Saturday, August 6, 2016

The connection of the Gary Condits (Plural) to the Jonbennet Ramsey case widens as the election nears. As well as to their "Sexual/Political Embarrassment" Disposal Service for DC

All in timing with the upcoming elections, the Gary Condits’ (Plural) “Sexual/Political Embarrassment Disposal Service” is about to be exposed, and will result in a Royal Flush of Congress, and the entrenched espionage influence there, to say the least. I can say this, because the first time I saw Condit in the vicinity of a dead body was in Hopkinsville, KY, when I was about 14, or so. It was that of Faith Lutheran Church Pastor Lossner’s wife, and she had been suffocated to death. It’s a very long story, so to be incise, I was manipulated to be on the Colorado/Wyoming state line on that Christmas Day. Condit always sets up his patsy for the killing, and he’s tried to make me one many, many times.
But I was ushered into US Army M.I. right after high school, trained in German and espionage, and sent to the British sector of Germany. It was thought that whoever had been setting me up all my life to be associated to so many murders with M.O. had a British connection, and hoped to lure him there. (Condit’s mother-in-law is British – They had a flat in Ipswich I was also sent to with a British soldier, who was killed there.) There turned out to be connections to STASI Gen. Markus Wolf and even SS Mauthausen Camp Doctor Aribert Heim, who probably created the grisly methods the Condits use from his WWII research on Jews. Condit and his wife dispatched four people from the British Air Base that I know of and also was sworn to secrecy for.
It was decided that he be counter-run and monitored. Hence, my statement above. There must be untold numbers of such "Services" performed for Congress, alone. How about for the Clintons, or Obama? Justice Scalia?
I was sent to ground for the interim.
I can no longer find photos of Condit and John Ramsey together on the Internet. They were “Friends,” and Condit’s “Friends” are a sexually quirky sort. He always jokes about popping “S&M’s” into his mouth and I know what it means to him.
The unsealed Grand Jury report indicted the Ramseys for “Having allowed some others in the house to kill Jonbennet.” But, for one, the list of guests has never been released.
One might notice the timing of the release of the Chandra Levy’s Grand Jury, as well, the renewed but suppressed new investigation on Carolynn Condit (Usually a team, sometimes they act alone), and even the progress of Scott Peterson’s appeal. (He contacted a motorcycle gang to hit Laci, and Condit is the only Congressman in history to be a member of the Hell’s Angels. Again, I was manipulated to be in Modesto the day she disappeared. But, I'd called police to discuss the Condits, and that must be why Scott (And Gary's) Lawyer turned around and sold him down the river. How did the remains find themselves beached after a predicable storm? Well, one of Condit's kinky friends, Gov. Gray Davis has a fleet of boats of Catalina Island, where they have weird parties. Condit was also, at first, a suspect. But political powers “Exonerated him.” For the interim.)
They usually use horse tranquilizer to paralyze their victims first and then disrobe and tie them up. Always the underwear for the ankles, and duct tape for the wrists. (Notice the overlap in these three cases.) But Jonbennet apparently didn’t drink enough of the offered pineapple juice and may have regained consciousness – The scream.
In any event, the family must have consumed enough to sleep the night, Or did they? Will the son be telling more of these details, with this timing of September?…/jonbenet-ra…/photo/165609/

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Obama's real parents, Gary Condit's "Disposal Service," upcoming elections, the purge of Congress, restoration of the Office of President to the American People, the restoration of our country. The use of Jewels as code-names for Wolf's agents revealed. Who is Emerald?

News for you all: In 1974, I was induced into US Army M.I. and sent to Germany to lure out my biological father, STASI Gen. Markus Wolf.  Wanting to see me, he crossed the border, and was captured and debriefed.  It turn out that he literally bred his international spy rings with his Celiac's Disease, as that is central to the "Manchurian Candidate" effect.  The movie by that name (With Frank Sinatra) is more than a spy movie. Picking the right woman by using the research resources he had, he was able to find, simply, a woman with the same Celiac's Disease genes, and monetarily motivated to give birth to a child that could be given to a new mother (Thus emotionally willing to do procedures a natural mother would not) who could adopt him, thusly giving him a new name and hidden true parents, and documentation created, another things Gen. Wolf excelled in as a "Master Spy." Communist indoctrination could be arraigned, as well as cultural and sexual values installed, along the needs of what the spy was being groomed for.  Obama represents a long-term PSYOPS to create the perfect "Alternative" President, in conjunction with decades of other propaganda.  Having picked a black Muslim Indonesian prostitute, he could thusly become a half black/half white, half/Muslim, half/Christian, half/hetero, half/homosexual, and on, in order to infiltrate, and eventually destroy, the Office of President.  Without it, the US would be run by the Congress, and basically turn into a militarily ineffective communal form of government, a sort of "Little Sister Communism" to Big Brothers Russia and Red China. I remember well the WGIS debriefers calling Wolf a "Racist" for having had sex with a black woman, but he replied that it was only professionalism.  They spoke of having a road sign in Kenya made up as a part of future documentation, and yet to spike it all at the same time. It when the "80" stamp was created. Wolf spoke of how he always signed his own forgeries with the "Smiley Face," that it if such doc's ever came to a court, false ones could not be attributed to he. He spoke of the Certificate of Live Birth, and of sending notices to Hawaiian Newspapers.  Wolf named his spies by the names of jewels.  Topaz and Turquoise became well known as the NATO spies.  I was to be Sapphire. Obama, I believe was Emerald, and there's Ruby still out there, etc.  Since the issue was to be counter-run, and there's another issue, as well, I was promoted and sent to ground.  It's been almost 40 years for me, now, and the timing is nigh.  It stretches from the assassination of JFK, the long-term CHICOM "Economic War" on us, using that money to buy out our Media and corrupt politicians, to the upcoming desired seizure at the top of our government at this election, overt military action in the Pacific, and our invasion.  "The Art of War," without having fired one shot.  However, one key ingredient will turn all this: A professional assassin, Gary Condit (Diamond, I think), (Later joined by his duty wife), had been instrumental in trying to arrange a false Legend about me.  Simply put, if he could frame me for multiple murders, and my Communist Agent (Run by Wolf) adopted mother could ruin me emotionally, it was thought that Inheritance law (My first adopted step-father)  could be changed, even  creating precedence affecting the Right to Own Property. (What would be a pivotal PSYOPS at this point in time of continuous attack upon the Constitution.) It was thought that Condit's mission was to infiltrate Congress, and did, with their "Sexual/Political Embarrassment Disposal Service" for the high-ranking corrupt. His methodology was developed by former SS Concentration Camp Dr. Aribert Heim, and utilized by Wolf. (Of whom and the above others I have a personal photos and even talked with.)  The timing is set for the exposure of all of Condit's "Customers," and this will mean not only a Royal Flush of Congress this election, but Term Limits imposed, as well. As Obama's Ineligibility is proven, so do all his works become Null and Void, as even ill-gotten gains of debt to Red China. Even SCOTUS will be affected. Constitutional Crises, indeed.  Can they force Obama and I to provide DNA, or do they already have it? Download a photo or two of Gen. Wolf and you will see facial, nose, ear, hairline and other similarities. What this boils down to is this:  The deliberate "alling" of the Berlin Wall was intended to be the conquering of Europe by the Soviets, WWIII started again on Wolf's homeland. So he decided to work for us, Big Time,  to prevent it.  His spiking of all of Obama's "Documentation" is proof of that.  The "Stewarding' of the Presidency by GHWB's CIA for the interim period is another.  That I'm supposed to independently erupt and "Shout it from the rooftops," is another.  One last note: It's not "Climate Change," it's "Weather Weapons." To disrupt Red Chinese timed military plans, and yet again avert WWIII.

Friday, July 29, 2016

The REAL Gary Condit I've known since I was about 10

The first murder I knew Gary Condit had committed was in Hopkinsville, KY, when I was about 10 and he 15, just old enough to get a Kansas DL.  He was apparently already friends with Dennis Rader, another thing still getting cover-up. Already starting out with suffocation, and black trash bags.

Grand counter-espionage program that will link the Gary Condits with Congressional corruption and the Clintons now comes out concerning Chandra Levy.

