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Friday, April 29, 2016

Trump announces Constitutional Carry- This signifies a political Tsunami that will revolutionize America

A Tsunami is brewing

A Tsunami builds. Like all tsunamis, it's hard to see it coming, but it is, and it's gonna be big. Trump just advocated Constitutional Carry for us, saying that the Right to Bear Arms was ours even before government, so government has no Right to regulate same. This signifies the end to the long repression of Traditional Values we have been under assault for for decades. The Commie control over our Media, and our Minds. The end of the long-term infiltration by Manchurian Candidates into all three branches of government. The restoration of our Constitutional Republican form of government, for Democracy is just a slippery slope to Communism. The CHICOMs figure we're now ripe for military invasion, so there will be war with them soon. But - When it comes out that THEY started this war by taking our our Command and Control, before their economic war upon us, by killing JFK and other potential leaders... The Sleeping Giant awakes. (The title is a little misleading, Millions aren't furious, but the rest of the details will tell you)

This business of suppressing things Traditional has gone so far that Americans are starting to push back big time. I'm talking religion, Conservative values, racial divisions, the sexs and bathrooms, on and on. It's all PSYOPS, and counter-PSYOPS. Divide and Conquer with the counter plan to let the Other Side go full blown, then Judo Throw them. They've exposed themselves completely. (I served in the 4th PSYOPS Group at the JFK Center for Special Warfare in Ft. Bragg) It's a timing, it's a boil about to be lanced. Here comes the prosecution of the Clintons, revelations about the CHICOMs "Economic war" on us leading to their planned invasions... Obama's real role as a Commie Manchurian Candidate, the deep infiltration of our political system even. And about Obama, I know I'll be asked about personally.

By way of further explanation, here's my reply to a Facebook inquirer:  
 If you're referring to my post, let me explain: I got to know GHWB when I was young and he still yet just an Agent, because of an espionage matter regarding my real bio-father. As it came out that my father, a high-ranking East German STASI General , Markus Wolf, created a ring of high-ranking agents of political influence in the US, and the killing of JFK was to open the slot of Presidency for them. Since no good person wanted the risk of the job, anymore, Bush was asked, what with all his espionage survival skills, could he "Steward" the Office? Since this all revolved around the timing of Red China's takeover of us, the Bush CIA counter-played it. They let in the "Opposing views" so as to not make the American People think the CIA intended a Coup D'Edat, plus, it gave us a plateful of Socialism, how was the meal? Bottom line, it's also served to lure out the Moles and Sleepers in the woodwork, so that they can be identified by us on every level. This explains why Bush "Shot himself in the foot" and gave the Office to Clinton. Also why his son also filled the post. Taking turns, sort of. But now that the CHICOMs are timely getting overt, everything's coming out. Obama, the Clintons, etc., are going down in flames and there's more to come. The really big deal will be, as I was told to remember and repeat - IF it does happen - "Climate Change" is really Weather Weapons. Specifically if the CHICOM Ruling Elite's big Red Star, the ruination of a Chinese cultural and rural area and enslavement of the populace for the electricity and slave labor to run the factories to wage economic war on us - The Three Gorges Dam- goes. (There's record rainfall on the river, but no press coverage, now) there's a good chance the people will revolt against the Communist ruling party. It will take out all the Walmart type factories on the Yangtze Delta, and probably more than a million workers. Since our own factories will then be quite busy, we'll have places for all these immigrants they've flooded us with to work for their "American Dream," and be less likely to want to burn our country down, instead. Me, I got put on ice, long-term, big-time. But to come out about it all, too. Whistleblower. I hope I didn't overwhelm you with information overload. I have a tendency to do that. Bush's specific mnemonic for me was "We just want to level the playing field a bit..."