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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Wyoming State Hospital Evanston's so-called Suicides- By the Men In White Coats

Reply to Wyoming Public Radio's propaganda push for "Title 25" shorter waiting list to be committed to the Wyoming State "Nut House" Hospital system without jury trial. (Typos corrected 5/23)

Know the real reason they're spending tons of money to tear down the old building and building a new one?  For one, the peculiar lay-out of the cells allowed for the perfect social crime:  The dispatching (Maybe for hire, I don't know) of those most eager to have someone assist them in a "Suicide by the men in the white coats," one of which  I believe I had witnessed.
Note that this issue has been the actual "Suicides" reputation of the structure they've quietly - but expeditiously - torn down and replaced.  Maybe their families thought this "Humane?"
It boils down to how one certain room in a cul-de-sac (Cell #4) was used for the "Noisy and violent" inmates , and also the "Sleep Medications" would be super maxed on certain nights to that no one knew what could be going on during "Force Feeding" and the like.  I clearly remember one inmate making a written complain about it.
Choking on one's own vomit could be listed as an "Heart Attack," I suspect.  Unwitnessed except by a probable co-conspirator in the control booth.  I overheard a strange conversation the next day.
I had refused all medication, so...  What I heard one late late night...  Scared the living Hell out of me.
Is that why I get "Treated Special" these days? 
And they've torn the structure down, I guess. All evidence - And any potential devastating lawsuits - Destroyed by the acts of the Wyoming Legislature.
Any family members who have lost their own there and suspect this - Not to mention their lawyers - Please feel free to contact me at rickahyatt@gmail.com or 307-321-3371.  No Shrinks need call. I don't do Psy Evals, and would not "Talk" there even when incarcerated to the longest term Judge Eiken was legally allowed (Then) to do.  I was long ago ordered to not be, while in the Army.
Wouldn't you know the VA goes to lengths to get me to "Talk?"
I only talked a bit after, in a conference call with the Shrink, the appointed Defense Attorney and, Judge Eiken was I threatened with a "Chemical Frontal Lobotomy."  The whole supposed purpose for being sent there?  To see if I could "Stand Trial" for a charge I'd already long over served time for.
The real reason?  The things I was saying publically of a political and corruption nature...
(One of which was the deep nature of the Communist infiltration of our system pursuant to Red China soon coming... Oh, and now it's being proven true...)
Now, believe this at your own risk. I've been undercover since I was sent to ground long ago from Enlisted US Army Military Intelligence, and you can Google the reasons why if you wish.
But, to wit, my "Witness Protection Program" has always meant my life has been very carefully shunted by government agencies.
(Sounds "Paranoid," right? What perfect cover!)
A certain US Army espionage psychiatrist and agent handler Capt. Timothy Berigan, (Hold on, it gets better!) has long played roles in where I work, who I had to marry and stay married to, even to where I've lived.  The best "Make work" they could give me was "Undercover Investigator."
I've mostly been used in the oil field trucking industry as a truck driver to make reports about safety and fraud issues that I've sent to US Sen. Enzi.  I understand it's had an enourmous effect.
Part of my "Cover" was to be set up for a first-time DUI and  put in jail for 8 days - Which, thanks to Judge Eiken, and the Defense Lawyer appointed to me, and a special waiver she tricked me into signing,  turned into SIX MONTHS incarceration INCOMMUNICADO. And - The Nut House.
In about 2002 Berigan actually drove me to the Wyoming State Hospital in Evanston and showed me room #2, where he said that they would sent me to, eventually.There are deeper reasons as to why I had to actually put through the ordeal, and "Tested."
For what that I am not.  A long story, but very important.
Certain features of the room were kept, like the graffiti on the door window, so I would later recognize it, even though it was undergoing restoration work at the time. A certain workman was introduced to me so as he would later point me out.
Also, I was told that a certain Graft, a matter where a ranking  female official there conspired on a long term fraud to exploit a known plumbing problem. It specifically had to do with room #2.
The Graft meant that the inmate of Cell #6 literally had to live in the shit that (Literally) flowed downhill because of a known plumbing defect.  Room #2 was kind of on top of the incline.
By State contract, she would call a certain plumbing company who would charge for "Emergency services," late at night.  All caused by a little blue disposable mechanic's rag.  Which they'd conveniently leave behind to eventually re-clog up the works for the next time.
They did that one late night when everyone was "Deeply Sleeping," and I was moved next door due to "Emergency Plumbing repairs."  By a woman who clearly was a senior office worker, and one particularly mean male "Social Worker."
I asked to be moved back the next morning, and that's when a brand new blue disposable mechanic's rag floated up in my toilet.  I flushed it - And all the plumbing problems repeated themselves the next week.  Enormously.
Capt. Berigan had said I would come probably to witness same, which I did, so I could report it, a reflection upon my true veracity.
Bet she got a lot of kickbacks all these years!
And it only cost the State about $1,000 a day to keep me there!  So that I could have my veracity tested - Or ruined? By having been put there?  What other Political, military, criminal, or other truths have I told they don't want out?  It's enough to drive one crazy!)
That the Leftist Media is "Clamoring" to have "Shorter waiting lists for Title 25" is merely but bait for the public to open the door to Hitler or Stalin-like concentration camps based upon Political incorrectness.  Don't fall for it, especially if you're Jewish, politically-incorrect, a whistleblower of high level political corruption (Let's talk 0bama), or loyal to the Constitution of the United States.
Or own too many guns or even one at all. Or are a trained Veteran.  They REALLY hate that.