What do Jonbennet, Chandra & Laci have in common? The Gary Condits!


Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Anybody wants to know how I know that Gary Condit infiltrated Congress by posing as a "Serial Killer Expert Investigator," while really being a professional assassin, himself, contact me or just pick up the small efile below.
It's out, now! The perfect cover, as you can see, and an agent  of the Other Side at the same time.   Why? Because it was known that Condit had as a blackmail target, the then Dir. CIA. Who had the need of a "Cover" of such kind. If people believed Condit's blackmail, then 0bama would surely be put in by the many moles and infiltrators in our system, exposing themselves.
Many are resigning now, or have been put out of office with this past election. Or shown themselves with this last "Budget Vote."
Point?  Condit's believed "Homosexually-related blackmail" (A disinfo campaign) is what has been used to scare Conservative Judges, Congress (BOEHNER), and Media from DARING to press upon Obama's true ineligibility. From DARING to press neither for his Birth Certificate nor his medical records. (CLICK HERE to see why Celiac's Disease is the key.)
Below is a small efile of the best transcript I could make of what happened on day in June, 1977, where I witnessed the Condits dispose of the remains of a sexual Political Embarrassment, " a British Soldier.  It was a FUBAR, but it led to Condit believing he then had the goods that would guarantee his rise to Congress and fulfill his espionage goals.
It is the basic Modus Operandi that reflects upon not only Chandra Levy's case, but others.
Kindle worldwide's lowest price I could make it is 99 cents! Please help me get it out there.
If this is brought to the fore, an innocent man goes free from false imprisonment and a guilty couple get properly charged for horrible cold case murders.
More importantly, a major cover-up about how Barrack 0bama's birth certificate is being kept off-limits through undue and false homosexual blackmail, (A deliberate disinformation campaign) is revealed.  His true parentage shown.  And since that will reveal that they are not US Citizens, he will be declared ineligible to be President.  And everything he's put into place, to include enormous debts, will be found NULL and VOID. Not to mention what the People will do to those who helped put him into place; As they find out WHO his real father is, a former high-ranking STASI Communist "Master Spy" who bred 0bama for the positon, Gen. Markus Wolf.

Check here for the link to Kindle

Monday, December 29, 2014

Obama's real Communist Spy father about to be revealed

Having just spent 20 years in a Court-Ordered Cover of being a "Serial Killer In Situ Study Subject," in order to hide the identity of the real professional serial killer for hire, I can now tell the actual details. It is time, and this will get very big, soon The details, of course, are in my Ebook, which reference and detail these following issues:
I was born the son of former East Germany STASI Gen. Markus Wolf. He had perfected the use of Celiac's Disease, a genetic quality, to perfect and actually breed his Manchurian Candidate agents, just like in the old B/W movie. (Remember the scene where Raymond Shaw has a beer (Gluten) then inadvertently gets a hypnotic command to jump into the lake? But doesn't remember why?).
As such, the US Army ushered me into Enlisted Military Intelligence in '74 and sent me to Germany to lure him to the West, thinking he'd cross the line to see me as he'd done once before - And get caught. It worked.
During his debriefing, a whole lot was learned. What the Communist long-term plans were for our downfall, especially in the arena of how 0bama had bred by Wolf to be our "Perfect Alternative President" for the right timing: This year's election, the Budget vote, and a timed Communist Police State takeover by all the other long-term mesmerized infiltrators in Congress.
My own planned role had been to become a precedence of Inheritance (and Property Rights) laws towards Communizing same. If I could be driven nuts and put away, as my adopted Communist "Mother" tried to have happen so many times, she and her greedy sisters would have petitioned the Judge to cut up my step-father's inheritance into many same pieces. Destroying, over time, Capitalism in general. I was to receive that inheritance also this year - Or be put away.
And as such, (usually gay) people had started being found mutilated to death from my childhood on. Real cases, still "Unsolved," from Kentucky, Tokyo, Okinawa, California, UK and Duesseldorf were found dismembered the very same gory way. Worse, it continues to this very day. And I know who is really responsible. But was sent to ground 20 years ago with this dire secret, with, as I've pointed out, the onus of being "Treated and Studied In Situ" of being as if the responsible. A perfect cover.
I actually was promoted to Warrant Officer status back in '77 for this duty, and I hope I'm paid some day. I still must, however, do my duty of being a Whistleblower about it all.
For in that said "Assassin-for-hire" (And his accomplice wife) were lured out for identification when I was sent to Germany to lure out Wolf. Posing as a "Serial Killer Expert Investigator" has been his cover and his means to infiltrate Congress, as well. He does this "Disposal Service" for the high-ranking corrupt, and then blackmails them forever on, gaining more and more personal power and access to databases and Police files. To use for setting his new crimes up, finding patsies to pin the next crime on, etc. Like me, for example, if I'm in the area.
Since my Agent Handler in '77 was a very high-ranking CIA Officer destined for the very top, they let this killer think that he'd got the blackmail goods on him, and he was counter-run the way the rest of Wolf's creations have been done.
They've pushed his Communist infiltration over the top: Disgruntled Americans have voted many out. And this "Budget vote" merely lures out the rest. Now comes the Coup D'Edat: 20 years ago, in HI Judge Komo's Court, many documents were put into seal. For example, a false report from Rep. Gary Condit that now implicates him. My true birth certificate, listing Markus Wolf as my father. (Being since adopted, my name has been changed.)
And Barry Soetoro's (AKA Barrack Obama) real birth certificate, too. In other words, not only is his true father a foreign national Communist, he very much so did not have the best interests of the US in mind. His true mother is a black Muslim Indonesian woman, and his documentation and Legend-building was all the craftsmanship of Master Spy Runner Markus Wolf.
0bama will now be declared ineligible. All he's done will be NULL and VOID. America reset button. the Constitution restored. Our foreign debts will be declared acts of economic warfare, and negated. We will have tremendous economic recovery, and the national debt quickly wiped out.
And that's how the CIA does things. Due to, of course, my Agent Handler, GHWB. Read about my life's strange association with him. The burden he had to bear being associated to my case. Written for now with pseudonyms, but easily figured out.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Police Abuse? Try Nut House Incarceration INCOMMUNICADO for being Un-PC!

Police Abuse?  Come to Rawlins, DickCheneyland, WY!  In '74 I was ushered into the US Army Mil. Intel & told I was being sent to Germany to lure out my bio-father, STASTI Gen. "Master Spy" Markus Wolf. Many things were learned, as in he also had another son, half-black, who he'd bred from birth to be our Prez, Barry Soetoro. (Wolf has Celiac's). I was sworn to secrecy but a few years back I couldn't stand the false attentions and impoverishment so went public.  Know what happened? Set-up for a DUI "(Oh, free food tonight, we'll cash your paycheck in a -long- while"), staged false fight, followed from the restaurant steps, going 3 blocks home, when I got to curve Rawlins WY cops put on all spotlights, blinding me, causing me to barely hit side curb & loosen panel on my camper.  "Probable cause?" I had jinked in my lane, a truck driver's trick, to see who was tailgating me so closely. When stopped, made to stand in loose gravel while other cop ripped panel off camper and bust my tail lights. Turned to see & 1st cop forced me not to. Blood tests showed I'd been mickeyed, but appointed female defense attny. gave me fake copy and while prosecutor wanted 8 days for first offense, I was told I was being held only for an "Interview."  Female Judge was prejudiced by previous false reporting by ex-wife. Six months Incommunicado and never told term of sentence without trial in the WY Nut House in Evanstan , and I think I witnessed a "Suicide by the men in white coats" there.  Supermeds to keep the inmates quiet, sewage that overflows the cells, and they beg to go back to jail. Think they investigate?  Hell, no.
It cost them about $1K a day to keep me there, I was told. I never talked, until the Judge threatened on a conference call to have me chemically frontal lobotimized, and then only once. Had to release me at 6 mos.  Damage done.
SIX MONTHS and I lost my CDL occupation, reputation, and believability.  I am forced now into the hands of Social Svcs. (Catch-22) and am in a special "Nut Case" surveillance program where I live or can where I find menial work.
The worst part?  I've been under heavy surveillance for decades because I also witnessed the professional works of Gary Condit, and I know personally how he has provided the devastating blackmail on a high-ranking Conservative (Which, while not true, an orchestration, is still as damning) that keeps others from daring to touch the issue of 0bama's real father's ID and BC as a Communist Spy.  He is ineligible!  Check my DNA!  He has a black Indonesian mother, I had a white one! Yet, we're both bastards, and also adopted to hide our real parentage.
I KNOW HOW the Condits dispose of sexual/political embarrassments, and how he also used that to blackmail others and  infiltrate Congress. Ingmar Guandique is innocent in Chandra Levy's case.
So, report THAT to both Modesto, Rawlins Police Dept. and local DCI - And they frame you for DUI and send you to the Nut House.  Ruined. Going to starve to death, or freeze.  Unheard. For this I was supposed to earn an Army paycheck and rank.  I guess I'm as screwed as any other Army Veteran gets.  No wonder they've fashioned the VA to target those who know too much.  Either certain doc's get unsealed soon, or this country is shot to Hell.
That's the state of DickCheneyLand, WY, folks.  Why I was sent to live here, I guess, because as Bush's Aide, I know a lot about him, too.  Waterboarding?  That's nothing!
No wonder the black people have had their fill and Sheriff Joe thinks it'll spread.
Sheriff Joe, I'm on birtherreport.com - What are you waiting for?  Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy?

