What do Jonbennet, Chandra & Laci have in common? The Gary Condits!


Friday, January 6, 2017

Open letter to Congress as to real identity of Obama's parents, some spies, and the solution to Chandra Levy and Jonbennet's real killer, who I know.

Rick A Hyatt
548 15th Street
Cathy Gardens Apartments - #402
Rawlins, WY 82301

November 13, 1917
(reprint - edited)

Senator Mike Enzi
Senate Intelligence Committee
US Congress


Dear Sirs,
Again, I write you on several issues that are very timely and would greatly affect the course of our nation; my military duty to do so:
First point, in spite of built-in deliberate attempts to confuse this “Manchurian Candidate,” the biological bred son of former East German STASI HvA “Master Spy,” Gen. Markus Wolf, of the real final culmination point of my duties, I now carry them out in this timely letter to you.
Former CIA Director William Colby's message regarding same to Congress in 1977 (And then using me as that Congressionally funded “Manchurian Candidate Study”) has been proven in all its points. I've accomplished my mission and this in spite of all American Psychological Association's “In Situ” attempts to thwart my mission. Frankly, they are nothing but an enemy political front group to begin with.
Although it should be mentioned that the “Spy disguise” such as the ruination of my teeth, the experimentation of “Carrying around extra 20 lbs. Of plastique micropellet and information based microdots embedded siliconic gel weight” etc. should be be expected to be corrected by US Army doctors. I mean, they knew the Muslims were coming with their penchant for body bombs,  and so what could US Authorities do but fund a test case, me?
It would be nice to have it removed by US Army doctors and get my promised back pay and then be cut loose, of course.
Even Colby's claim that his daughter has been switched with a biological double has been validated as my own Legend Wife was done so transparently during an unneeded tongue surgery that covered-up these other medical procedures in 1984. If nothing else, and the documents sealed at the Phoenix Federal Court by HI Judge Komo in 1994 (See my reference to SSA Brain Larkin below.) have been tampered with, I still retain within my own body classified microdots and other materials that try as hard as they might have, neither the Clintons nor Obama has been able to get at. (They were known to be incoming infiltrators who would raid every Intel safe in the nation to find scandalous info on Conservatives.)
Scar tissue (Belly button, scars on my jaw from surfing) had been photographed to insure no subsequent invasive violations have occurred.
Like true copies of my and Obama's real birth certificates with true names of parents.  A common father also shared by other highly-placed Agents of Political Influence.
I reiterate to you that I was inducted into US Army M.I. In 1974 and eventually sent to Germany with the mission of participating in luring Gen. Wolf to the West, where he was “Turned” and I was there for part of his debriefing. I actually had been under the wing of US Agencies on since young due to the activities referenced below, specifically inheritance law and the possible effects of "Communizing" it.
To wit, Markus Wolf specialized in using his rank and Intelligence Agency  resources to identify a monetarily motivated woman (Prostitute – Such as an Indonesian black Muslim woman in Barrack Obama's case) who would bear a child by he and then allow it to be adopted. She could then rewarded immensely, by the same intel means, such as my bio-mother; A string of rich husbands who seemed to die early.
Wolf thus could add his genetic Celiac's Disease genes with her own, thus creating the genetic basis for the Agents of Political Influence. (Thankfully successfully counter-run by the GHWB CIA I believe on orders of President Nixon.)
This was followed up by selecting an adopted mother who would be heartless enough to start the child's behavioral programming upbringing, to include a heavy gluten diet, early childhood mental and sexual abuse and trauma, and the usual paternity-hiding new adopted birth certificates. Wolf would then use his documentation-creating skills and powers to create a “Legend” and suitable indoctrination. This explains why Obama's paperwork is so “Spiked” with “Smiley Faces” and the like.
They did much of it at the Bundesamt für Verfasungschutz (German FBI) safe-house in Cologne I worked at daily where Wolf was debriefed. Everything from the reversed rubber stamp to the Kenyan Legend.
But when is he going to be declared “Ineligible.” All his acts, appointments, executive orders, on and on, declared “Null and Void?”
The ultimate goal here, to let the Clintons and Obamas lure all of the Sleepers, Moles, and Spies from the woodwork out to the plain sight of the American People has well been done! Like Director GHWB told me to remember, “The CIA Espionage Coup of the Century.”
I believe that SCOTUS has this and another Constitutional Crisis before them NOW, as well as my own military paperwork – Hidden Medical Records - And back pay, rank, and benefits. Even a major Social Security payments hike and disability pay
I DO NOT acquiesce to any furtherance of that Global Waiver to my Constitutional Rights I was made to sign under duress, drugs, hypnosis and deliberately being made to be Celiac Symptomatic as I had been at the time and long after in 1977. I recognize that such was operationally necessary to protect me for the long term at the time, but no longer!
My (2nd) Filipino Sex Worker Immigrant “Legend Wife” I was assigned has thankfully divorced me and is long out of my life as a reputation-destroying yet Legend-creating influence. I am on the road to living a normal social life; Now the only barrier being the “Mental Health Service Agencies” that operate as a Gestapo to keep me imprisoned socially, financially, and politically. Even the VA seems to be up to its old tricks in this regard and my own unwanted and invasive “Health Care.”
Hark this warning! I learned my own “Family Jewel” code-name was to have been “Sapphire,” as Wolf had the penchant of code-naming his internationally-bred spies that way.
In fact, I was also run against the Rainer Rupps the year I was in Germany, “Topaz” and “Turquoise,” overtly known as his agents. Here's a few personal photos.

