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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Finally the Ineligibility question rises to the fore.

0bama's true Manchurian Candidate-bred mission is to destroy the Office of President. When so, we have left only the Congress  and the Judiciary, a "Sister Socialism" 2nd rate to the Communisms of the world, Red China and Russia.  How do I know this?  0bama is my half-brother and our biological father is former STASI Gen. Markus Wolf, who developed this "Master Spy" genetically-based protocol based on form NAZI research during WWII.  Wolf has other progeny still in high political office in the US.  The good news?  Wolf, and his long-term plans for 0bama to infiltrate the Presidency were "Turned" in '77, when I was used to lure Wolf to the West. GHWB was CIA Dir. then, and they started "Stewarding" the Presidency. Why? Because, as the newly-released Pillsbury Report shows, the CHICOMS had not only first struck at our Command and Control by killing JFK and others, they also had a long-term plan to infiltrate on conquer us from within. Lying low, they have now changed course and are getting militarily overt.  The Bushes have given them everything they could want in political change in our country, so they have no "Higher Ground" by which to start WWIII.  But if they do, we shall have that "Pearl Harbor II".  It is my duty - When they finally call me!- To provide my DNA to prove that 0bama is the son of a foreign Communist Master Spy with every intent to destroy us from within.  Why don't you ask Congress where they hell are they? I was promised military pay and rank for living a hell for over 40 years, where are those promises?  By now declaring 0bama ineligible, ALL of his works will be declared NULL and VOID, to include that massive debt to Red China, and that subsequent seizing of our assets.  Clean coal, wheat fields, oil, industry, and even our workers. It is quite possible that Netanyahu may have brought with him a copy of 0bama's true birth certificate, if memory serves me correctly as to what I was told in 1975 about it.  That would be his true purpose in being here now. So will half of SCOTUS recuse itself from this "Constitutional Debate" of ineligibility, or go Commie?  Or will the American People simply rise up and take back their government, anyway?

More here as this issue grows to national prominence:   http://www.westernjournalism.com/mainstream-media-silent-obamas-possible-ineligibility-president/