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Friday, July 11, 2014

Obama has given up on his dreams of Communizing America through his Presidency

Pretty obvious, isn't it?  Since June, it's reported, Obama has given up on even trying to be President.  His hair has turned gray, and his eyes black.  His "Wife" is openly called a "Tranny," and he, "Gay."  He's given up, and doesn't even try to pretend.
I personally believe that a Federal Court, long unknowingly holding his birth certificate among other sealed records, has opened them and found Barrack Obama's real father as listed upon it.
None other than former East German STASI Gen. Markus Wolf, this immediately presents not only  a constitutional crisis for SCOTUS, but a major political one, as well.
Not just the "Foreign parent" thing, but also:
Just how are the American People going to react to the fact that a foreign high-ranking Commie Intel Officer managed to place his personally  bred Manchurian Candidate son into the White House as the "Perfect Alternative (Black, gay, Commie, Muslim, etc.) President?"
Well, with the help of the CIA, of course, specifically former CIA Dir. GHWB, who turned Wolf in 1977.
I know, I was there, in Duesseldorf, Germany, when it happened.
But for the sake of this discourse, please note how Obama's false documents, especially his Connecticut-based  SSN, became seen as flawed and deliberately but tactfully marked after that year, 1977.
To pick a Connecticut SSN from a dead guy at a looney-toon institution seems non-nonchalant on the surface, suspicious otherwise, and yet professionally spiked to be found eventually, as was planned. Gen. Wolf, remember, was a MASTER of false document creation and very knowledgeable about American paperwork.
He had more power in the US Army than some American Generals, I had learned.
He had me be adopted twice, just like Obama, for that far removed him legally and paperwork wise from being on my birth certificate as father.
If I remember correctly, that same federal court should have an original copy of mine, as well.  I remember SS Agent Brian Larkin being rather perplexed as he presented the two to HI Judge Komo in 1994, when he asked for some other things, as well.
20 years pretty much exactly that I had to go to ground with the secrets, 20 years for Obama to be counter-run by the CIA, 20 years for the enemy to think they had us lock, stock, and barrel...
Well, time's up!
Look at Obama's continence, and you can read how his Communist indoctrination is shattered completely, as he knows what the reception of the American People will be when they find out just why he tried so hard to hide the secret of who his father truly is:
Even worse for him is in that, since no one is dumb enough to go for the "Impeachment" angle (Except for Sarah Palin, and there's reason for that... A DNA test would tell you... Remember it's reported the CIA has Obama's DNA, according to Lord Blair?) everything 0bama's signed, appointed, indebted, ordered, ad infinatum will be NULL AND VOID.
Once he's declared ineligible by SCOTUS.  And there had to be some reason that they've suddenly pulled their collective (Yeah, the commie word) heads out of their under-robes - SINCE JUNE!