What do Jonbennet, Chandra & Laci have in common? The Gary Condits!


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Scalia was murdered to hide Obama's real birth certificate before the Court recently unsealed

Dear Mike, Was Scalia murdered? Yes, I think he was and I have a sneaking suspicion of who and why.  How can I say this?  Because for decades, now, I've been a quiet "Study Subject of a Serial Killer In Situ."  That is to say, a constant stream of psychological pressures to get me to confess to murders I did not commit, know who did, but who has been counter-run by a government agency for espionage purposes. Yes, the explanation is a convoluted one, but that's espionage for you: Politics, Murder, and Sex.
Bear with me as I start from the beginning: I stood in line for a family inheritance from my step-father.  People started dying like flies around me, and the remains pretty much found the same ways.My adopted mother was actually a Communist Agent, and she worked behind the scenes, trying to mess me up emotionally and psychologically so as to have me blamed for these thing so that I could be put away.  There is a legal loophole that would have allowed her to ask the Judge, "Please give the guardianship of the estate to ALL the surviving relatives."  A precedence of Feminism (A Communist PSYOPS) to literally Communize inheritances; a death blow to Capitalism , itself.
Government Agencies got unto me quick, and had my second adopted step-dad transferred to Camp Zama, Japan, in the hopes that this elusive murderer of people I barely knew could be lured out.  More murders occurred there.  Eventually, he was lured out after we were transferred to Okinawa.  A connection of he to Dennis Rader was established, not so surprising because some BDK murders were said to be by two men, not just one.
In an instance of the murder of two Okinawan prostitutes, he was identified as a man posing as an Investigator.  Proof of such was hidden in the ship's safe of a aircraft carrier nearby to be sealed for 20 years, as this would be counter-run.  A Navy captain, Barry Born, later became my agent handler on Maui, and an investigative  forensic psychologist, Dr. Timothy Berigan, became the scientific advisor.
It turned out that my adopted mother, Fritzi Lois Schalk Hyatt Clark, followed the orders of STASI General Markus Wolf through an intermediary agent, a Donna Hansen. After high school, I was swept up into US Army Military Intelligence, trained in German, and sent to Germany in order to lure him to the West.
Wolf, a "Master Spy without a face" had perfected a Nazi technique of the creation of spies bred to be long-term infiltrators into our Capitalism. I became aware that he was my own biological father, and several repressed memories from my childhood were made clear.
One of Wolf's long-term breeding projects was a "Perfect Alternative to everything theme" half black, half white, half heterosexual, half homosexual.... Manchurian Candidate that he carefully groomed, documented, indoctrinated, and placed to become the eventual destroyer of the Office of the President of the United States.
I guess you can figure out who.
To really trap this serial killer, who indeed followed me to Germany and even arranged (One gets lots of political connections doing what he does for hire) to become my roommate.  I didn't recognize him until later.  But I was ordered to accept his offer of a visit to his home in Ipswitch, UK on a three day weekend. An openly gay British Sergeant was also ordered to do so, and would meet us there.  But, Gary Condit (He openly used his name) and I arrived late, and it seemed that Caroline, his veterinarian wife, had already dispatched the Sergeant. It turned out that a professional serial killer team had been manufactured by the Enemy, with the goal of infiltrating Congress.  The swing towards corruption and infiltration could be seen there, even in the '70's.
So my best protection, it was determined, would be by "Going to ground," as in assuming the person of who would become a major long-term APA study, fully funded by Congress. As long as I was so closely monitored and investigated, Condit had little motivation to remove me as a witness to that three day weekend.  But it's not like he hasn't tried to continue to set me up, and he has.  Attempts to get me near the scenes of  the crimes of Jonbennet Ramsey and Laci Peterson, for example, are how I know that he and his wife (As a team) were behind them as well.
Here I describe what I saw, heard, and learned at their Ipswitch home. 
Now, all these things were placed into Court seal by HI Judge Richard Komo on Febuary 13th, 1994, to be unsealed and processed on Febuary 13th, 2016 at the Phoenix Federal Court.  Among other things, a Secret Service Agent, a Brian Larkin, had asked that two actual (Not adopted) birth certificates be sealed.  One was for an "Indonesian guy named Barry Soetoro," and one was mine.  They show as father the same name, Gen. Markus Wolf.
Obama has more than not-natural born citizens as parents than can be imagined.
And that would have been on Scalia's desk when he was murdered.
In my writing above, I describe how the Condits use horse tranquilizer, usually in an offered drink,  to paralyze their victims, whom they torture to death in a horrible fashion.  They usually stick to M.O. to throw the cops off, but can vary it to suit the circumstances.  Condit became a "Serial Killer Investigator," and, of course prominent House Democrat and moves in those circles with ease.  Yet, due to his Polce and media contacts, he is later removed from the public perception of being connected to such cases, to include Chandra Levy's.
Excepting that such cover-up has come to an end with a new trial for the falsely convicted, Ingmar Guandique, and he has returned as the main suspect, again.  It is no happenstance that his alibi of the time was of being in Dick Cheney's office at the time. I, myself, long ago was told things to repeat some  day about he. He represents that higher, hidden hand of quiet influence that probably got him invited to that hunting farm, as well.
And this retrial has been moved back from March 1st to May.
Condit, at least twice, has used smothering or strangulation to finish the kill that I know of.
How difficult to get Justice Scalia  drink with horse tranquilizer in it, and then quietly finish the job with a pillow?
Cheney's influence could have arranged the lack of an autopsy, and a very quick embalming, to hide the presence of the above.
My military contract as well as a global waiver to my Constitutional Rights expired on the 13th, and I would really appreciate the back pay, rank and benefits promised me.  Plus, there should be a reading of the Will, too.  Assuming that the infiltrators in our midst do no do me in in the interim.  Please see my website for actual photos I was given to keep to validate my espionage past and loyalty to Country.