What do Jonbennet, Chandra & Laci have in common? The Gary Condits!


Friday, October 16, 2015

Answer to rsn's article about new JFK secrets out

My entire life has been taken up by espionage primarily because of who my bio-father was, former East German STASI Gen. Markus Wolf. There are two things to point out:  First of all, the Pillsbury Report is out, detailing the long-known, long-term CHICOM intentions of warfare upon us, and we all know that taking out Command and Control (That is to say, JFK and other presidential aspirants) is the first step in any warfare.  In that such meant their agents, such as the Clintons, and Obama, could then do their work, and of course, strive to destroy and eliminate the Office, as without it, we'd have a Socialism. The other faceets of the Chinese "Art of War" are there, too, such as the poisoning of our food supplies, our morals, etc., and of course, economic warfare.
Now is the point where open conflict is timed, as we would not be able to do anything about it.
However, I was told to remember, the Japanese say this right away and told us about it, so the CIA has, through the "Turning" of Gen. Wolf in 1977 (I was there), managed to counter-run the above, in essence "Stewarding" the Presidency. (Note the Nixon time period, who would have ordered it.) Along the way, I ended up standing in line for an inheritance from my first adopted step-father, US Army SF Sgt. Sam Hyatt. My adopted mother, was one of Wolf's agents, tried like hell to get at the inheritance to influence property rights, basically by trying to drive him into the nut house, and when that didn't work, then me.  She did not succeed in having him committed, and I'm told pressure was put on JFK to Executive Order the inheritance Communized, as Chicago Communists had basically put him into office, but he refused. As such, he was shot, deliberately just before Thanksgiving Day, the remembrance day of the Magna Carta, and our Capitalist beginnings. Thus was the bureaucratic start of their goal of Worldwide Communist.  But, to wit, and again, just along the line, all my life, people I hardly knew have been found mutilated to death, and part of my being sent to Germany was to lure this assassin out (The idea was to get ME put away as a nut case...) and it also worked.  Then I was sworn to secrecy about it for the interim. What I was told is that the facial profile closely resembles the "Young man Shooter on the Grassy Knoll" and to be sure to bring it up at the end. There's now tons of investigative proof to connect this man (And his wife) to these cases, now, and not so untimely is not only this refreshment of the JFK case, but that of Chandra Levy's, and even Jonbennet Ramsey's, and Scott Peterson's cases are in the works. The commonality is, of course, Gary Condit, who would have been 15 at the time, just old enough to get a driver's license from the state he lived in at the time.  He is, by the way, a lousy shot, but very wily when comes to luring victims for his other "Sexual/Political Embarrassment Disposal Service" victims into a home setting, and the rest is explained on blog site. It was figured, back in 1977, that he probably would use such subsequent blackmail to infiltrate Congress, which he did.  But, in the end, this very blackmail, counter-run, even explains the (Until now allowed) suppression of Obama's Ineligibility, also now about to come out. Please visit my blog on Blogger and also photos on Picasa for more info.  And or contact me at rickahyatt@gmail.com  Thank You. And see this.