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Tuesday, March 7, 2017


(revised  5/21/18))

How I was used as a "Study" of the Manchurian Candidate Process in the counter-running of both the Obamas and the Clintons as ordered by former CIA Dir. William Colby in 1977 after having been given long-term funding by Congress.  40 years, now. He became on "OJT" Trainer in the art of becoming a "Grey Man," his speciality behind German lines during WWII after training at "Camp X."

What it boils down is in being so hypnotizable because of having Celiac's Disease, I can be ordered to go into a hypnotic state,  memorize something but not consciously remember it until I get a specific mnemonic.  
I was ordered to give then Agent, now PM Netanyahu true copies of my and Barry Soetoro's birth certificates in 1976; I gave him Obama's BC as well as my own to him on orders from then CIA Agent GHWB.  Netanyahu's recent trip to visit Pres. Trump is what reminded me.
How long before the Swamp is drained?
This week's nomination of a new SCOTUS Judge will shift the balance, and, anyway, the Constitutional Crisis of Obama's Presidency in all its acts will mean that the SCOTUS Judges appointed by Obama will have to recuse themselves from any decision about it in any event.

 Please read it through, as the devil is in the details. It's just not a rambling delusional story, it's what I experienced and what it means to the country right now. THIS WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! THE REVERSAL OF ALL THINGS CLINTON AND OBAMA!

I had been inducted into US Army Military Intelligence right out of high school in 1974 for very special reasons. I'd been encouraged to sign up for 3 years and to request German Language Training. I later was later told at Ft. Bragg that I was being sent to Germany because my biological father was none other that STASI HfA (Their version of CIA) Gen. Markus Wolf, a “Master Spy” of false documentation, indoctrination, Legend-creating, and breeding of his international ring of agents of political influence, or “Manchurian Candidates” who necessarily had genetic Celiac's Disease.  Often found in some Jewish people due to inbreeding.
Luckily, I had been spotted early on, and had been under the protective arms of US Agencies since at least 1969.
After German Language training at Monterrey,I was assigned to the JFK Center for Special Warfare with the 4th PSYOPS Group and served with a Study Team with Major Latimer in charge. Army aficionados would recognize "The Big Red One, " my NCOIC.
We had on loan Aaron Breitbart from the Simon Wiesenthal Center, apparently for his expertise in seeking out serial killers from the WWII Concentration Camp days, as former SS Concentration Camp Doktor Aribert "Dr. Death" Heim, who I did later meet in Germany.  That is he, third down the bar with his distinguishable facial scarring from fencing.
Aaron, again, with deliberately dated cars and a surveillance van up above.  Army records would have their photos. He'd promised me a reward if I helped lure out Gen. Markus Wolf and Aribert Heim.  I did more than that, I lured out Gary Condit, the professional half-brother sibling of mine, and Congressional hit man for hire.  His "Disposal" techniques were most likely developed by Heim.

A little get-together of our study group.  The redhead wore special boots because her feet had different sizes.   While here, they tested me for gluten intolerance by having the mess hall have a "Special high-carbohydrate diet" for us all.  It dumbed me down like crazy.

But while still at Ft. Bragg, I was ordered in August of 1976 to take a trip to Ft. Lauderdale and visit my Aunt and Uncle Heinekamp. To take a sealed envelope I must not open that had a copy of my own true birth certificate. I did not yet know who my real biological parent were, and they didn't want me to yet.
My aunt Tootsie had another manila envelope that she said contained the birth certificate of a half-black, half-brother I'd been unaware of, and placed both into the envelope and sealed them. Then reminded me to not be later for a dinner appointment I also had been ordered to attend and to be sure to take the new envelope.
Uncle Harold spoke at her prompting how he'd been asked to play a bit role in that hidden-in-plain sight movie, "The Manchurian Candidate," the original  B/W one with Frank Sinatra. He'd agreed and I've seen it since, that's him as the "Publisher Holborn Gaines, (If it's true)" who "Raymond Shaw shoots along with his daughter" while under trance.  And doesn't remember doing it.
I rather know that effect, although I've never murdered anyone, and of that I'm SURE.
Uncle Harold and I Ft. Lauderdale, August 1976 at their Warwick condo

