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Friday, December 29, 2017

The CIA Espionage Coup of the Century, as GHWB told me to remember it would be

"A Report on the success of the long-term counter-operation by the Communists to infiltrate the Office of President after having shot the Kennedys and others."

 In this manner I prove correct CIA Dir. William Colby's 'Family Jewel' reports to Congress in the mid-70's that that body was heavily infiltrated by such untraceable (By the APA, at least) 'Manchurian Candidates' as I had been bred to be.  They laughed him out of office figuring that by giving him long-term funding on the matter, it would then be too late to do anything about it.  

I am the subject of that 'Long-term double-blind Study.
And what does that have to do with the CIA's creation of Obama's 
false documentation and birth certificate?
Bill Clinton's?  Hillary Clinton's?
Why did GHWB mandate the release of the JFK docs to
be on her birthday of THIS year?

"8 times 8 equals 64 and he'll know what to do." he had told me in a 1977 hypnotic session at my US Army duty station at the Land Liaison Office in the safe and secure Duesseldorf Consulate in the British sector of Germany.
I was then to run a "Subroutine" of exposing secrets that I would be hiding for his new predecessor, the new CIA Dir., GHWB. It was just my 64th birthday and overlaps nicely with some documents put into seal in the Phoenix 9th Circuit and should be unsealed now.  To include emergency exhumations of some caskets on the island of Maui, one of the CIA's favorite hiding places.
If the VA were only to believe my words, I could tell of more.
Imagery was used to make me think of snorkeling and seeing a Treasure Chest of jewels hidden at the bottom of the sea, containing lots of jewels and treasures.
These sessions were long and many.  Full of all kinds of mnemonics, dates, overlapping religious holidays, references to the Gregorian Calendar and on and on.
In other words, would I, when the balloon went up, and everything overlapped properly, respond as such "Manchurian Candidate" would, in Congress?  Suddenly support a political action, vote in a particular way, etc., that matched the Enemies overall military and political and PSYOPS plans?
"Remember, Rick, you are the Linchpin."  Colby had told me.  I now can see what he meant, how I tie this ring of spies together.
Full of references to personal things about him that I would not realize until years, later, like how he'd been awarded the Croix De Guerre during WWII, and how he'd been in the OSS, and had been known as "The gray man."
Why he posed as "Guenther Hein," GS-12, LLO there half the week, and the other half would be a body double.
Why "John Willms, GS-13," (An actual identity borrowed from the Dir. of the 66th M.I. Group) would show up once in a while for these sessions.  Which were covered up by noisy and shuttered "Laser light marble cleaning" of the building, making eavesdropping impossible.
When Dir. Bush ("Mr. Willms") told me that he'd be President one day and that in the precedence of Pres. Adams, his son would follow him.  But only one son.  I would go into a state of denial that lasted until such things did pass.
But my 4 decade-long duty is now nigh.
The key is in that I'd been lied to.  No, this was not to be a decade-long gauntlet, it is "40 years in the (Wyoming Red) desert," a Biblical reference to remember.
And almost to the day, I am 64 years old.
So I now reveal to the "Navigators trying to peer through the currents of my mind,"  the endless interrogators and what I call "Mentals," those government agents who endlessly hit me up in false social encounters, just what the symbology of those "Jewels" are.
For I am one, "Sapphire."  Or at least so was intended to be by former Communist East German STASI HvA (Their version of our overseas CIA) "Master Spy," Gen. Markus Wolf.
His exploitation of the Hitler era Mauthausen Concentration Camp upon Jews in order to create "Ubermenschen," in short, "Super Spies" lead to his posting as such.  They'd discovered that those who had Celiac's Disease and/or were "Paranoid Schizophrenic," (Or could be hypnotized to exhibit such behavior) made for people who could easily hide their real self.  And in fact, could be bred world-wide by Wolf, who was himself highly Celiac Symptomatic.
He told me so himself, as I was used to lure him from the East in 1977 and met him daily in Cologne.
They even had this staged photo made for posterity.

Deliberately misdated, it was Oktoberfest 1977
and was a quickly staged photo shoot
with many agents in the background

By using his Intel resources, he could locate an overseas prostitute whose medical and/or family records could show they had it, and who would be properly motivated to bring such child to term, then release it for adoption.  Being adopted was key in hiding the true parentage, even allowing a different birth date.
From there, it was the motivation of an adopted mother, who would, just like in the hidden-in-plain sight movie by that name, "The Manchurian Candidate" would be raised in an abusive lifestyle that would behaviorally condition that person to be remote controllably snapped into a hypnotic, compulsive state, and carry out such orders as "Go jump in the lake..."
Wolf was also master of the indoctrination, false documentation, and placing of his "Agents of political influence."
But he erroneously named them all after Gems.  That's how he got caught and the infiltration of our Presidency counter-run. I had already been run against "Topaz" and "Turquoise," and visited their Schwabing residence weekly, being transported there in Herr Rupp's famous Porsche.

Rainer Rupp, "Topaz," after he'd been turned.

I was even ordered to once transport a packet of "Cosmic Top Secret" stamped documents to the SHAPE HQ. in Mons, Belgium, from the Duesseldorf Consulate to give to a man I knew by "Herr Krapp," supposedly the Administrator of the German Safe House I worked in daily, but after time found out he was Markus Wolf.  A security officer noted that transaction and filed a Security Breach.  I had no idea it was a set-up for future use, and had just followed orders.
But on my last working day at that safehouse, known as IRCD, "Frau Schneider," supposedly my trainer in inputting forms, let her wig slip and "Accidentally"  used some British words, such as "Trolly" and such forth.  I finally was clued in on that she was really Frau Rupp's British mother - the two who had turned Rainer in the first place.  I went into a hypnotic state of denial, also memorizing everything in my subconscious, as I'd been trained to do.

Me, Rainer Rupp, his Mother-in-Law, or "Frau Schneider," and British surveilance agents at "Fort Fun," an American West Theme Park.  My eventual posting would mean living in "Dick Cheney Land," Wyoming.  Her real identity
would be found in her love of high-necked jackets.

She told me to remember the gem code-names of other half-siblings I had:
"Diamond" (So named apparently in his use of very sharp objects in his assassination activity) had actually used his so-gained influence to convince the British Air Base Security Officer to let him become my roommate there.
He openly called himself "Gary Condit."
In the overall timing, I think it no mistake that his name long not in the
news, will shortly again be in it.

"Frau Schneider" explained to me that such code-names seemed to have been picked with care.  One jem, because of its multi-colored nature, was assigned to the agent Wolf has sired by a black Indonesian Muslim to be the be raised as the "Perfect alternative everything President" (In conjunction with PSYOPS campaigns to undermine our society), Obama.  I think, because I still partially repress this, that was termed  "Amythurst."
One other interesting anomaly was that for some reason, Wolf would arrange his agents to marry each other.  Perhaps that was for reasons of security.
In being worked against the Rupps, I was told that the disruption between they was in that Rainer had known all the time that they were half-siblings, but not told her.  As she found out, she dropped him on the spot.
Which leads us to the code-names of the Clintons:  Hilarious was "Pearl," I believe, but I cannot recall at present what Bill's was.
But you now have the explanation of GHWB's role in "Stewarding the Presidency," "Shooting himself in the foot to give it to Bill," and such forth.
This is merely a draft, please visit it again.
Here are some links to Alex Jones revelations of the CIA-produced Obama birth certificate.  I am sure there are others. Now you know why Sheriff Arpaio calls this "Universe-shattering."