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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hossein Nayeri, Johnathan Tiue,and Boc Duong are captured! I helped in it!

(3/14 update) It was on the day of their quiet escape, at 5PM, here in Rawlins, WY, on I-80, at the Walmart Gas Station where I work, that I was so alarmed by (Who I learned to identify as) Hossein, shouting in an Arabic Language (Farsi) to the others, and other things, that I decided to memorize everything I could about them and their vehicle, an 80's newly painted forest green Suburban with dark tinted windows, lousy tires and rims,  and a shape in the back seat. I used to input personal details of enemy intelligence agents into a computer system as a US Army Military Intelligence Analyst, so I knew what to memorize.  The next day, when their pictures were on the Internet, it was a 100% hit for me. I called the Orange County Sheriff's Office, did the Crimestoppers thing, and went on Facebook, as I analyzed from reading that they had to be on the way to DC, where Hossein used to hang out (Reportedly), and there is Vietnamese Gang Influence.  It seemed as if he were trying again to get back to his first wife in Iran, where he would be free as if with the help of the Vietnamese organized crime syndicate.
But my interaction with them apparently made them suspicious, and they conferred quietly together at pump #9 after Bac got out of the driver's seat.
He, unlike they in nice new but thin jackets and baseball hats, had on an old but more appropriate fleece winter jacket, but had a murderous look in his eyes. Like as if they were trying to blend in here, in Wyoming. But didn't know the culture.
They pulled up to Pump #3 and stayed a while longer, then left.
I guess I might be lucky to be alive.  I must have blown their identity and made them think the car and my looking at the licence plate would get them caught.  Reports since makes it apparent they must have went back to CA and cooked up a story that probably protects others.  One thing for sure, the taxi driver is lying like hell by leaving out these details and is soaking the County for $2M in his lawsuit. He must have been in on it, and that would explain why the three that I did see have changed their appearances so much since. So that I would not recognize them on the Internet?
Know how times I got called?  Once, by the Sheriff's Dept., to tell me that they'd "Never left CA."
Walmart, as you know, has an extensive camera recording system.
Go figure.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(first post) Who says Army training doesn't help one in civilian life?
As I've written, what I did as a day job while enlisted was to transport classified documents to a German safehouse, analyze them, and input the various identifying criteria of enemy agents into a computer system.  Things like height, eye color, disguises, etc.
So, I became alarmed when three men acted oddly at the gas station where I work in Rawlins, Wyoming near the "T" intersection of HI 287 and I-80.
Seemingly out of no where, a young man came in and  handed me bills, simply saying "$25."
I always repeat the amount to my customers because of a very loud ICEE machine we have there but he did not reply.
He was well dressed in an unusual (For Wyoming) and thin shiny jacket that had all kinds of unrecognizable writing or logos on it, and and unusual vinyl type green, as well as a nice designer kind of baseball cap. (Headgear often worn here in these parts, but not nice ones like that.)
He simply nodded and went back out to pump #9.
Having live in so many places in the world, speak a few languages,  and especially Hawaii, which is so multi-cultural, I wondered what cultural background the man could have.  His hair was so black, his face so smooth, and yet, a dark shade of brown I wasn't used to. So, I kinda unintentionally stared at him, I guess. I remember his wide open eyes, as if he was apprehensive about something.
Another man with similar features, but a much longer face came in and rushed straight to the bathroom.  I tried to speak with him, but he said nothing at all, just staring at me blankly and going back out.  The photos in the press reports the next day identified the three as Hossein Nayari, Johnathan Tieu (Who speaks no English)  and Boc Duong.
Boy, did that blow my mind!
We have a problem with the register, which will often drop a digit on pre-pays.  So I was again dismayed that they'd pumped only $2.50, not $25,  and Hossein came back in.  He seemed as if relieved about something.  He spoke little, so I kinda used hand language to explain that I'd reset the pump to another $22.50 and all would show on the final receipt.
I had begin to wonder about them already, though, because I was also utilized in espionage, and was beginning to sense a cover.  Intuitively, it was as if they were TRYING to blend in...
