What do Jonbennet, Chandra & Laci have in common? The Gary Condits!


Monday, November 30, 2015

In tribute to GHWB and his role in counter-running Barack Obama

I am the life-long agent of former Agent Handler, Dir. Ops, Dir. CIA, VP, and President of the USA, George Herbert Walker Bush.  It started with an inheritance I became heir of from my adopted step-father, US Army Sgt. Sam Hyatt, that quickly turned into an espionage deal. It turned out that the woman I knew as "Mother" had adopted me and that my biological father was, in fact, a high-ranking East German Intelligence STASI (HvA - Their version of our CIA) Officer Markus "Mischa" Wolf and that she was one of his agents. In all, I was adopted twice to hide my real lineage. It was discovered that they had found a loophole in Inheritance Law whereby Inheritances, and even the Right To Own Property, could be "Communized," and sought to create through first my step-father, and then me, a legal precedence to do so.  Such action was in conjunction to a very major long-term attempt to subvert the United States towards Worldwide Communism.
My "Mother," on orders from her intermediary agent handler who always advised her, a Donna Hansen, tried her best to drive my step-dad mad, and later, me.
It seems that if she could only cause him to exhibit "Dangerousness," then that combined with letters from other greedy relatives could convince the right Judge to have him (Or me) committed to a mental institution. She would thereby become Executor, but would ask the Judge to not assign it to her, but to the entire bunch, effectively cutting into small pieces an otherwise very productive estate.  Creating a precedence of the eventual downfall of Capitalism, and the conversion to a Worldwide Communist State.
While she did do much to destroy this loyal US soldier, it didn't work.  But as I'd been adopted, she then went to work on me. She accused him of having homosexually abusing me, which wasn't true, and then spent years spreading same about me to teachers, girlfriends, social agencies, supervisors, and the general public.  She expected the resultant reputation would drive me crazy.
What US authorities did was to have my second adopted step-father, another US Army Sgt., transferred to Japan, where much could be done with me, a minor, that could not be done in country. But not so surprisingly, people I barely knew, of homosexual influence, would be found mutilated to death in horrible but always the same way.
Throughout my life, Gen. Wolf would also show up inexplicably, in attempts to influence my life.  It turned out to be much more than that: He had deliberately bred me (And others) to have a big dose of Celiac's Disease genes, the precursor necessary to become a very hypnotizable and programmable "Manchurian Candidate," something discovered by NAZI researchers during WWII in their quest for "Master Spies."
It was on the steps of the noted Camp Zama American High School that I first directly met GHWB, and he asked me if I would agree to the arrangement.  He would promise to use his enormous resources to get me out of the mental mess I was in, once he achieved Office, for he had been "Tapped on the shoulder" to eventually assume the Office of President, if he could only bear the association with me and my false sexual pervert reputation as engineered by my Commie adopted mother.
It came out to be much more than that, because the Communists had had JFK and others killed for their goals, and part of it was his refusal to Executive Order the inheritance to the their liking.  But moreso, the Office of President would have to be "Stewarded" until the time ordered by a Court to have the inheritance unsealed, even allowing Communist Agents to hold the post at times, lest the CIA be looked upon as attempting a Coup of the US.
In fact, the most damning issue of all was that I was later put into US Army M.I., sent to Germany, used to lure Wolf and others to the West, and he was "Turned." It seems that part of their Master Plan included putting the "Perfect Alternative Everything" President into power in order to destroy the Office (With no President, we have a Communal government) with another one of Wolf's bred Manchurian Candidates, a Barry Soetoro.
Bred by Wolf, to a selected and manipulable black Indonesian Muslim woman, he was raised, indoctrinated, Legend and documents created, and crafted into the position.  With the CIA's help, for he's been totally counter-run.  This is part of why no one has been able to touch him.
The main reason, though, is that fear of blackmail.  Since much was orchestrated to make my "Homosexual Abuse" Legend to seem as if real, and then seemingly involving GHWB, this "Big Stick" has been the protection of Obama's continuance in office. Conservatives everywhere back off and wither in despair that such could be true of such a high-ranking Conservative, for such - If true - would ruin our very Judeo-Christian moral base.
Then comes finally the icing on the cake - The first time I encountered in horror the professional assassin, mentally programmed to enjoy the things he did to homosexuals, was when it all started, in Hopkinsville, KY.  Yet I met him several times, since, and always mentally went into complete denial of it at the time. As designed, I can now remember the details, have written most of them down, and expect to be subpeona'd for Gary Condit's eventual trial of the murder of Chandra Levy, at the very least.  Read my works to see how this ties together.

