole life.

A long story, but I was eventually stationed at the Land Liaison Office Office in the then extant Duesseldorf Consulate in 1977 with quarters at the nearbyRoyal Army British Airport. 

 A man claiming to be "A Serial Killer Expert Investigator" claimed to the Security Sergeant to have interest in me and managed to become my roommate. He had an British accent but wore no rank, insignia, nor name tag.  But he used his real name openly.

In our BAQ. He'd put up the pictures as he'd been told to, as I would subsequently be sent to Maui, where many Humpback whales are.  The two photos on the desk were of his son, Chad. He later told his wife he deliberately left out the one of their daughter.

He was, in actuality, a serial killer, Gary Condit, that often worked together with his wife in their "Disposal for hire Service" and actually infiltrated the US Congress that way. US Agencies swore me to secrecy thru even now, 40 years later.  He was the person I'd seen so many times when dead bodies would show up and as a kid, I  had simply repressed all those bad memories.

The reason I'd been sent to the British area of Germany was because whoever was trying to set me by attempting to frame me up with murders so as to be Committed was thought to have a British connection.  That was true, and he could put on a British accent quite well, for his Mother-in-Law was British.

Being given the idea to treat me as a "Special Job" for my Agent Handler, he took on this feigned assignment and lured both I and a British Sgt. who was openly gay to his new townhouse on Linnet Street in Ipswich.  (The unit closest to the street.)

But there was a screw-up, he got there early and his wife, Caroline Condit, went ahead and got the other soldier to drink some horse tranquiler and did him up the usual way and he ended up in 3 trash bags. They bragged  while waiting for the return phone call  of "Heartmeat pie," and "Liver and Onions," and how much else  had went down the toilet and shower drain, etc.

He got that phone call, and he was told to cancel. He brought me back on the ferry the next day in his little red MG.

Over the course of the year of 1977, they also dispatched the two civilian British bartenders at the NCO Club and a lesbian British WAVE who I'd had a one-night stand with, all with the intention of blaming the found bodies on me, a total of four.
The VW I unknowingly sold that WAVE at too high a price (Conrad had lanced me) and Condit interjected, saying he would solve the problem and he got in with her and left base, the last time she was seen by anybody alive. 

The common thread throughout was in that as an "Investigator" they willingly wanted to assist Condit to flesh me out.  Every time I went to the NCO Club I would hear about the homosexual joke regarding Batman and Robin,  The WAVE told me openly in bed that she'd been asked to investigate my sexual orientation in this manner by Condit and her Staff Sergeant had agreed.

Sgt. Ray Johnson, aka Clyde Lee Conrad, famous Army Spy who I was also worked
against, was my NCOIC there. He oversold me the VW. But he wasn't busted until his second tour in Germany.  He'd been sold the line that he should help investigate me.

The Brits also ribbed me about my occasional weekend duty at that safe and secure facility, where my Handler and his aide, Dick Cheney, would show up - As if my subsequent drugged hangover had something to do with homosexuality.

What was really happening was that a long-laid bunch of orchestrated scenes were being played out for the finding by known incoming and corrupt Presidential administrations.  I am now positive such "Blackmail" has been hanging over the heads of Conservatives who would have wanted the truth out about Obama's real birth certificate, or "Birthers." 
Brian Larkin, also sold the line that I should be investigated by he, was made for administrative reasons into a Secret Service Agent, later showed up in a court hearing in 1993 before HI Judge Richard Komo that would seal my fate and containerize my life for the duration.  I was told to take my vacation with him, for example. The real reason for his eagerness to do so was because of his hidden orientation.

Our "Dates," Brandy Britten Deborah Palfry and a friend, at the 66th MI BAQ, when they were just starting up their "Sparrow School and spoke of it for me to remember.

Throughout the year I would often be given weekend duty at the Consulate as "Security Officer," (Checking the phone answering device and shaking doorknobs) but then my Agent Handler would show up and it would turn into a medicated debriefing session.  Like what I had witnessed in Ipswich brought back to life with hypnosis and drugs.

Finally, near the end of my tour he showed me a picture of "Badgeman," "The young shooter on the grassy knoll" and the resemblance to my roommate was noted. I was told by my Handler  then CIA Dir. GHWB, to remember that some day that photo would be enhanced. Who was the man who set later the date for the JFK Files to be opened, yesterday.  But you can see what they're holding back.  The real truth. Term Limits are only the beginning of what will happen to the US Congress if this ever makes the light of day.

He would have been 15, just old enough to get a Kansas Drivers Licence.

Red China has an over 2,000 year old super-secret Bureau of Astrology and upon the heavens they do play their long-term military intentions. It boils down to in that invading Armys advance fastest in area devastated by disasters, and they have known for a long time what governments everywhere have been covering up; The arrival of Nibiru, or Planet X. This is the timing of a "Million Man Army," the real reason for the"One Child Policy," as well of the furtherance of decades of corruption to bring in American dollars and promote their population (More of them to survive the above), and the excuse with which no now promote Xi as the person to do the purge. But most of all, it's the military expansionism around the world, especially Africa. With no compulsions against bio-war in the "Art of War" new forms of new diseases are breaking out everywhere. You can now guess where the Zebra mussel, Asian carp, tree beetles and disease... Came from. They hope to march into the US without any resistance, hence the Anti-Gun movement and everywhere else in "Humanitarian Relief" in white UN tanks to "Restore Civil Order." When the world finds out that it was they who killed the Kennedys and others to put in the Clintons (And that's the part that's not getting released), the world will realize just when and how and by who WWIII started.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

HURRAH! CIA Dir. GHWB signed into law exactly 25 years ago that all JFK assassination materials are to be given to the public by Oct. 26th of this year. 
There are ENORMOUS implications to this! It was in the mid '70's that he ran me as an Agent and as part of that gave me secrets to keep to shout from the rooftops later. One is the comment below that involves how Red China had a specific agenda to rule the world that started with the assassinations of the Kennedys, etc. And a very specific timeline that comes to a head with the current events of the West Pacific, which is really Red China trying to lure up into war with North Korea, another "Vietnam" for us. In the meantime, they have built their "One Million Man Army" through their "One Child Policy" and are intent to rule the planet. I was ordered to remember that a satellite - I think Juno - Would be sent to an unreachable distance to always be sending back in plain fax form the proof of above. If they start WWIII, the world will forever understand that they started it; Inasmuch assassinating a country's President IS AN ACT OF WAR - And we'll forever have the moral high ground to do what we will do. 25 years ago exactly, I underwent an unneeded tongue surgery and under the pain and trauma they literally "Switched" my "Legend wife," a Filipina sex worker I'd been issued, with a much nastier woman that looked similar - But her hair reached down to her buttocks, unlike the first. What did this prove? CIA Dir. William Colby had testified to Congress that his daughter had been switched with a biological double, and they laughed him out of office, so I guess he showed them it could be done... I'd been pumped with information to remember, repress, and repeat ("The 3 R's") pursuant to provided mnemonics, dates, calendar events, overlapping religious holidays, etc, just as Colby had told Congress that the many spies in that body did (As "Manchurian Candidates" -we're taking TERM LIMITS, here!). Bottom line is that I was shown the photo of "The young shooter one the grassy knoll" to compare to photos I have kept and also on the internet of Gary Condit, the professional assassin and his wife. It's why the Chandra Laci, JBR, and Scott Peterson cases are all still in limbo, and there are many unsolved ones out there. 

To Compare:
 Colorized version of Grassy Knoll; Badgeman. Condit would have 15, then, just old enough to get a Kansas City DL. That is where Dennis Rader did his thing, some say with an accomplice.

 British Royal Army BAQ room, Duesseldorf, 1977

 Chandra Levy affair

 Condit on Dr. Phil, where he said nothing of value, but obviously lied like a dog

I believe that the family business has been passed down based on having been approached by she, I believe, at my current residence.  Wearing distinctive colored eye contact lenses and wanting to know "If I needed any help?" That's their MO, luring their victims into comfortable home settings, but able to customize things.

 What we're seeing here is the decades old "Art of War" by Red China which they started off by killing the Kennedys and others.  They have spent decades corrupting our politics, society, food, waterways, forests, morals, etc., to the extent that 70% of our youth are either too obese (Their infiltrators in Congress legalizing corn syrup in place of cane sugar), too tatooed (Our education system), with too many Felony arrests (The results of their agent Bill Clinton's "3 Strikes you're out and making EVERYTHING a Felony - Pitting authority against the populace...) to even serve in the Armed Forces. And now they expect this dumbed down generation to repeat the mistakes of history and jump into another failed Asian War.  Which they will then again divide and conquer.  They've set themselves up to march into all kinds of places as "UN Humanitarian Forces," and are probably the instigators in bio-war (Black Plague in Africa, mosquitos, plant diseases, etc.) going on now.  They most certainly were behind the Clinton Foundation, for example.  But it's not like we didn't know it all along, and GHWB's CIA has been instrumental in counter-running the Obamas and Clintons. It's no coincidence that GHWB mandated the opening of the JFK Files to be on Hillary's DOB. It's no coincidence that the proof of above is still being kept confidential, but guess what it will become, if Red China STARTS this war?  We will finish it with moral high ground.  There's a satellite way out there that will constantly send a fax (Yes, fax) back to whatever listeners there might be, giving them the reputation in the world they  deserve. http://rickahyatt.blogspot.com/2017/10/hurrah-cia-dir.html

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Uncovered Red Chinese decades long military plans to capture Taiwan and engage the US by the year 2020. As it corresponds to last 5 decades of weakening and infiltrating the US

Do note how the Red Chinese put so much $ into the Clinton Foundation for use to buy corrupt politicians, the media and the HOLLYWOOD PROPAGANDA MACHINE, and in exchange, Hillary put up so much classified stuff on her email server to be hacked by them. They just want our dumbed-down generation to take the bait and get us lured into NK; yet another losing Asian war to get chopped up by. Here's new revelations about their long-term plans that started with (Coincidental?) the assassinations of the Kennedys and other good Presidential aspirants:  http://disq.us/url?url=http%3A%2F%2Ffreebeacon.com%2Fnational-security%2Fchinas-secret-military-plan-invade-taiwan-2020%2F%3Abi4SXgm3NUyjRlW4L_nESTNT92I&cuid=932754

Here is a report on that key date of military action: By the year 2020.

