What do Jonbennet, Chandra & Laci have in common? The Gary Condits!


Saturday, August 22, 2015

Scott Peterson is guilty - But charged with the wrong crime!

Open letter to Scott Peterson

Rick A. Hyatt
548 15th Street #402
Rawlins, WY 82301

CDR# V72100
San Quentin Prison
San Quentin ,CA 94974

Dear Mr. Peterson

I am writing this letter because I believe I have information that would be beneficial to your
defense and also your current appeal. Please bear with me on this, because it's a tangled web.
To put it bluntly, we both know Gary Condit, don't we?
As you stated publicly, "I didn't do it." I believe that. I'll try to explain.
I have known the Gary Condits (Plural) since I was a kid.
(Personal photo with Gary Condit posing as a SAS Officer in Düsseldorf in '77)

How? Well, they are a team of professionally put-together assassins whose primary mission is
to infiltrate Congress by disposing of "Sexual Political Embarrassments" in a manner so clinical it
makes Jeffey Dahmer look tame.
As I was once told, "Their minds have been seriously messed with by enemy psychologists to do what they do." They actually enjoy what they do in a bizarre sexual way.
Gary Condit has been trying to frame me for murders my whole life. This is a bizarre
statement, but this has to do with an inheritance I stood to stand for from my stepdad. The Powers
Who Be used me to identify him, and later his wife, by putting me in US Army M.I in the '70s. But
they have let him continue what he does because he thusly identifies so many truly corrupt, who can
then quietly be counter-run.
His goal with me was to have driven me crazy and/or frame me bad enough that I would
eventually be put in the Nut House. There is a legal loophole with inheritances that would have
allowed my adopted mother, a Communist Agent, to the€n get it and presumably Communize it by
asking the Judge to give it to to all her relatives as well.  It would have been devastating as a precedence for Capitalism in general and quite damaging to our productivity s a country.
That, and other reasons is why I got put on ice most of my life while it plays out.
To wit: Condit is or at least was an extremely powerful individual. He could simply make a phone
call to one of his past 'Clients" and get what they had access to. That's how he picks his patsies,
through police data bases and whatever. This is how he found Ingmar Guandique, for example, I
believe, while Condit conveniently arranged to be in Dick Cheney's office.
He has tried to set me up many times. The issue central to you is in that on the day Laci
disappeared, I had been manipulated by my SWIFT Transportation Driver Manager, a Nathan Young,  to be in Modesto.
After Condit was on TV during the Chandra Levy thing, I felt I no longer had to follow past orders to keep my knowledge of his activities a secret, and had been quite vocal publicly. I was so frightened when that manager again tied to force me to go there again, I spent my own money on fuel to return the truck to Denver and quit.
So I had been eager when there to contact the Modesto Police Department and the Dispatcher had me
speak to a Detective, but it went nowhere, of course.
But having done so documented the fact that I was trying to contact them, and therefore wasn't a "Known Serial Killer who was in the area..." Type theory. Believe me, my life is hounded by this kind of false investigations and the like.  The close attentions of the California Highway Patrol was quite evident at the time. To this day, I am assailed by investigations by authorities who act upon the collected "Psychological Profile" of myself, as based upon their theories and rabid hopes for personal aggrandizement.

What I believe is this: That for whatever reason, you erroneously tried to contact a "Hit Man"
and you ended up meeting the only Congressman in history who is a member of the Hell's Angels.  He saw an opportunity to combine some things.
I believe he got you to get that boat and document yourself at the Marina so as to "Prove" you
weren't  in Modesto, where, conveniently a van and Laci were seen, etc. Modern Courts do no rely on actual poof, anymore€, just appearances and Feminist emotions will do. I was to be the patsy having been set up to be in the general area.
I was a trained Military Intelligence Analyst, while enlisted, after all. Told to keep up my skills.
I have been tested to have a high I.Q.
If you download some of my stuff from Kindle, you'll read how I was set up to be near the
Colorado state line hunting when Jonbennet Ramsey was killed, for example. And of their Modus Operandi, which they always follow (So as to offer a "Copycat Killer" misdirection), and grotesquely will explain why Laci and Connor were found in the manner they were. You may not like that, but I believe you didn't know in advance of his methods.
The same applies to Chandra Levy having been found in that manner. And to many others I
have documented on my Picasa Album in attempts to get out from under these false attentions, which,ironically, are my protective "Cover." Since I'm always so carefully watched, Condit would have a hard time getting at me without being seen. I have, however, seen him here in Rawlins, twice, so I would like to have this over with..
I believe Condit obtained the help of former Gov. Gray Davis, who owns Catalina Island. They
seem to share certain sexual perversions according to the internet and his stewardess girlfriend. And using one of Gray's boats, dumped the remains in a manner that a known storm's actions would deposit them near the Marina where you documented being.
Sickenly enough, Gary's and Carolanne's words to me in 1977 (And documented in this transcript) as to what their Grand Finale would hopefully be are reflected in the press reports of the condition with how the fetus was found, down to the duct tape and being kept in a freezer. And fake press reports of crabs doing the work.
Your lawyer was also Condit's, which really does explain how you got sold down the river.
I believe you are sentenced for the wrong crime.  I hope your appeal works out. Like you stated-
you do not wish to be known for having done it (Yourself). Contracting a murder is not the same thing as having committed the murder of a pregnant man, I would imagine most especially so in prison.
I am sure that the timing of the new trial being granted Ingmar Guandique, your own appeal, and the overlap of Jonbennet's Grand Jury results overlap for a very good reason. Believe it or not, I'm sure they overlap because of the timing of the above inheritance's unsealing, and with it, documents like my own and another's true birth certificates.  Guess who that might be.
I would like past promises made to me to become evident, as well. This includes, if nothing
else, military rank and back pay and benefits for having done this undercover lifestyle and other duties.
There is much more of my life's unwilling involvement in this espionage that reaches to the very
top, so don't be put off by what you will read of me. Who my real biological father is, for example, and what a mess that will be when that comes out.

I hope this will help you out.
Contact me if you wish.
I authorize your giving this to authorities if you wish.
Rick A. Hyatt

(revised 1/3/16)