Rainer Rupp & I at his Belgium home
 Frau Rupp with her English mother, “Frau Schneider,” and their son & I

Rupp's infamous Porsche (Note Lic #) he sold secrets for

They were very grateful that I would be going to ground and they allowed to continue to work as “Doubles” on the outside, permitting their son to have a normal life, until brought before a Judge for lenient sentencing. I was also ordered to transport “Cosmic Top Secret” Documents to the SHAPE HQ in Mons, Belgium and give them to a “Herr Ruppe” (Wolf in disguise) just to initiate a false Security Breach. The Director had laughed at that label, as it really did not exist. It was labeled that way to make KGB Analysts think they must have really important material if they'd never heard of it, before.
Colby's “Family Jewels” testimony before he was kicked out of office meant he became to be my full time “OJT” trainer in the art of being a “Gray Man” under the identity of “Günter Hein, GS-12, Land Liaison Officer, Düsseldorf Consulate, and my “Supervisor.” (Document attached.)
Both he and the new Director, GHWB, (“GS-13 John Willms,” whose signature also on that form; I'm told fingerprints would still be on it and to keep it forever.) would fly back and forth on the “Red Eye” by going through the Düsseldorf British Air Base, bypassing Customs. Former AG Edwin Meese, or former Army SP5, Secret Service Agent, and now head of the Boston Police Drug Task Force, Brian Larkin, could confirm this.)

On Vacation, Lake Chiemsee, notable hangout of homosexuals, he was ordered to set this appearance up for my Legend
He "Happened" to be a fellow cellmate in a false imprisonment for first time DUI recently, where "Homosexual violence" was the major interrogatory theme.

Now Head of Boston Drug Task Force

Brian "Lilly X" Larkin from the Internet

Larkin at Ft. Huachuca training to be an interrogator with me being his practice subject

Hidden in plain sight Youtube Larkin & notable persons for posterity. This is not a real Oktoberfest, but one held later on in the US. The video, “Das Ist Duetschland” is another hidden in plain sight documentary regarding another one of Wolf's sons. But, mostly throughout, photos and events are ones I witnessed while there. Mainly to prove to Congress that our Media is used to be the mnemonics/stimuli for Manchurian Candidates. I particularly like the costumed Markus Wolf as homeless tramp under the Arbeitsamt (Workforce center) scene. A true Master Spy, you'd never suspect HIM!

Aaron Breitbart, On loan from the Simon Wiesenthal Center to try to identify the means by which Condit's victims are found and who came up with the SS Mauthausen Concentration Camp Dr. Aribert "Death" Heim, who at 4th PSYOPS Group, Ft. Bragg, had two WGIS Agents tell me I was being sent to Germany to lure out Wolf and Heim. The cars were harvested from base personnel for their dates and the van above is a surveillance vehicle from which photos were also taken and are in Army records for safekeeping.

My 4th PSYOPS team buddies. Major Latimer in charge.

So, the other “Jewels” still in place in high political intrigue? If I remember correctly, “Amber” was Barry Soetoro, “Ruby” was Sarah Palin,

Sarah being told to investigate my sexual orientation; a few gluten rich beers when we were stationed at DLI for German class in Monterrey, CA in 1975

She'd been told to get a name tag with "Sarah Palin" on it, typically not done. That Gunny was my classmate in my German class at DLI at Montgomery. So was Ted Kaczynsky, here 3rd from left.

A comparison photo after he was later "Caught" and put into the relative safe and secure location of the Supermax. He knows a lot, particularly the issue of 339 Kapa'a Street, Kailua, known by neighbors as "The government house" in that Congresspeople from DC would frequent it.  It's quite close to Kailua Beach.  Events happened there, like my otherwise unneeded tongue surgery in 1984 that covered up a reverse liposuction (Interesting medical study) and a "Switching" of my Filipino Immigrant Sex Worker "Wife" with a near biological twin to prove CIA Dir. William Colby's point about same.