And More...

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Is it "Climate Change?" Or "Weather Weapons?" Or Planet X (Nibiru) Passing Thru. "Majesty of God."

Faith in God does take precedence, and why our Constitutional Republic was founded upon it (The US is NO "DEMOCRACY!" That translates from Latin as "Mob-rule") : While panic has been ameliorated by the hype of "Climate Change (A PSYOPS ploy on people's natural guilt on having it so good - look how many people are obese because of corn syrup)" the fact of the matter is you are looking at a world-wide phenomena: The Majesty of God (As it's described in the Bible) or else it's Weather Weapons, or Weather Weapons are ameliorating Planet X's effects on the US but giving south asia (Red China) a kick in the ass worse than what TX or FL have gotten. Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Typhoons, Floods, and volcanoes. Please note also that all three major religions have holidays that unusually all coincide this year at this time. There are many cultures of the past that tried to put these effects down in stone to warn future generations, the real reason we had 9/11 as a reason to go look at the hieroglyphics in Iraq. Hell, the Bible put it well with the quote "Do not build your house on sand..."

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Today's anniversary of Lyric Cook's and Elizabeth Collin's disappearances - I saw them & Dan Morrissey during Amber Alert

On the anniversary of their disappearance. I have called and written repeatedly but for some reason the authorities will not call me back.
To wit, I was driving a load of gravel up Wamsutter Road, Wyoming,
passing the Love's Truck Stop in a BCN belly dump when those two girls (I can provide points of identification they've since changed on internet sites:
hair, glasses, etc.) looked at me plaintively with Elizabeth (Remarkable Owl-like glasses) holding a cardboard sign.   I could only read the first two letters written in pen, "IO...".
Elizabeth had on a light brown home made type sweater with a darker brown band.  Her handbag was similar, as if a home craft project. They were not dressed for Wyoming snow, wind, nor area, and street shoes. They had no other visible baggage nor the like.  When I looked to memorize her face, it was apparent she was self-conscious about her high forehead, and looked down.  Her dirty blond tresses flew forwards as if hit by the wind or as if to cover her face.
Something was very wrong, so, having an eidetic memory, I visually
memorized everything I could. There was no stopping there as they'd
started enforcing 18-wheelers from doing that on the road. To go
around and park my rig meant the social awkwardness of a truck driver
approaching two little girls...

I rationalized that Love's being a family place they'd be all right.
But being a former US Army MI Analyst I later concluded how wrong that was.
When I had a drink at Mike's Bar and Grill here in Rawlins, I saw the Amber Alert report on their TV, I was so excited I told not only Mike, but two bartenders, as well.  I even asked him about it later. (I also told other BCN drivers.)
About a week or so later after the above sighting, I saw Lyric (I have confused the names, but not the details, because Elizabeth simply looks more a "Lyric" in past correspondence) with a man I later ID'd from the Internet as Dan Morrissey in a small brown? new paint/body job Ford pickup about 15 miles up that road.  On the side, facing South, in a silt-filled ditch. NOT a local truck to park like that. 
Up popped the head of Lyric, her black hair, and her trademark "Owl-like" glasses. I now think she must have been napping on his lap. I thought otherwise at the time, being connected to a truck stop and all.
The look of pure horror was clear on his beard-stubbled face as he
looked at me in passing. It wasn't just that the world was at an end, more like
the Universe was.  He was parked in a spot on the road that would have necessitated big rigs to slow down and I think he wanted her to ID me. Thusly knowing I recognized the two and now he.
There are other espionage matters I'm involved in that maybe precluded
authorities from even calling me, I don't know.  But as I am a former
US Army MI Analyst, I believe I know why they could have been camping
(Small pop-up for that small truck - I've owned one. I also wondered why it looked like someone had used a shovel to pile fine dust on the trailer hitch and nearly hiding the multi-colored licence plate.) up there, not far from a
full-blown meth town.  A prime and remote camping area up the road. Elizabeth wasn't with them at the time - In that camper? And why he returned to Iowa with them with intent, a straight shot up I-80.  Even as he awaited trial for meth charges. A pair of narrow gauge vehicle tire tracks later reported on the internet at the scene. The two new too much about something, I guess... Or he just didn't want authorities to link his business here to his in Iowa at all costs? Meth-heads are notoriously murderous to my experience...
If you wish to contact me, please email rickahyatt@gmail.com 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Obama's long planned renaming of Independence Day to Malia Obama Day as part of his destruction of all things American

The brilliance with which former Communist East German STASI Gen. Markus Wolf exploited our own birth certificate privacy laws 
And not just once

We all know that Obama's real birth certificate states his real parents, which would make him ineligible to be President, especially when America finds out who his father was.. But what a follow up on that for Obama to adopt his "Daughters" (As Michael is obviously a man), also giving Malia and Shasha new birth certificates with new dates of birth, but to plan so far in advance to rename Independence Day with Malia Obama Day is truly hidden in plain sight! And quite notably in conjuntion with the known long term planning of war upon us in the West Pacific, the long-term economic  and PSYOPS warfare upon our nation by the CHICOMS now opening the page to open warfare and conquest.
But, to conceive!  The sheer brilliance with which former East German Communist STASI Gen. "Master Spy" Markus Wolf  exploited that legal technicality in his planning so long ago!  (I, too, was adopted twice for the same reason, but thankfully taken under the wings of US Agencies early on.)
For Wolf not only infiltrated our Presidency and political system (More than once, I'm afraid), but set up this morale-busting change of the Fourth of July to smear the Office with Obama's apparent incest with Malia.
Appealing to the "New Age" immorality and decadence, Snowflake style!  Even the US Army is accepting LGBTs as "Combat Soldiers."  It's just a good thing that Kim Un Chee wasn't able to get it up on the Fourth to create some actual mass damage and a "Trail of Tears."

Did she take off a year from school and start "Acting Out" because of a reason?

Click here for more revealing photos

Friday, April 28, 2017

Did the 19th Amendment Create a Two-Parent Citizenship Requirement for natural born Citizens? - The Post & Email

Did the 19th Amendment Create a Two-Parent Citizenship Requirement for natural born Citizens? - The Post & Email: “THAT GIVES US A TWO-PARENT RULE” by Sharon Rondeau (Apr. 27, 2017) — In an interview on Wednesday evening concerning his Obama eligibility/forgery lawsuit, plaintiff Cody Robert Judy related a new development in which the U.S. Supreme Court has not docketed his request filed for a Writ of Mandamus with Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch some …

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


(revised  5/21/18))

How I was used as a "Study" of the Manchurian Candidate Process in the counter-running of both the Obamas and the Clintons as ordered by former CIA Dir. William Colby in 1977 after having been given long-term funding by Congress.  40 years, now. He became on "OJT" Trainer in the art of becoming a "Grey Man," his speciality behind German lines during WWII after training at "Camp X."

What it boils down is in being so hypnotizable because of having Celiac's Disease, I can be ordered to go into a hypnotic state,  memorize something but not consciously remember it until I get a specific mnemonic.  
I was ordered to give then Agent, now PM Netanyahu true copies of my and Barry Soetoro's birth certificates in 1976; I gave him Obama's BC as well as my own to him on orders from then CIA Agent GHWB.  Netanyahu's recent trip to visit Pres. Trump is what reminded me.
How long before the Swamp is drained?
This week's nomination of a new SCOTUS Judge will shift the balance, and, anyway, the Constitutional Crisis of Obama's Presidency in all its acts will mean that the SCOTUS Judges appointed by Obama will have to recuse themselves from any decision about it in any event.

 Please read it through, as the devil is in the details. It's just not a rambling delusional story, it's what I experienced and what it means to the country right now. THIS WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! THE REVERSAL OF ALL THINGS CLINTON AND OBAMA!

