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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Why Verizon Sucks - Ignore the txt msgs you're getting

If, as a pay-per-month customer like I am, you're getting txt messages from Verizon telling you what a valued customer you are and that you'd get a free phone if you just switch over to a more expensive contractual arrangement, beware, it's just ANOTHER Verizon bait-and-switch.
Consider my story: I was set up for a first time DUI basically because I'd pissed off some druggies at inthe Peppermill Bar I town, where is seems like they get Police protection, I think, and certainly for sure, some local trucking companies.  I had refused to falsify my DOT logs nor drive illegally.  My reports to the DOT regarding some of the photoshopped safety inspections resulted in one company, Bandit Trucking (Yeah, the name fit - He ran off with the payroll too) being taken completely off the road.  Others would seem to be pending.
Long story, but I'd refused to lie on Federal forms because I had had a SECRET clearance while in US Army M.I., and had obeyed orders of an espionage nature that means I'm SUPPOSED to be called up one day with a Subpoena to testify about some major things Like who the identity of a assassin-for-hire is, for example, and things that I witnessed.  I supposedly actually hold military rank, which I'm to get some day, I'd been promised in writing, back then.
If I don't die of old age or poverty, first.
(But now you know just what the basis is of the blackmail both the Clintons and Obama have had over Conservatives all this time:  Old FBI, Army, even foreign staged and false "Security Breaches" left for them to find and exploit, among other things. And why both camps will soon collapse.)
But it seems that the Feminist Judge threw the book at me, basically because of the incomprehensible and totally fabricated words of my Filipino ex-wife to her, who has Munchausen's-By-Proxy, actually poisoned her father, and has exploited more men for money-by-sex and blackmail, not to mention the Social Security Administration,  than you can imagine.
It's not surprising to me that Feminism and Homoism are both long-term Commie PSYOPS propaganda designed to destroy our moral base.  I know this from my past espionage work overseas.
So, I was jailed INCOMMUNICADO  for six months without any trial, with the exception that I could make paid-for phone card outgoing calls for the first three months, if I knew the number to call. My appointed female Defense lawyer visited nor called me not even once, even.
Since my ex-wife claimed that I was homosexual (I'm not), the "Efforts" to get me to "Confess" to same through the acts of the other inmates (They were easily overheard late at night), and even the continuous mantra broadcast through the PA system, was intense!
It was usually a voice engineered phrase, over and over, "FAGGATTACK... FAGGGATTACK..."
The reason:  It may have been because I'd been trying to get authorities to listen to the above story. It regards some prominent politicians and the same issue.
BUT! When I did make calls to the local Verizon office from the jail, they refused to accept them.  There is a little recording that goes out before the call stating that it's from a jail, and  Verizon refuses to answer such calls.  As such, I could not suspend nor stop my service, let alone pay for it.
When I tried to get my phone working afterwards, I was told I owe them nearly $1000, so got a Tracfone.  They ignore even my written letters and calls.
So, again, another bait-and-switch, the above txt messages where I call the suggested number, I verbally fill out a long application, and then they hit me up on the bill for services I never got, again.
I'm beginning, for the methods used, to think that it's actually a CHICOM-owned company and we'll see what happens to our communications network once actual war with Red China breaks out, which will be soon enough.
Hopefully, if you ever get jailed for something in our increasingly Police State oriented country, you might have relatives to make calls for you.
The GRAND irony? I actually witnessed not only Grand Fraud as perpetuated by the hospital staff at Evanstan, where kickbacks are apparently gotten by allowing sewage to back up in the prisioners's cells and then calling a specific plumber, but, also, the apparent Suicide-By-Men-In-White-Coats arrangement by which the Wyoming Legislators have destroyed all evidence by demolishing that building.  They want to fund a bigger, better, Hospital PRISON where people can be subjected to involuntary drugs (I was threatened with a chemical frontal lobotomy by the Judge if I didn't talk), sleep deprivation, isolation, PA brain washing... All the neat tricks used at the KGB Lubyanka interrogation center in Moscow. About which, Catch-22, they treat me as if "Delusional" about.
How their influence extends to Verizon....  Is scary.