What do Jonbennet, Chandra & Laci have in common? The Gary Condits!


Friday, July 29, 2016

The REAL Gary Condit I've known since I was about 10

The first murder I knew Gary Condit had committed was in Hopkinsville, KY, when I was about 10 and he 15, just old enough to get a Kansas DL.  He was apparently already friends with Dennis Rader, another thing still getting cover-up. Already starting out with suffocation, and black trash bags.

Grand counter-espionage program that will link the Gary Condits with Congressional corruption and the Clintons now comes out concerning Chandra Levy.

Finally! I was sent "To ground" in 1977 for what I'd witnessed the Condits do to a openly gay British Royal Army Sergeant, and the bottom line was that it was suspected that Gary intended to infiltrate the US Congress with his "Sexual/Political Embarrassment Disposal Service." I'm good at repressing things, but the memories came back when the Chandra Levy case broke, and I've been trying to broadcast this since. In fact, I've been incarcerated by a Feminist Wyoming Judge (on a first-time framed -up DUI charge) who believed my ex-wife, that I must be this kind of person. What's happened is that a copy of the transcript of my report of that day (I was US Army M.I. working in espionage) has finally been unsealed and processed. The methods they use make Jeffrey Dahmner look good, and it will shock the world. Worse, it will empty the seats of Congress for in whom they have provided their "Sexual/Political Embarrassment Disposal Service" for over the decades.  But, neatly providing authorities right to the most heavily corrupted.  Even counter-running the Clintons, and Obama. 
This actually goes back to the Red Chinese "Art of War," and subverting our country at the top, so that they could just walk right in, in white tanks and blue bonnets, "To restore Civil Order."
Pity that their country is under flood water, right now.  It makes you want to think that "Climate Change" could actually be "Weather Weapons."  But then, creating a void in the Presidential Office was accomplished by assassinating JFK and other good hopefuls.
"The Art of War."  How to conquer a country the easy way.
Here's a copy of it on Kindle, if you want to know just how the Condits do it.  I still reel from the horror of that day - And others. Like I was once told, "Enemy psychiatrists had worked in their heads."  They do it the way they do because they've been conditioned to enjoy the power that comes with the horror felt by the victims being dismembered to death.  And how to dispose of evidence in an untraceable fashion, etc. But at least you now know for who. 

Last question I was told to remember, repress, and one day repeat.  (A mnemonic.  "The three R's.")

Gary Condit IS a professional assassin who works for foreign entities. The assassination of JFK and the other hopefuls have been covered up for a long time so that the issue could be counter-run. That's coming to a head with the Clinton Foundation, Obama's true ineligibility (Once so declared, everything he's done, to include Red Chinese debt, will be found "Null and Void" based on their "Economic warfare upon us") the infiltration of the White House, and an upcoming purging of Congress. 
The first time Condit came into my own life I was about 10 in Hopkinsville, KY, involving the murders of Faith Lutheran Church Pastor Lossner's wife, and a young bully I'd run up against  That family moved, I believe, to Kansas City, and may have been one of Dennis Rader's victims (It was reported that there were TWO assailants in that crime). He was already trying to help have me put away - An inheritance deal that would come to me  from my step-dad that got me into espionage in the first place, as it would have changed Inheritance Law.  A grand demoralization for our capitalist country if the Right To Own Property was abolished right about now.  (And the 2nd Amendment, and the Right to Free  Speech, and....)
My adopted mother was a Communist Agent for STASI Gen. Markus Wolf, and I was later ushered into US Army MI and sent to Germany to lure him to the West.  It worked, and he was turned and their Master Plan counter-run since.
Condit would have been about 15 that first time I saw him and went into full denial mode.  Just old enough to drive with a Kansas Driver's licence. 

What I was ordered to remember: Was Gary Condit also "The young shooter on the Grassy Knoll?