I had been inducted into US Army Military Intelligence right out of high school in 1974 for very special reasons. I'd been encouraged to sign up for 3 years and to request German Language Training. I later was later told at Ft. Bragg that I was being sent to Germany because my biological father was none other that STASI HfA (Their version of CIA) Gen. Markus Wolf, a “Master Spy” of false documentation, indoctrination, Legend-creating, and breeding of his international ring of agents of political influence, or “Manchurian Candidates” who necessarily had genetic Celiac's Disease.  Often found in some Jewish people due to inbreeding.
Luckily, I had been spotted early on, and had been under the protective arms of US Agencies since at least 1969.
After German Language training at Monterrey,I was assigned to the JFK Center for Special Warfare with the 4th PSYOPS Group and served with a Study Team with Major Latimer in charge. Army aficionados would recognize "The Big Red One, " my NCOIC.
We had on loan Aaron Breitbart from the Simon Wiesenthal Center, apparently for his expertise in seeking out serial killers from the WWII Concentration Camp days, as former SS Concentration Camp Doktor Aribert "Dr. Death" Heim, who I did later meet in Germany.  That is he, third down the bar with his distinguishable facial scarring from fencing.
Aaron, again, with deliberately dated cars and a surveillance van up above.  Army records would have their photos. He'd promised me a reward if I helped lure out Gen. Markus Wolf and Aribert Heim.  I did more than that, I lured out Gary Condit, the professional half-brother sibling of mine, and Congressional hit man for hire.  His "Disposal" techniques were most likely developed by Heim.

A little get-together of our study group.  The redhead wore special boots because her feet had different sizes.   While here, they tested me for gluten intolerance by having the mess hall have a "Special high-carbohydrate diet" for us all.  It dumbed me down like crazy.

But while still at Ft. Bragg, I was ordered in August of 1976 to take a trip to Ft. Lauderdale and visit my Aunt and Uncle Heinekamp. To take a sealed envelope I must not open that had a copy of my own true birth certificate. I did not yet know who my real biological parent were, and they didn't want me to yet.
My aunt Tootsie had another manila envelope that she said contained the birth certificate of a half-black, half-brother I'd been unaware of, and placed both into the envelope and sealed them. Then reminded me to not be later for a dinner appointment I also had been ordered to attend and to be sure to take the new envelope.
Uncle Harold spoke at her prompting how he'd been asked to play a bit role in that hidden-in-plain sight movie, "The Manchurian Candidate," the original  B/W one with Frank Sinatra. He'd agreed and I've seen it since, that's him as the "Publisher Holborn Gaines, (If it's true)" who "Raymond Shaw shoots along with his daughter" while under trance.  And doesn't remember doing it.
I rather know that effect, although I've never murdered anyone, and of that I'm SURE.
Uncle Harold and I Ft. Lauderdale, August 1976 at their Warwick condo

I thought it was some kind of bizarre Intelligence matter, and just went into denial about it all for the interim, my forte. 
My Agent Handler, GHWB, who has always been behind the scenes in my life, was there, and introduced me to an Israeli Intel Agent named Netanyahu.
I very distinctly remember his odd first name, “Bibi,” which GHWB thought may have been Yiddish for "Baby."
 He asked what I'd like to have and I asked for Steak and Lobster.  He told me that people of the Jewish faith did not eat such bottom-dwellers, so I think I may have had a Lamb Burger instead and, naturally, the proffered beer.
He told us that Israeli researchers believed that, perhaps, Jesus Christ himself may have had the same Celiac's Disease as I do. I think same may be possible, and would explain why he was tortured on the cross with (Grain) vinegar, and how that would cause the (Puritic Dermatitis Herpetiformis tortuous rash) "Crown of Thorns" on his head.  I get something similar when I'm glutened. Such could also explain Jesus's gifts of seeing beyond the here-and-now and his prophecies.  He, as well as I, may have genetically-oriented eidetic vision, and a high IQ.
I do not wish to be be heresy prone, I'm only reporting what I had been told. 
The gist of the conversation was that Agent Netanyahu said he would be glad to keep these enveloped secret documents for the US and had a clear idea where he would. A tunnel of some kind, which I've read is a major Intel site of theirs.
At the time, a lot of this all kind of went in one ear and out the other, but I knew I had to keep it all secret for the interim, like many other things I was told to remember. I have these genetic special properties along that line.  It was at the "Bon Ami" kosher restaurant on Stirling Road, Fort Lauderdale, a Kosher listed restaurant.  How well I remember being put into "Memorization mode," and being told to do things.  Like memorize the name of the place, "Good friend" in French, and to look at the sign outside when I left.  That the sign would changed to a nice electronic one, and a new one with pictures of their dishes also installed. 
I think they did that because I've lived in Japan, and that's quite common there.  But this memory has never been explicable to me until now.
In the intervening years, as a trained Military Intelligence Analyst, I have come to understand that Barry Soetoro AKA Barrack Obama is my half-brother through the same father but different mothers. In any event, our mothers were prostitutes motivated by Wolf to bear us and release us to planned adoptions to allow legal hiding of our true parentage.
The Obamas' infiltration of the Presidency has been counter-run since the beginning. So have the Clintons'.
Dick Cheney, then GHWB's technical aide, himself, poured the concrete over a sealed box that contained same in an old beach bunker at Normandy, one time, but Obama found that he could destroy that evidence by Executive Ordering to construct a memorial over it. Dick Cheney has been counter-run as well.
Brian Larkin, SP5 Interrogator always “Investigating” me while in Germany, as if a “Homosexual Serial Killer,” a Legend that was created for me as protective cover inasmuch as another half-brother, Gary Condit,  is a Professional Assassin who has tried to frame me for same since I was young.
Larkin, known to be a closet homosexual, could be countered upon to swallow whole orchestrated scenes designed for him, and make reports to, like such a scene at the Frankfurt BAQ the night before our E-5 Board that included Cheney, Dir. GHWB and myself.
Such kinds of disinformation found its way into Army, FBI, German, KGB, even Red Chinese archives, and I am sure such has always been the Democrats stick to ward off Conservative attempts to investigate Obama's ineligibility and further their Communistic agenda.
Larkin had even been ordered to give a priest at the American Church at the Louvre in Paris such documents for safekeeping (To include my hidden promotion to Warrant Officer) on a vacation we were to take together. Some Embassy personnel were ordered to witness our being there, but my best guess is that they were subsequently tampered with because of Larkin.

There was a photographer behind me to take these photos of Paris Embassy employees recruited to wear "Timeless" clothing that is to this date the official site photo to be found on the Internet.

Larkin was given a shoo-in to become a Secret Service Officer, as if to keep said matters quiet during the ascendancy of Dir. Bush to the Presidency.
In fact, he showed up at a staged closed “Sentencing Hearing” for a charge I'd been ACQUITTED OF before HI Judge Richard Komo in 1994.  On a Sunday, when the Courthouse was normally closed and no one else was around. I believe it was March 13, 1994.
Where he asked the Judge to seal more copies of the above to the Phoenix 9th Circuit Federal Court; said Court having been replaced by Bill Clinton with others of his ilk long ago. Again I would be sure said documents have been tampered with or destroyed, to be sure.
Larkin is, as I've found on the Internet, most recently on the Boston Drug Task force. Of course, other witnesses to that hearing would be the Maui Prosecuting Attornys and David Sereno, Maui Defense Attorney.
Another witness to that dating would be Maui Attorney Barclay MacDonald, as it was a matter of Judicial timing that my ex-wife's false reporting n sex charges that forced me to marry her was also "Dismissed without Prejudice" to be reviewed at the same dates.  Right after Purim, the Jewish holiday.
The main point I would make is in that PM Netanyahu has most recently met with President Trump and will have provided this glaring proof of Obama's Presidency's Ineligibility to he. The ramifications are immense, not only for the nation and the world, but also for myself.
Those sealed documents, include my Army paperwork and to where my paychecks have been getting sent for 40 years. A family inheritance can now be adjudicated. I can now stop living an impoverished miserable bastardized version of the Federal Witness Program, and have a real life. Instead of being the subject of a "Double-Blind APA Study of a Serial Killer In Situ."
Please follow up on this. You'll remember that in my similar requests in the past have always met with “Your (medical) records are being held by another unknown agency so are unavailable.”  My medical records include how I was also used as a "Study Subject" for the "Plastique micropellet impregnated siliconic gel" study, (They knew the Muslims were coming with their body bombs) and I bet the US Army wants its 20 pounds of ordnance back, not to mention all that Classified material stored as microdots within my skin.
Now you see why.

(5/21/18 insertion:  I'd revealed the above to the VA long ago.  On my last VA Clinic visit the doctor noted "A fatty deposit" on my upper breast, where long ago the "Tongue Surgery" chin swelling dissipated to somewhere, and their suddenly ordered ultrasound checked not only my lower leg, but my pelvic region under my "Gut," as well.  So they know.) 

My assumption and memory is in that I was ordered to sign said contract with my (Second) adopted AKA, “Rick A. Clark,” yet with the same SSN, 567-xx-xxxx. I still yet don't know what my given birth name was, perhaps “Fredrick Wolf,” or something to that accord and of course, my first and third name change was to "Rick A. Hyatt."  Dir. Wolf, you must remember, was a Master Spy of false documentation, even after he was turned.
Which explains Obama's forged, yet spiked, false documentation.  I was there, at a German safehouse in Cologne when they did much of it in 1977.
Even my Social Security payments would be affected. The reality of how the Workings  of Congress have been illegally thwarted and requires my being brought in out of the cold is the major bottom line.

I look forwards very much to coming in out of the cold. I've obeyed every order I was given. I was also long ago prompted too one day be summoned to Congress to testify, and if you call, I would gladly step forwards.  At the very least, these are matters of tampering with the workings of Congress.

