What do Jonbennet, Chandra & Laci have in common? The Gary Condits!


Sunday, February 15, 2015

So now comes the Shocker: The US Presidency has been "Stewarded" by the CIA on Nixon's orders because of JFK

OK. Shock for the American People, Level one up. 
The CIA has "Stewarded" the Presidency since Richard Nixon approved of it in an Executive Order. The fact of the matter is that the Red Chinese, especially, have been acing our Presidents and Wannabe's since JFK. 
No decent person has wanted to get shot, so hasn't applied. 
We've basically put in actors, CIA Directors and their sons, but let the Liberal get a shot at fucking things up every four years or so, so they couldn't complain too much. The CIA is out for enforcing the Constitution, not taking over the country in a Coup. Or so I was told to remember. 
And repeat. 
See, they didn't mind if people like Carter and the Clintons went and searched old FBI, Army, even foreign files and archives to find "Blackmail" material to see if they'd use it or not. 
And they did find. What was purposely planted. In US Army files, in FBI files, in WGIS and EGIS files, in KGB files, in HI (Therefore CHICOM) files, all seeming orchestrations of "Homosexual abuse" by GHWB of young male Army aides, like myself. 
I'm not joking. This has been my life. Since 1969, at Camp Zama, Japan through my induction into US Army MI, various postings, and then orders to go to ground to Maui, and then DickCheneyLand (Wyoming) where I reside now. I've underwent three unneeded surgeries, and they all look like it was done for a "Cover-up." What the enemy wanted so gleefully to see! 
And, of course, such a temptation for the long-term Manchurian Candidates to hear about and come out to rally about 0bama! Their Leader to the quest of a Worldwide Communism! Why, if GHWB was Queer, the Conservatives would NEVER contest 0bama's real parentage and ineligibility! 
Enter Gary Condit. 
There it gets gory. People tortured to death, it's his "Jeffrey Damner" thing. 
But I am the Witness. Important enough to treat this way, and be given the deepest cover there could be. And it's been miserable. Worst than any Federal Witness Protection Program, believe me. 
But I'm 61, and it just doesn't matter anymore. Either they pay me my promised back Army pay for this duty, and perhaps I get an inheritance, too, or I'm just even more screwed than they screwed me for this "Cover." 
But current events are evolving. Things are happening, dates are coinciding, It must be time. 
So will I now be Free, as once promised? Or forever in the bondage and personal horror of perpetual Shrinkola? "Studied" as a "Manchurian Candidate?" "Treated" for serial killings I never did? "Covered up" as they think their mandate to do in a modern world of perpetual political sexual corruption? Damned to never know a real friend, a real family, a real life? Perpetual APA Hell On Earth? It was bad enough to be born the son of a STASI Nazi-based breeder of Manchurian Candidates, will I ever get a life? Ever be allowed my own capital, my own money, as earned and owned, by me? Ever be freed from perpetual surveillance, of every fart I make in my own living quarters, or walk down the apartment hallway? Or GPS'd down the street, every "Work Place" a group of "Mentally Trained" whatevers? If this is "America, Land of the Free," you can stick it up your Collective (Socialists) ass.
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