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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A collection of guitar songs by former MFS HvA Dir. Gen. Markus Wolf

Going by the cover name of Karl Tietgen, there is much to explain how STASI  HvA (The East German version of our CIA) Gen. Markus Wolf, my biological father, came to be made to create these mnemonic video songs just for me.
This is basically the result of former CIA Director William Colby's ability to fund a study on the subject of there being "Manchurian Candidates" in Congress (And subsequently the Presidency and now SCOTUS) during the "Family Jewels" hearings in the '70's.  For which they fired him, so he became my personal trainer in the craft of espionage.  But I was already genetically inclined, and behaviorally conditioned for the job, too, by my bio-father, STASI Gen. Markus Wolf.  Who, by sending me to Germany, was lured to the West, where he was "Doubled."
I guess the reasoning for these recording - To be publicly posted in plain sight and found - was a deal with the West German Prosecutors to get him less time if Wolf did it.  It was also meant as a catharsis and a "Treatment" for the programming by my adopted MFS Agent "Mother."  And yet a double-blind test on the APA and other authorities if they could, or would (They are a known political front group), even detect I'd been hypnotically programmed as a "Manchurian Candidate," - let alone be bred to be one.  Plus, I had to be put on ice for the long term, as several other operations were counter-run.
There are hidden visual clues that only a person such as myself with an eidetic memory could understand.  Proof, also, that Gen. Wolf was turned and worked for the CIA since at least 1977, and proof that his designed and bred  "Manchurian Candidate" methodology works.
Especially well, in the US Congress and the Presidency with Barrack Obama. Proof that our captured (As bought out by Red China) Media is used to send mnemonics to MC's out there, agents of political change. And the overall ramification for any restrictions to the First Amendment. Thank Goodness American Agencies took me under their wing early on.
This had grand mnemonic implications for me, for I was ordered to take a wife, a Filipino sex worker immigrant, that I would subconsciously know and obey by her Legend, a "Little known Filipino Saint and Martyr, Philomena (Filomena)." 3  (The number being a constant underlying mnemonic) symbols found upon her coffin, an anchor (Hope), 3 arrows (But I would know them as Latin Hyphens, and surround her name with of them in a book I would write) and, mostly, Palm Leaves (Symbol of remuneration, she was a paid woman, to the max.  Both she and her "Replacement.").
Like a Cassandra, this Lorelei I was to marry was a woman of doom for any man.
To know the Legend of Lorelei, it is a bend in the Rhine River with waterfalls and rapids, and sailors who gaze up mesmerized by the haunting winds there are at risk of being capsized.

Die Lorelei

This is fairly straightforwards. That I was to remember this of GHWB, himself a Master Spy.
The Great Pretender

This kind of anti-war song Wolf designed, and is proof of his power over US Media, especially to include Johnny Cash
Sag mir who die Blumen sind (Where have the flowers gone)

This, I was told, was another of Wolf's anti-war creations for me to reminisce on .
You'll note the lyrics were changed where Puff doesn't die in the end.
Puff the Magic Dragon

This song speaks of making love to a woman with a rose-colored mouth, like black people do.  It served to remind me that one of my half-siblings that Wolf bred to have Celiac's Disease (Intrinsic to the Manchurian Candidate Effect; bred long-term agents of political change).  In other words, Obama's mother is a black Indonesian Muslim prostitute (Mine was a white prostitute), and both our fathers are Markus Wolf.
Mein Schatz had einen Rosenmund  (My beloved has a Rose Colored Mouth)

This reminds me of what would be my eventual fate, imprisonment just for being under suspicion for things I haven't done.  (Another song I was constantly exposed to, from German Kindergarten to High School German...  Was "Die danken sind Frei." Or the "Thoughts are free, (or cannot be subjugated)."  Being related to Wolf was enough to get imprisoned. But you'll note other embedded mnemonics in most of the videos:  This hypnotic programming session took place at Rainer Ruppe's cottage in Schwabing, Germany, near Munich.  Pursuant to the orders to go there to obey them that I got that day, by my Agent Handler, CIA Dir. GHWB.
Folson Prison Blues

We had spend weekends there, and got there with his infamous Porsche.
I was told to take this picture with the license plate clearly visible.