Finally! I was sent "To ground" in 1977 for what I'd witnessed the Condits do to a openly gay British Royal Army Sergeant, and the bottom line was that it was suspected that Gary intended to infiltrate the US Congress with his "Sexual/Political Embarrassment Disposal Service." I'm good at repressing things, but the memories came back when the Chandra Levy case broke, and I've been trying to broadcast this since. In fact, I've been incarcerated by a Feminist Wyoming Judge (on a first-time framed -up DUI charge) who believed my ex-wife, that I must be this kind of person. What's happened is that a copy of the transcript of my report of that day (I was US Army M.I. working in espionage) has finally been unsealed and processed. The methods they use make Jeffrey Dahmner look good, and it will shock the world. Worse, it will empty the seats of Congress for in whom they have provided their "Sexual/Political Embarrassment Disposal Service" for over the decades.  But, neatly providing authorities right to the most heavily corrupted.  Even counter-running the Clintons, and Obama. 
This actually goes back to the Red Chinese "Art of War," and subverting our country at the top, so that they could just walk right in, in white tanks and blue bonnets, "To restore Civil Order."
Pity that their country is under flood water, right now.  It makes you want to think that "Climate Change" could actually be "Weather Weapons."  But then, creating a void in the Presidential Office was accomplished by assassinating JFK and other good hopefuls.
"The Art of War."  How to conquer a country the easy way.
Here's a copy of it on Kindle, if you want to know just how the Condits do it.  I still reel from the horror of that day - And others. Like I was once told, "Enemy psychiatrists had worked in their heads."  They do it the way they do because they've been conditioned to enjoy the power that comes with the horror felt by the victims being dismembered to death.  And how to dispose of evidence in an untraceable fashion, etc. But at least you now know for who. 

Last question I was told to remember, repress, and one day repeat.  (A mnemonic.  "The three R's.")

Gary Condit IS a professional assassin who works for foreign entities. The assassination of JFK and the other hopefuls have been covered up for a long time so that the issue could be counter-run. That's coming to a head with the Clinton Foundation, Obama's true ineligibility (Once so declared, everything he's done, to include Red Chinese debt, will be found "Null and Void" based on their "Economic warfare upon us") the infiltration of the White House, and an upcoming purging of Congress. 
The first time Condit came into my own life I was about 10 in Hopkinsville, KY, involving the murders of Faith Lutheran Church Pastor Lossner's wife, and a young bully I'd run up against  That family moved, I believe, to Kansas City, and may have been one of Dennis Rader's victims (It was reported that there were TWO assailants in that crime). He was already trying to help have me put away - An inheritance deal that would come to me  from my step-dad that got me into espionage in the first place, as it would have changed Inheritance Law.  A grand demoralization for our capitalist country if the Right To Own Property was abolished right about now.  (And the 2nd Amendment, and the Right to Free  Speech, and....)
My adopted mother was a Communist Agent for STASI Gen. Markus Wolf, and I was later ushered into US Army MI and sent to Germany to lure him to the West.  It worked, and he was turned and their Master Plan counter-run since.
Condit would have been about 15 that first time I saw him and went into full denial mode.  Just old enough to drive with a Kansas Driver's licence. 

What I was ordered to remember: Was Gary Condit also "The young shooter on the Grassy Knoll?

Friday, June 17, 2016

When will we do the humane thing and liberate Mexico and South America?

When is the US going to do the humane thing and liberate South America and Mexico from their Drug Lord run Socialist Politicians?  It would solve the Drug War, the immigration crisis, and gain the US a couple of new territories or even states?  Consider the numbers of Spanish speaking illegal immigrants we have now who would jump at the chance to become US citizens by joining an Army whose goal it would be to liberate their homeland?  Maybe we can get real after Trump takes office.

Food Shortage in Venezuela

(6/30/16)  Well, how interesting!  It would seem to be a reaction to my idea that the Mexican President is all of a sudden pushing for a unification of Canada, Mexico, and the US!  With them Communist Druggie Lords still in charge of everything, I take it.  And once it got to be in the US, the same conditions as in Venezuela, then would come the blue-bonneted Red Chinese soldiers in white tanks,, "UN,"  to "Restore Civil Order," or such similar crap.  The good news is that there is ever increasingly more rains and floods up the Yangtze River, and they might end up being too busy to invade us, should the Three Gorges Dam fail.  "Climate Change," or is it "Weather Weapons?"

Friday, June 10, 2016

Imagine about four million Muslim martyrs and a very flat and radioactive Hajj Devil Rock, all at the same time.

One thing that the Muslims are rather ignoring is that we could easily return the favor. It might be coincidence that they sent over those B-52's and aircraft carriers, but... Just how flat and radioactive could that Hajj Devil Rock get? Just imagine how busy Heaven could get with about 4 million martyrs all at the same time?

Monday, May 30, 2016

This year's Memorial Day could be a crossroads in history.

Red China has long played "The Art of War" game with us, to include what Trump calls "Economic Warfare." Exploiting our post-WWII prosperity, they have destroyed their own cultural sites to build dams for electricity but mainly to force peasants into polluted cities and slave-labor factories just so that they could garnish our dollars and then funnel them back to their Manchurian Candidates, those in Congress and especially the Clintons. The Clintons then buy out more politicians and Editors, straight out of that CHICOM Officer's Manual by Tsung Tsu. Such corrupt legislators do such things as legalize corn syrup in all foods, leading to our obesity epidemic, and lack of military recruits. The Asian carp, Lake trout, pine beetles, orange blight, zebra mussels... Bio-war, too. It's all on a timing, and now that they consider us to be so weakened from within that we can't stop them, they are reorganizing and expanding their military for invasion. Actually, this very Memorial Day is a crucial one. They have a super-secret, yet 2,000 old, Agency of Astronomy, and, of course, look for signs in the heavens to plan dates for war, etc. Mars, the God of War, is close , now, planetary alignments, and Beetleguise, the Red Giant, is high in the sky. If only they had the PSYOPs advantage of communizing Capitalism, a long story about an inheritance I may or may not ever get, a story of having a Communist adopted mother..., then they would be motivated to nuke some city of ours and demoralize the population. But they won't. On this very day, known about since the '70's, when GHWB himself was my own Agent Handler, this timing right before this election has been known about. This particular day they would like to have renamed as "American Communism Day," the day that war started, or such forth. But here's the clincher. The Japanese were the ones that long ago informed us the it was the CHICOMs who started their agenda of infiltration by taking out our Command and Control, JFK and other hopefuls so that they could fill the void. GHWB told me to remember that he was the one who put that false shell casing on JFK's gurney, and indeed, it's been a cover-up since, so that the issue could be counter-run. The Bush CIA has literally "Stewarded" the Presidency, letting them in every four years or so, while still keeping the nation on course. There's even some far-off space probe out there transmitting this info back in the event the balloon does go up. Bottom line, if the CHICOMs do nuke an American city today, it will come out about JFK and who did it and why, and they will have awakened The Sleeping Giant, again. BTW, don't be surprised if "Climate Change" turns out to be "Weather Weapons." Don't be surprised if Mao's great star of Communism, the Three Gorges Dam, fails in the unusual heavy rains of this year. Two earthquakes, again, in Shichuan, yesterday.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

An open post to the people of Carbon County, Wyoming, on the closure, again, of the Valley View Rest Home, or the Care Center, as it is now known:

