What do Jonbennet, Chandra & Laci have in common? The Gary Condits!


Monday, July 6, 2015

Now comes Obama's declaration of ineligibility by SCOTUS.

Well, the long-awaited time has simply come:  It boils down to the unique timing and overlap of this Fourth of July, Ramadan, and a legal/espionage issue that deals with the possibility of the Communization of inheritances.
That's where the overlap of myself, Obama, and STASI/NAZI/Commie General Markus Wolf (Our mutual bio-father, not to mention several other bred "Manchurian Candidates") come in.
As you can read, the Pillsbury Report has been released, and it proves that Red China at least has been planning our demise from within since JFK was killed.
Again, how I come in as standing in line for this inheritance thing long in trust, for JFK had not let the Commies have that precedence change in law by way of Executive Order way back when, and they shot him for it.  My life has been harsh, but vital, duty to country.
They came up with filling the Presidential void since then with Wolf's long-bred "Perfect Alternative President," Obama.  And the CIA has counter-run it, and him, the whole time. Mainly by "Stewarding" the Presidency with actors, the Bush CIA, and for good measure, the known-to-be paid agents of the CHICOMS, the Clintons, Carters, etc.  They've shown their true intentions for our country, haven't they?
"Universe-shattering?"  I'm getting to that.
Since Wolf was "Turned" as far back as '77, when I was put into US Army MI and sent to Germany to do so, he has spiked Obama's records. They all look good on the surface, but many have his signature "Smiley Face" on cursive "A's" to  prove it.
Obama and my own real birth certificates - To prove the connection - have unknowingly been in the hands of the Phoenix Federal Court system since HI Judge Richard Komo unknowingly sent them there in 1994, an arranged "Plea Bargain" for things I didn't do.
That brings in the also known assassin-for-hire, Gary Condit. Also, long covered up, but will come out, now. He helps "Arrange" political scenarios and blackmails Congressmen after they engage his "Disposal" services.
Yes, there's rhyme and reason to "911."  A long story.
My own involvement with the Condits is  why I've been "Treated" as a "Homosexual Serial Killer" by authorities all this time, and it basically continues in my life, today.  This is  verifiable fact, and the reason for my special handling and even false incarceration here in Rawlins, Wyoming.
Let it hit the fan...
Back to the top: As we know, Obama's true birth certificate is the core of the matter. SCOTUS has it, but couldn't rule on it because of the PSYOPS importance of potential war at this time period.  The political ramifications of such a major Conservative victory on this July Fourth. They've ruled, instead, as if Obama's Justices were real and not shams all this time. Like all's he's done, once declared ineligible (They have the Judy case before them), all's he's done becomes Null and Void.
America's reset button.  The espionage Coup of the Century.  WWIII averted, for the Commies have a strong USA, and if nothing else, a well-armed citizenry and seasoned military to face; No cake walk. No take over from without, nor within.
If they had, or would do a dirty bomb this Ramadan, their Devil's Rock would be ground zero. A true "City of Angels." Or so I was told, long ago. That threat seems to be over.
George Bush commissioned Randy Travis to sing the song, "Point of Light" for a specific reason, long ago.  For good reason. It was meant to mean something to me as it would any Manchurian Candidate in the field.
For I, like Obama and others who are still out there in posts of political prominence, was bred by Gen. Wolf for our "Manchurian Candidate" genes, and susceptibility to such methodology.
Celiac's Disease is genetic. Wolf was prolific in these methods whose research on Jews goes back to the NAZI era, and concentration camps.
You folks really don't want Obama to play President, any more, nor do you want who's been planted on the Right Wing, to be, either: Sarah Palin.
The sham that are the contenders right now is merely to confuse the enemy for the interim.  The American People will rise up about this, and take their country back.
God Bless America.
Let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor...