What do Jonbennet, Chandra & Laci have in common? The Gary Condits!


Monday, September 12, 2016

The reinvestigations of Chandra and Jonbennet cases.

Having known Condit since I was young, and seen him in the same proximity of dead bodies, and went into total denial about it, I feel qualified to analyze these cases and tell you what I think.

That very day in 1995 I was tricked into going elk hunting on the Wy/Co border and I was unusually closely surveilled. As that case came to light, and persuant to my past experiences with the Professional Assassins, the Gary Condits, I am now quite sure that I nearly got set up with being their false "Intruder." But I had taken my son with me at the last moment, and I believe that resulted in their sudden change in plans. Instead of Jonbennet being transported via suitcase to my hunting area, the Ransom note was written, etc. Condit's extreme political power was used for the cover-up, and their names as guests have never surfaced. The Ramseys were not "Exonerated," the Grand Jury's findings, kept secret for a decade, indicted them for "Having allowed someone to kill her in their home..." But it covered up and not acted upon, THEN. NOW is the timing - The upcoming elections. The same thing happened to me when I was sent to Modesto by SWIFT the day Laci Peterson went missing, and, again, there was a change of plans. I witnessed the Condits do their thing at their Ipswich, UK, flat in 1977, was promoted (US Army MI) and sent to ground. They had promised me that I would end up the same way their other "Sexual/Political Embarrassment Disposal Service" victims usually meet their ends. I hope to get a subpoena any day, now. Ergo: The Ramseys ALL knew what was going to happen in advance. Imagine that 911 call with Condit there, about to tell them of the change in plans. Burke smiles and yet is nervous like that because he didn't get arrested for knowing what went down. He's probably been told that there's an imminent arrest - And it's not him. They truthfully lie when they say , "I didn't do it." (But I know who did.) Just the same way Condit says, "I didn't kill Chandra Levy (His wife did the deed.) and then presents that gallows smile. Here are the gruesome details as to what I'd witnessed. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01L80IYQM

Sunday, September 11, 2016

That is NOT the real Hillary Clinton at the 9/11 "Medical issue" portrayal today!

ALL EXPLAINED NOW TO INCLUDE #HILLARYSBODYDOUBLE AND THE SUDDEN RUSH TO FIND A REPLACEMENT!  SHE'S HAD A STROKE! But why all the secrecy about it? What, are they going to use one of her Doubles as a Stand-in, or something?

Neurological Care for the very rich.
Reportedly same address as Chelsea's apartment where the Hillary Double came out after Hillary went there for a "Rest."

That is Hillary's double (Or one of them), a lookalike named Teresa Barnwell. Not the same features, gait, nor big open mouth! What's going on here, that we must be presented a fake "Medical Issue?" Embarrassment to the Socialist Democrats even as Obama goes down in flames? Just study all her features, THAT'S NOT HILARIOUS!
This is a woman in touch with people, but with duplicity. Maybe sunglasses to hide lack of cross-eyed brain damage.  Crisis Actor.

THIS IS Big Mouth Hillary! In a hypnotized trance waving at some imaginary admirer, "I'M SO POPULAR" CHICOM Propaganda! 

Check out the noses 

What if the #HillarysBodyDouble thing with the staged "Health Issues" PSYOPS yesterday is a cover for her arrest for espionage? And Obama would then be next. Then Bill. And how does tonight's Burke Ramsey's expose to Dr. Phil of who was in the house that night Jonbennet was killed have to do with this? Well, the Gary Condits (Plural) have a "Sexual/Political Embarrassment Disposal Service," and a Congressional Client List and the Clintons have a Clinton Body Count. Many think Justice Scalia was murdered to suit Clinton's anti-gun agenda. And these elections are coming up, soon. Here's how I know so much about the Gary Condits. The planted DNA on Jonbennet may even be my own. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01L80IYQM