I am more than confident that my ex-wife’s affair with SH, the former director of the establishment, was the same pattern this Filipina sex worker immigrant followed with all the men in her life, to include me. “Honey Trap” are the operative words; Engage in seduction and sex, then blackmail - For money,  immigration status, marriage, a place in a corrupt housing subdivision, attempts to frame me  to avoid criminal prosecution of herself, even just extra work hours and pay, police acquiescence, just anything cash she could mail to the Phillipines sewed up in the hems of the used clothes she would get from Salvation Army.
And, in this case she made sure I’d find the box of letters between her lawyer and the nursing home’s lawyer (So as to send me over the edge emotionally), almost agreeing to settle a “Sexual Harassment” suit to the tune of $100K.  
She's somehow decided to "Store" her SSN card in that box, and I was to search for it there, when she had a self-induced "Stroke and heart attack..." The manner by which she got her blood toxic would sicken you.
But I offered to his lawyer to testify on SH’s part, but I guess it stalled, I was never contacted, and then it must have eventually went through, and sank the establishment. 
Because of PC Feminist laws, Judges, and even appointed Public Defense attorneys, Discovery in this her case never made it to the light of day, as their goal is obviously the destruction of Men in general, capitalists, and the Nation along with it. 
Because of her false tears and deliberately incomprehensive speech before this Judge, I was given not only the 8 days the Prosecutor had asked for a first time, but separate, DUI case I was set up for (I refused to falsify my DOT logs for a prominent local company).  She gave me SIX MONTHS INCOMMUNICADO! Subjected to unbelievable homosexual pressures in incarceration, as if a “Test!” Or, perhaps, to see if it could be proven to be as if true, that her false "Sodomy" charge, which had been sealed "Without Prejudice," and reopened and processed again one day by Maui Prosecutors, whereby she would be charged with False Reporting, and go to jail.  It was proven false at the time by medical authorities, but I was still forced to marry her, and later ordered to stay married to her.
I still don't know if a "Suicide by the Men in White Coats' was a fabrication, or not.   One thing for sure, the State Legislature has bulldozed any evidence of same.
As you mourn the passing of a much needed facility, and now know why, ask why JUSTICE was never done, and Law Enforcement never promulgated.
SH was just another of her Feminist Trophies, to include dentists, especially (Why all the gold teeth that eventually got sent to the PI. 
I suspect locally, but I am certain about Dr. Kahoe on Maui, who lost his business that way.  I even walked in on them in the act.), but supervisors at work (More hours at work, more authority over who was in charge of the silver room, etc.) , one of our Agent Handlers on Maui, Ron Mitchel (She didn't want to bear my son from the start), and naturally the Social Security Agency to the max (From claiming rape with a much older Pen Pal who came to visit her in the Philippines, to get entry into the US, having two  kids by he to collect SS,  to actually making herself ill in order to qualify for Disability.  And like all her lawyers, doctors, and Judges, she just chose the right PC or bribable one).
She was my "Cover Wife," and I was ordered to stay married to her.  A military undercover mission  thing.  Military things are long done IN the US, anymore, a test on "Posse Comitatus."
I now suspect I have happenstanced upon why one certain local authority had committed suicide recently, but that is only an intuitive guess, at present, but it fits the M.O., I'm afraid.
Sorry if my duty is telling the truth.  Un-PC, or whatever, call me whatever names or claims or denigrations.... If it's the truth, ya gotta live with it.
But also persons so manipulable as I, somehow knowing many years before I did, that I have genetic Celiac’s Disease. Three normal beers and I become VERY susceptible to suggestion (Especially hypnotic - Endorphins).  She somehow knew this and went out of her way to keep a beer in my hand.
She claimed she didn’t return home that night because SH “Gave her a beer and she woke up naked.” She never had an alcohol drink ever in the 34 years I knew her, and in fact, she comes from a Muslim area. 
She then tried to pit me against he (As she did with all her lovers), as if in jealousy, but I declined to do so. Nevertheless, her false words were swallowed by authorities on the basis of Feminism, and she achieved much in my personal social destruction let alone my day-to-day state of mind. I ironically stand (Or stood) in line to get an inheritance one day – Unless women like her manage to have me put away, and a certain legal loophole in law would allow them to Communize such Capitalism. Even the Right To Own Property. That's the root reason for my military induction.
The town is simply the victim of this new wave of attack: Communist infiltration of our society, our media, our politicians, our American way of life, our economy, our food supply… People used to laugh at me when I first moved here 21 years ago, and told people there would be a Coup of the Presidency, and that we would find ourselves in overt warfare with Red China. 
Laughing now, are you? (More typos corrected, material added this date  5/27/16)

(6/30/16)  Well, I've read where, on the day of the foreclosure, it was canceled, and the place is up and running again.  I sincerely hope that my efforts to expose the matter for what probably really was, rampant Feminism,  with its links to illegal immigration (Remember, my ex-wife claimed "Rape" by her first husband in order to have him marry her and bring her to the US, where she continued her exploitation of men), espionage, corruption and the enemy attempt to subvert our moral base,  helped reverse that tragedy.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Trump announces Constitutional Carry- This signifies a political Tsunami that will revolutionize America

A Tsunami is brewing

A Tsunami builds. Like all tsunamis, it's hard to see it coming, but it is, and it's gonna be big. Trump just advocated Constitutional Carry for us, saying that the Right to Bear Arms was ours even before government, so government has no Right to regulate same. This signifies the end to the long repression of Traditional Values we have been under assault for for decades. The Commie control over our Media, and our Minds. The end of the long-term infiltration by Manchurian Candidates into all three branches of government. The restoration of our Constitutional Republican form of government, for Democracy is just a slippery slope to Communism. The CHICOMs figure we're now ripe for military invasion, so there will be war with them soon. But - When it comes out that THEY started this war by taking our our Command and Control, before their economic war upon us, by killing JFK and other potential leaders... The Sleeping Giant awakes. (The title is a little misleading, Millions aren't furious, but the rest of the details will tell you)

This business of suppressing things Traditional has gone so far that Americans are starting to push back big time. I'm talking religion, Conservative values, racial divisions, the sexs and bathrooms, on and on. It's all PSYOPS, and counter-PSYOPS. Divide and Conquer with the counter plan to let the Other Side go full blown, then Judo Throw them. They've exposed themselves completely. (I served in the 4th PSYOPS Group at the JFK Center for Special Warfare in Ft. Bragg) It's a timing, it's a boil about to be lanced. Here comes the prosecution of the Clintons, revelations about the CHICOMs "Economic war" on us leading to their planned invasions... Obama's real role as a Commie Manchurian Candidate, the deep infiltration of our political system even. And about Obama, I know I'll be asked about personally.

By way of further explanation, here's my reply to a Facebook inquirer:  
 If you're referring to my post, let me explain: I got to know GHWB when I was young and he still yet just an Agent, because of an espionage matter regarding my real bio-father. As it came out that my father, a high-ranking East German STASI General , Markus Wolf, created a ring of high-ranking agents of political influence in the US, and the killing of JFK was to open the slot of Presidency for them. Since no good person wanted the risk of the job, anymore, Bush was asked, what with all his espionage survival skills, could he "Steward" the Office? Since this all revolved around the timing of Red China's takeover of us, the Bush CIA counter-played it. They let in the "Opposing views" so as to not make the American People think the CIA intended a Coup D'Edat, plus, it gave us a plateful of Socialism, how was the meal? Bottom line, it's also served to lure out the Moles and Sleepers in the woodwork, so that they can be identified by us on every level. This explains why Bush "Shot himself in the foot" and gave the Office to Clinton. Also why his son also filled the post. Taking turns, sort of. But now that the CHICOMs are timely getting overt, everything's coming out. Obama, the Clintons, etc., are going down in flames and there's more to come. The really big deal will be, as I was told to remember and repeat - IF it does happen - "Climate Change" is really Weather Weapons. Specifically if the CHICOM Ruling Elite's big Red Star, the ruination of a Chinese cultural and rural area and enslavement of the populace for the electricity and slave labor to run the factories to wage economic war on us - The Three Gorges Dam- goes. (There's record rainfall on the river, but no press coverage, now) there's a good chance the people will revolt against the Communist ruling party. It will take out all the Walmart type factories on the Yangtze Delta, and probably more than a million workers. Since our own factories will then be quite busy, we'll have places for all these immigrants they've flooded us with to work for their "American Dream," and be less likely to want to burn our country down, instead. Me, I got put on ice, long-term, big-time. But to come out about it all, too. Whistleblower. I hope I didn't overwhelm you with information overload. I have a tendency to do that. Bush's specific mnemonic for me was "We just want to level the playing field a bit..."