Friday, December 19, 2014

I didn't have sex with all these women! By Korea's Kim Un

Tonight, after light's out, we'll have a tete-a-tete about your families' relocation orders to the work camps...

So, who's going to be the lucky ones?

Oh, those pesky paternity suits!

Got to keep the populace happy!
Now it gets a little kinky...
A present from Vladamir?

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Enemy Sleepers exposed with budget vote! Now we can oust 0bama!

HURRAH! As per the mnemonic in my enovel, "Hoist a Barry Soetoro up a flagpole and see who salutes!" (As in the long-term Sleepers in Congress ID'ing themselves) IT HAS NOW HAPPENED! With this fudgy-wudgy vote on the Budget et al.!   It was just a trick to lure them out! NOW we'll have Barry's real birth certificate pulled out by SCOTUS, and he'll be declared INELIGIBLE!  His works NULL AND VOID to include this bogus vote!  HURRAH!

Be sure to preview for free my Kindle enovel  Obama's real father - And mine - Was... STASI Gen. Markus Wolf for free, and/or take advantage of a special 7-day up to 90% off sale (From the usual $9.99) starting on Dec. 14th.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Open letter Congress: Why my due inheritance reason JFK was shot in '62

Rick A Hyatt
548 15th Street
Cathy Gardens Apartments - #402
Rawlins, WY 82301

Dear Congressman,

This may well be the most explosive matter that you will have heard in your Congressional career. Please read this well. It's not “Conspiracy Theory,” it's not “Delusion,” it is pure fact that, when digested, will want you to bring me to Washington on subpoena.
I invite this, in fact, it is my civil and military duty finally consummated:
As a young child, I stood in line for a huge inheritance, and I'm supposed to get it at age 60. Hence, the matter of timing involved. I'm almost 61.
It was placed into trust to keep it away from enemy Communist forces, who had wished it become a matter of a legal loophole-driven precedence in inheritance law. That would affect Property Rights, even. A monumental dissolution of the Free World's Capitalist way of life.
This was done on a very monumental day for me, Oct. 13, 1961, a “Friday the 13th,” in fact.
Pursuant to enemy action to make this happen, people started getting killed all around me. I've written to you about this.
Worse. From what I was later told to keep direly secret, it seems that President John. F. Kennedy had been placed in office with funding from Chicago Communists. I understand that it was their natural assumption that he would rectify the matter for them by Executive Order, and the Communization of America could start right “On Time” for them.
I understand he refused to do so. So, a year later, on Nov. 22nd, 1962, they shot him. Not only a matter of doing that, it was upon the timing of Thanksgiving, for that holiday truly represents the celebration of the Pilgrim's freedom from Socialism, and survival and success by turning to Capitalism. Thus, the Magna Carta; the forerunner of our US Constitution.
They turned the last 52 years of our country's past into grieving over him, instead of Thanksgiving each November. Their plans for this past election are obvious.
I was “Ushered” into US Army M.I. in 1974, as I have told you, and I was told that I must write this letter to Congress upon a specific time frame. This proves that the hypnotically-based “Manchurian Candidate” methodology works even over a long time period. This proves that former CIA Dir. William Colby's words to Congress in 1975 that there are such long-term enemy agents in Congress – And even the Presidency, now - were true. And there's more to tell.
Only the passage of Term Limits, as our Forefathers assumed would naturally happen, can bring this county back into the hands of its citizens, instead of foreign agents and their agendas.
I was also told the probable identity – To keep direly secret for a long time – of the shooter on the Grassy Knoll, and to independently declassify it. Once you debrief me for the details, you will come to understand why the Gary Condits (Plural) assassination-for-hire activities have been allowed to continue and be covered-up for so long. Some of which I had to take blame for all these years.
Please bring me in out of the cold before I become another “Homeless Veteran.”

Go to The Birther Report  for more talk and information about 0bama's Ineligibility to even be President.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Authorized to independently declassify JFK's shooter on grassy knoll: Pro assassin Gary Condit started his career there

 Am authorized to independently declassify JFK's shooter on grassy knoll. Can be seen in Mooreman photo as Gary Condit age 15 just starting out his political/sexual assassination-for-hire career. Later joined with wife teammate, also put together by STASI shrinks to enjoy their work. They usually operate as a team but sometimes independently like Chandra Levy. All covered up until this particular election/timing enemy agenda to bring us down. Dir GHWB told me that was he as then investigator put fake shell on JFK's gurney as they had to cover it up for interim. Now Pandora's Box is truly open, for there is much, much, more.  Link to ebook on Kindle:  http://www.amazon.com/BRED-TO-BE-MANCHURIAN-CANDIDATE-ebook/dp/B005DTO112
Another link to my own experiences with Condit's killings as attempts to frame me to them (It would have influenced inheritance law toward Communization thereof) is  https://plus.google.com/photos/+RickAHyatt/albums/5223288562212386609?banner=pwa

Photos for comparison:  Age 15, in 1977 at the British Barracks in Duesseldorf where he posed as "A Congressman investigating the death of a Constituent" (Director of DLI at Monterrey, Ca.), and more recently after the Chandra Levy murder.

For a more detailed description of the Condit's Modus Operandi preview my Amazon Kindle mini-novel transcript. And perhaps even take advantage of a special up to 90% off it's usual $3.99 sale starting on Dec. 14 for seven days.

 Go to The Birther Report for even more talk and information on 0bama's Ineligibility to even be President.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Open letter to Wyoming Congressmen

Rick A Hyatt
548 15th Street
Cathy Gardens Apartments - #402
Rawlins, WY 82301

Congresspersons Lummis and Enzi
Washington, D.C.

Dear Congressperson,

I had written to you many years ago in order to access my military records. You sent me a form and I finally got an answer: “Your records are being held by an unknown agency so are unavailable.”
That should lend veracity to what I will now explain to you.
In 1974, I was “Ushered” into US Army Military Intelligence, taught German and told I was being sent to Germany as bait to lure the head of the East German version of our “CIA,” if you will, (Ministerium Fuer Staatssicherheit), STASI Gen. Markus “Mischa” Wolf, to the West, so he could be caught. They told me that as he is my biological father, he might use his spy talents to disguise himself and find a way to see me. He had done this once before when I was very young.
That he is a master of false documentation is another matter that should be addressed properly.
It worked. He turned out to be a “Co-worker” in a German safehouse I'd been assigned to.
He subsequently was debriefed, “Turned,” and worked for the CIA much earlier than is publicly known. We learned their long-term plans for us, that lead up to this election.
But he'd wanted to use me for a unknowing espionage purpose, as well. Pursuant to that, what I witnessed, and who else I am related to, I was “Ordered to ground” for the duration. I was sworn in as a US Army Warrant Officer, CID, TDY, and from time to time, I have been approached by retired US Army Officers that have me sign promotion papers and the like. I am given no copy, of course.
I was told to go to Maui and obey the orders of a woman I would recognize by demeanor, and she would be my “Intermediate Supervisor.”
Hypnosis was used, an espionage methods and means, to make me “Forget,” yet deeply remember what I had witnessed, and to be prepared to testify to Congress, some day. It's all that important.
That I was to watch for mnemonics in my “Media,” like press reports, and as much of my instructions were done under the influence of injections and hypnosis, I would also play a part for the APA as a “Double-Blind Manchurian Candidate Study.” (Their, and the VA's, political power intentions as Enemy action were already known.)
To them, and even a Maui Court, I was to be a “In Situ Serial Killer Treatment Program” subject. That there was a big Congressional Funding for this, and it involved former Rep. Gary Condit. My experience in espionage is that murder is not that uncommon. I was to take the heat for several of them for the interim as part of my “Cover.” I am told that I'm listed on INTERPOL, as a matter of fact. This should be brought to the light of day.
Later, I was to go to Wyoming (As she commanded), and become an oil field truck driver. What I witnessed there in terms of gross misconduct, I've reported to you. But the continued danger to my life, and well-being does not stop there.
Simply speaking all the above is “Delusion” to authorities and the above, because I have no paperwork, and having any real income or social status would have blown my cover. My now-divorced “Legend Wife” made sure of that pursuant to her own contractual agreement.
But, to be to the point where a pinched nerve makes it hard to work, as does increasing age, facing even eviction notices and being heavily in debt is somewhat far beyond duty.
The bottom line is that I expect subpoenas in these very major cases, but they never come. I'm instead the relish of the APA as some kind of “Person who needs help.” I don't want any help. I refuse it. Such intervention into my daily social life creates the opposite effect and upsets me greatly.
Going, for example, to the VA would only repeat what they did to me in 1988 or so. In 1977, I'd had an unnecessary hernia surgery at SHAPE Hospital in Belgium. Heavy pain was associated to the idea of ever telling anyone about anything. To get a “Tune-up Surgery from the VA in about 10 years, for it was sewn up too tight.” I believed them under hypnosis, of course, and did so. The VA then tried very hard to have me put away then, as they suspected - And hoped for - There being some kind of sexual cover-up to these unusual and severe procedures done to me.
That was a deliberate disinformation campaign that should be aired out. Their subsequent desired deep interrogation and blackmail upon Conservatives that has surely been the cause of such near takeover of Socialist Democrats in this country is another cause that should be addressed to an Intelligence Committee of Congress, sir.
My testimony is, if not covered-up in this way, something that will change the political landscape even more than this last election. To wit, former Rep. Gary Condit (And his wife) are much more than simple “Suspects” in the (Being covered up) D.C. Chandra Levy Murder case. What I've witnessed them do would shock you but also make you comprehend all of the above. And there is much more.
SIR, PLEASE HELP BRING IN OUT OF THE COLD! Help me complete my sworn military mission! Lift me out of this impoverishment! I'm sure half the world knows of my true identity in any event! Help release me from this Hell of being their Pavlovian Laboratory Rat in an electrified cage!
If this is to be swept under the rug, can I at least get my promised pay, benefits and rank?

