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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Open letter: What has Manchurian Candidate effect have to do with Obama or immigrants?

Dear João,
I'm in a funny position, you see:  On the one hand, I must follow past orders to "Shout it from the rooftops!" To basically show that a Manchurian Candidate like myself can "Sleep" decades then jump up to follow (US Army Military Intelligence) such orders. Such proves to the naysayers that we actually have a lot of them in our political system, in spite of claims by the Democrats and their APA, and we must have term limits, and also not allow in the current waves of "Immigrants." 1-in-10 will be as untraceable or misunderstood as I have been.  And I have now accomplished my mission; They, if freely allowed in, will do the same.
On the other, I'm ordered never to be "Shrunk" and they, believe me, try in many espionage and Police State ways to make me talk for political reasons if nothing else. Besides, I own these experiences, this "Intellectual Property," and deserve to be renumerated properly for them.  I am a Capitalist, not a Socialist.
And, I'm getting so old that if I don't get paid the promised pay I would get at the accomplishment of my mission, my life will have been wasted for naught. I'm supposed to get US Army pay for going to ground with this MI mission. (And other things) Then, again, being a dedicated soldier, I may have to go to my grave with only that satisfaction of having served my country.  There are many a "CIA Spy" whose gold stars there in their HQ are named that way.
So, I'll answer some of your questions in the hope that such leads to publicity, and edification of the general public, as such are my orders.  And hope for the best. 
Please pass this around.  There is much good to come out of this expose for the common people.

but i found it a bit confused. What is the meaning of the movie?>

It simply was put down in stone way back then when the methodology
became apparent to US Authorities so that it could be referred to in
the future.  The Enemy use of the TV, etc., as programming and
communications tools was becoming evident then.  This was one WE did.
It choreographs the basic psychological set-up of a "Manchurian
Candidate" as if a fictional spy movie.  
"Hidden in plain sight," are the criteria.
ust to prove a hidden detail, the actor that plays the role of the "Newspaper Editor?"  He was recruited to do so:  He is actually my Uncle Heinekamp from Chicago.  Or was. He told me as such, and a photo of him is attached. Upper left.
So I'm figuring that Gen. Markus Worf, and his methods,  were "Turned" a lot earlier in 1977 than I was given to believe, since the movie was made when I was about 10. I first met Wolf when I was 5, and he was promoted to his post the year of my birth. I also have other half-siblings, also destined for high political intrigue.

Hard to tell from the surface, but "Raymond Shaw's mother" is not actually his mother.  No biological mother could do to her offspring what she (Or my adopted mother) could do. And so people would think the things she would do would be truthful attempts to "Help" him. 
Like "Get him psychiatric care, because he's been homosexually abused..." type lies that work well in the general public. But results in social alienation.
All of that is covered up by adoption, and name changes.
But a recruited woman, like a prostitute, paid to bear a child, would do so.  And a woman paid to raise said child, given enough ideological motivation (And money) would do cruel things that involve psychology, disruption of one's social life, and actual behavioral programming like is shown in the movie. Besides, the very disruption of her life would create enough resentment to do such things, not to mention the financial burden.

Fact: To invoke Celiac's Disease symptomaticy, early childhood trauma,
especially sexual trauma helps to make it happen.  So does a heavy
gluten diet.
If you carefully watch between the lines, she has drawn him into an
incestuous affair. That's not all so hard to do with a boy in his
adolescent age, and the use of modern aphrodisiacs. And all high level intel types can get same. And it's all Mind Control, even Kidnapping,or the Stockholm Syndrome.
Yet, at the same time, she goes out of her way to destroy any normal social life and
influences he would otherwise have had. Being born a "Bastard," not
really loved by his adopted parents, he grew up used to being an
unlovable person, with his only source of "Affection" being Her and her controlling methods.  So, at first, she got rid of the girl, right?