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A collection of guitar songs by former MFS HvA Dir. Gen. Markus Wolf

Going by the cover name of Karl Tietgen, there is much to explain how STASI  HvA (The East German version of our CIA) Gen. Markus Wolf, my biological father, came to be made to create these mnemonic video songs just for me.
This is basically the result of former CIA Director William Colby's ability to fund a study on the subject of there being "Manchurian Candidates" in Congress (And subsequently the Presidency and now SCOTUS) during the "Family Jewels" hearings in the '70's.  For which they fired him, so he became my personal trainer in the craft of espionage.  But I was already genetically inclined, and behaviorally conditioned for the job, too, by my bio-father, STASI Gen. Markus Wolf.  Who, by sending me to Germany, was lured to the West, where he was "Doubled."
I guess the reasoning for these recording - To be publicly posted in plain sight and found - was a deal with the West German Prosecutors to get him less time if Wolf did it.  It was also meant as a catharsis and a "Treatment" for the programming by my adopted MFS Agent "Mother."  And yet a double-blind test on the APA and other authorities if they could, or would (They are a known political front group), even detect I'd been hypnotically programmed as a "Manchurian Candidate," - let alone be bred to be one.  Plus, I had to be put on ice for the long term, as several other operations were counter-run.
There are hidden visual clues that only a person such as myself with an eidetic memory could understand.  Proof, also, that Gen. Wolf was turned and worked for the CIA since at least 1977, and proof that his designed and bred  "Manchurian Candidate" methodology works.
Especially well, in the US Congress and the Presidency with Barrack Obama. Proof that our captured (As bought out by Red China) Media is used to send mnemonics to MC's out there, agents of political change. And the overall ramification for any restrictions to the First Amendment. Thank Goodness American Agencies took me under their wing early on.
This had grand mnemonic implications for me, for I was ordered to take a wife, a Filipino sex worker immigrant, that I would subconsciously know and obey by her Legend, a "Little known Filipino Saint and Martyr, Philomena (Filomena)." 3  (The number being a constant underlying mnemonic) symbols found upon her coffin, an anchor (Hope), 3 arrows (But I would know them as Latin Hyphens, and surround her name with of them in a book I would write) and, mostly, Palm Leaves (Symbol of remuneration, she was a paid woman, to the max.  Both she and her "Replacement.").
Like a Cassandra, this Lorelei I was to marry was a woman of doom for any man.
To know the Legend of Lorelei, it is a bend in the Rhine River with waterfalls and rapids, and sailors who gaze up mesmerized by the haunting winds there are at risk of being capsized.

Die Lorelei

This is fairly straightforwards. That I was to remember this of GHWB, himself a Master Spy.
The Great Pretender

This kind of anti-war song Wolf designed, and is proof of his power over US Media, especially to include Johnny Cash
Sag mir who die Blumen sind (Where have the flowers gone)

This, I was told, was another of Wolf's anti-war creations for me to reminisce on .
You'll note the lyrics were changed where Puff doesn't die in the end.
Puff the Magic Dragon

This song speaks of making love to a woman with a rose-colored mouth, like black people do.  It served to remind me that one of my half-siblings that Wolf bred to have Celiac's Disease (Intrinsic to the Manchurian Candidate Effect; bred long-term agents of political change).  In other words, Obama's mother is a black Indonesian Muslim prostitute (Mine was a white prostitute), and both our fathers are Markus Wolf.
Mein Schatz had einen Rosenmund  (My beloved has a Rose Colored Mouth)

This reminds me of what would be my eventual fate, imprisonment just for being under suspicion for things I haven't done.  (Another song I was constantly exposed to, from German Kindergarten to High School German...  Was "Die danken sind Frei." Or the "Thoughts are free, (or cannot be subjugated)."  Being related to Wolf was enough to get imprisoned. But you'll note other embedded mnemonics in most of the videos:  This hypnotic programming session took place at Rainer Ruppe's cottage in Schwabing, Germany, near Munich.  Pursuant to the orders to go there to obey them that I got that day, by my Agent Handler, CIA Dir. GHWB.
Folson Prison Blues

We had spend weekends there, and got there with his infamous Porsche.
I was told to take this picture with the license plate clearly visible.

Such mnemonics as the little teddy bear (Circus Bear; the little brown one on Karl's couch back), with hair like the produced-in-plain-sight mnemonic collection of the movie, or the jumbled up script of the Operation, in the movie, "Beetlejuice."
That, in itself, being a whole bunch of mnemonics based upon one of the sessions held at a German safehouse in Cologne, where I would travel to daily, the official cover being that of a data input clerk on the Psychological and Physical Profiles of MFS Agents.  Yet of great training consequence, for in that I learned to spot, identify, and be guarded against those who try to infiltrate my personal and social arena.  As the spies of the APA constantly interrupt my life with to this day.  As Wolf warned me, being a life-long espionage worker, there could never be trust in one's social life.
Another show of such hidden commands placed in plain sight in our Media.
A true "Horror Comedy."
"Beetleguise!  It means "Skeleton Key," in Flemish.  Why who doesn't  have a skeleton in their closet, Rick?"  I remember being told.  It's also the name of a giant red star, a link to Red China.
A "Circus Bear," made to preform on command.  Many of the things attributed to Beetlejuice are actual surveillance recordings of myself.  The stomping of the chattering teeth, for example, comes from when I'd been chasing cockroaches in my German Dachwohnung apartment, one time.
Beetlejuice has blood running from his mouth -  My tongue surgery.
Starts out with a taxi crash - But my taxi driving career did end at that timing.   The release of the movie was kind of my activation as a MC.
"It's showtime, folks!"
There's a ton of mnemonics to read into it, there, but the striped prison suit is clear enough, the forced marriage, being made to live in a "Cowboy Cemetery," Adam (FBI) and Barbara (CIA) digging up archives and finding things so easily, even the ending:  Beetlejuice getting taken out by the Sandworm; "Saturn, "Surgery."  "S" words.
"You're getting all Yellow." I guess I have gotten that yellow stripe, just scared of surgeries, already.
And you would notice the scarf on the little gray Circus Clown on the sofa behind me, like the one on this woman's neck below, for she is another half-sibling in high political office.  The seeming German half-blind waitress.

"Karl" on Youtube - With toupee
The varied dress was to correspond with his health
Everything had 3 stanzas

Another photo of Markus Wolf to compare to, also staged.  
To begin with, that is Markus Wolf behind me, with the beer and bread (To symbolize Celiac's Disease), and left to back is CIA Dir. GHWB, MFS Dir. Erich Mielke, NAZI SS Concentration Camp Mauthausen Dr. Aribert Heim, and other intel agents, like Frau Ruppe.  The half-blind "German Waitress" to my left is Sarah Palin, one of Wolf's US Army spies at the time.
At the Defense Language Institute learning German in 1975, this also staged photo should show to a photo analyst that her name tag is out of uniform, as it has both first and last names.  For posterity's sake.
Having been told to invite me for a beer at her place (And what beer does to me as a Celiac) she'd had some Army photographer come in to take this photo. Unknowingly to her, it was for the sake of prosperity, but not hers.

This mnemonic has an interesting story to it.  It takes me back to my 2nd step-dad, Pierre Clark, who oft frequented the Corner bar on the way to Ft. Campbell, and sometimes would take me along.  One time, he was exited, because "Some German guy" (Guess who) had offered him a case of beer (Worth its weight in gold to him) if only he would bring me to hear this new Johnny Cash song.  The bartender, had, indeed, lowered the volume in anticipation of our visit. It had great emotional implication for me at the time, as my first step-dad had been divorced by my Commie Agent adopted mother for operational reasons. I got a free pickled egg for my cooperation.
He'll have to go

Some others:
It takes brave men to be Intel Agents:
Alle die mit uns auf Kaperfahrt fahren (Sea Shanty)

Oh lonesome me (Cover)

This implies no longer being the sleeping Rick Van Winkle.
Mr. Tamerine Man
Sea Shanty