Please do contact me with your reply, Sir. Winter is coming, and I'm out of even gas money.

Sincerely Yours,

Rick A Hyatt
SSN: 567-909-3000


Thursday, November 6, 2014

The rise and fall of Obama is a long-term counter-running of Barry Soetoro and STASI father Gen. Markus Wolf

It's the culmination of a CIA counter-espionage running of 0bama. Pose question: "How do you lure all the spies, moles, Manchurian Candidates, agents, etc. out of the woodwork?" Since the enemy has used such hypnotic methodology since WWII to infiltrate our system for a final takedown? (Hint: East German Commie methodology based on WWII Nazi research on Jews) Put it this way: "Hoist a Barry Soetoro up the flagpole and see who salutes."
Right now it's clear as a bell: Anyone who obediently stares at 0bama and obeys his orders is a long-term planted spy. The CIA educated the People by counter-running him to the hilt. And they predictably reacted and are taking their government back.
That's what the CIA does best isn't it? Infiltrate and take down Communist regimes across the world? Now yo u know why (With an occasional exception for the Liberals) the Presidency has been stewarded by CIA Dir. George HW Bush, then his son, an actor, and then the Big Show of Commie 0bama.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

You're 0bama's real half-brother. Naturally they put you into Wyoming State Hospital, the Nut House.


(To read specifically about the Assisted Suicide, tab down to the Bold area)

This will sound crazy, naturally.  What you'd expect.   Yet the following can be verified and I print it because I'm exposing, if nothing else, why Wyoming State Hospital has a reputation for "Suicides," and they've instituted bizarre rules to cover that up.
It's actually "Suicide by the Men In White Coats;" I witnessed one, I do believe. And have been too scared to report it and other details until now. 

