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Friday, June 17, 2016

When will we do the humane thing and liberate Mexico and South America?

When is the US going to do the humane thing and liberate South America and Mexico from their Drug Lord run Socialist Politicians?  It would solve the Drug War, the immigration crisis, and gain the US a couple of new territories or even states?  Consider the numbers of Spanish speaking illegal immigrants we have now who would jump at the chance to become US citizens by joining an Army whose goal it would be to liberate their homeland?  Maybe we can get real after Trump takes office.

Food Shortage in Venezuela

(6/30/16)  Well, how interesting!  It would seem to be a reaction to my idea that the Mexican President is all of a sudden pushing for a unification of Canada, Mexico, and the US!  With them Communist Druggie Lords still in charge of everything, I take it.  And once it got to be in the US, the same conditions as in Venezuela, then would come the blue-bonneted Red Chinese soldiers in white tanks,, "UN,"  to "Restore Civil Order," or such similar crap.  The good news is that there is ever increasingly more rains and floods up the Yangtze River, and they might end up being too busy to invade us, should the Three Gorges Dam fail.  "Climate Change," or is it "Weather Weapons?"