What is so hard to understand?  The connections between CHICOM money and the Clinton Foundation are CLEAR! They got all that cash by waging economic war upon us through damming the Yangtze River and forcing all those rural peasants to become Walmart slave-labor workers. They were deliberately exploiting our post-WWII economic boom and subsequent "Me" generation, the poisoning of our society with drug importation, destruction of our food supplies, demoralizing our society by buying out our Media and the PSYOPS of pro-gay and Christian family values, also by infiltrating Congress and passing Corn Syrup/obesity laws. ("Art of War.") Their known infiltrators, the Clintons, took that money and bought our politicians, Media, and the Hollywood Propaganda machine (Lesson learned from Walter Cronkite and Vietnam TV). That Hillarious deliberately sent her Agent Handlers sensitive military classified information though her email "Drop" is about as old spy stuff as it can get! Now, however, notice the timing of this election year, Ramadan, the Chinese lucky number "95" (Red anniversary), and a "3" Day weekend (Only leap years), and a holiday they'd like to obliterate and rename to "American Communism Day."  Only trouble is the big censorship on using the phrase "Weather Weapons" and the historic flooding in Red China.  When the 3 Gorges Dam does go, so will go at least the slave-labor factories on the Yangtze Delta. Their WWIII plans subverted, and that is what they get for having started it all by eliminating JFK and other hopefuls to put in their "Manchurian Candidate" Sleepers.
Now is a dovetailing of events: The Chandra Levy and Jonbennet Ramsey cases are doing mirror spins on the news. The first re-involves Gary Condit (Temporarily ignoring his wife) while the second rehashes the political cover-up that was involved. Yet, it's on Dr. Phil that Condit announces a new book (To raise Legal Defense money?) that seems to be a warning to anyone who might "Libel" him.  A smiling Burke comes on the show to say "I didn't do it" but has described some person who crept down late at night with her to the basement...
Having seen what I witnessed the Gary Condits do - To my life - as well as at Ipswich in 1977, I think I can put the pieces together.  I have:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01L80IYQM
And yet I have also completed another mission ordained by former CIA Dir. William Colby in 1977 when he got funds from Congress to prove that the Manchurian Candidate Effect was alive and well in their institution.  To be such a "Rememberer" has been my career, and now finally everything overlaps completely in this month of October, the day 28.  Monday, Halloween is important, for it's the same weekend I came home from a very painful tongue operation in 1984.
Bear with me, here: In 1977 CIA Dir. William Colby testified before Congress about the "Family Jewels" affair. It really refers to how Gen. Wolf code-named all his bred Manchurian Candidates after Jewels.  The easiest reference to find is Rainer Rupp,  NATO Spy, "Topaz."  I would have been "Sapphire," and Obama is "Diamond." I believe Hillarous is "Ruby."  Time will tell.
Back to the point: Colby had claimed that his daughter had been switched with a bio-double, and Congress laughed him out of his job.  But he got funding for a "Double-Blind Study of the Manchurian Candidate Effect," and that in essence is me.
Pursuant to that it was then proven in 1984 that one could be falsely lured into a major operation during which the feat of "Switching" a family member could be done.
When I got back home after a very painful partial hemiglossectomy, I was met by then Dir. GHWB, who gave me instructions on various things, like to obey my "Wife" as if a in-field supervisor.  But as I'd opened the door, the first thing I noticed was that my "Wife" was different. Her shoulder length hair was now down to her waist and she a much meaner demeanor.  In the shock of denial and the ultimate of pain, I had no choice but to submit.
The operation - And another procedure as well - Didn't take place at the Kailua Hospital at all, but after transport by military ambulance to 339 Kapa'a Street, a residential address fixed up to have a makeshift OR.
Not inconsequentially, right down the street from where Obama and his pot-smoking homo homeboys used to hang out at.  Right by that famous beach.
I was forced to live with and obey the orders of that woman, her destructiveness and all her affairs, until finally, her promised eventual divorce did come, thank God.
Bottom line was one thing to remember:  That in 1977 I was told by the Director that the highest ranking mole I would be worked against would next come into the room.
It was his aide, Dick Cheney. He'd been called across the way to assist the ASA recording guy to respool his reel-to-reel recorder.
And then the Director spoke some, but eventually asked him if he would be on his Cabinet as Military Minister when he became President, for he'd been told he would so become.
GHWB had told me much the same in 1969 at Camp Zama, Japan.
Yes, the vote is rigged, and it's my orders to tell you why and how it happened this way this time... It will be the 2nd Revolution, and a return to a Constitutional Republicanism; A return of the Power to the People.
This operation, if nothing else,  will culminate in a "Royal Flush" of Congress by Gary Condit's "Congressional Clientele List" alone.  But the Clintons and Obamas aren't far behind.  This attempted "Art of War" by the CHICOMS as they started it with the assassinations of the Kennedys and other likely hopefuls has been let go its course, and quite a push up, in fact, to push it over the top.
Two other things I was ordered to remember was 1)  The probable identity of the "Young man with the rifle on the Grassy Knoll," also called "Badgeman" was.  Again, time will tell:

 In 2016

In 2001 in DC, 1977 in Duesseldorf, 1963 in Dallas?

He would have been 15, then, just old enough for a Kansas DL. He was raised just south of Dennis Rader's "BTK" reputation, and probably was in with a few of them at the time.
And now we know why the secret of JFK was kept by US Agencies all these years.
2)  And if it so happens that the "Big Secret" of "Climate Change" is really "Weather Weapons," and Red China gets too flooded out this season to start WWIII, it would be as the Dir. had asked me to remember:  "We just want to level the playing field a little bit."
Truth can be harder to believe than Fiction, sometimes, especially in real-time Espionage.