What do Jonbennet, Chandra & Laci have in common? The Gary Condits!


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Obama's real parents, Gary Condit's "Disposal Service," upcoming elections, the purge of Congress, restoration of the Office of President to the American People, the restoration of our country. The use of Jewels as code-names for Wolf's agents revealed. Who is Emerald?

News for you all: In 1974, I was induced into US Army M.I. and sent to Germany to lure out my biological father, STASI Gen. Markus Wolf.  Wanting to see me, he crossed the border, and was captured and debriefed.  It turn out that he literally bred his international spy rings with his Celiac's Disease, as that is central to the "Manchurian Candidate" effect.  The movie by that name (With Frank Sinatra) is more than a spy movie. Picking the right woman by using the research resources he had, he was able to find, simply, a woman with the same Celiac's Disease genes, and monetarily motivated to give birth to a child that could be given to a new mother (Thus emotionally willing to do procedures a natural mother would not) who could adopt him, thusly giving him a new name and hidden true parents, and documentation created, another things Gen. Wolf excelled in as a "Master Spy." Communist indoctrination could be arraigned, as well as cultural and sexual values installed, along the needs of what the spy was being groomed for.  Obama represents a long-term PSYOPS to create the perfect "Alternative" President, in conjunction with decades of other propaganda.  Having picked a black Muslim Indonesian prostitute, he could thusly become a half black/half white, half/Muslim, half/Christian, half/hetero, half/homosexual, and on, in order to infiltrate, and eventually destroy, the Office of President.  Without it, the US would be run by the Congress, and basically turn into a militarily ineffective communal form of government, a sort of "Little Sister Communism" to Big Brothers Russia and Red China. I remember well the WGIS debriefers calling Wolf a "Racist" for having had sex with a black woman, but he replied that it was only professionalism.  They spoke of having a road sign in Kenya made up as a part of future documentation, and yet to spike it all at the same time. It when the "80" stamp was created. Wolf spoke of how he always signed his own forgeries with the "Smiley Face," that it if such doc's ever came to a court, false ones could not be attributed to he. He spoke of the Certificate of Live Birth, and of sending notices to Hawaiian Newspapers.  Wolf named his spies by the names of jewels.  Topaz and Turquoise became well known as the NATO spies.  I was to be Sapphire. Obama, I believe was Emerald, and there's Ruby still out there, etc.  Since the issue was to be counter-run, and there's another issue, as well, I was promoted and sent to ground.  It's been almost 40 years for me, now, and the timing is nigh.  It stretches from the assassination of JFK, the long-term CHICOM "Economic War" on us, using that money to buy out our Media and corrupt politicians, to the upcoming desired seizure at the top of our government at this election, overt military action in the Pacific, and our invasion.  "The Art of War," without having fired one shot.  However, one key ingredient will turn all this: A professional assassin, Gary Condit (Diamond, I think), (Later joined by his duty wife), had been instrumental in trying to arrange a false Legend about me.  Simply put, if he could frame me for multiple murders, and my Communist Agent (Run by Wolf) adopted mother could ruin me emotionally, it was thought that Inheritance law (My first adopted step-father)  could be changed, even  creating precedence affecting the Right to Own Property. (What would be a pivotal PSYOPS at this point in time of continuous attack upon the Constitution.) It was thought that Condit's mission was to infiltrate Congress, and did, with their "Sexual/Political Embarrassment Disposal Service" for the high-ranking corrupt. His methodology was developed by former SS Concentration Camp Dr. Aribert Heim, and utilized by Wolf. (Of whom and the above others I have a personal photos and even talked with.)  The timing is set for the exposure of all of Condit's "Customers," and this will mean not only a Royal Flush of Congress this election, but Term Limits imposed, as well. As Obama's Ineligibility is proven, so do all his works become Null and Void, as even ill-gotten gains of debt to Red China. Even SCOTUS will be affected. Constitutional Crises, indeed.  Can they force Obama and I to provide DNA, or do they already have it? Download a photo or two of Gen. Wolf and you will see facial, nose, ear, hairline and other similarities. What this boils down to is this:  The deliberate "alling" of the Berlin Wall was intended to be the conquering of Europe by the Soviets, WWIII started again on Wolf's homeland. So he decided to work for us, Big Time,  to prevent it.  His spiking of all of Obama's "Documentation" is proof of that.  The "Stewarding' of the Presidency by GHWB's CIA for the interim period is another.  That I'm supposed to independently erupt and "Shout it from the rooftops," is another.  One last note: It's not "Climate Change," it's "Weather Weapons." To disrupt Red Chinese timed military plans, and yet again avert WWIII.