Such mnemonics as the little teddy bear (Circus Bear; the little brown one on Karl's couch back), with hair like the produced-in-plain-sight mnemonic collection of the movie, or the jumbled up script of the Operation, in the movie, "Beetlejuice."
That, in itself, being a whole bunch of mnemonics based upon one of the sessions held at a German safehouse in Cologne, where I would travel to daily, the official cover being that of a data input clerk on the Psychological and Physical Profiles of MFS Agents.  Yet of great training consequence, for in that I learned to spot, identify, and be guarded against those who try to infiltrate my personal and social arena.  As the spies of the APA constantly interrupt my life with to this day.  As Wolf warned me, being a life-long espionage worker, there could never be trust in one's social life.
Another show of such hidden commands placed in plain sight in our Media.
A true "Horror Comedy."
"Beetleguise!  It means "Skeleton Key," in Flemish.  Why who doesn't  have a skeleton in their closet, Rick?"  I remember being told.  It's also the name of a giant red star, a link to Red China.
A "Circus Bear," made to preform on command.  Many of the things attributed to Beetlejuice are actual surveillance recordings of myself.  The stomping of the chattering teeth, for example, comes from when I'd been chasing cockroaches in my German Dachwohnung apartment, one time.
Beetlejuice has blood running from his mouth -  My tongue surgery.
Starts out with a taxi crash - But my taxi driving career did end at that timing.   The release of the movie was kind of my activation as a MC.
"It's showtime, folks!"
There's a ton of mnemonics to read into it, there, but the striped prison suit is clear enough, the forced marriage, being made to live in a "Cowboy Cemetery," Adam (FBI) and Barbara (CIA) digging up archives and finding things so easily, even the ending:  Beetlejuice getting taken out by the Sandworm; "Saturn, "Surgery."  "S" words.
"You're getting all Yellow." I guess I have gotten that yellow stripe, just scared of surgeries, already.
And you would notice the scarf on the little gray Circus Clown on the sofa behind me, like the one on this woman's neck below, for she is another half-sibling in high political office.  The seeming German half-blind waitress.

"Karl" on Youtube - With toupee
The varied dress was to correspond with his health
Everything had 3 stanzas

Another photo of Markus Wolf to compare to, also staged.  
To begin with, that is Markus Wolf behind me, with the beer and bread (To symbolize Celiac's Disease), and left to back is CIA Dir. GHWB, MFS Dir. Erich Mielke, NAZI SS Concentration Camp Mauthausen Dr. Aribert Heim, and other intel agents, like Frau Ruppe.  The half-blind "German Waitress" to my left is Sarah Palin, one of Wolf's US Army spies at the time.
At the Defense Language Institute learning German in 1975, this also staged photo should show to a photo analyst that her name tag is out of uniform, as it has both first and last names.  For posterity's sake.
Having been told to invite me for a beer at her place (And what beer does to me as a Celiac) she'd had some Army photographer come in to take this photo. Unknowingly to her, it was for the sake of prosperity, but not hers.

This mnemonic has an interesting story to it.  It takes me back to my 2nd step-dad, Pierre Clark, who oft frequented the Corner bar on the way to Ft. Campbell, and sometimes would take me along.  One time, he was exited, because "Some German guy" (Guess who) had offered him a case of beer (Worth its weight in gold to him) if only he would bring me to hear this new Johnny Cash song.  The bartender, had, indeed, lowered the volume in anticipation of our visit. It had great emotional implication for me at the time, as my first step-dad had been divorced by my Commie Agent adopted mother for operational reasons. I got a free pickled egg for my cooperation.
He'll have to go

Some others:
It takes brave men to be Intel Agents:
Alle die mit uns auf Kaperfahrt fahren (Sea Shanty)

Oh lonesome me (Cover)

This implies no longer being the sleeping Rick Van Winkle.
Mr. Tamerine Man
Sea Shanty