In einem kuehlen Grunde
Meet me in Heavon
Roselein auf der Heiden

Of course, his entire collection may be seen on his Youtube Library.  This should get you started.  The main thing for me to remember was that his learning to play a guitar, and recording such would be in the music room in the basement, and "Age old, classic" microphone was used, the family photo on the wall was a mnemonic, even the custom trim around the door was a precise size to be noted later, but the "Circus Clown" was the main thing.
In the kitchen, over a Tuborg beer (Which got me glutonized) Rainer Rupp ordered many things, such as "You will be a performing Circus Clown..." A social weirdo.  All in German, here translated.
"You will be a Puppet, hanging on strings."  Controlled by outside forces, induced mnemonics, Agent Handlers. This affected my posture, as well.
"You will fart a lot." Part of the "Gray Man" training.
"You will cuss a lot."  To provoke a known reaction from the PC-watchers, the Shrinks. To show how they can be exploited through their dogma of the DSM-V.
"You can no longer speak German."  So I couldn't cognate any memories of the event spoken in German sending me into limbo until permission was granted.
"You will drink a lot of  beer and wine!"  Even my Legend Wife forced that on me.  What beer does to someone with Celiac's is to dumb them down completely and make them very suggestible.  Oddly enough (As the Army put someone in my barracks room at DLI who had it so I would learn) it also gives one a rather yucky, almost perverse-like appearance.  The "Gray Man" effect.
I would remember the Toburg beer - It later showed up in the reports of Rainer Rupp, as he became the famous "NATO Spy."
Of course, I'd been ordered to take "Herr Krappe" uh, "Herr Rrrupppp..." a packet labeled "Cosmic Top Secret" and hand it to him at SHAPE in Belgium.
The man I knew as "Herr Krappe" was in actuality Herr Wolf, by then one of us.
"When they cut your tongue out."  I wouldn't be able to talk, after they cut my tongue out.  I'd been slipped a report to process from an agent who said that had been arraigned so as to remind him not to "Talk." Well, it was only a partial hemiglossatomy in 1984, but I do get really self-conscious about it, and can hardly speak well at times. It was actually a cover for another medical procedure I discuss elsewhere.  As if a scene from the movie, "The Manchurian Candidate."
That I wouldn't come out of it until "The third arrow hits the mark."  This coincides with sessions by Dir. GHWB, where I would "Activate" on the 3rd LUCKY, not the first two UNLUCKY 13ths in my life. The first two would be Fridays, but not the third.  Such coincide with Court Hearings that regard an inheritance I stand for - And from there it gets deep as an espionage issue.
Just the business of Rainer having me stand by a phone, and clomping loudly across the room THREE TIMES was something I'd repressed until I received an voicemail to that effect this last 13th of April.  It was he, there can be no doubt.
That I'd hate myself, sing crazy phrases, talk to myself, cuss at inatimate things,have no clothes, no friends, no money, and go camping a lot...
And be a juicy morsel for the Political Arm of the APA, as there was one more thing.
"Du bist ein Poof!"  A queer.
There had been a lot seeming homosexual events that had deliberately put in Army, FBI, Hawaiian (Therefore CHICOM), KGB, and East and German archives for the future occupants, known infiltrators, to "Find," and presumably use for blackmail.  Indeed, the Clintons and Obama have exposed themselves by such.
Oh, there's been the "Paper Cut" test, mixing up in my mind exactly when the real dates would be, to find out what MC's would do if it happened to them, but in reading my environment, I am sure it is now extant.

This video is fabulous.  It is full of scenes and places where I have been, (Not every scene) and these photos also serve as reminders.  Mainly "Der Schumacher" is the one son he had who he wanted to have a happy life, even if it was scripted. I saw first hand the aftermath of those staged auto accidents, for example, and much of it is reminders of Schwabing. To include what future cell phones and computers would probably look like, for I'd be using them. The group of young people standing around that red car is an Intel team, I was to remember, and so much of this is the reminder of the fore-knowledge of the "Fall of the Berlin Wall."  It turned out a peaceful one, no WWIII, to Wolf's credit.
The "Bio-exorcist" in Beetlejuice?  Meaning to say how my cover since 1977 has been taking the false credit of Gary Condit's "Political/Sexual Disposal Service" acts, and "Treatment" as if for same, as ordered by HI Judge Komo in 1994.  This should be unsealed, now, in Phoenix Federal Court.
"Remember, Rick, the Phoenix WILL arise again."  Mnemonic.  It is the seat of the transportation company, "SWIFT,"  I'm supposed to inherit, if it happens.  I was made to become a truck driver with them, for the experience.
Unless Clinton got to their safes when he redistricted the 9th Circuit, but guess where else copies are ensconced?
This will be hard for you to believe, but I got a call on the 13th, missed it, but the voicemail was familiar.  The sounds were familiar.  It was Rainer Rupp back in Schwabing using heavy boots to clomp 3 steps, and nothing else.  It was the third time he'd done that for my listening.  Now I know why I was supposed to call him on 1/11/2001, for that second hearing.  Finally has come the long-sought after mnemonic telling me it was the "3" day I've waited for all my life. For it was also Thomas Jefferson's, our third President's, birthday, but only on a Leap Year. (The mnemonic, "3," is omnipresent in my life.  ("You have to call his name THREE TIMES.")
(The Book of Mathew:  Jesus is denied 3 times.  The rooster crows 3 times.  There are 3 crosses on the Hill... A "Bible Reading," done a long time ago.  I, "Simon, simple Simon," must take His Cross - Signature on the Army Contract - to the Hill, place of the Skull, Sculcroft, the Pentagon.  CIA Dir. GHWB, my life-long Agent Handler, is, after all, "King of the Jews.")
The "TV" mnemonic in Beetlejuice?  Looks like a belly button, doesn't it?  One the of sites of my silicone-laden material injections...  A fore-known "Surgery," hidden in plain sight with the cover of another (Tongue) surgery.  Just to prove former Dir. William Colby's point. The scene is vaguely cowboy, i.e., being made to live in Wyoming.  And, yes, I've eaten snakes and lizards, even crackers pretending it was cockroaches. Even the black eye bags are signs of a "Sleeper." I would look like BJ if only I shaved my mustache and grew my hair. Got the same pot-belly, for reasons, too.

A double-blind study. What has the APA come up with but PC?
So, as ordered, actual bodies will be exhumed on Komo's stated orders, documents found, my Army Contract unearthed, and two birth certificates opened.  Mine and guess who else's? And I guess I'll be getting a free liposuction.  If the VA believes me.
The "Drei Klopfen" (Three bootsteps) mnemonic, not that I can speak German, again, are also reminiscent of one session at the Consulate, awaiting the three knocks , done three times, on the door from Herr Plumme, the Consulate banker, to come in and get my checking account number.  Somewhere, someplace, are my past promised WO paychecks are awaiting me.  I can't wait.
I can't say for sure, but I suspect that the journalists in this video are half-siblings of mine. Another proof of bred Agents of Political Change, I suppose.  And a dilemma for America and Free Speech.  The Enemy has gained control over our Media, after all.
Das Alles ist Duetschland

God knows this will fit the APA DSM-V criteria of "Rambling," "Delusions of Grandeur,"  and "Schizophrenia," but such are the drawbacks of having a genetic picture memory and Celiac's.  It's everything they WANT to see, and, again, proof that they can't tell the difference between their "Criteria of Mental Illness" and hypnotic programming.  The ease with which political criteria can be placed into their DSM was to be proven a by fake study done on K Street in DC.  (Mnemonic) I think it had something to do with passing gas...
Hitler, himself, sought out those with genetic abilities to be superior spies and sent them to the camps.  Some Jewish sects, you know, have a much higher percentage of same.
And Markus Wolf was Jewish.
And William Colby was right about the "Family Jewels."
Can I get paid my promised pay, rank, and benefits, now?  Live a real life, for a change, being what I am as a person, instead of a "Study Subject?"  Experience Freedom?  Be left alone by the "Mentals" and others so interested in my fortune, money, and political history?  My "Psychological Profile?"  An endless "Study subject?"

Will you all just leave me alone?  And let me live an honest life, whatever years I have left?

