What do Jonbennet, Chandra & Laci have in common? The Gary Condits!


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Chandra Levy case to be reopened in February

How Chandra Levy met her death and how I know

I am a trained Military Intelligence Analyst, if that helps. I've got some college education, too, and read a lot, but mostly it's a matter of HAVING BEEN THERE when it happened.
This is not an easy subject to broach, but I'll explain some here briefly.
I once stood in line for a massive inheritance, but the woman I knew as "Mother" wanted it badly. The things she did to me to get at it meant that authorities had it put into trust.  Basically, if she could have driven me into the Nut House (At age of eight!) then she and her Commie sisters could have exploited a loophole in inheritance law and "Communized" it.
Well.  People I had barely met - But were homosexual! - Kept getting found dead and mutilated all the time.  There was never any evidence that I was related, because I'd not done anything to them, but the sheer numbers made it look as if I must be connected somehow!
So authorities had my new step-dad transferred to Japan, then Okinawa hoping to catch whoever it was by seeing who familiar showed up. I was later ushered into US Army M.I. and sent to CA and later Germany.
More people were found dismembered to death along the way. Tortured to death, even.
Eventually, after being stationed at the Duesseldorf Consulate, the responsible was identified.  This was mostly because of how he did follow me around with a "Cover" of being a "Serial Killer Expert Investigator" - The perfect cover!
So it was arranged that he was given the idea that I and a British Soldier were to be "Disposed of" on the orders of a high-ranking Intelligence Officer who was also my boss at the Consulate.
It was thought that he would do so in order to obtain future endless blackmail ability on such a high ranking person to facilitate his own goal of - Infiltrating Congress.
A FUBAR happened, and that's described here in this chapter that I've borrowed from a larger novel I've put online.  I offer it here as cheap as Kindle will offer it worldwide, mainly because I'm containerized, but I bet it will be the "Shot Heard 'Round The World" once the Chandra Levy case is opened in February of this year, as has been printed.
Why Ingmar Guandique has been playing the patsy for who really did it is a story upon itself.
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It's way too long to post here in this blog and it is specific in this:  What they did to that British Soldier before I got there and then bragged all about the details of it - Are exactly how Chandra Levy must have died!  For her body was found - What was left of it - I describe WHY - Exactly the same way.
To have gotten to know Gary Condit so many times! He always used his true name!  To have heavily repressed it so many times, that only now in older age can I come to the full recall of the memories...
Is to know, after 9/11, when his name and face surfaced on TV and prompted me to come out of ordered secrecy about it and decide to publicize it, instead...  Has been a long road.
I've talked to Guandique's attorneys and they say there IS NO EVIDENCE TO CONVICT HIM! He's just being used as a patsy until the political timing is right.
They finally released the Grand Jury results and one thing stood out:  Only Jurors who had no idea who Gary Condit was were allowed to be on that Jury. It's been a BIG COVER UP.
And I've lived decades, now, as "A Suspect" in the whole affair.  That inheritance has never materialized, but other things have transpired to make me all the more certain the time will be nigh.
As you read the above download, you will also see how the same M.O. is mirrored with the Jonbennet Ramsey  and the Laci Peterson cases, which Condit has also been publically held suspect of.
In the JBR case, the Grand Jury's findings were released at the same time as the above, and the Jurors had wanted to indite the Ramseys for "Allowing some other person(s) to kill JBR in their home" that night.  The official list of attending politicians has never been released, by the way.  And the Prosecutor there, too, never did anything.
So for me, vindication.  And, hopefully, an end to my impoverishment.  It's some Federal Asshole's idea of the "Federal Witness Protection Program," I think, but I may well die of a worried ulcer, instead.
Please spare a dollar and take a look at what I've written.  If you feel compelled, pass that information around and get some Justice done.  That would be worth it!
The photo, by the way, is my personal one of Gary Condit when I knew him in 1977 when we were both in Duesseldorf at the British Base there.