Addenenum Sept. 14, 1977

Well, at least I can say it's definitely high time. Even though loaded with a ton of things to "Remember, Repress, and Repeat" (The "3 R's, as a mnemonic) some exactly 40 years ago (In the Wyoming Red Desert, a "Bible Reading;" another mnemonic) as a long-term study subject of the Manchurian Candidate, I have, when prompted remembered and released and broadcast certain such memories.
This military duty has been my mission to prove then CIA Dir. William Colby's "Family Jewels" testimony to Congress to be true.  He tried to convince them that there were many "Manchurian Candidates" in Congress that never get voted out, and it's actually pretty clear to see now.  McCain, Pelosi, Waters, Feinstein and the Clintons and Obamas are the most obvious examples, but the swamp is now being drained.
So they laughed Colby out of office, but gave him long-term funding for this "Study," my 40 years as an undercover US Army Warrant Officer.  I should be given my 3rd bar (For operational reasons) and out processed soon.  And also brought to Congress for testimony on how it works, and more importantly the very necessity for TERM LIMITS, and much more.
For I was first utilized as bait to lure certain Communists out from the woodwork.  In the end, in 1977, I became fully aware of who my biological father and mother were, and how he, STASI Gen. Markus Wolf had been given his international role to be able to identify, select, and impregnate certain women who also had Celiac's Disese, and yet were open to bring the child to term and then give it up for adoption.
The CIA obviously knew how the program worked, for it was "Hidden in Plain Sight" in the movie The Manchurian Candidate, the one with Frank Sinatra in it.  What's really interesting is in that my own Uncle Harold Heinekamp was asked to play the bit role of the newspaper editor who is shot by Raymond Shaw for posterities sake.  See the role he played in the blogspot I post below.
In short, being adopted erased the true parentage of this "Family Jewel," and kept it a Court Secret.  From then on, the MC would have his life arranged, be educated, indoctrinated, even placed in places of political influence.  I was to have been "Sapphire," and utilized to Communize Inheritance Law specifically at this point in military, economic, and even weather timing, but was luckily taken under the wings of US Intel Agencies very early on.
So we come to the point: Yes, Obama was "Opal" and there are others still openly in place as agents of political influence, but I'll save the incredulous for later. You would not believe me if I told you who "Pearl" is, for example.
So I first met GHWB when he was Ambassador to China, while en route, at Camp Zama in Japan, in 1969, and then inducted into US Army MI right out of high school.  I came to learn that we know it was Red China who assassinated the Presidential hopefuls of that time in order to get their MC's in, and it was counter-played.
Using me as a virtual vessel to hide many classified matters and keep safe during the duration of such infiltration at the very top, I'm sure SCOTUS has more than one "Constitutional Crisis" to decide upon between now and the 25th.  In that (then) Secret Service Agent Brian J. Larkin requested HI Judge Richard Komo to seal these matters (To include my and Obama's birth certificates) to the Phoenix 9th Circuit for the duration simply drew out Bill Clinton's abuse of the Judicial System, as I doubt they've stayed sacrosanct.  But as you will read in my blogspot, I am quite confident that other true copies of Obama's BC  were kept safe by Mossad Agent Netanyahu since 1975, and probably given to President Trump most recently, and are in the hands of SCOTUS right now.
The final revelation is in that since my adopted Communist Agent mother had tried to drive my step-dad into being committed by claiming he'd been homosexually abusing me (False), the KGB's interest in that theme was counter-exploited and GHWB deliberately and covertly made it so for such insinuation to be found by the Clintons in US Army, FBI, CIA, WGIS, KGB and even Hawaiian (Red China) archives from 1969 on.  As if such a prominent conservative as CIA Dir. GHWB were a similar abuser of young male aides, his office, and  resources.  And due to several deliberately staged orchestrations from Japan to CA to Germany (Also involving his long-term nerd tech aide of the time, Dick Cheney - Why I'm made to live in DickCheneyLand...) to that effect, such became the blackmail sword over the heads of Conservative Birthers and Media who would have challenged Obama's eligibility to even be President.  Former US Army SP5 (And later SSA) Brian Larkin (He was covertly gay and had a lot to hide) was especially tricked into believing such especially when he was for operational reasons made a Secret Service Agent. Everything Obama will be Null and Void. Bottom line, to clear the swamp, it now only takes that ruling by SCOTUS.

Addenum 5/21/18
Well, it hasn't happened YET, has it?  It's unique the way I was trained to memorize a memory, repress it to my subconscious, and then not recall it until duly prompted.  It's a familiar process, now, where part of a memory that made absolutely no sense at all at the time, I try to ignore.
Until it's time:
At the meeting held at the Bon Ami restaurant I describe above, there was said two things I haven't brought up before:
One is that Mossad Agent Netanyahu had mentioned was that Israeli researchers thought that possibly that Jesus Christ had Celiac's Disease and a high intelligence.  Such would account for his "Visions," and such, and maybe most possibly why the Roman Soldiers tortured him by giving him grain vinegar to drink, which would had produced that "Crown of Thorns" on his head, the very pruritic dermatitis herpetiformis rash that comes with the ingestion of gluten.

But he also asked if I would remember the conversation when it was time, and GHWB said I would.
So he mentioned the timing of it all, and I really wasn't prompted until recently when I read in the media the overlap of the 70th anniversary of Israeli Independence was on Monday the 14th (A date Netanyahu mentioned), and thought by some clergy as to be a Prophecy from the Bible of war between they and Iran.  It might just be.

GHWB  promised they'd move the US Embassy to Jerusalem.
And Netanyahu considered, "Yes, the US is a good friend to Israel.  Yes, I'll do it.  I'll keep this envelope in a good place until then, it's a very deep tunnel I know of.  And give it to the US President, then?  Who will that be?"
GHWB replied he didn't know, but by then there would be fair elections.

So, I finally comprehend my assumption that President Trump has true copies of Obama's and my birth certificates based on their contact right after the election.  No, I'd bet now a dime and a dollar that it was contingent on President Trump's being at the opening of that new Embassy in Jerusalem, just yesterday.

One still can't beat the fact that the 13th was Mothers Day and the unsealing of that inheritance, as my adopted mother had asked her Agent Handler about the timing of it; that on a calendar page, there are 3 3's in the Day of the Year and Days remaining section; That my last programming in Germany was by Rainer Rupp, who urged me to shoot for the 3rd target at what time I'd be released from his hypnotic command to be a "Circus Bear."  (Finally that menonic makes sense:  Brain Larkin had, in 1993, requested same and other documents to be sent to seal at the 9th Circuit Court, as known as the "9th Circus."

Die Lorilei
Even after watching tons of Markus Wolf's Youtube video designed to have mnemonic meaning to me, did I finally understood what Ruppe had meant by comparing me to a "Circus Bear," highlighted in the lower photo.

Ruppes' command that I not relinquish his programming until "Die Dritte Ziel" (The third target) is in that he'd told me to memorize his telephone number, and then to call him at 11:11 on 11/11/11, which I did, and heard only the sounds of heavy boots pounding three times.
I guess my second goal was in obeying Filomena's commands throughout her forcing my to marry her and endure her Feminist abuse for the duration (Maui Coroner and newly appointed Justice of the Peace Bert Friedland married us and had me sign Warrant Officer papers).
Filomena's numerous false charges did all the groundwork to lure out  Feminist Judge Eiken to reveal how outside of the law such a case would be.  In fact, first sending (Without any idea of term sentence) to the Sheriff's jail, where Brain Larkin showed up as "Fellow Prisoner," and much homosexual activity could be heard at nights.
Then sending me to the still standing Evanstan Hospital to be threatened with a chemical frontal lobotomy if I did not "Talk," is far beyond Justice on a first time set-up DUI.  Again, there was endless homosexual themes portrayed, often by undercover officers posing as fellow cellmates.
The third goal I have become to cognate is the triad of the oft to me touted VA, newspaper planted mnemonics and her past insistence to work at the City Market Gas Station; their "Psychological and sexual Investigation" of myself there daily, a sudden recall of being ordered while enlisted to shave my ears in 1977 and the resultant ingrown hairs and hearing loss meaning again contact with the VA - And they finally medically investigating my claims.
I was told I was to be a long-term Study on hearing loss/ingrown hairs, as well, and I would be paid for that.  When will I regain financial freedom and personal privacy again? Just the constant "Mental Health Conversation traps" I endure here at Cathy Gardens is enough to drive one nuts! And very high blood pressure.
It amounts to what should be two Constitutional Crises for SCOTUS; Obama's ineligibility, and can they force me to have a liposuction? And a third, more central issue:  Can political front agencies like the APA be used to create political change to Communism by helping females of a family from wresting a family inheritance from the eldest male survivor, as I stand for even in adoption?  With letters from they and false reports and manipulation?  Presenting a precidence in inheritance law that would inevitably trash our country's strength in Capitalism?
And the downfall of America, I was told to remember.

Which bespeaks the question:  Did they keep in seal and reopen documents as sought by law?  Or have they destroyed or tampered with the doc's that prove that not only are Obama and I are half-brothers of the same East German "CIA" HfA Gen. Markus Wolf, but that we - And others - Were bred and raised to be Agents of Political Influence, but counter-run by the GHWB CIA.

