What do Jonbennet, Chandra & Laci have in common? The Gary Condits!


Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Anybody wants to know how I know that Gary Condit infiltrated Congress by posing as a "Serial Killer Expert Investigator," while really being a professional assassin, himself, contact me or just pick up the small efile below.
It's out, now! The perfect cover, as you can see, and an agent  of the Other Side at the same time.   Why? Because it was known that Condit had as a blackmail target, the then Dir. CIA. Who had the need of a "Cover" of such kind. If people believed Condit's blackmail, then 0bama would surely be put in by the many moles and infiltrators in our system, exposing themselves.
Many are resigning now, or have been put out of office with this past election. Or shown themselves with this last "Budget Vote."
Point?  Condit's believed "Homosexually-related blackmail" (A disinfo campaign) is what has been used to scare Conservative Judges, Congress (BOEHNER), and Media from DARING to press upon Obama's true ineligibility. From DARING to press neither for his Birth Certificate nor his medical records. (CLICK HERE to see why Celiac's Disease is the key.)
Below is a small efile of the best transcript I could make of what happened on day in June, 1977, where I witnessed the Condits dispose of the remains of a sexual Political Embarrassment, " a British Soldier.  It was a FUBAR, but it led to Condit believing he then had the goods that would guarantee his rise to Congress and fulfill his espionage goals.
It is the basic Modus Operandi that reflects upon not only Chandra Levy's case, but others.
Kindle worldwide's lowest price I could make it is 99 cents! Please help me get it out there.
If this is brought to the fore, an innocent man goes free from false imprisonment and a guilty couple get properly charged for horrible cold case murders.
More importantly, a major cover-up about how Barrack 0bama's birth certificate is being kept off-limits through undue and false homosexual blackmail, (A deliberate disinformation campaign) is revealed.  His true parentage shown.  And since that will reveal that they are not US Citizens, he will be declared ineligible to be President.  And everything he's put into place, to include enormous debts, will be found NULL and VOID. Not to mention what the People will do to those who helped put him into place; As they find out WHO his real father is, a former high-ranking STASI Communist "Master Spy" who bred 0bama for the positon, Gen. Markus Wolf.

Check here for the link to Kindle