I thought it was some kind of bizarre Intelligence matter, and just went into denial about it all for the interim, my forte. 
My Agent Handler, GHWB, who has always been behind the scenes in my life, was there, and introduced me to an Israeli Intel Agent named Netanyahu.
I very distinctly remember his odd first name, “Bibi,” which GHWB thought may have been Yiddish for "Baby."
 He asked what I'd like to have and I asked for Steak and Lobster.  He told me that people of the Jewish faith did not eat such bottom-dwellers, so I think I may have had a Lamb Burger instead and, naturally, the proffered beer.
He told us that Israeli researchers believed that, perhaps, Jesus Christ himself may have had the same Celiac's Disease as I do. I think same may be possible, and would explain why he was tortured on the cross with (Grain) vinegar, and how that would cause the (Puritic Dermatitis Herpetiformis tortuous rash) "Crown of Thorns" on his head.  I get something similar when I'm glutened. Such could also explain Jesus's gifts of seeing beyond the here-and-now and his prophecies.  He, as well as I, may have genetically-oriented eidetic vision, and a high IQ.
I do not wish to be be heresy prone, I'm only reporting what I had been told. 
The gist of the conversation was that Agent Netanyahu said he would be glad to keep these enveloped secret documents for the US and had a clear idea where he would. A tunnel of some kind, which I've read is a major Intel site of theirs.
At the time, a lot of this all kind of went in one ear and out the other, but I knew I had to keep it all secret for the interim, like many other things I was told to remember. I have these genetic special properties along that line.  It was at the "Bon Ami" kosher restaurant on Stirling Road, Fort Lauderdale, a Kosher listed restaurant.  How well I remember being put into "Memorization mode," and being told to do things.  Like memorize the name of the place, "Good friend" in French, and to look at the sign outside when I left.  That the sign would changed to a nice electronic one, and a new one with pictures of their dishes also installed. 
I think they did that because I've lived in Japan, and that's quite common there.  But this memory has never been explicable to me until now.
In the intervening years, as a trained Military Intelligence Analyst, I have come to understand that Barry Soetoro AKA Barrack Obama is my half-brother through the same father but different mothers. In any event, our mothers were prostitutes motivated by Wolf to bear us and release us to planned adoptions to allow legal hiding of our true parentage.
The Obamas' infiltration of the Presidency has been counter-run since the beginning. So have the Clintons'.
Dick Cheney, then GHWB's technical aide, himself, poured the concrete over a sealed box that contained same in an old beach bunker at Normandy, one time, but Obama found that he could destroy that evidence by Executive Ordering to construct a memorial over it. Dick Cheney has been counter-run as well.
Brian Larkin, SP5 Interrogator always “Investigating” me while in Germany, as if a “Homosexual Serial Killer,” a Legend that was created for me as protective cover inasmuch as another half-brother, Gary Condit,  is a Professional Assassin who has tried to frame me for same since I was young.
Larkin, known to be a closet homosexual, could be countered upon to swallow whole orchestrated scenes designed for him, and make reports to, like such a scene at the Frankfurt BAQ the night before our E-5 Board that included Cheney, Dir. GHWB and myself.
Such kinds of disinformation found its way into Army, FBI, German, KGB, even Red Chinese archives, and I am sure such has always been the Democrats stick to ward off Conservative attempts to investigate Obama's ineligibility and further their Communistic agenda.
Larkin had even been ordered to give a priest at the American Church at the Louvre in Paris such documents for safekeeping (To include my hidden promotion to Warrant Officer) on a vacation we were to take together. Some Embassy personnel were ordered to witness our being there, but my best guess is that they were subsequently tampered with because of Larkin.

There was a photographer behind me to take these photos of Paris Embassy employees recruited to wear "Timeless" clothing that is to this date the official site photo to be found on the Internet.