But first let me lead up to my incarceration there:
Yes, I am Barrack 0bama's half-brother.  The documentation and whole story have long been out there, and also available in my Amazon Kindle enovel entitled OBAMA WAS BRED TO BE A MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE AND SO WAS I, an instant download for 9$.
Simply put, we're both the son of a high-ranking former East German Communist STASI Intelligence General, "Master Spy" Markus Wolf.  That meant I was to be used for an espionage purpose, too, but became utilized by US Government agencies from even an early age. For one, they put me in US Army M.I. and sent me to Germany to lure out two men.
One, Markus Wolf.  It worked. He was "Turned" in ''77, a secret I'm revealing, long before the Berlin Wall came down, and he told of the Commie Master Plan they had, amongst other things, to put one of his own long-term spies into the White House.  So the CIA let the enemy see what it wanted to see, and basically counter-ran 0bama's run until now.  Now, it's clear he's not in Power, and everything can be reversed. He just needs to be declared ineligible by SCOTUS, and that's what I seek to have happen. My Duty from Day One.
If authorities were that eager to prove this, they'd take my DNA to find out.  Click here for a personal DNA swab from me to present to Sheriff Joe! But, let's face it, there's something bigger going on, and we're getting the Media Hogwash to cover it up.
The other man I was to lure out of the woodwork was a former SS Munthausen Concentration Camp Doktor, Dr. Aribert "Death" Heim, who experimented on Jews and found the most expeditious way to dispose of them.
That methodology became the  M.O. of a couple (Literally - They're married) of professional Serial Killers For Hire.  Especially of "Political Sexual Embarrassments" for corrupt politicians.
That became the basis of what seems like untold blackmail of Conservatives to prevent them from questioning 0bama's Birth Certificate, and Legitimacy.
But to the point! This same assassin kept killing people in that same grotesque manner that I vaguely knew but over time made it seem as if I was the responsible!
The idea was to have me Committed.  If that could be achieved, Wolf's espionage goal for myself, that of Communizing inheritances (And I stand for one from my first adopted step-father, former SF Sgt. Arthur Hyatt) could exploit a legal loophole and be done. A legal precedence.  That would motivate our carefully cultivated "ME Society" females into doing just that to Eldest Brother. "Feminism."
So the inheritance got put into trust until I turn 60.  I am now 60 and I'm sure it's been unsealed and is before a Federal Court with a lot of other things.
Now that meant I had to have a "Cover" for that entire time and a Legend was made for me.  A MISERABLE lifestyle of having to marry an illiterate, non-educated, viscous woman basically bought from the Philippines (Women are the biggest export there) who did her best to trash my life.
She had me sign a special rider on an insurance policy that would pay off if I was ever Committed - Not any coincidence.
Of course, throughout, US Army Officers appear in my life and have me sign papers, promotions and the like.  I was told I would be made a Warrant Officer for the duration, so I have something to look forwards to.  Plus, I have to take orders.
So, after she got herself sick - And blamed it on me, of course - and left for Maui, I was forced by Wyoming State Agencies to become a truck driver, as she had frequently pressured me to do.
Back in Germany, I had been told that I would one day become one.
In a hearing before HI Judge Richard Komo in 1994, USSS Agent Brian Larkin said my "Psychological Profile" included moving to the mainland, and become a truck driver.  So, it was fore-planned.
Yet! Be an "Undercover investigator," at the same time, especially in the oil fields and construction outfits. It's hard to describe the near-misses I experienced there.
But when I graduated from SAGE Truck Driving School (Specially released funds from TANF Family Svc. funding), there was a legal delay.  As SWIFT TRANSPORTATION later demanded of me, there was an INTERPOL notice on me due to one of the murders.  I didn't know which one at the time, but believe now it was about Okinawa in 1969.  Computers are wonderful, aren't they!?
So I accepted an offer from "Bill Oberst" of "Oberst Trucking" in Lingle, Wyoming.
He purportedly had three rigs, but he only sent me on two runs in two months. That is really a play on words, because I've known him for decades, and I last knew him as CAPTAIN Timothy Berigan, a US Army Espionage Shrink.
Call it a "Study" on exemption from "Posse Comitatus," if you must. What the Liberals would LOVE. US Army Officers operating within the US...
He did the intestinal biopsy on me at Tripler Army Medical Center during the course of agony with Judge Komo that proved I have Celiac's Disease, a necessary ingredient to be a MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE SPY.  Judge Komo sending me there was a cover for that official test. But Berigan screwed up and also gave me an ulcer by mistake.  Go figure.
Yes, the CIA and FBI and all use shrinks.
Well, he got promoted in the meantime, "Oberst" is the German word for "Colonel."
He was the one who figured out the reasons the bodies were found that way.  That the perpetrator was probably trying to infiltrate Congress, which he did!
"Oberst" sometimes would tell me things, as in that "One day they will put you in Evanston State Hospital," the local nut house.
He'd said once he'd arranged it because it would prove useful: One, to give me a stamp of "Sane" upon my forehead, and also: Because I did have a phobia - That of being Committed, based upon my "Mother's" constant attempts to have me put there so as to collect upon the long-awaited inheritance.  (See enovel)
So having me put in the Nut House should ameliorate my phobia, right?
What else?  I'd been framed as a "Serial Killer," the government had evidence I wasn't - But wasn't going to reveal any of the above until 0bama's run had petered out. Particularly with evidence that implicates Gary Condit of the murder of two Okinawan waitresses from a Soba Shop I'd frequented - With his damning fingerprints on a bottle of Lucky X beer he'd given me.  Long Story.
Not to mention the long run of False Reports from my issued "Wife." The since-childhood attempts by my Commie "Mother" to do same.  Telling people well into my adulthood that I "Had sexual problems because his stepfather homosexually abused him!  Can you please watch him!  BOOO HOO!!"
That, actually, is a Sting on the Commie PSYOPS theme of "Feminism," one of the propaganda themes they have used to destroy us from within with.  Another obviously being "Homosexuality being normal."
So one day "Oberst" drove me to the State Hospital (Actually much worse than a prison - Most inmates tried desperately to go back to jail, instead), which was undergoing renovation at the time.
A special Congressional Grant (How many in my life!) had been made in order to upgrade the facilities, and there were many workmen there.
"Oberst" showed me Room #2, which was quite distinctive in that a metal piece had fallen off of the doorjamb from wear and some inmate had used it to make a distinctive annotation upon the small viewing window.  That was to serve as my mnemonic and be a cause of hope when I was sent there.  So it wasn't changed out.
Oh, a lot happened, and I'll enlarge this writing in the future.
Colonel Berigan (Now purportedly an Army Shrink at Ft. Huachuca had me meet one of the workers, and paid him to remember me. He was someone from the area who frequently did this sort of work, and spoke of what other improvements would be made.
Later, when I was sent there, he was made to show up with his special grinding tool to recognize me.  I didn't let on.
Berigan said that he figured that a certain graft that was going on would be allowed to continue, but I was to watch for it:  Rather disgusting, one of the office workers in charge of obtaining work permits had a collusion with a plumbing outfit.
The original sewer design was faulty, and easily clogged up.  Since the entire floor was concrete encased, it could not be repaired. So Room #6 would constantly back up with sewage and was quite unhealthy for a "Prison Hospital." Not to mention the occupant of that room.
The inmate there could be heard to complain of the puke that came up in his toilet.  Well, that came from Room #4, as I explain below.
What the plumbing company found out was that if a industrial blue rag - The heavy-duty recyclable kind - was left in a toilet, it would catch on a bolt on a valve or corner, and commence the clogging action.
Requiring, I guess, by details of the contract, high fees for emergency pumping of the sewer line by that company - And a kickback to the person in charge of contracts.
Sure enough, late at night when it was REALLY quiet, as it was sometimes (I'm fairly certain the med's were "Adjusted" for that - I refused to take any.  In fact, I came to notice how some inmates got their "Pain medication" from the following.   After being vocally and publicly denied such - Until later at night.
AND - The old nurse, a potential witness, has also reportedly suddenly died...
There had even been one inmate who had made some kind of formal complaint about the Supermeds. But it had felt like the place was stuffed with undercover cops.
(More later) Who could tell what was real and what wasn't?
That's what happens when Shrinks are in control of one's life, I've found.
I was suddenly awoken by a woman and a man in the quiet darkness.  I was told I was being transferred to the next room because the plumbers had come and I couldn't be in there during their work.
The woman was out of place in the nurse's outfit as she was clearly some kind of office worker, with status.  The man was some kind of "Social Worker," but meaner than the rest of them.  "Mathew?"
But the next day I asked to be moved back as the view of the fence and sunlight was better.  When I went to flush the toilet, an obviously new and nice blue industrial rag floated back.  At first, I thought to remove it with my hands, but then thought better and re-flushed it.
Within a couple of days, I could hear the complaints from Room #6, saw the gallon-sized container of Drain-O being used again, and eventually some huge vacuum machine they'd purchased.
Oddly, that woman would sit outside in the viewing area from time to time, and slowly changed her appearance.  Her hair got shorter, but her dress became more and more that of an office worker with status, and female ornamentation to signal same.
But, there was no end of "Psychological" tricks they would use, so I sort of discounted what Berigan had said about it.
Like I discounted the news report I'd once read about the place.  The FBI had planned to test their new "Foam Belly concealed carry disguises" there. Like the one the "Patient Advocate" wore.  
Yet, here I am, reporting it as I should do.
That's not the worst thing I saw there.  I'll add more, but to be brief:
(The purported new law against masturbation by inmates there and cold showers)
They had an "Hourly Check" they would do because it had been mandated by law as there had been a "Suicide."
The reality was that they only checked on one when one did something different, like exercising, and they'd see that in their hidden camera system.
But!  Especially at night!  If one got up to urinate, they would then come and shine their intense blue flashlights into one's eyes as punishment for making them have to walk down and check on one! It, of course, brought one to full wakefulness and a difficulty in going back to sleep.  Getting older is apparently another Un-PC crime.
That's called "Treatment."  Sure is.  "Treated like S****"
(Having Celiac's Disease, I was given special food. One delicious item kept either having a bite taken from it or disappeared completely - The Gluten Free Cookie!  The obese workers there had no compassion...    The Dietitian was quite nice, and I would be issued fruit cups.  Then it started that one could note that the previously full cup had a depression in the middle - Something went missing on the transport!  Especially the fresh strawberries. But then, at Carbon County Jail, I was frequently fed plain beans in retaliation for my dietary needs pain in the butt of Celiac's Disease.)
There was a new inmate one day, a short, balding Caucasian guy who looked as if from Italian decent, with a pot belly, who was NOT a happy camper.
He was very angry, and got to throwing around the heavy duty furniture that they have there for just that purpose.  Pounding on the plexiglass windows. Shouting and screaming until they put him in Room #4, at the end of a corridor, kind of out of the way.  Deliberately so.
Yet, he would still scream and curse and bang the door until it seemed as if they'd put him in some kind of restraints.  Then, he could only bang the door.
The two big Guys In White Coats, Dave I think was one, and "The Southern Gentleman" I called the other, were the epitome of "Nice guys trying to get you to talk to the Shrink."  They basically had the night shift.
It was ALL so very psychological.  One hesitated to chose certain novels from the Library lest one be pegged as something.. 
That I read spy novels was noted in my report.  
It was QUIET that night. But they were force-feeding him, again, it sounded like.  Words like "Vomit," "Clean-up," and them getting a mop and bucket were overheard, as had been before.
But I heard "Rope" for some reason, as I did later, when they went to flush the sewer system again.  A lot of things can be overheard through the duct system there. Sometime they fed one Subliminal Suggestions that way.
You know, sweet pillow talk on the PA system.
Sometimes, he would be violent and curse.  Sometimes, he would beg. Pleadingly. Sometimes it sounded like he was barfing.  But then it got real quiet that night.
What then alarmed me was the next day when Dave (?) was walking down the corridor and one of the more deadpan of the female workers called to him from the observation booth.
 "What happened to him?  I heard he died."
"Heart Attack."  Was the deadpan answer.
I don't think so.  I think he was smothered to death.  He just seemed to be one of those kinds of guy that maybe even his family wanted him dead. And he was very angry about his situation in life. They accommodated him.  Could a drug help make that happen?  I was terrified to the core.
Of course, it might have been a grand orchestration for my benefit.  Maybe in reporting same, I'll get called "Crazy" all the more so? But I know I didn't sleep well after that. 
Maybe that was some kind of "Treatment?"
I was told by one worker, Larry,  that it costs nearly $1,000 a day per inmate to keep them there, and you can be sure no one wants to be laid off!  Or have a shortage of rooms, or all that. Or put up with someone like that forever.
But, hey!  Don't listen to me, the Shrink called me a "Paranoid Schizophrenic."  It's also kind of convenient from a political point of view, of course.
What he told me specifically was that, since I was a pronounced "Birther," who didn't believe that 0bama was eligible to be President, I was "Delusional."
A political thing.
But, in that Wyoming was a very conservative state, a majority of people here are "Birthers," and as such, why only lock up me?  But they did, anyway, to the legal amount the Feminist Judge could get away with.  Six months of my life, and the rest of it tainted with a black brush.  Like, can I get a job, now, unless it's one they want me at?
There's certain jobs available at places I can walk to (Seems somebody may have busted a vital clutch part off my truck, a clutch slave cylinder,  even as it's obvious I'm penniless...) where I get special treatment, anyway.  How well I remember going to one store, for example, seeing the employees assemble, look me over, mumble something about "Signs of Mental Illness," and etc.
Hey.  Goes with the turf if you're actually half-related to the Prez.
They basically have done that at all the stores, even the Eye Doctor, here, in Rawlins.  For some reason, the Political Incorrectness Watchers have some real funding and power here.
City Market was known for having "The best surveillance system" in the US, long ago, according to RPD Chief Ried.  Which of course means I'm "Identified," and get "Special Treatment" the moment I enter these places. In case I "Show signs of Mental Illness..."
See, if you're not crazy yet, they go out of their way to drive you nuts...
Or, often enough, there'll be clerks who amazingly have a ton of metal embedded on their faces and tongue.  It must be one of those "Psychological Profile" things whereas I guess they think I mutilated myself - My straight front teeth were filed down by a Saratoga Dentist's assistant, because, as he had told the Dentist, "I heard he's homosexual - Now he can give blow jobs better."

