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Monday, December 29, 2014

Obama's real Communist Spy father about to be revealed

Having just spent 20 years in a Court-Ordered Cover of being a "Serial Killer In Situ Study Subject," in order to hide the identity of the real professional serial killer for hire, I can now tell the actual details. It is time, and this will get very big, soon The details, of course, are in my Ebook, which reference and detail these following issues:
I was born the son of former East Germany STASI Gen. Markus Wolf. He had perfected the use of Celiac's Disease, a genetic quality, to perfect and actually breed his Manchurian Candidate agents, just like in the old B/W movie. (Remember the scene where Raymond Shaw has a beer (Gluten) then inadvertently gets a hypnotic command to jump into the lake? But doesn't remember why?).
As such, the US Army ushered me into Enlisted Military Intelligence in '74 and sent me to Germany to lure him to the West, thinking he'd cross the line to see me as he'd done once before - And get caught. It worked.
During his debriefing, a whole lot was learned. What the Communist long-term plans were for our downfall, especially in the arena of how 0bama had bred by Wolf to be our "Perfect Alternative President" for the right timing: This year's election, the Budget vote, and a timed Communist Police State takeover by all the other long-term mesmerized infiltrators in Congress.
My own planned role had been to become a precedence of Inheritance (and Property Rights) laws towards Communizing same. If I could be driven nuts and put away, as my adopted Communist "Mother" tried to have happen so many times, she and her greedy sisters would have petitioned the Judge to cut up my step-father's inheritance into many same pieces. Destroying, over time, Capitalism in general. I was to receive that inheritance also this year - Or be put away.
And as such, (usually gay) people had started being found mutilated to death from my childhood on. Real cases, still "Unsolved," from Kentucky, Tokyo, Okinawa, California, UK and Duesseldorf were found dismembered the very same gory way. Worse, it continues to this very day. And I know who is really responsible. But was sent to ground 20 years ago with this dire secret, with, as I've pointed out, the onus of being "Treated and Studied In Situ" of being as if the responsible. A perfect cover.
I actually was promoted to Warrant Officer status back in '77 for this duty, and I hope I'm paid some day. I still must, however, do my duty of being a Whistleblower about it all.
For in that said "Assassin-for-hire" (And his accomplice wife) were lured out for identification when I was sent to Germany to lure out Wolf. Posing as a "Serial Killer Expert Investigator" has been his cover and his means to infiltrate Congress, as well. He does this "Disposal Service" for the high-ranking corrupt, and then blackmails them forever on, gaining more and more personal power and access to databases and Police files. To use for setting his new crimes up, finding patsies to pin the next crime on, etc. Like me, for example, if I'm in the area.
Since my Agent Handler in '77 was a very high-ranking CIA Officer destined for the very top, they let this killer think that he'd got the blackmail goods on him, and he was counter-run the way the rest of Wolf's creations have been done.
They've pushed his Communist infiltration over the top: Disgruntled Americans have voted many out. And this "Budget vote" merely lures out the rest. Now comes the Coup D'Edat: 20 years ago, in HI Judge Komo's Court, many documents were put into seal. For example, a false report from Rep. Gary Condit that now implicates him. My true birth certificate, listing Markus Wolf as my father. (Being since adopted, my name has been changed.)
And Barry Soetoro's (AKA Barrack Obama) real birth certificate, too. In other words, not only is his true father a foreign national Communist, he very much so did not have the best interests of the US in mind. His true mother is a black Muslim Indonesian woman, and his documentation and Legend-building was all the craftsmanship of Master Spy Runner Markus Wolf.
0bama will now be declared ineligible. All he's done will be NULL and VOID. America reset button. the Constitution restored. Our foreign debts will be declared acts of economic warfare, and negated. We will have tremendous economic recovery, and the national debt quickly wiped out.
And that's how the CIA does things. Due to, of course, my Agent Handler, GHWB. Read about my life's strange association with him. The burden he had to bear being associated to my case. Written for now with pseudonyms, but easily figured out.