Larkin was given a shoo-in to become a Secret Service Officer, as if to keep said matters quiet during the ascendancy of Dir. Bush to the Presidency.
In fact, he showed up at a staged closed “Sentencing Hearing” for a charge I'd been ACQUITTED OF before HI Judge Richard Komo in 1994.  On a Sunday, when the Courthouse was normally closed and no one else was around. I believe it was March 13, 1994.
Where he asked the Judge to seal more copies of the above to the Phoenix 9th Circuit Federal Court; said Court having been replaced by Bill Clinton with others of his ilk long ago. Again I would be sure said documents have been tampered with or destroyed, to be sure.
Larkin is, as I've found on the Internet, most recently on the Boston Drug Task force. Of course, other witnesses to that hearing would be the Maui Prosecuting Attornys and David Sereno, Maui Defense Attorney.
Another witness to that dating would be Maui Attorney Barclay MacDonald, as it was a matter of Judicial timing that my ex-wife's false reporting n sex charges that forced me to marry her was also "Dismissed without Prejudice" to be reviewed at the same dates.  Right after Purim, the Jewish holiday.
The main point I would make is in that PM Netanyahu has most recently met with President Trump and will have provided this glaring proof of Obama's Presidency's Ineligibility to he. The ramifications are immense, not only for the nation and the world, but also for myself.
Those sealed documents, include my Army paperwork and to where my paychecks have been getting sent for 40 years. A family inheritance can now be adjudicated. I can now stop living an impoverished miserable bastardized version of the Federal Witness Program, and have a real life. Instead of being the subject of a "Double-Blind APA Study of a Serial Killer In Situ."
Please follow up on this. You'll remember that in my similar requests in the past have always met with “Your (medical) records are being held by another unknown agency so are unavailable.”  My medical records include how I was also used as a "Study Subject" for the "Plastique micropellet impregnated siliconic gel" study, (They knew the Muslims were coming with their body bombs) and I bet the US Army wants its 20 pounds of ordnance back, not to mention all that Classified material stored as microdots within my skin.
Now you see why.

(5/21/18 insertion:  I'd revealed the above to the VA long ago.  On my last VA Clinic visit the doctor noted "A fatty deposit" on my upper breast, where long ago the "Tongue Surgery" chin swelling dissipated to somewhere, and their suddenly ordered ultrasound checked not only my lower leg, but my pelvic region under my "Gut," as well.  So they know.) 

My assumption and memory is in that I was ordered to sign said contract with my (Second) adopted AKA, “Rick A. Clark,” yet with the same SSN, 567-xx-xxxx. I still yet don't know what my given birth name was, perhaps “Fredrick Wolf,” or something to that accord and of course, my first and third name change was to "Rick A. Hyatt."  Dir. Wolf, you must remember, was a Master Spy of false documentation, even after he was turned.
Which explains Obama's forged, yet spiked, false documentation.  I was there, at a German safehouse in Cologne when they did much of it in 1977.
Even my Social Security payments would be affected. The reality of how the Workings  of Congress have been illegally thwarted and requires my being brought in out of the cold is the major bottom line.

I look forwards very much to coming in out of the cold. I've obeyed every order I was given. I was also long ago prompted too one day be summoned to Congress to testify, and if you call, I would gladly step forwards.  At the very least, these are matters of tampering with the workings of Congress.