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Celiac's Disease as prohibited in the US military and why

An answer to an article on that they refuse to allow me to post to
I was once told "Do you have an idea how much government funding we get?" by they
An article entitled "Celiacs in the military"

There is a much greater issue than simply being unable to get a gluten-free meal. Please carefully study the old b/w movie "The Manchurian Candidate" to see this "In plain sight" documentation of what can be done to one with Celiac's, and is done, by intelligence agencies all over the world, clandestinely.  Bluntly, the release of endorphins (Stronger than morphine) by the brain in autoimmune response to damage to the small intestine by gluten is a precursor to being very hypnotizable and remotely commandable.  Leading one, after time, to become very behaviorally programmable. And this kind of drugged training can be done anywhere in a secure and secret place.
 I actually have been a "Double Blind Study Subject In Situ" for the APA for over 38 years on the matter, along with other espionage matters,  if you'd like to know what true Hell is like, and I would appreciate the help of any of you to get my promised back pay, rank, and benefits before I die of old age and poverty.
The control over one's diet is easy enough in the military, but they went the full gamut with me, forcing me to marry a motivated Agent Handler Filipino sex worker (Digest the movie), who did same with control over my diet, and then I was used  as a "Undercover Investigator," a kind of test on the Posse Comitatus Act, for the interim.
They pulled me into Tripler Army Medical Center in 1993 under the guise of a Court-Ordered "Exam," gave me a intestinal biopsy, promotion papers, ordered me to stay married to my Agent Handler, and if they would only release my medical records, I could at least collect Disability while I await my promised role of Congressional Testimony.
When given the proper mnemonic, I, personally,  go into a hypnotic "Memorization mode," a product of having a high IQ and an eidetic memory, and memorize visually a crime event, into which I have been sent many times, so it has its uses. This was my training, and not necessarily that of others.
"Raymond Shaw," in the movie was a sniper sharpshooter.  Other movies have explained sabateurs, and bombers activated by phone call.
The mnemonic command to stop repressing and starting reliving a memory command can be delivered (in proper grammatical form) by a passerby, or simply such things as the day of year, overlap of religious holidays on a calendar, political events, celestial events, a telephone call, etc.,.
Of course, no one believes anything I would say about such, and being "Mentally Ill" is what local authorities have been told about me, and is actually my cover. At least I am still alive. I've had my share of close calls, especially in the trucking industry I was made to work in.
The whole story, as in how I was literally bred to have such genetics by a former East German Intelligence Officer (This goes back to WWII Nazi experimentation days and a certain Dr. Aribert Heim of Mauthausen Concentration Camp fame), only makes it worse. The real denial comes with in that such methodology actually affects our politics this very day to an extreme you simply cannot accept in your mind.  Former Dir. William Colby was quite right about such long-term infiltrators in Congress, and I guess I'm the result of his having obtained Congressional Funding to prove that point.
The bottom line is: The military simply cannot have such potential secret agents in their midst.
In fact, I am the living, breathing, proof that Congress is heavily infiltrated (As is the Presidency) by such, and we desperately need Term Limits to protect our Constitution and country.  And why those very infiltrators so long in power won't allow it, either.
What is notable is your statement that Israel allows such.   Well, some populations have a higher percentage of Celiacs, and the Jewish do, so they probably don't have any choice.  A high ranking Israeli Intelligence Office even told me once, that they had collected evidence to believe Jesus Christ himself had Celiac's, and that does put new light on the "Crown of Thorns," or possibly pruritic dermatitis herpetiformis, he had around this forehead, and the gluten grain vinegar he was tortured with, doesn't it?  His "Visions" and "Prophesies," etc.?
As a person with the effects of Celiac's Disease, I must also note the benefits that Vitamin B-12 shots have had with me.  Adolph Hitler received same.  Did HE have Celiac's? Was Hitler's attempted elimination of the Jews an attempt to wipe out this genetic propensity?

 This photo, was deliberately staged in b/w so that I could be given it for prosperity.  Deliberately misdated, it is the Ochsenbraterei Beer Tent at the 1977 Oktoberfest in Munich.  We were given about a half an hour for this hurried photo shoot before they opened for a private party.  That is I in the foreground,  staged to be having beer and bread (Gluten), while behind me are logos of wheat and hops. Behind me is STASI General Markus Wolf,  and to the left back is CIA Director GHWB (Head cut off), MSF Director Erich Mielke, and most notably, SS Mauthausen Concentration Camp Doctor Aribert Heim.  There are more Intelligence agents in the photo. Can you recognize the distinctive breastbone of the female agent to my left?
Another reason I was told to attend this function was for in the number of witnesses here, that can prove I was NOT in Duesseldorf at that time, where a known professional assassin, Gary Condit, was busy trying to frame me with some more murders by mutilation.  That long story is elsewhere in my written works.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Now comes the outbreak of overt combat over the Pacific as Red China attacks

 "The Art of War," has been going on since the Communists killed Kennedy, I'm telling you. I was in US Army MI, told these things, and told to go to ground with them to keep such plans sacrosanct against when the Clintons would be raiding CIA safes. They have turned us from a productive country to a consumerist one where everyone's fat on their corn syrup and can't even fit in a foxhole or Humvee, any more. GET AND READ THE PILLSBURY REPORT! NOW is their timing of military advance! Their forerunner will be their Sleeper insurgents in all the immigrants, so get and stay armed! The only good news that I remember is that our counter-plan involves "Leveling the playing field..." And if what I remember is so, then it will be the falling of their Communist Jewel, the Three Gorges Dam. The damming of that peasant rural agricultural area is how they generated the factory slave labor population that has fueled their economic, espionage, PSYOPS and media war on us. When it goes, so goes a large swathe of slave labor factories on the Yangtze Delta. The current disruption of weather patters is not Climate Change, you could call them Weather Weapons, which right now means about 4,000 CHICOMS die a day due to stifled pollution while we are only inconvenienced by storms in the East. The fact that we've just sent two aircraft carriers to the South China Sea means real combat is about to break out, and it will be big. Obama has been counter-run all this time, with or without his knowledge, but right now the Enemy's being given the impression that he's performing a Coup on the remaining branch of government, SCOTUS, that hasn't been totally infiltrated, yet. This has been a pre-war move to lure out the deepest of moles, traitors, and Sleepers in our system who would rally at such move, so note who they are. Keep your powder dry, and your weapons at the ready. This will be the first war since the Civil War where blood will be shed on American soil.
Their whole “One Child Policy” has been to have as many males as possible for this war, all very willing to fight foreign wars of expansion under a blue sky with plenty of wide open spaces (Like our wheat fields), to seize clean coal (Like we've got), and the chance to meet and have an exotic blonde American woman.
The grand irony of this all is the inherent corrupt system of the Chinese culture. They have no compulsion against getting rich on the backs of poor peasants, and have more billionaires than every before. Even in their new Capitalism are they corrupt, and hopefully the Chinese People themselves will revolt against their dictatorship to find a more “Democratic” form of government.
The JFK shooting and other destruction of us from within (Our food supplies, family and moral structures, our leadership, economic well-being, conquer-and-divide strategies, and general health as described in “The Art of War,” their military Officer's handbook) have been covered up for so very long, I cannot gauge at what battle cry this will become for the American People. It certainly will give us the higher moral ground, another Pearl Harbor.
Just bear in mind how many they have placed in Congress, the Presidency, SCOTUS and your local government through hook and crook, and the “Manchurian Candidate” methodology.

What is so hard to understand?  The connections between CHICOM money and the Clinton Foundation are CLEAR! They got all that cash by waging economic war upon us through damming the Yangtze River and forcing all those rural peasants to become Walmart slave-labor workers. They were deliberately exploiting our post-WWII economic boom and subsequent "Me" generation, also by infiltrating Congress and passing Corn Syrup/obesity laws. ("Art of War.") Their known infiltrators, the Clintons, took that money and bought our politicians, Media, and the Hollywood Propaganda machine (Lesson learned from Walter Croncite and Vietnam TV). That Hillarious deliberately sent her Agent Handlers sensitive military classified information though her email "Drop" is about as old spy stuff as it can get! Now, however, notice the timing of this election year, Ramadan, the Chinese lucky number "95" (Red anniversary), and a "3" Day weekend (Only leap years), and a holiday they'd like to obliterate and rename to "American Communism Day."  Only trouble is the big censorship on using the phrase "Weather Weapons" and the historic flooding in Red China.  When the 3 Gorges Dam does go, so will go at least the slave-labor factories on the Yangtze Delta. Their WWIII plans subverted, and that is what they get for having started it all by eliminating JFK and other hopefuls to put in their "Manchurian Candidate" Sleepers.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Scalia was murdered to hide Obama's real birth certificate before the Court recently unsealed