But I know where other copies are at, and the VA was so freaked out by my recent letter to the Pentagon about it, they turned my recent appointment into an Emergency Room mental health checkup under the guise of high blood pressure readings.  Even the "Special Study program I serve as a "Job" at City Market, where they seek to find and provoke "Dangerousness" or "Lunacy" has only meant an increase in such social pressures, basically centered around the planted daily frustration involved in emptying the trash cart.   And endless sexual orientation inquisitions.  End result? Dangerously high blood pressure...
But a Congressionally Mandated and funded "Study,"  so it is my life of Hell.
HI Judge Komo had been really exited when SSA Larkin had told him of a packet that concerned (A person I know to be a Serial Killer for Hire) Rep. Gary Condit.  Did the real sealed information about he that's been covered up for so many decades come out at the 9th Circus Hearing, most probably on Memorial Day?

Finally, I remember Dir. Colby asking the new Dir. GHWB, "So, you ARE going to use him (Me) as a Manchurian Candidate, aren't you?"  And he sure did.

and, as he had said (And kept me groping for the answer all these years,)  "One last Great American Holiday (Memorial Day), and the shit hits the fan!"
And it has!
One point of the conversation Netanyahu and GHWB was about Biblical Prophesies and such.  It was kind of over my head, and such.  Netanyahu mentioned that Israelii researchers thought that maybe Jesus has Celiac's Disease, like  I do...  (Being fed grain vinegar with the resultant pruritic rash would be torture, indeed!)

That Israel would  again be the global site of the chosen people, if an earth's magnetic flip-flop might happen, along with all the other Biblical signs.  As in the return of Nimbaru, or "Planet X," that is so covered up as "Climate Change."

The necessity of going into Iraq was to gain access to all the ancient hieroglyphics and past history of  Nimbaru's past passings, he'd once said.  That should address those who claim "911" was a Bush affair.  I remember being told about the Japanese architect who had been commissioned to built it with an exoskeleton so it wouldn't fall on adjoining private land.  It's falling certainly did serve to unleash a lot of pend-up Conservative sentiment at the time.

That the US was surely a friend of the Israeli people, and he'd be happy to kept the birth certificates safe. That such times would be when Jerusalem again became the capital of Israel.  The day after Memorial Day is the day the Israel-Iran war started in earnest.
I can only ponder how GHWB's counter-running of Obama and his sending Iran cash, and the counter-run Clintons sending them uranium can mix.  If anything, everything has come out like Pres. Bush said it would, as in churning all the cream to the top, where it can be whisked off.
From the day the Red Chinese assassinated our top potential leaders, to their decades of attempted infiltration and corruption, I can only add one final mnemonic.
"We just want to level the playing field a bit." he'd said.
That was after speaking of another mnemonic for me, the number "3."  It overlaps in nearly everything said to me.  But he then referred to the "3 Gorges Dam," and I've done a lot of research on it.
It's the Crowning Jewel of the Red Chinese Party, having relocated millions of Chinese farmers to slave labor factories in the ever growing and polluted cities.  The Red Chinese really don't care, after all, because much of it blows over the Ocean and helps to "Soften" California to Socialism and there eventual planned invasion on that beachhead.
Their efforts in South America to destabilize the populations and economies into hordes of refugees into the US, giving them PSYOPS reasons ("To help restore Civil Order")  to invade in white UN tanks is planned.
Their "One child Policy" has shown itself as a "Million Man Army" production, all of whom are eager to see blue sky and wide open places, like in the US.
But unrest and dissent are growing in China, as can be seen by the crackdown on any dissent or free speech at all; Those who do not have a good Pro-Xi approval ranking aren't allowed to even catch a train nor plane.
So to return to the point:  The electrification of the country with the 3 Gorges Dam has made them reliant on that.  Much of the slave-labor factories and cities are down river of that dam and on the Yangtze delta.
What happens if and when it goes?  Certainly prompted up support for Dictator Xi and the Communist Party as well as their intentions to rule the world. Not to mention a good chunk of that "Million Man Army."
And probably, a major freedom-seeking revolt by the population. As for moral high  ground, I was told to remember that a far-flung satellite would forever broadcast in simple fax form to any listening amateur, the still-classified details of the JFK assassination by they.  An act of war in itself.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

A Serial Killer and his Wife - Who I've known most of my life - Pass it on

A Serial Killer and His Wife
Who I’ve known most of my life

1) About 1963, when JFK was killed: Hopkinsville, KY
Revised 2/25

Faith Lutheran Church Pastor Lossner's wife:  My Communist adopted mother Fritzi Schalk Hyatt Clark (She had “Honey trapped” US Army Sgt. Art Hyatt because he unknowingly stood for an inheritance from Great Aunt Katherine Lunt Hyatt in Madison, WI, as told to us by Uncle Baxter, a long story) visited Mrs. Lossner for coffee, we returned home, Fritzi got a phone call, and we had to return (I now believe she was in contact several times with Condit throughout the years).  As she went in the front door a young person with a very evil demeanor came from around the back, had an argument with a neighbor about parking, then drove away quickly in a large gray American car.
His demeanor and evil stare at me was enough, even at that age, to just instinctively roll up the windows and lock the doors as he approached.
Fritzi Schalk Hyatt Clark (Undoubtedly  on FBI espionage files - She REALLY wanted control over that inheritance for more than greed- Espionage purposes, as well) came back out to tell me that Mrs. Lossner had taken too many tranquilizers and the Police were coming.  She wouldn't let them talk with me, however I did overhear that a trash bag had been used to smother Mrs. Losner.
I have an eidetic memory, and Gary Condit's face comes back to me clearly. He would have been when just old enough to get a Kansas DL. I believe the real reason Fritzi took me along was to associate with the Lossner’s kids.  They shot neighborhood pet squirrels, and made a homemade bomb had blown up on them. She was always setting me for getting into trouble in pursuit of that inheritance, put into Court seal on 10/13/1961 when she arranged for Sgt. Art Hyatt to find her in bed with another soldier, Sgt. Thomas Clark, in order to do the same with Hyatt. She divorced US Army Sgt. Art Hyatt and married Sgt. Thomas Clark upon the advice of a Donna Hansen, her Agent Handler and connection to what I later learned was East German MFS Agent Markus Wolf.

2) Same time frame:

 She had bought me a .22 single shot rifle, encouraged me to go play with it, and I was shooting it at a trash dump about where Donna Drive would be now (According to Google Maps)  when I heard shots down the slope by the North Fork Little River, and then Condit in that car came roaring out of the bushes with that same evil look on his face.  Not knowing what had happened, but as I read in the paper later, that a shot had been fired at this kid I’d had a run-in with and the shot went through a glass panel door and landed just under his head in the bedstand.
But I had then  went home on my bike to get my new shotgun for target practice as I’d run out of .22’s.
I was stopped by a police officer who let me go when he saw I had a shotgun and not a smaller caliber.  In sheer terror, I simply returned home.
Sgt. "Pierre" Clark had taken us on an unusual shopping trip in the central town and we were stuck in an unusual  traffic jam down in front of the Indian Hills Bowling Alley and we witnessed an unusual event.
That spot was known to most kids as it had an interesting acoustic effect. Whatever was yelled from the downslope highway was echoed and  seemed to be coming up from the Bowling Alley. When that  bully from the Billiards Hall had cussed at me from a passing car, I yelled a returning insult saying that I was up at the Bowling Alley and was waiting for him and I guess the younger one jumped out.  I thought it would be funny to see him climb the hill and find me not there.
But he had apparently had jumped out of his family’s car and run across the road being deliberately run over by Condit in waiting. The Clarks were somehow in on this.
Stranger things have happened in Espionage, I have since learned.
The kid's family moved to Kansas City, I believe, and think they were the ones tortured to death by TWO men with guns in their bedroom while two sons survived locked in their bathroom  according to what I’ve read on the internet about the BTK killer. (Strangulation) Condit grew up south of there and has other connections to Dennis Rader.