Being manipulated into being an Army Officer sent to war is something I've endured: And something someone like STASI Gen. Wolf could arrange in the US Army, such were his influences.  He arranged the transfer of my first adopted step-father to Augsburg, for example, so that he could see me. That required a change in policy to allow enlisted Sergeants to be able to bring their families overseas, for example.
I've been manipulated into unneccessary surgeries, for example. They were very painful, and combined with hypnotis, became the basis of behavioral programming to do things upon command.  I avoid doctors to this day for that, especially VA or government ones. Obamacare is very scary, when you consider this deeply. Medical and mental work done upon you with political reasons in mind? You have no idea what dental work has been done upon me, even!
Catch-22, I am persued all the more by such forces as they want to know the details.  For free.
For example, to prove such could be done, and in study of these future known to be coming "Immigrants," I also was a study of body implants.  How well and how long could the human body retain plastique (The explosive) micropellet silicone gel implants in the usual older male fat spots?  God, would I welcome a "Liposuction" if at a ARMY hospital! These 20 pounds do I not need!  But...
Tell anyone this, and you'll be presumed "Delusional..." If government doctors have labeled you so...  So no one will believe you.  The APA's bible of political correctness, the DSM-V, can be used against itself.  The CIA actually planted a lot of stuff in it to prove such.
Like "The farting syndrome" (Good laugh!) "as a sign of mental illness."
During my unneccessary tongue surgery (Very bloody and painful done suripticously at a place near Obama's early residence in Hawaii) I was hypnotized into thinking it would cause me to swall air and...
Now to explain the connection to bred Celiac's Disease and the Manchurian Candidate effect.
You see, when one has thusly been bred, groomed, and prepared, one can be "Run."
A Legend created, a history and documentation created through false means (Like Obama's), and the help of a politically correct Media (Through enemy PSYOPS), then one can be put into place. And receptive of set times and locations to be to recieve instructions, ect.
With me, it's planted articles in newspapers (And now Internet) for me to key on.
But in the movie, Raymond goes to a bar, and has a beer.
This is very important, because it is rich in gluten.
That causes the Celiac's small intestine to react as if heavily damaged (It has). Which causes the brain to release endomorphines, it's temporary pain-killing response to same.  It's built-in, like, "Did the dinosaur bit youe and it's bad?  Well, if you can keep going and survive, maybe you can crawl away and live another day..." It's also a very drugged experience, and I guess, a hypnotic.
A set-up for recieving additional instructions one is to do after doing something as a first key, a usual playing of cards with a hypnotic mnemonic, the Red Queen, and then the phone ringing.
In this purported example of the wished "Random stimulii," Raymond then obeys the instructions made by the bartender in third person (Another safeguard) to others that prompts him to "Take a cab and go jump into the lake."
Real Problem?  Sleepers can also succeed. I'm living proof of that.  I want to get paid, thank you.  I'd like to have a real life the rest of it if they don't mind.
In that such Sleepers can also be "Turned" is portrayed there, but with unpredicable results, I guess.  In Obama's case, he's been quite craftily turned by the CIA, and it has worked quite well for the national interest.  He's armed every American Household in a way that could never been have done before, and we are quite now a real deterent to foreign invasion by the CHICOMS.
I personally go everywhere openly armed to make a PSYOPS example to others to follow.  My duty.
The end of the movie is dramatic, but the real point is this: Raymond used his given military skills, that of marksmanship, to do his ultimate deed.
I don't mind adding that so am I: I'm using my given Military Intelligence Analyst, compter literate, PSYOPS, and word processing skills to achieve my given mission. I'm not "Dangerous," unless being Politically Incorrect is to be presumed so. I was sworn in twice to "Protect, Uphold, Defend and Protect the Constitution of the United States."
If that is my "Mind Crime," come and try to get me.
Like my Agent Handler, Dir. GHWB, said, "We'll stop using MC's if they will."  Let the rule of government return to the American People, not outsiders.

Obtain and read the Pillsbury Report, recently declassified, but known about back in the '70's.  It simply outlines the CHICOMS use of the legendary Chinese General to "Win a war without having fired a shot."  That is the manual all CHICOM Officers are issued.  Basically speaking, it starts with the taking out of the enemy's leadership at the beginning of war to start confusion, a modern usuage.  And now it shall come out, so started their war upon us, by taking out JFK and other good candidates like MLK and others.  So as to put in their own Sleepers like the Clintons and Obama.  Of course, the Bush CIA has known this from the get-go and counter run it all.
It was, to their honor, the Japanese, who advised us of this method being waged upon us.
I especially like the way I was utilized in an unique way:  Since I'd been accused of homosexual influence by my adopted Commie mother, extreme CIA disinformation choreography was used to make it look like my Agent Handler was so abusing me.  Right in front of known eavesdroping devices, quite the technical feat in those days.
So that, when the Clintons took office, and their first priority being:  Find dirt in classified files on prominent Conservatives =  What did they find and use for political advantage?
That blackmail, so much what they wanted to see as if the products of the Communist Manifesto,  is what keeps Conservatives from investigating Obama's real birth certficate and actual ineligability.
Let SCOTUS rule and find him so.  America's Reset Button. Our system works.
And now that's been turned on these infiltrators.
It's not just Emails that they're talking about...

< What is the next move of the KGB/CIA?>

I am sure the Russians are more in sync with us than the Commie CHICOMS.  After all, we are Caucasians, and blood runs deeper than water. We are out to make good for our peoples, overall, and are not willing to pollute the planet just to make the ruling leadership rich at the expense and enslavement of their own people.  Consumerism has been a CHICOM PSYOPS destabalizing method on us since the beginning of the "Art of War," but what will they do if the 3 Gorges Dam fails and floods out their Yangtze Delta Walmart factories? And the Chinese People revolt against having to wear face masks to go outside every day?  Perhaps they will find a more Democratic, or maybe even Constitutional form of government, that has been proven successful for centuries, now?
They are ethnicaly Chinese, there is much good to say and learn from that.  Will they now contibute to the worldwide people's good, or will they try to conquer same?  They can either become appreciated and known at that former, or die in mass hordes.

