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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Open letter Congress: Why my due inheritance reason JFK was shot in '62

Rick A Hyatt
548 15th Street
Cathy Gardens Apartments - #402
Rawlins, WY 82301

Dear Congressman,

This may well be the most explosive matter that you will have heard in your Congressional career. Please read this well. It's not “Conspiracy Theory,” it's not “Delusion,” it is pure fact that, when digested, will want you to bring me to Washington on subpoena.
I invite this, in fact, it is my civil and military duty finally consummated:
As a young child, I stood in line for a huge inheritance, and I'm supposed to get it at age 60. Hence, the matter of timing involved. I'm almost 61.
It was placed into trust to keep it away from enemy Communist forces, who had wished it become a matter of a legal loophole-driven precedence in inheritance law. That would affect Property Rights, even. A monumental dissolution of the Free World's Capitalist way of life.
This was done on a very monumental day for me, Oct. 13, 1961, a “Friday the 13th,” in fact.
Pursuant to enemy action to make this happen, people started getting killed all around me. I've written to you about this.
Worse. From what I was later told to keep direly secret, it seems that President John. F. Kennedy had been placed in office with funding from Chicago Communists. I understand that it was their natural assumption that he would rectify the matter for them by Executive Order, and the Communization of America could start right “On Time” for them.
I understand he refused to do so. So, a year later, on Nov. 22nd, 1962, they shot him. Not only a matter of doing that, it was upon the timing of Thanksgiving, for that holiday truly represents the celebration of the Pilgrim's freedom from Socialism, and survival and success by turning to Capitalism. Thus, the Magna Carta; the forerunner of our US Constitution.
They turned the last 52 years of our country's past into grieving over him, instead of Thanksgiving each November. Their plans for this past election are obvious.
I was “Ushered” into US Army M.I. in 1974, as I have told you, and I was told that I must write this letter to Congress upon a specific time frame. This proves that the hypnotically-based “Manchurian Candidate” methodology works even over a long time period. This proves that former CIA Dir. William Colby's words to Congress in 1975 that there are such long-term enemy agents in Congress – And even the Presidency, now - were true. And there's more to tell.
Only the passage of Term Limits, as our Forefathers assumed would naturally happen, can bring this county back into the hands of its citizens, instead of foreign agents and their agendas.
I was also told the probable identity – To keep direly secret for a long time – of the shooter on the Grassy Knoll, and to independently declassify it. Once you debrief me for the details, you will come to understand why the Gary Condits (Plural) assassination-for-hire activities have been allowed to continue and be covered-up for so long. Some of which I had to take blame for all these years.
Please bring me in out of the cold before I become another “Homeless Veteran.”

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