In einem kuehlen Grunde
Meet me in Heavon
Roselein auf der Heiden

Of course, his entire collection may be seen on his Youtube Library.  This should get you started.  The main thing for me to remember was that his learning to play a guitar, and recording such would be in the music room in the basement, and "Age old, classic" microphone was used, the family photo on the wall was a mnemonic, even the custom trim around the door was a precise size to be noted later, but the "Circus Clown" was the main thing.
In the kitchen, over a Tuborg beer (Which got me glutonized) Rainer Rupp ordered many things, such as "You will be a performing Circus Clown..." A social weirdo.  All in German, here translated.
"You will be a Puppet, hanging on strings."  Controlled by outside forces, induced mnemonics, Agent Handlers. This affected my posture, as well.
"You will fart a lot." Part of the "Gray Man" training.
"You will cuss a lot."  To provoke a known reaction from the PC-watchers, the Shrinks. To show how they can be exploited through their dogma of the DSM-V.
"You can no longer speak German."  So I couldn't cognate any memories of the event spoken in German sending me into limbo until permission was granted.
"You will drink a lot of  beer and wine!"  Even my Legend Wife forced that on me.  What beer does to someone with Celiac's is to dumb them down completely and make them very suggestible.  Oddly enough (As the Army put someone in my barracks room at DLI who had it so I would learn) it also gives one a rather yucky, almost perverse-like appearance.  The "Gray Man" effect.
I would remember the Toburg beer - It later showed up in the reports of Rainer Rupp, as he became the famous "NATO Spy."
Of course, I'd been ordered to take "Herr Krappe" uh, "Herr Rrrupppp..." a packet labeled "Cosmic Top Secret" and hand it to him at SHAPE in Belgium.
The man I knew as "Herr Krappe" was in actuality Herr Wolf, by then one of us.
"When they cut your tongue out."  I wouldn't be able to talk, after they cut my tongue out.  I'd been slipped a report to process from an agent who said that had been arraigned so as to remind him not to "Talk." Well, it was only a partial hemiglossatomy in 1984, but I do get really self-conscious about it, and can hardly speak well at times. It was actually a cover for another medical procedure I discuss elsewhere.  As if a scene from the movie, "The Manchurian Candidate."
That I wouldn't come out of it until "The third arrow hits the mark."  This coincides with sessions by Dir. GHWB, where I would "Activate" on the 3rd LUCKY, not the first two UNLUCKY 13ths in my life. The first two would be Fridays, but not the third.  Such coincide with Court Hearings that regard an inheritance I stand for - And from there it gets deep as an espionage issue.
Just the business of Rainer having me stand by a phone, and clomping loudly across the room THREE TIMES was something I'd repressed until I received an voicemail to that effect this last 13th of April.  It was he, there can be no doubt.
That I'd hate myself, sing crazy phrases, talk to myself, cuss at inatimate things,have no clothes, no friends, no money, and go camping a lot...
And be a juicy morsel for the Political Arm of the APA, as there was one more thing.
"Du bist ein Poof!"  A queer.
There had been a lot seeming homosexual events that had deliberately put in Army, FBI, Hawaiian (Therefore CHICOM), KGB, and East and German archives for the future occupants, known infiltrators, to "Find," and presumably use for blackmail.  Indeed, the Clintons and Obama have exposed themselves by such.
Oh, there's been the "Paper Cut" test, mixing up in my mind exactly when the real dates would be, to find out what MC's would do if it happened to them, but in reading my environment, I am sure it is now extant.