You'll note Ted makes the pose of having his hands together as if handcuffed in both pictures above.  He knew he would have to eventually serve time.  Same with "Frank" (Second from left) the native American who deliberately had himself committed to "Awaken" at the right time as his life-long SF mission.  He later appeared again in my life at the Westin Maui for a brief  look-see. then disappeared into the Manager's Office, the only door I could not, as Security Officer, could not open. Working there is a story unto its own.
Fourth from left was the ASA transcript writer who recorded all hypnotic, etc., sessions at the Duesseldorf Consulate while I was there. He later briefly appeared as an Encampment, WY, policeman, but took off fast after he recognized me.  He knew Dick Cheney, GHWB, Senator Benson (And his disguise) well and can also vouch my claims.

Again, a staged photo for posterity, deliberately misdated 1976 Palin worked for Wolf at least that long. Heim was instrumental in research on Jews in
SS Concentration Camp Mauthausen and created Condit's methods of horrible disposal of victims.  There I am with Wolf behind me, to the left with head cut off, Dir. GHWB, MFS Dir. Erich Mielke, Dr. Aribert Heim, Frau Ruppe... And Wolf's agent in Schweinfurt counting tanks from her boyfriend's window (A Tank Commander) is Sarah Palin.
Comparison photo from Internet of Gen. Markus Wolf, our common "Master Spy" father. He did achieve his goal of preempting World War from beginning on German soil the 3rd time

“Pearl,” I think, was Hillary Clinton, and worst of all, “Diamond” was Gary Condit and his Professional “Political/Sexual Embarrassment Disposal Service,” basically a tangential reference to their mutilation of victims with sharp scalpels. His stated goal as told to me was to infiltrate Congress, and he did initially succeed. His and Larkin's groomed beliefs that I was GHWB's life-long “Personal Secretary” in a sexual way was probably the blackmail used on Conservatives to keep them from pressing the Obama Ineligibility matter all this time.

Condit posing as roommate Brit base 1977. Altogether at least four Brits lost their lives to him there.

Gary Condit on Dr. Phil re: Chandra Levy

Burke Ramsey on Dr. Phil re: Jonbennet. Dr. Phil must know the cases are related with the Condits as perpetrators.
And probably many more. I believe this will round out the Obama/Clinton Body List and probably Justice Scalia.

The purpose of my victimization by Condit was to have been to have me put away in pursuit of a family inheritance from my first adopted father as an espionage matter. The “Communization” of inheritance rights, and perhaps even the Right To Own Property. “Sapphire.”
I was promoted to Warrant Officer status in 1977, CID, Civil Affairs (They made me into an Undercover Investigator type), TDY, sent to ground, but While the Gary Condits' (Plural - Teammates) activities are nigh with the conjoined Chandra Levy and Jonbennet Ramsey being rejuvenated in sync, I am also personally witness to his activities, as well. Cold cases and many espionage-related murders-by-dismemberment that range from Hopkinsville, KY, to Tokyo and Okinawa, Japan, to Monterrey, CA, to Düsseldorf, to Ipswich, UK.
All military assignments of my adopted fathers or myself, trying to flush them out.
I was prompted to be ready to be returned to uniform, given a final promotion to WO III, and brought for testimony before Congress. Not sit around here and be a VA snowflake.
My last word of warning is in the placement of Liz Cheney, daughter of Dick Cheney. I was specifically ordered to remember, repress, and repeat that Dick Cheney was Donald Rumsfelt's homosexual partner in the White House, basically got him his job as WH Chief of Staff, and President Nixon was particularly upset about that means of infiltration.
It was why GHWB “Kept his friends close and his enemies closer,” and why Cheney was his “Personal Aide” from when I first saw him in Japan in 1969 and daily when he was with the “Office of Economic Opportunity” in 1977. He was often the person who injected a drug into my left arm to start hypnotic sessions, and believed it was his “Job” to cover-up my “Relationship” to Dir. GHWB.
That his daughter is setting up Wyoming Coal to be sold to Red Chinese interests should be sending up a Red Flag. Literally.
This expose is going to happen. Could you just see that it's not covered-up? And in my mind, the sooner, the better. I've done my duty, I'm owed my pay.

Dutifully Yours,
Having sworn to “Preserve, Protect, and Defend the US Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic...” Twice, now.
Rick A. Hyatt

P.S. I fully recognize that by sending this marked “Classified” by means of fax transmittal through a Pamfax server in Germany will ensure an FBI Security Breach investigation. Past Orders from my Agent Handler, GHWB, to “Shout it from the Rooftops,” I'm afraid.