3) About 1968

We were suddenly transferred to Camp Zama, Japan.  Fritzi insisted I get a job as a busboy at the Officer's Club.  The first day, the Japanese bartender tried to make homosexual advances on me after offering me gluten-rich Kirin beer. (Homosexuality is rather common in Japan, but I think he was set up to do what he did.) Shibata-san, the manager, and Mama-san, the dish buser, thankfully interceded with his master key and I was told to never go into the bar again.
Later, one day, Sato-san, another busboy, rushed in to tell me (Through a waitress translator) that the bartender had been found chopped to death and wanted to know if I knew any Yakuza from the pool hall in Sagamihara I frequented.
Later, I was told to meet an "Investigator" outside the loading dock about it.  He dismissed the driver and had me climb in the Army pickup.  He openly used his name, "Gary Condit," said he was an "Australian Serial Killer Specialist" and feigned that accent. He showed me a diagram and asked if I knew what it was.  I was learning Japanese, so thought maybe it could be a misspelling in Kanji of "Ni-Hon” (Japan), looking like “I-Hon” (One Book) in  which made no sense to me but I distinctly remember that.
My adopted mother, Fritzi, announced one day that I must leave my leave my Kawasaki motorcycle at home and take the bus instead to classes at Camp Zama High School that day as an “Investigator” had called to have me interviewed at the school, and I might not be driving it back. I think I drove it anyway, from our housing at Sagami Depot. (I believe now that she had direct contact with Condit.)
I went to the Vice Principal's office, which sported an ornate counter desk that dated back to the WWII days of the building having been a Japanese Intelligence Training School.
I have read where it has been in sealed storage since. Perhaps also for fingerprints, Condit’s.
The school day before, a student, Lynn *** had played a scam on me, going by me openly at the crosswalk speaking of being Lynn but deriding his supposed brother, “Lynn,” who was queer because of his given name having influenced his upbringing. He quickly changed shirts just inside the building, coming out as “Gay Lynn.” It was typical Condit M.O., getting someone to “Help Investigate my Sexual Orientation.”
When I tried the VP’s door, I heard a voice inside as it was unlocked. It was the openly gay and not well received typing teacher, Mr. Preice, who I had been assigned classes with.  Condit shouted at him to not open it, but to allow me to, I guess for fingerprints. He’d been enlisted by Condit to participate in this continued attempted frame-up of me. Condit threw Lynn about as a show, finally handcuffing him and loading him into a Army Suburban he’d backed  up over  the curb to the exit.  I guess to hide the seeming responsible.
Again, as I left, Condit stopped Preice from opening the door for me.  I just shrugged my head, thinking that they could have my fingerprints all’s they wanted to.
I went upstairs to English class, as Mrs. Kennedy (Yes, related to JFK) had demanded her class be held in spite of the rest of the school didn’t.  When it was over, we  descended the staircase to see Police tape all over, and most amazingly, the doorknob was gone.  The other classmates could be contacted through the Zama American High School Alumni Association.
That was the last time anybody saw the gay Typing Teacher Preice, to my knowledge.  I also do know that he tried to pinch my ass while serving him at the “O” Club, him making remarks that such was what it stood for.
He “Disappeared” from what I heard.  I went into my standard denial memory mode I’d learned from my childhood abuse from Fritzi. But I remember it now, a product of male menopause and age. The Primordial urge to survive now longer serves a purpose for me, but getting the record straight doesl


Ca. 1971

We were suddenly transferred to Okinawa. (Later I was told that Dennis Rader had gotten himself transferred there then while in the Air Force.)
Sgt. Clark bought me a clunker that had no brakes yet one weekend took us to Moon Beach in his car, remote enough to drink beer without the MP's bothering one, and one could camp out.
He also told me in a "Fatherly way" that one could procure the services of prostitutes up the street from our concrete bunker home at the Soba Noodle Restaurant. I ignored that, but in search of a  Japanese delicacy I'd grown fond of, "Tendon," I ate there.  Leaving a tip, a waitress ran after me, not being familiar with the American tradition of leaving tips to give me the money back. She also offered her services for $5, thinking that’s why I’d left the money,  but when I later took her up on it, told me she had the crabs.
There were times in my life where I now recognize that I’d been surreptitiously fed aphrodisiacs by Fritzi. Of course, Viagra had not yet been made cheap enough for the public, but I learned while in US Army MI that such could be had from R&D research by major Intelligence Agencies.  Like, for example, MFS HvA Gen Markus Wolf, who was basically Fritzi’s Agent Handler through an American woman named Donna Hansen.
Unfortunately, I still yet did not know that sex involved vaginal penetration, so only had skin-to-skin contact with her. But it was enough to get me the crabs, as well, and see the Army doctors for it.
Having been brought up to drink beer (Long story) I took the planted suggestions and camped one night at Moon Beach.  A young soldier type in only jeans approached me, I thought, to bum a beer, but instead offered to pick me up another six-pack from town. I visually remember that lanky figure.  It was Condit.  When he got back, one of the Lucky X beer bottles was half-full, and he said he wanted to taste it.  I decided not to drink it, but the others were so good (I have Celiac’s Disease, and I now know gluten ingestion is stronger than morphine for me) that I drank it anyway.
The opened one was mickeyed and I passed out to be awoken in the night by he to be showed a nearby hill of sand.  Condit uncovered the dead waitress and showed me that her tongue had been cut out, wanting to know "Why I had done it."  In horror at the sight of her also lifeless eyes, I passed out again, to be awoken at dawn by Navy Investigators.  It was then that I met what would be my later long-term Agent Handlers, Navy Captain Barry Born (Later a Maui MPD Lt. who was given a “Deal” to do so or be prosecuted for having forced a sailor to give him oral sex), and Army Psychiatrist Capt. Timothy Berigan (Later playing the role of “Clay Carrier” at the Saratoga Inn, WY,  Baron’s Fine Dining Restaurant where my Legend Wife insisted I work at..) They said on Moon Beach  that a young man in a pickup had been identified who claimed to be an "Investigator," so had been let through the MP roadblock.  There had been no fingerprints on the steering wheel of the truck at the motor pool.

A CID Officer later came by and wanted Sgt. Clark and I to go out and see this hastily built sign and wanted us to take a photo of him for posterity.

moon beach2.jpg
An Internet photo of Moon Beach showing a hotel that was only in planning stages at the time.  There is more info on a small boat that was deliberately grounded that night and became the Aircraft Carrier’s Admiral’s personal craft after that for a long time.

Later, Sgt. Clark said that the CID had approached him about the other waitress, who apparently had met the same fate, and did I know anything about it?  Of course I did not, but the issue simply added to the same kind of “Twilight Zone” kind of life I was being made to live.
An unusual anomaly happened while at Kubasaki High School.  I was in a German Language Class, and I am sure the teacher was the same woman who had been my Kindergarten teacher when at Augsburg, Germany when I was five.
She was an avowed Communist.
She said she was going to use the copier to make copies of “Die Gedanken sind Frei” and would be right back. But some salesman had spilt all the toner, and we had to copy it off the chalk board.  I memorized the gibberish, and sang same the next day. Several of the students suddenly left, saying that I was going to be hypnotized or something and wanted no part of it. A backhoe appeared and dug up a broken fence that protected an old cave where it was rumored that a teacher was abusing students.  I am visually sure that “Salesman” was Markus Wolf, whom I later personally met in Germany in 1977.  He was also the “Tall clown on stilts” who I met on the aforementioned Kindergarten park bench when he promised Fritzi he would arrange big money for her in 1959.
Analysis:  Wolf probably had contact with Condit in Okinawa and they worked to merge the two themes of serial killing and homosexual abuse for future court action.
We were again suddenly transferred to Schofield Barracks, Oahu, HI, where Sgt. Clark could retire.  More importantly, at the time, Hawaii was the first of places to demand photo ID for airline passengers, which Condit wouldn’t want, so I think that was my safety.
I once had a fling with a P.X. worker, who invited me to pick her up on base.  She told me that place could be found by the sign in front.  It was in some bushes, and to look for “The Bush in the Bushes.”
We did the usual teenager thing at the Kam III Drive In, and a security guard documented that.  As always, the mnemonic, “3” has always been the linchpin for me to remember.  This event made it look as if that Intelligence Officer would find ways to make my life miserable.

1975: Defense Language Institute, Monterey, CA.

I was eventually swept up into joining the US Army and asking for training in German. This involved working at First Hawaiian Bank on the same floor as across the way, where “Bishop, Dillingham, Rewald and Wong” had their big CIA disinformation campaign. Asking for German training guaranteed that I would end up in M.I., and the game continued.
While at the Defense Language Institute in `, CA, several changes were made.  My initial class with other enlisted men (Meaning I’d be head of the class with my past training) was suddenly canceled, and I mowed lawns for a month.  One was for some “Visiting General,” who was having private lessons in German at his house BAQ and my own method of cleaning the driveway with the mower made some kind of documentation.  I believe that was actually documenting GHWB’s training there with a private tutor at the same time.
I was given an “Out” if I wanted to become a desk clerk and get a promotion, but I opted to continue training and eventual Germany assignment.  A “Legend” was being created for me.

The new class I was assigned to had a West Point Lt. and his wife, a few SF Sgts, a Gunny, and PFC Ted Kaczinski as fellow classmates.  He came to read his “Manifesto,” and impressed the others, but in the end, he did things pursuant to the deal he’d made with authorities to take responsibility for unknown and hidden individuals who were sending the real mail bombs.
ted kaczinski (2014_03_18 16_10_03 UTC).JPG

That  is “Frank” second from the left, Ted third from left, then with the parade hat, the ASA guy who would later be the one who tape-recorded all that happened in these weekend sessions at the Consulate.
They put Tedhim in Supermax, the safest place to hide one and could tell stories, particularly the one about the DLI Director and his wife.  He apparently was bisexual, and while being issued the newly “Classified” textbooks (One dialogue involved “Unter Dem Brandenburger Tor” which was still in Communist control at that time, so how could such conversation exist?) he managed to caress my hand, and others noticed my reddening face.  He’d been prompted to do so, but by who?
One reville, I was ordered to report to the Gunny and Kaczynski, who told me to substitute a word for “Hot Dog” for “Schwanzstücke‘ (“Penis” in German) in the dialogue that day.  These orders were given me in the rain, in full view of the school, on a day where being tardy had recently been declared a real bad thing.
One of the SF Sgts, named “Frank” was a Native American, who accepted his career as of going to ground by getting committed, just to prove that he would “Awaken” and reveal secret details on a certain date. He made big of the new SF song, with it's hidden in plain sight of the mnemonic, “3.”
The teacher, the wife of the murdered DLI Director, almost fainted on the spot.  It was explained that her husband had been mutilated to death, and his penis found in this body’s mouth.
I’m not sure, but I think she was later also found in a similar manner.
I believe it was Capt. Timothy Berigan who played the part of “Security Officer” at that time who asked me some questions about the matter so there should be documentation.