Dear Mike, Was Scalia murdered? Yes, I think he was and I have a sneaking suspicion of who and why.  How can I say this?  Because for decades, now, I've been a quiet "Study Subject of a Serial Killer In Situ."  That is to say, a constant stream of psychological pressures to get me to confess to murders I did not commit, know who did, but who has been counter-run by a government agency for espionage purposes. Yes, the explanation is a convoluted one, but that's espionage for you: Politics, Murder, and Sex.
Bear with me as I start from the beginning: I stood in line for a family inheritance from my step-father.  People started dying like flies around me, and the remains pretty much found the same ways.My adopted mother was actually a Communist Agent, and she worked behind the scenes, trying to mess me up emotionally and psychologically so as to have me blamed for these thing so that I could be put away.  There is a legal loophole that would have allowed her to ask the Judge, "Please give the guardianship of the estate to ALL the surviving relatives."  A precedence of Feminism (A Communist PSYOPS) to literally Communize inheritances; a death blow to Capitalism , itself.
Government Agencies got unto me quick, and had my second adopted step-dad transferred to Camp Zama, Japan, in the hopes that this elusive murderer of people I barely knew could be lured out.  More murders occurred there.  Eventually, he was lured out after we were transferred to Okinawa.  A connection of he to Dennis Rader was established, not so surprising because some BDK murders were said to be by two men, not just one.
In an instance of the murder of two Okinawan prostitutes, he was identified as a man posing as an Investigator.  Proof of such was hidden in the ship's safe of a aircraft carrier nearby to be sealed for 20 years, as this would be counter-run.  A Navy captain, Barry Born, later became my agent handler on Maui, and an investigative  forensic psychologist, Dr. Timothy Berigan, became the scientific advisor.
It turned out that my adopted mother, Fritzi Lois Schalk Hyatt Clark, followed the orders of STASI General Markus Wolf through an intermediary agent, a Donna Hansen. After high school, I was swept up into US Army Military Intelligence, trained in German, and sent to Germany in order to lure him to the West.
Wolf, a "Master Spy without a face" had perfected a Nazi technique of the creation of spies bred to be long-term infiltrators into our Capitalism. I became aware that he was my own biological father, and several repressed memories from my childhood were made clear.
One of Wolf's long-term breeding projects was a "Perfect Alternative to everything theme" half black, half white, half heterosexual, half homosexual.... Manchurian Candidate that he carefully groomed, documented, indoctrinated, and placed to become the eventual destroyer of the Office of the President of the United States.
I guess you can figure out who.
To really trap this serial killer, who indeed followed me to Germany and even arranged (One gets lots of political connections doing what he does for hire) to become my roommate.  I didn't recognize him until later.  But I was ordered to accept his offer of a visit to his home in Ipswitch, UK on a three day weekend. An openly gay British Sergeant was also ordered to do so, and would meet us there.  But, Gary Condit (He openly used his name) and I arrived late, and it seemed that Caroline, his veterinarian wife, had already dispatched the Sergeant. It turned out that a professional serial killer team had been manufactured by the Enemy, with the goal of infiltrating Congress.  The swing towards corruption and infiltration could be seen there, even in the '70's.
So my best protection, it was determined, would be by "Going to ground," as in assuming the person of who would become a major long-term APA study, fully funded by Congress. As long as I was so closely monitored and investigated, Condit had little motivation to remove me as a witness to that three day weekend.  But it's not like he hasn't tried to continue to set me up, and he has.  Attempts to get me near the scenes of  the crimes of Jonbennet Ramsey and Laci Peterson, for example, are how I know that he and his wife (As a team) were behind them as well.
Here I describe what I saw, heard, and learned at their Ipswitch home. 
Now, all these things were placed into Court seal by HI Judge Richard Komo on Febuary 13th, 1994, to be unsealed and processed on Febuary 13th, 2016 at the Phoenix Federal Court.  Among other things, a Secret Service Agent, a Brian Larkin, had asked that two actual (Not adopted) birth certificates be sealed.  One was for an "Indonesian guy named Barry Soetoro," and one was mine.  They show as father the same name, Gen. Markus Wolf.
Obama has more than not-natural born citizens as parents than can be imagined.
And that would have been on Scalia's desk when he was murdered.
In my writing above, I describe how the Condits use horse tranquilizer, usually in an offered drink,  to paralyze their victims, whom they torture to death in a horrible fashion.  They usually stick to M.O. to throw the cops off, but can vary it to suit the circumstances.  Condit became a "Serial Killer Investigator," and, of course prominent House Democrat and moves in those circles with ease.  Yet, due to his Polce and media contacts, he is later removed from the public perception of being connected to such cases, to include Chandra Levy's.
Excepting that such cover-up has come to an end with a new trial for the falsely convicted, Ingmar Guandique, and he has returned as the main suspect, again.  It is no happenstance that his alibi of the time was of being in Dick Cheney's office at the time. I, myself, long ago was told things to repeat some  day about he. He represents that higher, hidden hand of quiet influence that probably got him invited to that hunting farm, as well.
And this retrial has been moved back from March 1st to May.
Condit, at least twice, has used smothering or strangulation to finish the kill that I know of.
How difficult to get Justice Scalia  drink with horse tranquilizer in it, and then quietly finish the job with a pillow?
Cheney's influence could have arranged the lack of an autopsy, and a very quick embalming, to hide the presence of the above.
My military contract as well as a global waiver to my Constitutional Rights expired on the 13th, and I would really appreciate the back pay, rank and benefits promised me.  Plus, there should be a reading of the Will, too.  Assuming that the infiltrators in our midst do no do me in in the interim.  Please see my website for actual photos I was given to keep to validate my espionage past and loyalty to Country.  

Monday, February 15, 2016

SCOTUS has Obama's real birth certificate. Is this why Scalia is dead? Murder, or well planned suicide?

The family wants no autopsy, which would reveal the means of death.  Perhaps it's embarrassing to his name. Or are there other things to cover up? It is beyond any shadow of a doubt, having been in HI Judge Richard Komo's closed hearing in about Febuary 13th, 1994, where he ordered certain documents to be place in Federal seal to be unsealed at this current time, that it has to be so.  For well do I remember Secret Service Agent  Brian Larkins words, "And this one; it's a Birth Certificate from some Indonesian guy, uh, a Barry Soetoro..."
As well as my own.
Both list true parentages.
In common, as father, would be former Master Spy and head of the East German "CIA," General Markus Wolf.
But why would this cause Scalia to commit suicide, if so?
That he be killed for it makes sense, because once out, two of Obama's appointed Justices would have to recuse themselves from declaring Obama as Ineligible to be President. And that would reverse everything he's every sign, done, or appointed.  To include all the debt with Red China.
No way is Scalia's death "Natural."
Drudge reports a pillow found on his head.  To smother?  Or to muffle the sound of a gunshot?  One thing is clear: Yet another cover-up, and this is very timely for the CHICOM's long term planning for us, "The Art of War."  Now they will get overt in military fashion, with probably more "Suicides" in our highest ranks of Conservatives.
How odd that Kim Chee's ICBM didn't work when it flew over Super Bowl VX.

Here is a report by a former MI Officer about it:

And now perhaps an explanation as to why the hurried embalming and lack of coroner's report:  My own long exile as I explain above was primarily to protect me from a professional assassin that has been big in my life, Gary Condit.  And his links to Dick Cheney.
He uses horse tranquilizer (His wife is a veterinarian)  in a drink which paralyzes his victims before he tortures them to death, but he may have adjusted this. He has used strangulation, like with Jonbennet Ramsey, and a woman I knew from Hopkinsville, KY.  The pillow would have made the end quiet.  And the entire cover-up could well be the work of one high-ranking mole, Dick Cheney. For the quick embalming would hide any poisonings, and the lack of autopsy would prevent noticing strangulation. In fact, the Chandra Levy case retrial (A government cover-up in itself), bringing Condit back as main suspect, has been moved back from March 1st to May. If Obama succeeds in this power play, it may never come back at all.  Here's how I know all this:

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Grandest secret left with me of all: What do Cheney, Condit, and Obama have in common?

In 1977, I was an enlisted man in US Army M.I. but then was sworn in as a Warrant Officer, CID, (Counter-Espionage) and sent to ground for a long-term duty.   With some major secrets to divulge some day.  Events sand mnemonics are dovetailing now.
This post is specific to one hypnotic session at the old Düsseldorf Consulate on Cecilianalle that I was to memorize (I have a special gift that way), and is a chapter in my Kindle enovel.

But now I realize that this conversation is the one that I should send to Congress right on this timing. Hard to explain, and it proves that it can be done.

