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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

An open post to the people of Carbon County, Wyoming, on the closure, again, of the Valley View Rest Home, or the Care Center, as it is now known:

I am more than confident that my ex-wife’s affair with SH, the former director of the establishment, was the same pattern this Filipina sex worker immigrant followed with all the men in her life, to include me. “Honey Trap” are the operative words; Engage in seduction and sex, then blackmail - For money,  immigration status, marriage, a place in a corrupt housing subdivision, attempts to frame me  to avoid criminal prosecution of herself, even just extra work hours and pay, police acquiescence, just anything cash she could mail to the Phillipines sewed up in the hems of the used clothes she would get from Salvation Army.
And, in this case she made sure I’d find the box of letters between her lawyer and the nursing home’s lawyer (So as to send me over the edge emotionally), almost agreeing to settle a “Sexual Harassment” suit to the tune of $100K.  
She's somehow decided to "Store" her SSN card in that box, and I was to search for it there, when she had a self-induced "Stroke and heart attack..." The manner by which she got her blood toxic would sicken you.
But I offered to his lawyer to testify on SH’s part, but I guess it stalled, I was never contacted, and then it must have eventually went through, and sank the establishment. 
Because of PC Feminist laws, Judges, and even appointed Public Defense attorneys, Discovery in this her case never made it to the light of day, as their goal is obviously the destruction of Men in general, capitalists, and the Nation along with it. 
Because of her false tears and deliberately incomprehensive speech before this Judge, I was given not only the 8 days the Prosecutor had asked for a first time, but separate, DUI case I was set up for (I refused to falsify my DOT logs for a prominent local company).  She gave me SIX MONTHS INCOMMUNICADO! Subjected to unbelievable homosexual pressures in incarceration, as if a “Test!” Or, perhaps, to see if it could be proven to be as if true, that her false "Sodomy" charge, which had been sealed "Without Prejudice," and reopened and processed again one day by Maui Prosecutors, whereby she would be charged with False Reporting, and go to jail.  It was proven false at the time by medical authorities, but I was still forced to marry her, and later ordered to stay married to her.
I still don't know if a "Suicide by the Men in White Coats' was a fabrication, or not.   One thing for sure, the State Legislature has bulldozed any evidence of same.
As you mourn the passing of a much needed facility, and now know why, ask why JUSTICE was never done, and Law Enforcement never promulgated.
SH was just another of her Feminist Trophies, to include dentists, especially (Why all the gold teeth that eventually got sent to the PI. 
I suspect locally, but I am certain about Dr. Kahoe on Maui, who lost his business that way.  I even walked in on them in the act.), but supervisors at work (More hours at work, more authority over who was in charge of the silver room, etc.) , one of our Agent Handlers on Maui, Ron Mitchel (She didn't want to bear my son from the start), and naturally the Social Security Agency to the max (From claiming rape with a much older Pen Pal who came to visit her in the Philippines, to get entry into the US, having two  kids by he to collect SS,  to actually making herself ill in order to qualify for Disability.  And like all her lawyers, doctors, and Judges, she just chose the right PC or bribable one).
She was my "Cover Wife," and I was ordered to stay married to her.  A military undercover mission  thing.  Military things are long done IN the US, anymore, a test on "Posse Comitatus."
I now suspect I have happenstanced upon why one certain local authority had committed suicide recently, but that is only an intuitive guess, at present, but it fits the M.O., I'm afraid.
Sorry if my duty is telling the truth.  Un-PC, or whatever, call me whatever names or claims or denigrations.... If it's the truth, ya gotta live with it.
But also persons so manipulable as I, somehow knowing many years before I did, that I have genetic Celiac’s Disease. Three normal beers and I become VERY susceptible to suggestion (Especially hypnotic - Endorphins).  She somehow knew this and went out of her way to keep a beer in my hand.
She claimed she didn’t return home that night because SH “Gave her a beer and she woke up naked.” She never had an alcohol drink ever in the 34 years I knew her, and in fact, she comes from a Muslim area. 
She then tried to pit me against he (As she did with all her lovers), as if in jealousy, but I declined to do so. Nevertheless, her false words were swallowed by authorities on the basis of Feminism, and she achieved much in my personal social destruction let alone my day-to-day state of mind. I ironically stand (Or stood) in line to get an inheritance one day – Unless women like her manage to have me put away, and a certain legal loophole in law would allow them to Communize such Capitalism. Even the Right To Own Property. That's the root reason for my military induction.
The town is simply the victim of this new wave of attack: Communist infiltration of our society, our media, our politicians, our American way of life, our economy, our food supply… People used to laugh at me when I first moved here 21 years ago, and told people there would be a Coup of the Presidency, and that we would find ourselves in overt warfare with Red China. 
Laughing now, are you? (More typos corrected, material added this date  5/27/16)

(6/30/16)  Well, I've read where, on the day of the foreclosure, it was canceled, and the place is up and running again.  I sincerely hope that my efforts to expose the matter for what probably really was, rampant Feminism,  with its links to illegal immigration (Remember, my ex-wife claimed "Rape" by her first husband in order to have him marry her and bring her to the US, where she continued her exploitation of men), espionage, corruption and the enemy attempt to subvert our moral base,  helped reverse that tragedy.