Addenenum Sept. 14, 1977

Well, at least I can say it's definitely high time. Even though loaded with a ton of things to "Remember, Repress, and Repeat" (The "3 R's, as a mnemonic) some exactly 40 years ago (In the Wyoming Red Desert, a "Bible Reading;" another mnemonic) as a long-term study subject of the Manchurian Candidate, I have, when prompted remembered and released and broadcast certain such memories.
This military duty has been my mission to prove then CIA Dir. William Colby's "Family Jewels" testimony to Congress to be true.  He tried to convince them that there were many "Manchurian Candidates" in Congress that never get voted out, and it's actually pretty clear to see now.  McCain, Pelosi, Waters, Feinstein and the Clintons and Obamas are the most obvious examples, but the swamp is now being drained.
So they laughed Colby out of office, but gave him long-term funding for this "Study," my 40 years as an undercover US Army Warrant Officer.  I should be given my 3rd bar (For operational reasons) and out processed soon.  And also brought to Congress for testimony on how it works, and more importantly the very necessity for TERM LIMITS, and much more.
For I was first utilized as bait to lure certain Communists out from the woodwork.  In the end, in 1977, I became fully aware of who my biological father and mother were, and how he, STASI Gen. Markus Wolf had been given his international role to be able to identify, select, and impregnate certain women who also had Celiac's Disese, and yet were open to bring the child to term and then give it up for adoption.
The CIA obviously knew how the program worked, for it was "Hidden in Plain Sight" in the movie The Manchurian Candidate, the one with Frank Sinatra in it.  What's really interesting is in that my own Uncle Harold Heinekamp was asked to play the bit role of the newspaper editor who is shot by Raymond Shaw for posterities sake.  See the role he played in the blogspot I post below.
In short, being adopted erased the true parentage of this "Family Jewel," and kept it a Court Secret.  From then on, the MC would have his life arranged, be educated, indoctrinated, even placed in places of political influence.  I was to have been "Sapphire," and utilized to Communize Inheritance Law specifically at this point in military, economic, and even weather timing, but was luckily taken under the wings of US Intel Agencies very early on.
So we come to the point: Yes, Obama was "Opal" and there are others still openly in place as agents of political influence, but I'll save the incredulous for later. You would not believe me if I told you who "Pearl" is, for example.
So I first met GHWB when he was Ambassador to China, while en route, at Camp Zama in Japan, in 1969, and then inducted into US Army MI right out of high school.  I came to learn that we know it was Red China who assassinated the Presidential hopefuls of that time in order to get their MC's in, and it was counter-played.
Using me as a virtual vessel to hide many classified matters and keep safe during the duration of such infiltration at the very top, I'm sure SCOTUS has more than one "Constitutional Crisis" to decide upon between now and the 25th.  In that (then) Secret Service Agent Brian J. Larkin requested HI Judge Richard Komo to seal these matters (To include my and Obama's birth certificates) to the Phoenix 9th Circuit for the duration simply drew out Bill Clinton's abuse of the Judicial System, as I doubt they've stayed sacrosanct.  But as you will read in my blogspot, I am quite confident that other true copies of Obama's BC  were kept safe by Mossad Agent Netanyahu since 1975, and probably given to President Trump most recently, and are in the hands of SCOTUS right now.
The final revelation is in that since my adopted Communist Agent mother had tried to drive my step-dad into being committed by claiming he'd been homosexually abusing me (False), the KGB's interest in that theme was counter-exploited and GHWB deliberately and covertly made it so for such insinuation to be found by the Clintons in US Army, FBI, CIA, WGIS, KGB and even Hawaiian (Red China) archives from 1969 on.  As if such a prominent conservative as CIA Dir. GHWB were a similar abuser of young male aides, his office, and  resources.  And due to several deliberately staged orchestrations from Japan to CA to Germany (Also involving his long-term nerd tech aide of the time, Dick Cheney - Why I'm made to live in DickCheneyLand...) to that effect, such became the blackmail sword over the heads of Conservative Birthers and Media who would have challenged Obama's eligibility to even be President.  Former US Army SP5 (And later SSA) Brian Larkin (He was covertly gay and had a lot to hide) was especially tricked into believing such especially when he was for operational reasons made a Secret Service Agent. Everything Obama will be Null and Void. Bottom line, to clear the swamp, it now only takes that ruling by SCOTUS.

Addenum 5/21/18
Well, it hasn't happened YET, has it?  It's unique the way I was trained to memorize a memory, repress it to my subconscious, and then not recall it until duly prompted.  It's a familiar process, now, where part of a memory that made absolutely no sense at all at the time, I try to ignore.
Until it's time:
At the meeting held at the Bon Ami restaurant I describe above, there was said two things I haven't brought up before:
One is that Mossad Agent Netanyahu had mentioned was that Israeli researchers thought that possibly that Jesus Christ had Celiac's Disease and a high intelligence.  Such would account for his "Visions," and such, and maybe most possibly why the Roman Soldiers tortured him by giving him grain vinegar to drink, which would had produced that "Crown of Thorns" on his head, the very pruritic dermatitis herpetiformis rash that comes with the ingestion of gluten.