This video is fabulous.  It is full of scenes and places where I have been, (Not every scene) and these photos also serve as reminders.  Mainly "Der Schumacher" is the one son he had who he wanted to have a happy life, even if it was scripted. I saw first hand the aftermath of those staged auto accidents, for example, and much of it is reminders of Schwabing. To include what future cell phones and computers would probably look like, for I'd be using them. The group of young people standing around that red car is an Intel team, I was to remember, and so much of this is the reminder of the fore-knowledge of the "Fall of the Berlin Wall."  It turned out a peaceful one, no WWIII, to Wolf's credit.
The "Bio-exorcist" in Beetlejuice?  Meaning to say how my cover since 1977 has been taking the false credit of Gary Condit's "Political/Sexual Disposal Service" acts, and "Treatment" as if for same, as ordered by HI Judge Komo in 1994.  This should be unsealed, now, in Phoenix Federal Court.
"Remember, Rick, the Phoenix WILL arise again."  Mnemonic.  It is the seat of the transportation company, "SWIFT,"  I'm supposed to inherit, if it happens.  I was made to become a truck driver with them, for the experience.
Unless Clinton got to their safes when he redistricted the 9th Circuit, but guess where else copies are ensconced?
This will be hard for you to believe, but I got a call on the 13th, missed it, but the voicemail was familiar.  The sounds were familiar.  It was Rainer Rupp back in Schwabing using heavy boots to clomp 3 steps, and nothing else.  It was the third time he'd done that for my listening.  Now I know why I was supposed to call him on 1/11/2001, for that second hearing.  Finally has come the long-sought after mnemonic telling me it was the "3" day I've waited for all my life. For it was also Thomas Jefferson's, our third President's, birthday, but only on a Leap Year. (The mnemonic, "3," is omnipresent in my life.  ("You have to call his name THREE TIMES.")
(The Book of Mathew:  Jesus is denied 3 times.  The rooster crows 3 times.  There are 3 crosses on the Hill... A "Bible Reading," done a long time ago.  I, "Simon, simple Simon," must take His Cross - Signature on the Army Contract - to the Hill, place of the Skull, Sculcroft, the Pentagon.  CIA Dir. GHWB, my life-long Agent Handler, is, after all, "King of the Jews.")
The "TV" mnemonic in Beetlejuice?  Looks like a belly button, doesn't it?  One the of sites of my silicone-laden material injections...  A fore-known "Surgery," hidden in plain sight with the cover of another (Tongue) surgery.  Just to prove former Dir. William Colby's point. The scene is vaguely cowboy, i.e., being made to live in Wyoming.  And, yes, I've eaten snakes and lizards, even crackers pretending it was cockroaches. Even the black eye bags are signs of a "Sleeper." I would look like BJ if only I shaved my mustache and grew my hair. Got the same pot-belly, for reasons, too.

A double-blind study. What has the APA come up with but PC?
So, as ordered, actual bodies will be exhumed on Komo's stated orders, documents found, my Army Contract unearthed, and two birth certificates opened.  Mine and guess who else's? And I guess I'll be getting a free liposuction.  If the VA believes me.
The "Drei Klopfen" (Three bootsteps) mnemonic, not that I can speak German, again, are also reminiscent of one session at the Consulate, awaiting the three knocks , done three times, on the door from Herr Plumme, the Consulate banker, to come in and get my checking account number.  Somewhere, someplace, are my past promised WO paychecks are awaiting me.  I can't wait.
I can't say for sure, but I suspect that the journalists in this video are half-siblings of mine. Another proof of bred Agents of Political Change, I suppose.  And a dilemma for America and Free Speech.  The Enemy has gained control over our Media, after all.
Das Alles ist Duetschland

God knows this will fit the APA DSM-V criteria of "Rambling," "Delusions of Grandeur,"  and "Schizophrenia," but such are the drawbacks of having a genetic picture memory and Celiac's.  It's everything they WANT to see, and, again, proof that they can't tell the difference between their "Criteria of Mental Illness" and hypnotic programming.  The ease with which political criteria can be placed into their DSM was to be proven a by fake study done on K Street in DC.  (Mnemonic) I think it had something to do with passing gas...
Hitler, himself, sought out those with genetic abilities to be superior spies and sent them to the camps.  Some Jewish sects, you know, have a much higher percentage of same.
And Markus Wolf was Jewish.
And William Colby was right about the "Family Jewels."
Can I get paid my promised pay, rank, and benefits, now?  Live a real life, for a change, being what I am as a person, instead of a "Study Subject?"  Experience Freedom?  Be left alone by the "Mentals" and others so interested in my fortune, money, and political history?  My "Psychological Profile?"  An endless "Study subject?"

Will you all just leave me alone?  And let me live an honest life, whatever years I have left?