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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The espionage uses of the Veteran's Administration (VA) by enemies of the Constitution


 Oh, have I got a VA story for you all!  It is an agency that has far outgrown its original purpose.
  I was long ago utilized while in US Army Military Intelligence, in espionage, a very long story of "Sex and intrigue," the usual stuff,  as I guess you'd say.
My high-ranking Agent Handler often used hypnosis with drug assist, an established Intelligence methods and means, as I was very hypnotizable.
I was once primed, during a "Medical Checkup," to one day have a strong pain and the idea that I'd need a hernia surgery when so prompted by mnemonic.
Therefore, during the last days of my tour in Germany, I had a "Hernia operation" at the SHAPE HQ Hospital in Mons, Belgium.  What I mostly remember was the pain from a clamp inserted into the surgical opening, and lying there in a bed of sweat.  There are a cluster of nerves, there, and this was literally behavioral programming.  Negative, vs. positive conditioning is much stronger, but will not last as long.
I was ordered by my Agent Handler (The regular surgical staff had been asked to step outside) and his aide, to flash back, and feel, this pain, if anyone ever mentioned "Intelligence," or his name to me.  Then I was ordered to repress this memory.
Afterwards, I was told that "They'd sewn it up too tight, and to go to the VA in about ten years for a tune-up surgery." I believed them, of course.
But, for reasons of my abused upbringing (Which ironically made me good at my job), certain disinformation campaigns were utilized.  Mind you, I am not, have never been, nor ever will be, homosexual. But it was thought of me because of my adopted mother's desire to ruin me and my name, in order to get at a huge inheritance I stood for.  That matter was actually part of the overall anti-espionage campaign.
Quite deliberately, my Agent Handler had orchestrated seeming such false homosexual interactions utilizing me, for he had high political aims.  Thusly, he knew the Commies would bite this bait hard, and they did.
After ten years, I went as ordered to the fledgling Maui VA, and was told I should attend a cocktail party the entire State's VA staff was attending.  It was clear to me, even though no one approached me, that I was the Main Attraction.
Since that time, I have been pursued relentlessly by agents of Social Services, and even Judges, and am currently  pursued again by the VA. Yes, I'd contacted them recently regarding housing and perhaps disability, but immediately, their tack was "Mental Health." (That cuts both ways but centers on interrogation.)
Boy, do they want to interrogate me!   And, "Paradoxically," they "Can't find my medical records," for that "Some unknown Agency holds them."
That wasn't the only unneeded hospitalization.
I can't describe what it's like to go to a store, be treated funny, then see the staff get together and discuss, "Well, he's not showing any signs of Mental Illness..."  The Discount stores, the grocery store, the eye doctor! That's how far they go, and much more.
It's been years, for example, of every job I've been sent to by the government job center has what?  Some person who tries to "Befriend" me - And talk about - You guessed it.  Etc.
 Or, the rest of the employees (In the trucking industry) do their darnest to have me have "A little accident." Even suspected Homosexuals are not well-received here, in Wyoming.
A "New manager" at Pizza Hut told me she was paid an ungodly sum to drop her job in Casper as a Mental Health Therapist to immediately become my "Supervisor." For example.
And it's been a very, very long time.  But you know what the clincher is?  I'm positive that the reason that Congress, SCOTUS, Courts, politicians, the Media, all Conservatives, etc., won't touch the 0bama Ineligibility Issue is because they are being blackmailed with this seemingly incredibly destructive-to-Conservatives "Homosexual Revelation." In fact, I believe this is also why the "Homosexual Marriage Movement" has such stride with them.
If it were only true. But it's not.
I openly write this now because I am sure that the time - For the sealed inheritance - And for 0bama and his agenda to finally come down, is nigh. And for me to get past promised back pay, rank, and benefits. For this duty,  this mission.
See my "Fictitious novel, based on facts" on Kindle.  I was ordered to write one. These details, and MUCH more that will take a bit to sink in, are there.
When 0bama's declared ineligible, so will all his works, laws, Executive Orders, appointments..., and especially, debts to Red China.  Who has been quite deliberately waging economic war on us for a very long time, and more.
Going back to the inheritance thing, the beginning of it all for me.
God knows there's a reason government agenices like the VA are so "Psychologically Invasive." And, at the best, it could be called "Dirty Politics."
From my own records, proof I had the unneeded "Hernia surgery."

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