It goes like this: As a so-called "Manchurian Candidate," which requires having Celiac's Disease, I was not only studied for it, but utilized for it.  So, there were time-to-time covert programming sessions in such secure and secret locations as the Duesseldorf Consulate LLO Office on weekends when no one else was in  the building.
They would use the usual dark/light psychological thing, and, of course, there was the obligatory shot in the middle of my elbow pit just before. Some kind of drug to accentuate the hypnotic effect, on top of the endorphins from the high gluten diet I was provided. The Manchurian Candidate Effect, for which I was made a study subject of since that time. God, I hope it's now over and I get my past promised pay, rank and benefits.

"Yeah, when he's in this state, he doesn't remember a thing."  Cheney had been told by the Director.  This was the year overseas where Cheney was officially with the "Office of Economic Opportunity," or CIA. Of course, so had believed Gary Condit, who also thought he had a key to my hypnotic state.
Why they bragged so much to me when I was at their home in UK, one time.

I'd been ordered to sit in a chair. No good if I got dizzy, fell down, and conked my head. There had been the usual:  The Director, The Man With Small Feet, and the ASA guy who sat in a room across the hall, tape recording everything.
But there'd been some kind of snafu, the tape had come off the reel-to-reel recorders and TMWSF had been asked to go over and help out being the techie that he certainly was.  I was told he has an IQ of over 140.
The Director had then said to me when we alone, "The next man who comes into this room is the highest ranking mole that you will be worked against."
A few minutes later, in walked The Man With Small Feet, Dick Cheney.  He had been Dir GHWB's aide since at least the first time I saw him, in 1969 or so, at Camp Zama, Japan, when he had been the nerd photographer with the then Ambassador to China, GHWB.  Who'd wanted special shots of us Karate Club students as we worked out, having been ordered to not look towards the Ambassador at all. In retrospect,I can now see how Cheney was set up.
Like GHWB often said, "Keep you friends close.  Keep your Enemies closer."
So at the Consulate, the Director ordered me to remember and memorize:  That the next man that walked into the room would be the highest ranking mole that I'd be worked against. The room was dark black with only one lightbulb on.
I had special abilities and that's how they used me:  Rainer Rupp, Markus Wolf, Clyde Lee Conrad, etc. Long story.
Clyde Lee Conrad when stationed at the US Consulate LLO Office
with duty car in 1977. Before he learned German.

Myself and some notable Intelligence Agents,
to include STASI Gen. Markus Wolf behind me. 
The photo was misdated on purpose.(1977)

Rainer Ruppe, me, his stepmother and a British surveillance team in
the background at German's Fort Fun
I was to get the idea that living in the West would be fun
Tinker, Tailor, Thatcher Spy...

So came back into the room, TMWSF.  Now here's the transcript of the resultant conversation,the best I can pull it back.

"Thank you, thank you so very much.  For helping me clean up my past. You know, it's so hard these days (Nixon times) to have anything used against you." As if I was the "Something" to get covered up. I stood there as I had been trained to do, silent, in hypnotic state, and that meant totally memorizing everything- But without the ability to cognate it.  Like a human video camera, to be hauled in later and play it back.
"But you know, I've been tapped on the shoulder, they want me for President!  And, plus, there's a precedent, President Adams, whose son also become President!"  He paused.
"So, I'll need a Cabinet, How would you like to be the Secretary of the Military?"
"I have no experience in Military Matters... My experience is in business."  Cheney had seemed wry and untrusting.
"That's what we need, a businessman to run things!" The Director was sounding upbeat.
"And you know I'm in oil.  We'll get you a chairmanship as a CEO of an oil company, or something."
Cheney had only said that he'd think about it.
Cheney, as I had ever seen him, had always been the camera man, documenting what WASN'T happening, like one scene at 139 Kapa'a Street in Kailua, Oahu, HI, in 1974, that made it look like the Director and Lloyd Bensten were a gay couple banging a bed's head post against a wall.  This was for the deliberate intake by a Hawaiian "Blala," a Feminist Secessionist, so as to guarantee this got back to Red Chinese archives.
Ergo, to feed the Clinton camp.

Oddly, this "Government House" was just down the street where the painter who came on my last day there said was where some black guy who always said he'd be President some day who stayed with his three gay friends and smoked pot.  We all know who that was, now.
The famous Kailua Beach is at the end of the road.
That was before I was made to join the Army, but much later in 1984 turned into a place I was later taken by military ambulance when I was ushered into a false tongue surgery, and other procedures where done there. Let's just say I suddenly gained a lot of weight I wish the Army would take back.

But at the Consulate, the Director had continued: "Come on,  you have to get practice at this.  Running him."
And Cheney had sat in an office chair backwards, for that was to be a key. Then, I was supposed to be open  to his suggestion. And they spoke of the woman I was to marry....
Who would be known by her Legend, "St. Philomena."  A little known Filipino saint.
I later did meet her and subconsciously obeyed her instruction.  My instruction was that I would not use arrows, like in the Legend, but Latin Hyphens around her name in the book I was to write.  That the symbol of Palm Leaves meant she was remunerated, or paid, for what she did.
And the symbol of Hope, the Anchor, was in that she would hope to get out of her dilemma one day. Figuring what she eventually did do, as in False Reporting, she worked hard for decades trying to prove her claim legitimate, by any means she could muster.
Life with her was Hell.  Her false claim?  Anal sex. Read that as Homosexuality, what basically turned out to be a theme borrowed from my adopted mother's false claims to that effect, and so, my eventual cover.
Being sent first to Maui, where she "Honey Trapped" me, and then at her direction, to Wyoming meant having my life run remotely by Cheney, every job I had, every place I was made to live...
And all the near-death experiences I endured as a "Suspected homosexual" in this state.
Something about all this has had something to do with former EDP Chief Derrick Craig's suicide, but I can't be sure just what. Unless it's this connection to Cheney.
Her false accusations to authorities meant my incarceration and seizure of my guns more than once.
But never did they doubt her veracity, but doubted mine, instead. For she kept me Celiac Symptomatic, knowing even before I ever did, that I have Celiac's Disease.  And exploited that the to max.
So what was the point in purposely planting false homosexual-seeming scenes in enemy and FBI files?  Well, the infiltration of the CHICOM Agents, the Clintons, was foreknown, as well as their immediate raiding of all classified files for blackmail material. They ended up believing that they had some real blackmail on Conservatives that would allow them to help put that half black guy into the Presidency, and that's what it seems like now.
It's why no one in Congress will broach Obama's ineligibility. What's really bad is WHO his real father is.

And  yet this is the exploitation of what I'd been told to remember earlier by the Director.  That President Nixon was really upset about having found the White House had been infiltrated in the person of Cheney, the youngest Chief of Staff ever, because of the homosexual relationship he shared with Donald Rumsfelt.
I remember there being some kind of concern over Cheney's possible Manchurian Candidate status, even.  The annual private quail hunting parties and the heart attacks posed possible "Links checkups," as you would see in the movie by that name. It's much more a CIA-planted documentary than it is any fictional spy movie.  You just have to read between the lines.
I hope this doesn't get Cheney head bashed by his Commie handlers, which has seemed to happen with Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, and John Kerry.
The propaganda of homosexuality (And Feminism) that has been pushed upon us was  conceived by Wolf, in part because of his espionage efforts to demoralize us.
Like I said, keep you enemies closer.
Of course, this meant the allowance of Gary Condit's "Disposal for Hire" activities, even his infiltration into Congress, but nothing could be done about such women that were lured to the flame of political power like moths.
What really was paramount was in my cover.  As long as Condit thought I was being driven insane and that no one would ever believe me, I would be safe from him. For the interim.
But oddities do occur! Who would have thought I have to watch out for Iranians?
For had tried to frame me enough.  Four bodies in Düsseldorf alone, each homosexually-related, and one of them listed on Interpol.  He and his wife had promised to "Do me" personally, too, in fact, and my best protection turned out to be the vigilantes of Wyoming, as he could never be seen with me with them always watching me so closely.  And trying to frame me in other ways for their own jollies.
One can only ask how it worked out that 911 was the lid on the Levy affair at the time. But it led to a Middle Eastern war that definitely had the hand of Dick Cheney behind it. You'd  be surprised at the influence Halliburton has here in Wyoming oilfields.
More later- Check back.