Between that and an unneeded Tongue Surgery, a third of my tongue was cut out:

 I hardly look and certainly don't sound much like 0bama, I bet an operational necessity for the duration. But people tell me I have a facial resemblance.
How well I remember the Feminist Lawyer assigned to me waved around a copy of my anti-0bama "Birther" website, saying that she would never get a fair trial with that in the public domain.
I'd made the big mistake of trying to tell her about the professional assassination team, as well.  She tricked me into signing a Waiver Form, as if it was some kind of strategy, and when she wouldn't return calls, I submitted and served my own Court Motion to retract same to all parties concerned. By fax and in person.
I went to her office the next day, there was a huge pile under her shredding machine, and while the assistant told me she wasn't in, I could hear her shouting.
Then at Judge Eiken's Court they had a quick conference and I was told I'd be taken to one place for an "Interview," and then if that didn't work out, another place for same.
The Prosecutor's offer of 8 days in jail for my first DUI (And set-up at that) Offense turned into a six months' grand attempt to get me to engage in homosexuality, perversion, confession, and violence.
That's what jail's all about in America today.  And the Nut House, as well. (More details later - check back.)
Their "Psychological Profile," I take it, a collection of all the False Reports and missing evidence and influence by the woman I had been forced to marry.
In other words, I had to go on Ice, big time, long term.  Do something of value in the meantime.
I was never told the term of my confinement, and the defense lawyer never once visited me nor called.  Even when others told me she was in the facility.  I was held INCOMMUNICADO, basically, and refused things like an underpaid paycheck from BCN Trucking sent to me as "Contraband."
If I'd been able to send it to the bank, I wouldn't have lost my checking account.
If Verizon would have answered the phone on a call from the jail, they wouldn't have racked up charges that drained my account, closed my checking, ruined my credit rating, and lost me my cell phone account.  THANK YOU VERIZONWIRELESS!
While, at the jail, they would occasionally let me use a phone book, they would not at the Hospital Prison.  So I couldn't get addresses nor phone numbers.
This placed me under a great deal of stress, of course, which they attributed to "Mental Illness," I guess.  One is "Supposed to like being treated that way," I guess.
There, their compiled "Psychological Profile" of me seemed to be that of a Serial Killer.  No evidence. No Trial, no testimony. No ability to look one's accuser in the eye, especially when my "Wife" had been in Court there before Judge Eiken making false claims to get at the inheritance. They'd put up a special barricade to prevent just that.  "Women Victim" Stuff. Feminism.
Just a lot of "Reports" by people with an ax to grind.
Only now do I fully appreciate that I was never treated as a DUI Offender, I was presumed to be a Serial Killer from day one.  And yet it had been I who had demanded to see Modesto PD when I was there with SWIFT to report Gary Condit and what I knew of him.
Demanded to see a Rawlins PD Detective to do same.
Put up a  Picassa Website describing all that what I knew of the serial murders.
And, of course, out of sheer desperation, and forced impoverishment, had started revealing other secrets, such as how it is that 0bama and I share the same father.
Telling the truth, that "The King has No Clothes" in America these day, will have you put into the Nut House.  And they're STILL trying to have me encapsualized.
"For my own good," Of course.
And...  How nice it would be?  Lenin said in the Communist Manifesto, that "The masses will force the individual Capitalist to give his Capital to them all... For the advancement of worldwide Communism..."
That's what I see daily, in the people I'm forced to associate with.  They'd like to "Friendly-friendly" me into be a part of their socialistic "Group." Peer pressure.
And give up my inheritance, and it's inherent personal protections, to them, and their Kind, and their political ends.
No Fucking Way.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Would you like a DNA swab from me as 0bama's real half-brother? To prove WHO his real father is?

Would you like a DNA swab from me, as 0bama's half-brother, to compare to either 0bama, or STASI Gen. Markus Wolf's family in Germany, for investigative purposes?  A match either way will prove my words that we share Wolf as the same biological father, but much more so -  Raises the following questions? Af a Master Communist Spy such as Wolf is 0bama's real father, how can he be eligible to be President? Why did the CIA sent me to ground - But 0bama to the Presidency?   How soon will it be before the whole truth comes out?
If you'd like such a sample contact me personally at rickahyatt@gmail.com.
Oh, by the way, I was there in Germany in '77 when Wolf was being debriefed and he discussed all this.  The bottom line is that 0bama's real mother is a chosen black Muslim Indonesian woman (For her genetic makeup and propensity for Celiac's Disease - Very hypnotizable; The Manchurian Candidate Effect) while Wolf is, of course white.  Thus, a "Perfect alternative bred President..." To fill the void left by all the assassinations and such since JFK.
Dunham was just another paid woman who "Adopted" Barry Soetoro to aid that name change and further Legend-Creation.

Friday, August 8, 2014

I am Stazi MFS Dir. Markus Wolf's bio-son. So is Barrack Obama, and that makes him ineligible to be President.

 Why is the month of August, this year, the center of so much
weather and yet political connected intreige?
From Obama's desmise to radical weather - And Planet X?
Long-term warfare planning, perhaps?

This is a '77 photo of myself, NATO Spy Rainer Rupp,
and his step-mother, a Ms. Thatcher, at Fort Fun, Germany

It was exactly 20 years ago that Espionage documents relating to my relation to former East German STASI Gen. Markus Wolf and NATO Spy Rainer Rupp were sealed for a 20 year term (now), a "Plea Agreement"  in HI Judge Richard Komo's Court.
Things I'd been ordered to do, couldn't talk about, and was being put on ice for the interim for. One document was "A birth certificate from some Indonesian guy named Barry Soetoro," another one concerned my roommate of the time, a Gary Condit, my military papers and other things. They were to be unsealed on a 13th with a hearing to be on a 25th, but continued until after some important holiday (Probably Labor Day).
I note that I've been told that my lawyer of that time, Maui Lawyer David Serano has suddenly left the county.
I note that 0bama has returned from his exile to have a one day stay in DC.  I note that such BC would be before SCOTUS by now, and whatever he did today  in DC is covered up by the "Ferguson" False Flag operation. 
I note the famed pathologist, Weicher (sp) is commenting on Brown, and he's done autopsies on JFK, RFK, Chandra Levy, JBR, and Laci Peterson.  I note my Amazon Kindle eBooks have long described the Condits' connections to these very people as professional assassins, or "Disposal Experts."   And my eBook has LONG been in print with the reference of Condit to a 15 year old young man as can be seen in the enhanced Moorman photo of the "Grassy Knoll."
I note that as of late, I've received several conference-type calls from people claiming to be "Spooks," "From the CIA but  using fake names," and the like, the purpose more likely being to get a "Credulity Exam."  I've already been through the mill on that.
The bottom line will be that connection between the very technically-oriented Communist Gen. Wolf, Master Espionage Spy, the Condits as professional assassins and blackmail experts (as trained by a NAZI Concentration Camp experimenter, Dr. Aribert Heim), 0bama as Wolf's deliberately-bred Manchurian Candidate, and myself as being the Rick Van Winkle witness now awoken to be called forth. A misfortune of birth.
A timing perhaps borne of the Communist Chinese Astrology Department's 2,000 year old super-secret observations, and perhaps the known return of "Planet X," or other weather phenomena.  Something that, if well known, might create large-scale panic?  But also, a great time to plan ahead long-term start an invasion, if one had one in mind, and they sure do.  I wonder if the 25th is the known apogee?
One thing for sure, do know the Director said something to the effect that the planned upon Iraqi war would permit us to examine known archeological artifacts to that accord, and had wanted me to remember that.  And, of course, there are those who say, and now revisit how it was that the 911 attack turned out to be our reason to go there.  Well?
Wonder if Sheriff Joe thinks this is "Universe-shattering," or what?  I'd embed a pic or two of Rupp and I together back then, but this site doesn't support that.  Just note that I was the FIRST one to deliver COSMIC TOP SECRET dis-info to him (This will rewrite some history), as so ordered to do.  I have talked to him briefly a few times in the interim.
A whole contrived CIA op, if one ever existed. My Agent Handler had always been, of course, GHWB. From 1969, even, when I lived in Japan. 
Another possible event Ferguson is hiding are the immense rains that China has been receiving by whatever means. With any good luck, their WALMART slave-labor factories below it on the Delta will wash away and  end their economic war on us, and we'll fire our factories up with all the new immigrant workers.
It's been a long time for the CIA to "Steward" the Presidency, one way or the other, but now I think JFK will smile in his grave.  And we'll soon have to have a Cmte. of Living Presidents until reset elections.
Now, I hope this is enlightening to you thinkers, and to those that would like to shut me up or ridicule my simple observations, can lick my ***.  I'm just waiting to see if we're going to be lucky enough to see the 2nd Coming, or not, or if it's just another False Flag.
And I get my promised Army pay, rank, and benefits, or not. Not to mention other promises.  If you want to send me a  Paypal buck, do so: I'm flat broke because they like to keep me grounded like that, not to mention these decades of horrible false Legends.
My Ebook - Why it has to be Ineligibility - Not Impeachment
STASI Gen. Markus Wolf before Berlin Wall came down
Please click and take a look at my "Fictitious novel, based on facts, " BRED TO BE A MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE   I'll be rewriting it with real names and the like, so the guessing will be over.  In any event, it's not hard to figure out.
The bottom line can now be told: Gen. Markus Wolf used WWII NAZI research to breed and run his spies, his "Manchurian Candidates."  I explain why having Celiac's Disease (Yes, like in that movie) is core to such a long-term indoctrinated, programmed, documented, groomed, Spy-In-Place in my enovel.
Simply put, a person with such genetic disorder can be totally programmable with the right environmental factors. One's mother, one's wife (I was ISSUED one) influence not only one's gluten intake (Diet), but also one's emotional and sexual states.
One can become heavily hypnotizable, and even behaviorally programmable - Even by remote control, over the phone, or casual approach on the street.
I was sent by the US Army in '77 to Germany to turn Wolf, and it quietly worked.  They decided they'd go ahead and counter-run Wolf's special project, a "Perfect half-everything- US-President-to-be," Barry Soetoro aka Barrack Obama. 
I obviously have the moral and civil duty to independently report that he's NOT ELIGIBLE to be President.  If anything, his father DID NOT HAVE THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE UNITED STATES IN MIND!
The neat thing is, when this is disclosed, everything Obama's signed, ordered, appointed, indebted, etc.  will be NULL AND VOID.  America Reset Button.  Unlike Impeachment would do, as in handing that Police State power over to some other implanted spy-in-place. (Got any guesses?  See my eBook.) 
I was made into a "Double-blind Study" of the effect, and I'm supposed to be given back pay, rank, benefits and testify to Congress!
I was made into an undercover investigator of sorts in the Wyoming Oil Truck Driving business, so I've had an effect, perhaps through WY Senator Enzi.  But I'm left out here twisting in the wind... At the mercy of a certain agent handler, a Melvin Holloway, who I believe holds a Legal Waiver over my life (Signed under distress in '77).
Every job the center sends me to, he shows up and starts convincing others that I'm a gay pervert.  And should be put away.  Because of whom I've known - Or maybe how (He thinks) I've known them. (Obama reportedly is - I am not.)
And then the story gets deep, as I was also used as a sting up the VA, it being known in '77 that the proponents of its growing size had political agendas in mind:  I've had two unnecessary surgical operations in my life, and those of the VA thought in '87 that one such provided intense political and sexual blackmail upon a rising Director of the CIA. In other words, that Obama's Communist Presidential eligibility could not be questioned, or else.
And then from '83 I've also been used as a special study in the long-term effects of a particular material within my body proper.  You know what I'm referring to. I'd like to get rid of the extra weight.
Hence, my eBook, an attempt to break free and life a life. And get past promises fulfilled before I starve or be made homeless again!

