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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Finally the Ineligibility question rises to the fore.

0bama's true Manchurian Candidate-bred mission is to destroy the Office of President. When so, we have left only the Congress  and the Judiciary, a "Sister Socialism" 2nd rate to the Communisms of the world, Red China and Russia.  How do I know this?  0bama is my half-brother and our biological father is former STASI Gen. Markus Wolf, who developed this "Master Spy" genetically-based protocol based on form NAZI research during WWII.  Wolf has other progeny still in high political office in the US.  The good news?  Wolf, and his long-term plans for 0bama to infiltrate the Presidency were "Turned" in '77, when I was used to lure Wolf to the West. GHWB was CIA Dir. then, and they started "Stewarding" the Presidency. Why? Because, as the newly-released Pillsbury Report shows, the CHICOMS had not only first struck at our Command and Control by killing JFK and others, they also had a long-term plan to infiltrate on conquer us from within. Lying low, they have now changed course and are getting militarily overt.  The Bushes have given them everything they could want in political change in our country, so they have no "Higher Ground" by which to start WWIII.  But if they do, we shall have that "Pearl Harbor II".  It is my duty - When they finally call me!- To provide my DNA to prove that 0bama is the son of a foreign Communist Master Spy with every intent to destroy us from within.  Why don't you ask Congress where they hell are they? I was promised military pay and rank for living a hell for over 40 years, where are those promises?  By now declaring 0bama ineligible, ALL of his works will be declared NULL and VOID, to include that massive debt to Red China, and that subsequent seizing of our assets.  Clean coal, wheat fields, oil, industry, and even our workers. It is quite possible that Netanyahu may have brought with him a copy of 0bama's true birth certificate, if memory serves me correctly as to what I was told in 1975 about it.  That would be his true purpose in being here now. So will half of SCOTUS recuse itself from this "Constitutional Debate" of ineligibility, or go Commie?  Or will the American People simply rise up and take back their government, anyway?

More here as this issue grows to national prominence:   http://www.westernjournalism.com/mainstream-media-silent-obamas-possible-ineligibility-president/

Monday, March 2, 2015

Will Netanyahu present true evidence of Obama's hidden birth certificate tomorrow to Congress?

Pursuant to what I've experienced having worked with former CIA Dir (Ambassador, VP, Prez, etc.) GHWB, I remember being invited to a dinner with a senior Israeli Intel Officer by him. For some reason, I had to bring and present a copy of my own birth certificate, and they kept it for some reason, an oddity. Part of their conversation was about Celiac's Disease, and the Israeli told the Dir. that their researchers believed that Jesus Christ, himself, may have had the genetic disposition.  I say that without reservation, because is what I heard, and I'm not trying to make brownie points.  It may explain some of the passages in the Bible, in fact, but I'm sure that such issue would make many Christians pretty upset. (I'm a Lutheran, by the way, and did attend the mandatory Bible Classes to be baptized.)  The "Crown of Thorns," for example is almost an analogy to the puritic rash one can get from consuming gluten, and just as nasty.  This was in 1975, when I was at the JFK Center for Special Warfare at Ft. Bragg, and had been told I'd be sent to Germany to lure out a certain Markus Wolf and an Aribert Heim.  I learned that Wolf bred his Manchurian Candidates so they'd have the classic Celiac's Disease, and that Dr. Heim was a SS Concentration Camp doktor that had done research on Jews.  There are certain sects of Jews that have high incidence of C's Disease, in fact, and that, too, may have been why Hitler sought out such people for extermination.  For one, they make most excellent spies.  For another, they can be confused for having Paranoid Schizophrenia, because of the brain-produced endorphins.  It could even explain that certain ability to "See" higher things - And even speak in parables?  Hitler even had such symptoms yet went wacko, instead.  He never married.  He tried to purge the German People of such things.  Hence the Concentration Camps, and how I came about to meet and talk to Dr. "Death" Heim.  And, of course, there was more, as in how he researched on Jews to find the most expeditious means of killing them. I won't repeat my experiences with the Gary Condits here, just an annotation. But it was while working at the 4th PSYOPS that I came to meet Aaron Breitbart from the Simon Wiesenthal Center.  He had been tapped to help find the M.O. of Condit - And came up with Heim. If asked, he will say he was in Argentina that year, I've tried.  But I was promised a huge reward I've never received for having helped lure the two out. I will post this on FB with actual photos from '75 of Aaron at Fr. Bragg, and you can decide for yourself if I'm lying or whatever.

 According to what I was told at the time, enlisted men with timely cars were asked to park their vehicles right beside the 4th PSYOPS Group for this photo.  And that the white van with tinted windown in background contained Army surveillance photographers to also document this occaison.

 You can make out Aaron in the background. I think that's Maj. Latimer with his back turned, and others in my Study Group in Spanish (Yeah, after being trained in German). The red head was notable in that she had two different sized feet and so wore special orthopedic combat boots. Smart lady, but couldn't do motor pool duty very well.  Fairly sure this was the NCO Club.

The reason of this writing is in that tomorrow, when Netanyahu gives his speech, I'm wondering if he'll bring up the subjects of Celiac's Disease, 0bama's genetic father, his hiding of his BC and medical records, and the DNA proof as resides in myself as to 0bama being a long-term CIA counter-run Communist Manchurian Candidate (With aim of the destruction of the Office of President) as bred by Wolf.  Reason being? The CHICOMS, as any military, really, first tried to take out our Command-And-Control in the person of JFK and suitable others.  Now that the Pillsbury report on their 50-year or so plan is out, so are the CHICOM's new overt military actions, as planned at this stage.  I'd bet a dime and a dollar that all those "Falling meteors" seen on our coasts these last few weeks came out of CHICOM  subs first. Later, of course, my BC and "Some Indonesian guy named Barry Soetoro's" BC were presented to HI Judge Richard Komo for seal at Phoenix Federal Court in '94. Whether they were the same ones, or it was a test on, eventually, SCOTUS, remains to be seen. And for a witness there, you could check with SSA Brian Larkin, who was present, and also goes back in my enlisted US Army MI days in Germany. Please contact me if you wish real conversation, but otherwise those who are derogatory may find more personal joy in Gary Condit's S&M closet.  Go there.