I was assigned training at Fort Huachuca, AZ,  as a M.I. Analyst, and scored highest in my class, except for a sudden change of listing which made me only second.  I’d been assigned to be the subject of an Interrogation School trainee, Brian Larkin, who apparently was a security breach risk as a homosexual.  So he had great motivation to find ways to try and prove that, instead, I was one, instead of himself. An old FBI trick used rarely to counter-run the dirty.
And again, learned much at the 4th PSYOPS at the JFK Center for Special Warfare at Ft. Bragg, where an in-depth background investigation of myself was conducted.  But aside from a really deep background investigation, and being made the study subject of the Manchurian Candidate/Celiac’s Disease connection by glutenous diet,  not that much happened there.

1976: Transfer to 66th MI Group, TDY assignment Düsseldorf Consulate

As such, I was given complimentary BAQ housing on the nearby Royal Army Airbase.  All was fine, excepting that I was also  given free breakfasts in what was called the NCO Mess Hall. US Soldiers are promoted a lot faster than their British counterparts, so they would continuously rib me about being a “Bloody Yank.”
Also what started right away were embarrassing references to homosexuality and how, at times, I would be called for duty at the Consulate on the weekends where nobody was there - Except my Agent Handler, Dir. GHWB, his aide “From the Office of Economic Opportunity,” (Purportedly “GS-12 John Willms, Dir. 66th M.I. Grp, Munich.”  There was actually a real GS-12 Willms there, whose resources, funding, transportation, etc., could be tapped by Dir. Bush when he was in country.)
Similarly, my day-to-day boss was “GS-12 Günther Hein,” but in reality spoke of having been in the fledgling OSS, working behind German lines, having been awarded  the Croix de Guerre, carrying a .38, etc., actually former CIA Dir. William Colby, there to give me OJT training in being like he, a “Gray Man.”
There was, on one occasion, a Communist  demonstration outside on Labor Day,  and I was ordered by phone to let in Markus Wolf, Gary Condit, and Dir. Bush, who had his own keys at the time, anyway.  They went into the Ambassador’s office, to which I did not have the key, there was the sound of a breaking mirror, and I believe that the wall safe behind it was breached, creating another Security Breach to be found by the known subsequent administrations of the Clintons and Obamas.
And there was always Dick Cheney, as Bush’s  borrowed aide from the White House, under the cover of Office of Economic Security from the Bonn Embassy, but in reality, the daily security doorman a the IRCD, a German-run safe house in Cologne I would go to daily.
While there were intensely choreographed as-if homosexual scenes played out for the benefit of the detected eavesdropping devices found in the LLO Office, and the KGB Business front next door, there was actually none of the sort. Such simply added to the long term Legend they built for me.
Yet once, I was ordered to memorize a conversation that would take place when Cheney came back into the room, and to remember the person as the highest ranking mole I would be worked against.  Bush subsequently thanked him for “Cleaning up his  past” as since the times of Nixon, anything could be used. He asked Cheney if he could be on his Cabinet once he assumed the Presidency after some time as VP to establish name recognition with the public.
As an aside, I was worked against many suspected moles.  Hein’s secretary, a “Frau Ross,” was known to be a KGB plant who’d married the US Commander of a nearby missile base, for example.
This is a photo of “Sgt. Ray Johnson” aka Sgt. Clyde Lee Conrad in the role of my NCOIC at the Consulate. He didn’t take the bait of stealing classified info common to us both, but later attended DLI and came back to Germany to do so.
Clyde Lee Conrad in Duesseldorf (1).jpg

There was also the CIA Officer from the Bonn Embassy who shared adjoining offices with mine at IRCD, but he did take advantage, was interrogated, and counter-run.
I later saw him on Maui posing as a lawyer, and I guess did his time at MCCC.
But at the British NCO Mess and also frequently at the NCO Club, I was told the same “Joke,” over and over again.  It concerned the known coming homosexual PSYOPS in our media at the time regarding Batman and Robin.  In that scene where the two are climbing a rope up the side of a building, the lines go”
“What’s that up my ass, Batman?”
“Cock, Robin.”
The Cockrobin is a familiar country songbird in England.
I was also later told that the sidekick’s name was chosen by the KGB on the basis of the psychological pain it would cause Bush, as his little daughter, Robin, had died an unusual death.
I was told that joke that morning and then told that an openly gay British soldier (“Ron?”) would join us for breakfast.  How the British Army allowed him to wear read panties under his uniform. How, as a man facing sex offence trials, he’d been offered a deal, a suicide mission.
He wasn’t married, and he could spare this parents the grief of such, and that there would be life insurance policy for them if he agreed.

ron and friends.JPG
Their jokes were so biting, to this day I don’t know if the two on the outside were real comedians or not. That could well be Don Rickles on the left, myself, and the aforementioned gay soldier.

He arrived, and said the same, and said they’d told him that  it would probably be very painful, as well, but the alternative was worse for him.  I went into denial mode,which is also memorization mode for me,so it stands out in my eidetic memories.
Back to the main, subject, one day I’d gotten a new roommate, who said he was an SAS Officer on medical leave to recover from injuries received while operating undercover against a British group.  Hence, he said, he wore a British Army sweater, but without rank, name, nor insignia.
That is his son,  Chad, in those  photos on the desk, and I guess planted suggestions of my future destination with the photos of humpback whales behind him. He later said to his wife that he didn’t know why he’d named him “Chad,” but that it had something to do with some future Florida elections, whatever that means.
condit duesseldorf base (1).jpg
He openly used his own name again, as “Gary Condit,” and he was manipulated into inviting me - And the gay soldier, separately - to visit his home in (Ipswich,) England over a 3-day weekend.
Surveillance in those days entailed a 10 or greater number of cars guided by a central radio car, so Condit was hard to track in his little fast red MG.
On the ferry over, he said we should go topside to the bar, for one day, he said, the ferry would take on water from the left-open doors and would sink.  And that actually did come to pass.
There were other British NCO’s, one of them being the Security Sergeant and Condit bought me a beer. He had been told and knew some things about me, like my drugged-like reactions to gluten.  In any event, he took my Visa  and his to the bartender, who doubled as the Customs officer, mine having a 50 pound note in it, I guess to  get my drink mickey’d.
He saw “Ron,” I think his name was, and told me to go say Hi to him, but to not invite him to join us.
Ron had a peculiar look on his face when he “It’s going to be a spicy sex party, eh?” Or something to that effect.  The Brit Security Sergeant drew Condit off for a conversation, and to me the beer was overwhelmingly delicious, so I got another, and I guess the bartender took the liberty of mickeying it, too.
We were to sleep overnight in his car, and I certainly had passed out only waking up to see the sight of the Ipswich traffic circle turnabout.  Condit was muttering to himself about being sure to take the Old London Road and not the new one or we’d bypass his house.
Then about finding Linnet Road, for Robin Road would be too far and we’d be trapped in the city proper.  I guess they had just acquired it.
I was later told to find and locate his home on 3-day weekends, once with Brian Larkin, but he hid his mother-and-law and kids from seeing me.
I was able to get this photo of the townhouse by going to Google Maps, and not much has changed.  He had backed his MG up to the sidewalk to the first flat, the closest path for carrying the remains for disposal.
How well I remember the living room with a small two-person couch on the right facing a TV set. Going straight back led to a set of stairs to the upstairs bedrooms, and the kitchen dinette bar with the sink and fridge behind it.  The building below has been painted over in the front and was only red brick  when I was there.  Further, Condit later spoke of some movie offer, which I saw on TV one day.  The plot was one of a kidnapping, where the police had to bomb out a connecting wall, and wanted to use their flat for the setting.  He was worried about any potential DNA or other evidence that might still be there, but he agreed so as to look good.
Screenshot 2017-02-18 13.21.59.png

Further details of the experience of how it was like to hear that since we’d been delayed, “Ron” had showed up early, and dispatched by Caroline Condit is detailed here: Is this how Chandra and others were killed?  But I will provide a free PDF for police departments that request.
Somewhere in this timeline, it was suggested to me to visit a German castle, and I did.  I met a pretty woman who said that her Lutheran Church group  in Kansas  had obtained Congressional Funding to visit Europe, and was there to find out if a bejeweled cross she had had any history to it.  As she’d just broken up with her boyfriend, she was open to getting together and we did.
But her old boyfriend showed up and they got back together.
Vicki and Boyfriend (1).jpg

But I wanted to see her one last time and used my Visa to visit where their bus would stop in Belgium.  I tried to find her, but a friend, approached me to beg for her DL and bejeweled cross back “Because that investigator roommate of yours said you have it.”
I had no idea what she was talking about and only wanted to see her.
The friend said she especially wanted her DL because she wouldn’t be able to drive from the airport when she got back.
Suddenly Condit showed up saying “I found this in his car,” and gave the items to her.  I didn’t what to make of that, but just decided to get away from him.
When the “BTK” issue got public, I started reading about it and found that Vickie Wegerle was one of his purported victims,  and had been mutilated viciously. I’m really sure that was her based on her long neck and manner This photo from the internet.
Also I can remember a odd incident on my way in 1975 from DLI to Fort Bragg, as I’d chosen a southerly route.  But someone that apparently knew the mnemonic phrase to put me under suggested that I take I-80 and drive through Kansas City.  For some reason, I took a turnoff and stopped at a payphone only to be told that a house across the way had importance of some kind.  And that’s Celiac’s Disease, and its potential of hypnosis for you and how Condit’s tried to exploit such.
I can’t be really sure, but I think her husband became my SWIFT Driver Manager, and Condit’s influence was the reason I was repeatedly sent to Modesto like the day Laci Peterson disappeared and why I finally just turned in my truck.
vicki_wegerle_photo (1).jpg