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Also, go to The Birther Report for more talk and info on why 0bama isn't even eligible to be President.  So, has he been counter-run the CIA, the whole time, the Presidency "Stewarded?"  Since JFK, even, perhaps?
And be sure to get a free preview of 


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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Melvin Halloway, long-term communist homosexual political psychiatrist and sex fiend in the Wamsutter oil fields

And get me permanently put away in the process

The specifics are this: In 1969, when I first officially met my lifelong-to-be Agent Handler, he told me that one day, he'd get me "The help I needed."  My mother had accused me of having been "Homosexually Abused" by my step-father.
I was used in espionage for many, many years.
Then sent to ground in 1977 with huge secrets to keep. One of them was how Gen. Wolf had bred one of his Manchurian Candidates to fill in the fairly empty Office of President Candidates on a specific timing.  It would suit the enemy to have one of their own in place at this strategic time in history.
Since I also represented a big PSYOPS deal involving communizing inheritances, my life had been filled with people dying like flies all about me.  All of them homosexually-related in some way, and being found in the exact same horrific manner.
Sexually mutilated and partially dismembered.
How could I not be involved?  I'm talking Japan, Okinawa, Germany, and even England!  If either I could be driven into a nut house, or just nuts, any future inheritance Judge would do the obvious thing with me.
But instead, I was used to lure the perpetrator(s) out. (Seems his wife likes to help him.) They'd enlisted the help of the Simon Wiesenthal Society to research this grisly affair, and they'd come up with the name of the former NAZI Munthausen SS Concentration Camp Doctor "Death" Aribert Heim.
He was known for his "Experimentation" on Jews, particularly on how to kill them the quickest.  And, apparently, the most painful, terroristic, way possible.
So, in 1976, at the JFK Center for Special Warfare, 4th PSYOPS, I was told that I was being sent to Germany not only to lure this "Doktor" out, but my natural father, General Wolf, as well.
Guess who showed up?  As my sudden "New Roommate?" At the Duesseldorf British Royal Army BAQ, where I was given quarters? (It was thought there was a British contact involvement.)
He openly used his name, Gary Condit.  He believably spoke with a "British Accent," and had done similar in Japan in 1969, at the Camp Zama Officer's Club (A murdered Japanese bartender), but I did not recognize him then.  This photo was in our shared room, and for some reason, he'd posted that photo of Maui Humpback whales in the background.  On the desk are two photos of his son, he said, but not his daughter.
At one point, he invited me and this British Royal Army Soldier(2nd from right - I'm 3rd in US Uniform) to his home on Linnet Street in Ipswich, UK for a 3-day weekend.  I think his name was Ron, and he was openly gay.  I was surprised on the ferry over to find out he was coming when he told me "Oh, it'll be a real sex party,eh?"
Due to the bartender accidentally giving me two mickeys in my beer, I slept all the way in Condit's MG, and we arrived late.
Mrs. Condit had already done the deed.  Sometimes they act independently, like I believe happened to Chandra Levy, later on.
A phone call came in and "Canceled" for me. It was a FUBAR.  We both were supposed to be "Canceled." I guess we were just supposed to ID his address but it was too late.
There is more in my other short story, too: Was this how Chandra Levy and others were killed? But the whole story is from the entire book OBAMA WAS BRED TO BE A MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE: AND, IRONICALLY, SO WAS I - WE HAVE THE SAME FATHER, EAST GERMAN STASI GENERAL WOLF

Basically, Condit came to believe that he'd "Disposed" of a "Sexual/Political Embarrassment" for my already high-ranking Agent Handler.  He'd been promoted to Director of the CIA at the beginning of that year, GHWB.
I remember the look in his eyes, and he spoke of how he thought he'd secured the "Assistance," or had blackmailed, the 2nd most powerful man on the earth.  Who rose even higher in rank from there, after all.
How he'd infiltrate Congress this way, etc. His "Career."  His indoctrinated Manchurian Candidate mission, I now presume.
He was allowed to go on free and conduct his (Their) activities.  It made it look to the whole world, but Conservatives, Congress, SCOTUS, the Media... That there was something SO TERRIBLY BLACK-MAILABLE about a high-ranking Conservative that NO ONE dare touch the issue of (Markus Wolf's indoctrinated Presidential Spy) Barrack Obama.  Or his homosexuality. Or political agenda. etc.
Thus, I had to go to ground with this secret.  I was told that I would probably go to jail if I breathed a word, just because I knew the details that no one else did.
How well I remember the horror of the idea, and I (Somewhat) gladly signed a "Global Waiver" of all my rights, to even include surgical invasion of my body.
I subsequently endured two false unneeded surgeries, one at SHAPE Hospital in Mons to accentuate my avoidance of above, and another in Kailua, HI, a cover "Tongue Surgery" that ended up being a long-term Army experiment in under-the-skin bomb material testing. (Or so I was told.  It's a "Beer belly" I just can't lose...)
So, the stage was set to give the Enemy what they wanted to see in our Presidency for the slated time period.  What to do with me?
I was ordered to Maui, then a remote place, and marry a woman I'd recognize by her "Legend."  Long, very miserable story, there...
But that I was eventually to become a truck driver, and an undercover investigator at the same time. It seemed a good idea, because the above-mentioned inheritance involves a major trucking company on the Mainland.
But that I'd receive "Treatment for my personal problem..." That of suspected homosexual abuse - That seemed to expand into killing them as well!
So, when in about 2002, after several attempts by my "Wife" to get me to attend SAGE Trucking School in Cheyenne, WY, she got herself very ill and left me to go back to Hawaii.
So, eventually forced to drive for SWIFT Transportation, I found right away that I was being treated "Special."  I'd see this one face and fat body over and over again.
All my trainers and co-driver were not only queer, but tried to force same on me - In between hushed cell phone calls - and constantly sported pornography.
A woman, quoted in a SWIFT Driver's mag, popped up twice in the Salt Lake Terminal, wearing a joker's hat to receive me, because it was said, as a "Trained Mental," she found such a great way to break the ice with "Paranoid Schizophrenics."
Well, I was paranoid, because under hypnosis, my boss had ordered me to be so for sake of survival.  "Rick, I prefer a paranoid spy to a dead one."  But they can't tell hypnosis from their DSM "Criteria."
As described below, this Mel Hollaway, as a name he's went under, constantly presented himself in my work life, always as a "Superior," a "New Supervisor," and the like.
And his power to implant himself thusly was the above-mentioned "Waiver," secured from me under duress, injected medication (for hypnosis), and sheer terror.
This "Treatment," (Really a big show for the world) was ordered by HI Judge Richard Komo on April 13th, 1994, or thereabouts.
A 20-year "Plea Agreement," and "In Situ Study of  a Serial Killer in his natural habitat (ME, a trucker?!)" that was connected to three false Security Breaches I'd been ordered to commit while in Germany.  (COSMIC TOP SECRETS, etc.  See my enovel for more.)
From what I happened upon in the internet, this "Psychiatrist" was an affirmed Communist with special theories:  He thought his profession had the societal duty of covering-up, and "Treating" the "Inevitable sex scandals from the naturally corrupt politicians."
So the first time I saw him really up close was working for B&M Water, where the Rawlins Job Service lady (Actually Cindy Delany, the County Attorney at the time) had the office cleared out for my visit, made phone calls to some Judge and said to me "Oh, if he gets you, he's going TO KEEP YOU."
It was probably Judge Stebner, who I'd run into later because of my "Wife."  She was always doing that sort of thing for fun and profit.
Having to accompany him in his truck was his thing, and after a run into Red Desert to get training on the effects of Sulfur Dioxide, he told me that he was going on a two-week "Vacation in the Red Desert."
So I got two weeks of good pay driving a water truck until he came back from his training of how to drive an oil-transfer truck.
They'd insisted I get HAZMAT when I was with SWIFT, so when I was told that I had to "Train" under this guy who spoke of how the pumping rigs were like "Pumping Mother Earth," I declined.  He'd already made homosexual advances on runs I'd been sent out to in  the middle of no where. I guess he figured such would drive me into a murderous mood, or something, like in the SWIFT trucks.
So I went to work for Malpaso Trucking instead.
But Mel  would show up in many of my job center-sent oil field truck jobs in the next many years.  As a "Sudden new supervisor" Or the like.
Quick examples: I once had to take a job at the Rock Springs Pizza Hut as a driver.  Right away, the staff started acting strange towards me, and there'd be little business.
One day, I was the only driver and told I'd get two special deliveries.  One was a stack of pizzas to a motel room.
When I arrived, it was clear to me that such was a meeting of Shrinks from the hospital pretending to be truck drivers having some beers.
One of them obviously never drank beer, and the one he'd had had him floored.  They offered me some beer, but I declined.
But then Mel showed up in a new orange oil worker's suit and trademark beard, and wanted me to wait outside while he talked to them.  It was clear from the shaking heads when I went back in for payment that they weren't going to take his demand to have me committed.
I returned to Pizza Hut to deliver another stack to - The Psychiatry Ward of the Rock Springs Hospital, where a group of women all were waiting, trepidation about me obvious on their minds.   They eventually showed the same body language, and I was free to leave.  It was eerie, having the feeling of others perhaps hiding behind closed doors in the otherwise deserted wing.
I got an offer to drive bus for Powder River Bus, but naturally had to pay for the endorsement on my license by myself. That the driver would drive to Casper, and I would drive back, as a test.
It seemed to almost be the same collection of Shrinks, and the Fat Fuck with the beard did drive, but then stopped half-way to have me drive - And insist, over and over, again, to "Drive faster."
Finally, they were dropped off at the Casper Air Port and we drove to the terminal.  Where I was told that it would take days for my training, and in the meantime, I would have to take all kinds of menial mental tests, watching videos, and the like.
I presumed it was some kind of Judicial wait, again.  The "Security Officer," another Fat Fuck, really, I think I was to see later in the personage of a "Blind Computer Expert who used voice recognition technology" because, as it said in the Rawlins Times, such was thought by Family Services "To attract and be able to treat Paranoid Schizophrenics."
Even my wife pointed out that his rolling his eyes into the back of his head, and waving his knob-cane all about wasn't proof of his blindness.
He later would entice me as "Manager of a liquor store" and "Bouncer at Peppermill Bar" to come over, flash my personal derringer in a dangerous manner, and "Help beat up people."
I'm sure he was part and parcel of having me mickey'd and set up for a DUI at that bar.  Claiming I'd been in a "Fight," which they arrange for those they don't want around when drugs are happening, and the RPD "Just happened to respond to."
Where I was sent to Court before a Feminist Court, one my "Wife" had prepped, like she'd done before Judges Komo and Ueoka on Maui with her incomprehensible English and false stories of my derringer.  Where I was predictably treated, a 8-day offer of jail turned into - 3 months in the jail (Where I was placed in the special surveillance room and probed with the themes of "Homosexuality, violence, theft, etc.) and yet also another 3 months in Wyoming State Hospital, where it was even worse.
(See below)

