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Thursday, November 6, 2014

The rise and fall of Obama is a long-term counter-running of Barry Soetoro and STASI father Gen. Markus Wolf

It's the culmination of a CIA counter-espionage running of 0bama. Pose question: "How do you lure all the spies, moles, Manchurian Candidates, agents, etc. out of the woodwork?" Since the enemy has used such hypnotic methodology since WWII to infiltrate our system for a final takedown? (Hint: East German Commie methodology based on WWII Nazi research on Jews) Put it this way: "Hoist a Barry Soetoro up the flagpole and see who salutes."
Right now it's clear as a bell: Anyone who obediently stares at 0bama and obeys his orders is a long-term planted spy. The CIA educated the People by counter-running him to the hilt. And they predictably reacted and are taking their government back.
That's what the CIA does best isn't it? Infiltrate and take down Communist regimes across the world? Now yo u know why (With an occasional exception for the Liberals) the Presidency has been stewarded by CIA Dir. George HW Bush, then his son, an actor, and then the Big Show of Commie 0bama.