But he also asked if I would remember the conversation when it was time, and GHWB said I would.
So he mentioned the timing of it all, and I really wasn't prompted until recently when I read in the media the overlap of the 70th anniversary of Israeli Independence was on Monday the 14th (A date Netanyahu mentioned), and thought by some clergy as to be a Prophecy from the Bible of war between they and Iran.  It might just be.

GHWB  promised they'd move the US Embassy to Jerusalem.
And Netanyahu considered, "Yes, the US is a good friend to Israel.  Yes, I'll do it.  I'll keep this envelope in a good place until then, it's a very deep tunnel I know of.  And give it to the US President, then?  Who will that be?"
GHWB replied he didn't know, but by then there would be fair elections.

So, I finally comprehend my assumption that President Trump has true copies of Obama's and my birth certificates based on their contact right after the election.  No, I'd bet now a dime and a dollar that it was contingent on President Trump's being at the opening of that new Embassy in Jerusalem, just yesterday.

One still can't beat the fact that the 13th was Mothers Day and the unsealing of that inheritance, as my adopted mother had asked her Agent Handler about the timing of it; that on a calendar page, there are 3 3's in the Day of the Year and Days remaining section; That my last programming in Germany was by Rainer Rupp, who urged me to shoot for the 3rd target at what time I'd be released from his hypnotic command to be a "Circus Bear."  (Finally that menonic makes sense:  Brain Larkin had, in 1993, requested same and other documents to be sent to seal at the 9th Circuit Court, as known as the "9th Circus."

Die Lorilei
Even after watching tons of Markus Wolf's Youtube video designed to have mnemonic meaning to me, did I finally understood what Ruppe had meant by comparing me to a "Circus Bear," highlighted in the lower photo.

Ruppes' command that I not relinquish his programming until "Die Dritte Ziel" (The third target) is in that he'd told me to memorize his telephone number, and then to call him at 11:11 on 11/11/11, which I did, and heard only the sounds of heavy boots pounding three times.
I guess my second goal was in obeying Filomena's commands throughout her forcing my to marry her and endure her Feminist abuse for the duration (Maui Coroner and newly appointed Justice of the Peace Bert Friedland married us and had me sign Warrant Officer papers).
Filomena's numerous false charges did all the groundwork to lure out  Feminist Judge Eiken to reveal how outside of the law such a case would be.  In fact, first sending (Without any idea of term sentence) to the Sheriff's jail, where Brain Larkin showed up as "Fellow Prisoner," and much homosexual activity could be heard at nights.
Then sending me to the still standing Evanstan Hospital to be threatened with a chemical frontal lobotomy if I did not "Talk," is far beyond Justice on a first time set-up DUI.  Again, there was endless homosexual themes portrayed, often by undercover officers posing as fellow cellmates.
The third goal I have become to cognate is the triad of the oft to me touted VA, newspaper planted mnemonics and her past insistence to work at the City Market Gas Station; their "Psychological and sexual Investigation" of myself there daily, a sudden recall of being ordered while enlisted to shave my ears in 1977 and the resultant ingrown hairs and hearing loss meaning again contact with the VA - And they finally medically investigating my claims.
I was told I was to be a long-term Study on hearing loss/ingrown hairs, as well, and I would be paid for that.  When will I regain financial freedom and personal privacy again? Just the constant "Mental Health Conversation traps" I endure here at Cathy Gardens is enough to drive one nuts! And very high blood pressure.
It amounts to what should be two Constitutional Crises for SCOTUS; Obama's ineligibility, and can they force me to have a liposuction? And a third, more central issue:  Can political front agencies like the APA be used to create political change to Communism by helping females of a family from wresting a family inheritance from the eldest male survivor, as I stand for even in adoption?  With letters from they and false reports and manipulation?  Presenting a precidence in inheritance law that would inevitably trash our country's strength in Capitalism?
And the downfall of America, I was told to remember.

Which bespeaks the question:  Did they keep in seal and reopen documents as sought by law?  Or have they destroyed or tampered with the doc's that prove that not only are Obama and I are half-brothers of the same East German "CIA" HfA Gen. Markus Wolf, but that we - And others - Were bred and raised to be Agents of Political Influence, but counter-run by the GHWB CIA.