Finally, I received a call from a man claiming to be drunk and in the process of divorce, and having a small truck company north of Rock Springs.  Later, I could have sworn it was Rawlins' Dr. Couch, but he was eventually forced to be evaluated himself, so who knows?
In any event, I never saw him drive a truck.  Instead, it was the "Trainers" I was assigned to every day that would play the tricks.
One fat guy was "Expert" on how to use a 5-gal. propane burner to thaw the drain nipples on the back of the the oil tankers.  Something that could result in the whole damn thing blowing to Kingdom Come, so I always refused.
Or the one woman driver, who kept insisting that I park the rig like she did.  She claimed she frequently drove across the icy parking lot, swung hard to the left, and could skid to a perfect parallel parking on the curb.  I declined the challenge.
Like the other fabricated attempts to get me to do something "Dangerous," so as to be "Committed," they "Lost their water license," and I found myself starving, broke, and freezing in my camper, again.

It was at Needlestacks (sic) Oil Heating company at Wamsutter that I wintered one year.  I long no longer trusted the job referrals given me by the job center, so I took up an ad on the radio to take work with them.
Right away, there was a "New Senior Person," made it clear he wasn't going to do anything he didn't want to do, etc...
I was assigned to go with him in the methane truck for pressure testing at one of the sites:  Simply put, he ran me through several "Shrinkola" tests, like, "Rick, go use this metal wrench and gauge what the (Highly volatile) methane level is in the tank. You don't need a mask."
Since I knew that if the methane concentration were such that it was dangerous, he'd be wearing a mask, and wasn't. He'd fiddled in there, and had not been overcome with anything.  It was more Shrinkola, and I had to put up with that all the time.
When we suddenly got the choice job of doing the Frac heating at an oil site, I was happy.  12 hour shifts, and as I had been told innumerable times, all's one did was to watch CD's and get up once an hour to check the gauges.
But I noticed that the site's Security Officer actually came by hourly to dutifully log such readings in detail.  So why not us?
Instead, FF, or the others would provide pornographic CD's, and until I brought my own laptop, there was nothing else to do, except walk around.
Which they found suspicious.
On the trip there, FF would be driver, and endlessly brag about things.  He often would recount how he had "Told somebody something, and when they resisted, he would beat the shit out of them!"
The others in the truck would laugh uproariously.
Once, a rather decrepit slovenly female with us responded with a quote from some cartoon characters known for such slapstick.  The others glared at her to shut up.
It rather reminded me of hypnosis, when a certain stimuli would be used to encourage a group reaction - And provoke one from me?  I never found the violence funny.
But then, to be sent to Wamsutter, WY, has its peculiarities:  With a stated population of 300 or so, they have reportedly 30 registered sex offenders...
Kind of like a Soviet gulag-to-be fostered situation?

To be cont.

But when one day, I had to go out with Mike, a guy who endlessly portrayed himself as an expert on CDL regulations, since he said he was a former cop (Others said he was a former dog catcher), and heat up an oil site.
What comes out of the ground is a mix of oil and water.  In the winter, that's a grey sludge that must be heated before it can be separated and drained off.
And so we went to a rather quiet site west of Love's with the propane heater truck to do so.  An odd, out of the way, place, for what was usually done.
I could tell that Mike was nervous as hell, and it had been said that it was his last day, too.  He kept repeating to me over and over again, that HE heated up the tanks way up at 140 degrees, because that was the way HE did it, etc.  Way too high.
As usual, I played deaf and dumb.  I knew he wouldn't do anything that blew him away as well as myself. But there was certainly something ominous in the air.  Another trainee kept lighting cigarettes way too close to the site.
But, finally, Matthew, one of the owners, who consistently gave me evil looks, came up.  That seemed to be the norm:  I'd get a new job, be the "New Guy" for a while, pretty much accepted as such.  Then, all of a sudden, I'd be treated as if some kind of hidden pervert, or thief, or nut case, and peoples' attitudes would change.  He would stare at me, whatever it was.
And here would come "Mel H., the new supervisor."
Matthew consimerated on how long everything was taking, and all, and I dutifully followed him with hoses and the like up to the top of the tanks, and all that, just having to absorb his disgust of myself.  He was some kind of highly-holy LDS type.
Finally, having to watch the top of the tank where the heater input hose had been put in, I decided to change my position upwind so as not to breathe so many sulfide dioxide fumes.
Oddly, over the years working the oil fields, it was frequent to be deliberately put in the lee of such fumes.  More than once, was I directed to park my camper where such was overwhelming.  Even the "Mechanic" of NBC Trucking had directed where I put my camper, in lee of rail tankers' fumes.  In Wamsutter, as well.
The stuff can not only kill you, it can swell your sinuses so much one can get deaf, even lose one's sense of balance.  And I had no choice in either housing, nor employment...
Good thing I did move position.  Suddenly, the  (Deliberate?) overheating of the oil tank meant that it erupted in a volcano of hot oil.  At about 140 degrees, I would have been a sorry semi-fried gooed up mess, had I not moved downwind at just the right time.
It would have been a long, protracted, miserable death, in fact.
Contrary to all oilfield rules, Matthew then took rags to clean the stairs and the rest of the mess as best as possible.  It was sure the hell more than the required one gallon of spill to make a report, but...  That was surely not going to happen.
I survived, once again, with my trained, or somewhat natural ability to "Act dumb."
And yet to the "Mentals" around here, that's called "Mental Illness."  That I not want to "Share" my deepest feelings, and true emotions with them when they walk up with Shrinkola Dogs, and the like.
Following, after all, past given military orders to not be interrogated.

To be cont.

