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Friday, April 10, 2015

Where a true copy of 0bama's Birth Certificate is hidden - In plain sight!

OK, I just had a writing brainstorm. Let me pass it by you.  Here's the first few paragraphs, and if you wish to read the entire mini-chapter, a link to my blog where I'll see what general reaction I get.  I'm getting lots of hits on my blog from Ukraine, Russia, Europe, etc., and maybe this is why:
Remember for the sake of legality, this is a "Fictitious work based on real experiences."  It's in 3rd person, a fictitious person named "Dick" who is also related to Barrack Obama through their mutual father, an East German Master Spy, Markus Wolf.

    So they were coming for him! Dick could tell.  It was the way he'd used the WorkForce Center computer to look for jobs, and they'd used his psychological profile against him.  What was Facebook, anyway, what was Twitter, why did one's cellphone take pictures of onesself by itself? And track one's movements?
    He'd had a temporary job like that before, working at an RV Park. But this interview had went SO wrong. 
    A familiar face he couldn't place, with a new hairdo.  A pointed, psychological sharp edge on the woman, as if to provoke, repel, or anger him.  A pointed, but dull and flat conversion with a couple who "Showed up" she pretended to discuss common things with, but acted as if they were reading memorized lines dreampt up by some psychologist.  But the purported RV Owner didn't know she had to purge a new propane tank right from the store!? It had oxygen in it to prevent internal rusting, and that had to be let out before it could be filled!
    Bizarre.  Most espionage events are.
    But she seemed to "Know it all," and "Be in charge," so later demanded Dick go "To the Sheriff's offce - No the jail, to get a Criminal Background Check for this new job application," something employers usually did themselves.
    It frightened Dick greatly.  THAT booking room, THAT step into a Incommunicado six months term he'd gotten for having tried to report what he knew, before?  THAT was a one-way street!  It had ruined him completely and he was only now trying to come back from the experience.
    A false, set-up, framed, FIRST TIME DUI in his own vehicle.  SIX MONTHS, while they'd tried to get him to talk about - Well, never mind. An unrelated matter.
    Her exact and precise words had been mirrored by the WorkForce Center manager when Dick had went there, instead.  Word for word.  THAT named RV Campgound did criminal checks by having...  No one else did.
    And they wanted him to WALK RIGHT IN!?
    MAYBE THEY FINALLY WANTED THE MICRODOTS!  Call him "Nuts," again, and force a surgery on him.  It had happened before~
    Oh, and Dick had never told anyone about this.  People just assumed one was crazy. And that was his "Cover," anyway.  Perfect, right?  Unneeded hernia surgery, tongue surgery, teeth uglified, hell, the Judge had even threatened a chemical frontal lobotomy if he didn't talk!
    Ah, so long ago...  It was in Germany in the '70's, when he'd been told that someone could be made to have part of their tongue cut out to constantly remind them, "Don't talk."
    And it had actually happened to him, in 1984.

    His former boss and agent handler, CIA Director GHWB, had already made that big political jump, and had become Vice President.  So a plan got put into operation.
    He'd been told that, some day, it would be neccessary, and a "Constitutional Crisis," actually, for SCOTUS to decide:  Could a person be cut against their will to have material remove that could constitute a "Human Bomb?"     Something about Pastique micropellet embedded siliconic gel, like women use to get bigger boobs and butts.  Only a bit more explosive.
    Yes, also a "Constitutional Crisis," to decide on Soetoro's birth certificate...
    Oh, yes, Dick had returned from that surgery with a HUGE stomach!  A HUGE glob under his chin!  The nurse had told him he'd been taken to a military base for his operation while out, but Dick only knew a day was missing from his conscious life.
    Any attempts to get his past military medical records were returned with "Your records are being held by an unnamed Agency, so cannot be retrieved."  So no disability.
    His wife had had to buy him new shirts, and his co-workers at Hyatt Regency Taxi had all laughed and commented upon his "Reverse Liposuction!"
    Especially the head, Darelene Johnson.
    But!  This!  This was brilliant!  This was the epitome of the espionage method of "Hiding in plain sight!"
    He had also been told way back when that it was known, in the '70s, that the enemy would come to take power in the US.  Have access to all otherwise secret and hidden information, even that held by the CIA, and Courts.  So, a lot was planted to give them everything THEY WANTED TO SEE.  The Clintons, especially, reveled in what they "Found," thinking such was such great blackmail material on the former Director. 
    Why, their pet project, a bred-from-birth Communist Manchurian Candidate, would be allowed to rise to the Office of President, an Indonesian named Barry Soetoro.  He would work to destroy that Office.
    Oh, Dick could remember Secret Service Agent Brian Larkin giving his own and that of Soetoro's Birth Certificates to HI Judge Richard Komo in a special sealed hearing, in 1994.  BEFORE that name, Soetoro, meant anything.
    It was to be sealed in the Phoenix Federal Court until it was all over.  Meaning now.  But did it survive, without being tampered with, altered, destroyed, rewritten?
    This was a test of the Judicial System's own integrity.
    For Dick held - In plain sight! - Right under his skin in his belly and chin where any new scars would show tampering!  Millions of microdots of just that and so much more.
    They must want it back, now, to compare to what paperwork was now before SCOTUS was true and valid, or not.
    And so what the hell - Just offering Dick his past promised military rank and pay wouldn't work for them.  Cops and the like only believe they get is true and real, if they steal it, or trick someone out of it. Or take it by force.
    There had once been a day in America, when you could trust cops, and authorities.