They usually operate as a team, sticking to the same M.O., but can use strangulation as well, or operate independently if necessary.
Thus I believe his cover of being a “Serial Killer Investigator” stood him in good stead with the British Security NCO to be able to become my “Roommate.” (And untold murders for corrupt politicians since.)And to convince others of what he wanted them to believe I was.
One evening I was hit up by a British WAC and we went to her place to have sex, only to be informed that Condit had asked her to investigate my sexual orientation, as such would be a security breach.  Besides, she told me, she didn’t like men and was a Lesbian.  We had a one night stand  anyway.
The bartenders at the NCO Club were a civilian British couple and the male I guess was prompted to tell that Batman joke every time I came there.  One day, he disappeared and his disparaged wife tearfully asked if I had anything to do  with it.
I had not, and had been gone for a while having a (Unneeded) hernia surgery at the SHAPE hospital in Mons, coming back to my BAQ only to leave for the Oktoberfest over the weekend.  I had been requested by my German counterparts to go there and look for a particular “Tent,” the  Ochsenbraterei one.
This photo was taken for posterity, and I think to prove I was there and not in Duesseldorf, as it looked like Condit was going to try and frame me again. They had arraigned an earlier ETS date for me and had told me I must go to Maui, where my adopted mother then was.
The point of that was to be a “Sting” on the Clark family, a story unto itself.

aribert heim markus wolf.jpg
Shortly thereafter, the man I had known as “Herr Krapp,” the German administrator of IRCD, came up to me on the sidewalk and offered me this picture for free, as he claimed it had been misdated. It should be “1977,” not “1976.”
From left to right, it is Dir. GHWB (With head cut off), MFS Dir. Erich Mielke, Dr. Aribert “Death” Heim of SS Concentration Camp Mauthausen (And probably the guy who designed the Condit’s and Raders’ methods), Rainer Rupp’s (““Topas,”) mother-in-law and wife, ”Turquoise,” others, HvA Dir. Markus Wolf (“Herr Krapp”) behind me having been given beer and bread (Note the wheat and hops logo) to indicate my Celiac’s Disease, having been given it by the “German Waitress” to my left, but inasmuch that she’d failed German at DLI hadn’t understood what the word “Brot” meant in English, had to ask, is another of Wolf’s “Family Jewels,” Sarah Palin.
While not being central to this writing about the Condits (“Diamond” I believe), he used his rank and office to locate appropriate women who also had his Celiac’s Disease, the key ingredient in the production of a “Manchurian Candidate.” Because I was so demoralized on my last day at IRCD, when “Frau Schneider” told me of who his code-name jewels are, I don’t remember them well.  But they include Barry Soetoro and the Clintons as well.
To return to the issue at hand, when I  returned to the BAQ and went to the NCO Club, I was told that the bartender’s wife had disappeared as well.
On one of my ordered visits to Condit’s flat he had bragged how he had traded his British Army sweater for my Army field jacket and a throwing knife from a set I had. He told his wife that he had dumped one of the woman’s body in a dumpster (As pretty much the case), and had left my jacket with my name on it there, too.  But to heighten the effect, he had found out from his sources what her blood type was; his was the same, so he’d splashed the jacket with it.  His wife had complained that DNA was in the  works and that he messed up their M.O. by using the dull throwing knife, instead of her sharp scalpels. She thought it funny to confuse the police’s attempts to identify the knife used by being so surgical at the joints of dismemberment.
His reply had been to say, “Ah, just chop them up like chickens, you and your damn scalpels!”
Therefore, that cold case’s DNA evidence is definite corroboration of my story and can be found. I was told by my German counterparts that I would probably  be able to experience a 3rd Oktoberfest as murder has no statute of limitations in Germany.  I was later told  while working for Swift Transportation that I could not go to Canada as I’m listed on INTERPOL and I believe this is the reason why.
As I left for ETS, I tried to sell my VW for what I owed the  bank.  I had no idea I’d been ripped off by “Sgt. Johnson.”  The Lesbian WAC I’d had that fling with wanted to buy it so I sold it to her and paid the bank with the funds.
car (1).JPG
But then she accosted me about the price and Condit appeared saying that he’d take care of it.  The British Security NCO came out to scream that he’d have no soldiers left if this kept up and what did we have to do with it?
He screamed at Condit that he’d found out that he was no investigator at all but a “Bloody American Politician.”  I went into total denial mode, and yet I can still remember Condit and she driving off-base with he furtively looking around to see if there were witnesses to that.
It was not long after that I out-processed at Fort Dix, and my DD Form 214 was altered by the Director.  I had actually been promoted to Warrant Officer at the Consulate and have been approached for promotions twice since, by retired Maui forensics pathologist Bert Friedland, also a new Justice of the Peace, who had me  sign papers during the “Wedding” he performed for me and Legend Wife in Iao Valley.
And then again by the aforementioned forensics psychiatrist and doctor (Captain/Colonel) Tim Berigan when I was surreptitiously sent to TAMC in 1993 by HI Judge Komo - At the request of now Secret Service Agent Brian Larkin.
During a “Sentencing Hearing” for a crime I’d been ACQUITTED OF  he gave the court a report to be sealed in the Federal Phoenix Court (Having to do with an inheritance also put in seal concerning the Swift Transportation, also based there)  on Gary Condit, a Waiver I’d been tricked into signing, prompting the Judge to marvel that my “In Situ Study of a Serial Killer” was Congressionally funded. Also my Warrant Officer Contract, and of all things, a copy of mine and “Some Indonesian guy named Barry Soetoro’s whoever he is” birth certificates.
Pondering why, he’d briefly studied them to say, “Oh, same father for some reason.  Hmm.  I wonder who Markus Wolf is.”
Condit always picks his targets pursuant to his interest in me as a person heir to a grand fortune, and as such, a prime espionage target; If only I could be driven mad, caught up in a honey trap, or somehow just committed, there is a legal loophole that could permit greedy and Communist relatives to “Communize” the inheritance, leading to precedence for our Capitalism to erode to a Communism, and destroy America. My being counter-run is in exact opposition to Red China’s long-term warfare upon us from within and the timing of these last elections.
If they had succeeded in completely demoralizing us by a takeover at the top,  and making heads of household hopeless in building capital, their next step would nuking our cities to create the chaos of war.
Condit kept up his efforts to get me framed after I moved here to Wyoming, and are detailed in the above Kindle link.  That I was made to move here to Wyoming from Maui by my (2nd) Legend Wife undoubtedly harks to the fact that this is, after all, Dick Cheney Land.
The absolute reason I’ve been kept in this lifestyle is because of what the End Result will be. The numbers of corrupt politicians, particularly Congressmen, that have contracted the Condits’ “Disposal” services for must be phenomenal. Not to mention how many of them are actually Wolf’s “Manchurian Candidates,” and the reason we have this permanent Congress.  As the Director had once told me, Oh, there’ll be a ‘Royal Flush’ of Congress one day, I promise you.”
JFK Center soldier of the month (1).jpg
No mistake I made JFK Center for Special Warfare Soldier of the Month in 1975.
Aaron Breitbart at 4th PSYOPS on loan from SWC (1).jpg
Aaron Breitbart on loan from the Simon Wiesenthal Center at the 4th PSYOPS Group told me that I’d be sent to Germany to lure out Markus Wolf and SS Concentration Camp Doktor Arbert Heim based on his research of the methods used on the bodies that had been framed on me.  Once again, note the previous Oktoberfest photo.  Deliberately dated autos were collected from servicemen to be in this photo and the white van had surveillance men inside taking photos that should be on record.
Aaron Breitbart SWC Researcher Party.jpg
Our study group at 4th PSYOPS at a gathering  with Major Latimer in charge.

old gary condit.jpggary condit at duesseldorf base in 1977 (1).jpg
grassy knoll.jpg

Guess who else could have just been old enough to get a Kansas DL in 1963, but the “Badgeman on the Grassy Knoll?”  And still a lousy shot with a .22? This is one major thing the Director had ordered me to remember, repress, and repeat.

And now the end all timing is nigh

The line is that Condit, with his past political power (Owed so many favors) was able to influence my Driver Handler at SWIFT Transportation, and I was sent to Modesto on the exact day Laci disappeared.
Wanting to take the opportunity to contact Modesto Police about the Chandra Levy case and what I knew of Condit, I had called the Dispatcher.  She did not recognize the victim's name and tried to insist I must mean the missing Laci Peterson.
I did get to talk to a Detective, and I guess that documented me seeking to contact the Police at the time.  I didn't realize the implication of this until later, and comparing it to other such cases where I'd been set up to "Be in the area."  And guess that made Hit Man Condit turn the alibi he'd given Scott into an M.O.  He probably even gave him instructions to make a run for it to Mexico making him look all the more guilty.  To top it off, he got Scott his own lawyer, Mark Geragos,   who really sold him down the river.