So, my disjointed employment as an oilfield driver eventually meant I'd have to find a place to park my truck/camper for the winter.  The Wyoming Red Desert can be inhospitable but livable until the snow flies.  After that, one must find a parking place with an electric line to run a heating fan, or else all freezes inside.  All, canned goods, water, everything, and me.
So I had heard "Suggestions" from one of the "Openly gay" truck drivers, "Dave," (Yeah, right) suggesting I go to the Junk yard outside of Rawlins.
My "Wife" had previously set me up with that to go to a "Yard Sale."
Even my son.
FF had been there, the apparent owner of the combination petting farm and junk yard and had right away, years ago, suggested that if I EVER needed to live someplace, why, he'd rent me cheap one of the empty RV's he had.
It seemed that people would forever park them there and abandon them, so while there was no running water, sewer, nor electricity, one could use small tanks of propane to freeze by.
One only needed to keep a window cracked, FF had said, and run the stove at high blast.  My own propane heater didn't work, oddly enough, anyway, so I was forced to do this frowned-upon practice and wear insulated gear to stay warm.
Or, of course, I could come into the trailer, where he kept containers of water to defrost and feed the animals with, my "Job."
And, of course, he would tell me often, I could come up to the main heater, and would I put my hand on it, to feel how warm it was?  Then he would adjust and adjust his girth, and his pants, for they suddenly would be out of line.  "Why, just put your hand up here, and feel how warm it is!"
Or, he would tell me on occasion, "You'll get used to me after a while  You'll be giving me blow jobs before you know it!"
After a while, he would bolt lock the doors to the "Abandoned RV's" shut, and then after a while strip all inside as his own property, and then haul off the vehicle to parts unknown.  "Sold for $100," he would say.
As events turned out, I ended up having no choice.  Framed and set up for a DUI at the P*-Bar-And-Grill with a mickey (I know the effects, believe me) by police officers deliberately waiting at the curb for me, I found myself with no place to live and no way to drive.
"Put your camper... Right there."  Had instructed FF, which made no sense.  What with all the other spots available, that put it right next to the burn barrels.  He daily had, and wanted me, to collect scraps of everything from around the area, to include plastics and other odd bits and ends he would scavenge from Rawlins, to burn.
Glass parts went with Glenn ("With two 'n's") who took them to Medicine Bow for ditch filler, where it was rumored by Bill of BCN trucking that Glenn had obtained a farm by making an old woman disappear.  What kind  of story was that?
The purpose was clearly not recycling, for he would let the plastic goo accumulate in the barrel, he said, until it was heavy enough, and then transport the barrel to the Rawlins landfill. After it would no longer produce smoke.
While the usual Westerly wind blew the odor and fumes perpendicular to my camper, and I wouldn't get so much, the sunset, night and storm winds would blow the same directly into my camper.
I found myself being dizzy all the time.  When he insisted that I help with chainsawing wood, he would also insist I hold the logs (Stupid) while he cut with the dullest saws I have ever seen. Like I could have had an "Accident," or something.
One day, he threw one saw after the other out unto the ground.  Running.  But never sharpened them.
The tall driver I knew from Bandit Trucking, "G.," was another resident, and also constantly talked about homosexuality and violence in despicable, suggestive, ways to me.  He was my only ride to the grocery store, job center, and library, pretty much, but had worked also at CBN (sic) and Grand Forge (sic) trucking when I had.
I'd read in the paper of how some shrink had a theory that "Waving" could hypnotize a person.
We had circular routes, and his "Waving" used to about drive me nuts.  Much State-level fraud was evident at that highway project, as well.
He assumed, and accused, me of much.  They all did.
It was not until later that I realized that the constant supply of vinyl, like in a huge chair, set upon the burn barrel to smolder for days, was a cause of lightheadedness and stupor.  It was cyanide poisoning, actually, and it took months of Power Walking to clear my lungs.  Think I'll live to be 100?
While working for Bandit Trucking, there had been much fraud.  But two of the owner's other drivers from Colorado were pretty much a good sort.
They were in love, but married to others. Like the other decrepit drivers he hired, they often would team up to offer me "Messages."  Yet, try to be kind on the side.
He'd tried to warn me, as the part-time mechanic, that the trailer I'd been assigned had a bad spring bushing, and the rig could leave the road or overturn at any time.  With me and who knew else as part of it.
After being fired there for having insisted upon doing my DOT paperwork properly, Debbie had offered me to come live in Hanna for a while.  They had an RV someone had deserted, but I could use it for a while.  They, too, lost their jobs when the DOT busted Bandit Trucking, and according to FF, someone like them had lost their housing in Hanna.
And, there, right next to where I had to park my camper, was the one they'd described, having no registration.  When I'd arrived, there'd been all kinds of things left out, from a generator to fuel to water to rugs - All kinds of things one would put away at a camp site if not returning right away.
Once, much later, I heard a cell phone ringing over and over from the camper.  That could only have been if the cell had been plugged in to the RV's battery to last that long.
As with everything and everywhere, FF, always subtly suggested I steal stuff.  Like I was being set up to.
Every day, he would arrive with old lettuce from a fast food restaurant, and game carcasses from an outfitter, to feed his chickens, dogs, goats and horse.  He was big on his stories of inviting children to come to his "Petting farm," but I never saw any.  Instead, I was to come into the crap-laden chicken coop (It was never cleaned) and "Hang out with him."
He claimed he sold his chickens on the classifieds, but I never saw any ads, nor any slaughtered, nor any sold.
Or, come into his "Workshop," where he'd put in a wood burning stove on the wrong wind side, which he would light and fuel with old engine oil and damp newspapers until the room would fill with smoke, and invite me to sit down and take apart aluminum door frames and such.
Purposely intoxicating, if that's the right word.
Once, "G." said that one of the old watchdogs had killed FF's favorite goat.  He'd spoken endlessly on how FF loved his goats and such.  Yet he underfed them all.
Yet, to see the dog's body, there was blood on the neck, but no ripping wound as if caused by a dog.  More like a pistol shot.
He arrived and tried to hide the .22 pistol he had, but it was definitely .22 shorts that I heard as he killed that dog.  It died pretty slowly, obviously.
I was told to gut the goat, as they said only I must have a good hunting knife, and not they.  I was, in my impoverishment,  to eat this goat, hung in a trailer full of trash, but I declined.
Lucky I had food stamps.
They were constantly asking and checking me if I owned a .22 pistol.
G. burned the dog in a barrel with motor oil.
They didn't like it when I added scrap wood to make the fires burn hotter - And not so smoky.  They'd take the wood out.
FF, to this day, stalks me. It can only be a police cell phone GPS tracker that tells him that I'm at a certain store, etc., when I am.  And he "Appears," but never approaches.  I guess by some Shrink theory, I'm supposed to approach him for his "Graces."
Just today (6/24), he knew I was at City Market, and parked right next to me.  It was the only day of the week I wasn't trailed around town by RPD or SO.
Is that protective surveillance?  I can't tell.
I've been told by a Deputy that FF is a well-known pervert.  I'm pretty sure I  read in the paper how it's suspected that transients disappear there, maybe chopped up by chainsaw, and then fed to the chickens and dogs, and then burned in the barrels, and then hauled off to the landfill.  But no one is eager in Rawlins to dig up over there.
Is this orchestration on my behalf?  Or for real?
There are no homeless in Rawlins that I can tell.
But FF DID come daily to collect and take home the eggs the chickens produce.  (And to "Talk...")  One of those Jeffrey Dahmer things, maybe?
Well, he has his support, I can tell, because the bus drivers use their cell phone while taking me someplace, and I'll see his truck, or he, there.  I've been in espionage my whole life, and I'm also not stupid.
To think:  My "Wife," should the insurance policy still be valid would collect $100K.  Not only if I die, but if I'm sent away...
The woman I was forced to marry, I've written.
She's made a career of collecting money on men and insurance companies.
And never gets caught... Not afraid to pay commissions either, I think.
And she's the one who demanded so often I become a truck driver.  To "Meet" FF.  So many things.

Being framed for a DUI - Carbon Jail and Wyoming Hospial
It was not until I was threatened with brain-destroying chemicals in a conference call with the Judge did I relent and even speak once with the shrink.  A chemical frontal lobotomy of sorts.  It had been my appointed defense council that had waved a print out of my anti-Obama website in the Court room saying she couldn't get me a fair trial that got me the six months, I take it.
For she told me that I had to sign some paper, a special strategy she had to get me from any jail time at all - That allowed her to get me to "Take a little test...."
"Here, at this place," and then "There at that place.."
Of course, being sexually branded like that with Fat Fuck's constant presence at every job site I had meant severe admonishment from the other workers.  In other words, it had gotten so bad that I figured the next time they tried to have a fatal "Industrial Accident," they'd probably succeed. I was desperate for food and housing and I even thanked the Jail Captain in the end for the "Free Housing and Board."
There I was not only surrounded by such "Fellow Inmates" pressing the same interrogatory theme, but a "Dr. Black" from Germany as an "Inmate," who I knew of from my espionage years there.  A bonafide former East Germany Communist (STASI) worker, who would have meetings with their group, and arrange the lyrics constantly played on the loudspeakers there, like:
"FAG ATTACK!  FAG ATTACK!  FAG ATTACK!" Usually, by evening, a few of the others would finally respond by throwing the specially hardened furniture around the common room, and threatening the staff. Waiting for me to get involved.
And, predictably broadcasting to "JACK OFF NOW!  JACK OFF NOW!"
"Treatment," I guess, for homosexual serial killers, or something?
Mel's previous lie to me about going to Casper to pick up a friend in a hospital with kidney problems, but they kept him for six months made sense when I saw him sitting in the observation room, waiting for me to break down and "Talk" to him.