But I know where other copies are at, and the VA was so freaked out by my recent letter to the Pentagon about it, they turned my recent appointment into an Emergency Room mental health checkup under the guise of high blood pressure readings.  Even the "Special Study program I serve as a "Job" at City Market, where they seek to find and provoke "Dangerousness" or "Lunacy" has only meant an increase in such social pressures, basically centered around the planted daily frustration involved in emptying the trash cart.   And endless sexual orientation inquisitions.  End result? Dangerously high blood pressure...
But a Congressionally Mandated and funded "Study,"  so it is my life of Hell.
HI Judge Komo had been really exited when SSA Larkin had told him of a packet that concerned (A person I know to be a Serial Killer for Hire) Rep. Gary Condit.  Did the real sealed information about he that's been covered up for so many decades come out at the 9th Circus Hearing, most probably on Memorial Day?

Finally, I remember Dir. Colby asking the new Dir. GHWB, "So, you ARE going to use him (Me) as a Manchurian Candidate, aren't you?"  And he sure did.

and, as he had said (And kept me groping for the answer all these years,)  "One last Great American Holiday (Memorial Day), and the shit hits the fan!"
And it has!
One point of the conversation Netanyahu and GHWB was about Biblical Prophesies and such.  It was kind of over my head, and such.  Netanyahu mentioned that Israelii researchers thought that maybe Jesus has Celiac's Disease, like  I do...  (Being fed grain vinegar with the resultant pruritic rash would be torture, indeed!)

That Israel would  again be the global site of the chosen people, if an earth's magnetic flip-flop might happen, along with all the other Biblical signs.  As in the return of Nimbaru, or "Planet X," that is so covered up as "Climate Change."

The necessity of going into Iraq was to gain access to all the ancient hieroglyphics and past history of  Nimbaru's past passings, he'd once said.  That should address those who claim "911" was a Bush affair.  I remember being told about the Japanese architect who had been commissioned to built it with an exoskeleton so it wouldn't fall on adjoining private land.  It's falling certainly did serve to unleash a lot of pend-up Conservative sentiment at the time.

That the US was surely a friend of the Israeli people, and he'd be happy to kept the birth certificates safe. That such times would be when Jerusalem again became the capital of Israel.  The day after Memorial Day is the day the Israel-Iran war started in earnest.
I can only ponder how GHWB's counter-running of Obama and his sending Iran cash, and the counter-run Clintons sending them uranium can mix.  If anything, everything has come out like Pres. Bush said it would, as in churning all the cream to the top, where it can be whisked off.
From the day the Red Chinese assassinated our top potential leaders, to their decades of attempted infiltration and corruption, I can only add one final mnemonic.
"We just want to level the playing field a bit." he'd said.
That was after speaking of another mnemonic for me, the number "3."  It overlaps in nearly everything said to me.  But he then referred to the "3 Gorges Dam," and I've done a lot of research on it.
It's the Crowning Jewel of the Red Chinese Party, having relocated millions of Chinese farmers to slave labor factories in the ever growing and polluted cities.  The Red Chinese really don't care, after all, because much of it blows over the Ocean and helps to "Soften" California to Socialism and there eventual planned invasion on that beachhead.
Their efforts in South America to destabilize the populations and economies into hordes of refugees into the US, giving them PSYOPS reasons ("To help restore Civil Order")  to invade in white UN tanks is planned.
Their "One child Policy" has shown itself as a "Million Man Army" production, all of whom are eager to see blue sky and wide open places, like in the US.
But unrest and dissent are growing in China, as can be seen by the crackdown on any dissent or free speech at all; Those who do not have a good Pro-Xi approval ranking aren't allowed to even catch a train nor plane.
So to return to the point:  The electrification of the country with the 3 Gorges Dam has made them reliant on that.  Much of the slave-labor factories and cities are down river of that dam and on the Yangtze delta.
What happens if and when it goes?  Certainly prompted up support for Dictator Xi and the Communist Party as well as their intentions to rule the world. Not to mention a good chunk of that "Million Man Army."
And probably, a major freedom-seeking revolt by the population. As for moral high  ground, I was told to remember that a far-flung satellite would forever broadcast in simple fax form to any listening amateur, the still-classified details of the JFK assassination by they.  An act of war in itself.