So I went out to explain the receipt, and to show that they weren't getting ripped off or anything.  But I also wanted to ID them more from their licence plate and car.
At that point the driver, Boc, hopped out and we sort of  stared at each other briefly,  He favored his left leg, perhaps being cramped from driving so long, or an injury, perhaps.
He was really different.  Shorter, graying hair, and a face that looked like it had met a Mack truck head on.  He also did not speak. He had on  a thicker winter fleece lined type jacket.
I couldn't be seen staring, but it was a forest green Suburban with dark windows and beat up tires on aluminum spoke wheels. A nice paint job, and some road mud appropriate for the weather conditions at that time.  The licence plate was bent at the top left, and it seemed to be a WY plate with the leading two digits being a "10" (Meaning Fremont County) trailing several digits (Meaning somewhat newly registered).
There was some triangular shape in the rear seat.
I will finish this report when I get off this evening with more details and analysis.
Bottom line, they are reported to have started out with a white van also with dark windows (To hide their identities?)
Somewhere along the line they switched vehicles.
I think in my asking about their cultural backgrounds, where were they from,  etc., tipped them off.
Google Maps?  Like the quickest route to DC, his old hangout?  On the way back to Iran?  They couldn't exactly take a plane.
Inside, I could hear Hossein say something in Arabic.  I don't know what language they converse it, but it certainly isn't English.
I bet Boc had blown their cover and he was ordered back to detract the authorities from their direction of travel.  How he got back? And now it seems the two more non-descript men backtracked to CA dropped off Boc, and then headed north.
Ever try to get through that bureaucratic Crimestoppers site?  So I've called and called and even went on Facebook, without trying to alert them that they'd been ID'd.  But I figured it would alert others to watch out for that vehicle, too.  Maybe that did it, for you can't trust press reports, that's for sure.
If they still have the Suburban, good.  If it's another vehicle, one wonders about the owner...
More later.

News came in that Boxcturned himself in in Sourthern CA.  A completely changed look,  Newest photos even show them wearing glasses, why? With, interestingly,a completely shaved head and even the press is printing younger photos.  And, the other two have been captured further north, along with their white van.
Boc, having so notable a description, must have been used to steal the van for purposes of diversion as they had kept their original appearance (Excepting the nice jackets and baseball caps) as they took advantage of their undetected escape and had headed east on I-80. But it had to be Boc's hopping from the driver's seat and limping as we exchanged glances that did it.  For afterwards Hossein had literally shouted something at the other two or he in what I took to be Arabic. (Those languages I don't speak any of.)
They had conferred, and even pulled the vehicle forwards and sat a while before leaving.
I now note strange customers where I work.
For the record, yesterday afternoon a family of what I would call Middle Eastern decent came in and looked perturbed. The young man was almost a spitting image of Hossein, what an oddity.  He said they were from Casper, north of here and not far from Fremont County, making me wonder if my glance at the Suburban's licence plate was, indeed, accurate: It had seemed to be a Wyoming County 10 plate, that is to say Fremont county.
It's known they had all kinds of outside help, did it include family from Wyoming?  Maybe the Suburban was obtained up north?  And the real reason they stopped and got gas was because Jonathan had to pee so bad? That would explain why Hossein knew to top off the tank with $25, as with a stated m.p.g of 16 that's what he would have burned if the tank was full and had come down from Fremont or Casper.
So, I think it's fair to say I disrupted their escape plans and they also really didn't want to be caught with that (Dark tinted windows) Suburban for whatever reason.  That could also involve whoever the owner of it was, and whatever happened to that individual.  Or... Could it be family?
It might also explain why the green paint job was so nice and new but the tires, wheels and license plate roughed up as if it was a Wyoming cruiser.
So they headed back, another diversion, at which Hossein seems talented at crafting (His Marine training at Recon?) was Boc's drawing attention to Southern CA while they seemingly  got back the white van and hid out with it.  The Press says they'd been living out of it "For Days."  Not over a week.
But then when caught, again changed appearances: Hossein now sports a goatee.  They don't want that Suburban, and whatever is related to it, found.
But have the authorities contacted me even once?
I'm beginning to think the real fraud is the promised reward.