> How long it will take to the US be completely subverted? How many time the americans have? Does it have a way to fix it without the military  intervention?

As you've read, we've got it all handled. Mainly by restoring Constitutional Rights. So much we cherish our Freedoms and are willing to sacrifice for them, Patriotism will never die, here. Ask Patrick Henry, he was born on this month. "The Tree of Freedom must from time to time be refreshed with the blood of of Patriots..." And now we come to that: The hordes of immigrants Sleepers will meet quite a different reception on our streets and towns  as the pacified wimps of Europe has given them. Choose any caliber, or just wait for our fortified Sheriff's departments respond with their heavy armour. And, of course, Jade Helm, putting Special Forces in place, wasn't just an excercise, either, was it?
Now I know why they told me I was SF qualified back in Fort Bragg when I was at 4th PSYOPS.

> Do you think that Trump have the balls to get it done? He have something to
> do with the KGB/CIA?<

"President, who's the President?"  Typical pre-war planning, a shell game, all CIA PSYOPS, the current "Candidates" are fluff in the making.  My best hope is that what happened in the days of our Founding Fathers did, and we pick some average Joe off the street.  That's how it was designed to be in the first place.  The Enemy HATES it when they can't predict some known corrupt person in advance, and that's why the system was set up that way.  We've just gotten corrupted over time, and it's time to shake the dead wood out of the tree.

< Thank you in advance for everything,>
You know, in the end, it shall be the reunification and union of all the American States, as to say that South America is also America.  We shall have to reconsolodate our borders to include all of America, and end the Drug War at that.  Bring decency and economic freedom to all our American states, even it takes the United States Marines, and they're ready. Capitalism works, Communism doen't.

Best Regards,
Rawlins, Wyoming

> Best regards,
> João Vitor Ribeiro Alves

Who do you are? Tell me about your story.
This is my enovel I long ago wrote using fake names because it was still secret.  But they

aren't hard to figure out.  They are my actual experiences, from being born the bio-son of

Markus Wolf, to being engaged by the CIA, to being sent to Germany to lure him to the West, to

the constant attentions of a professional assassin, and then being sent to ground, forced to

marry, and always expecting the day of Vindication.  I'm going to rewrite it if I get some


I was BRED and BORN to be a "Manchurian Candidate" as designed by Gen. Markus Wolf, who has

appeared from time to time in my life.  The first chapter of above is how he had so much

influence in the US Army that he had policy changed so that my adopted father could bring his

family to Germany, where he got to see me up close.  I was about 5 and starting Kindergarten

early = In the German Language, it was arrainged.
As soon as I got out of high school, I was picked up by US Army MI, sent to German school, and

to Germany.  There, I was used against enemy spies, and Wolf.  There I learned that I had other

half-siblings, also bred to be "Manchurian Candidates" of political infiltration.
Barry Soetoro is one.
There are others.
Sarah Palin, for example.
Then I got sent "To ground," or "On Ice," sent to Maui to expose my adopted mother's true

criminal intent, and made to marry a Filipino Sex Worker with similar goals.  She had us move to

Wyoming, and I've been an undercover agent in the trucking industry since. Gotten major

investigations started as to government spending fraud, etc. Barely lived through it. Constantly

approached by our new "KGB," the APA, VA, and other government social agencies, who believe the

cover story about GHWB, but conveniently won't believe the truth, my own story.

Being born was about it.  Then enduring the behavioral progamming of my Commie adopted mother,

so as to be set up to eventually be committed.  That so they could exploit a loophole in

inheritance law and "Communize" same.  It's no small matter:  It would have legally influenced

the Right to Own Property, even.  It probably had something to do with the JFK assassination,

since he refused to Executive Order the matter the way they wanted. It was put into court seal

on 10/13/61. The professional assassin I mention, Gary Condit, who used his "Service" to get

himself into Congress, killed scores of people I barely knew to set up such future court

determination by association.
But the US Army arranged for me to be put in one for 3 months, but told me about it in advance.

 So I didn't flip out, there, and actually witnessed some abuses. And they tested me to the max,

I'm no homosexual serial killer by their own measurements, and was released.  My ex (Cover) wife

had a lot to do with having me sent there, of course.
Thus, I got over the fear of such, and also repudiated.

Mr. Wolf?>
As East German's head of their "CIA," he got to travel worldwide and of course had access to all

their resources. Somebody decided that his breeding of "Master Spies" through his spreading of

personal genes in the form of Celiac's Disease would work, I guess because it was the results of

of Nazi research on the subject at their SS Munhausen Concentration Camp by Dr. Aribert Heim.

Who I got to meet, and he is in the photo of my book cover.  He also found the most efficient

way to kill and dispose of people, and how to make professional assassins enjoy their work in a

bizarre, sexual way.
Gary Condit (And his wife)'s Modus Operandi mirror those of Jeffrey Dahmner, and of Dennis

Rader. Condit grew up just south of Dennis Rader and one report, at least, say that the serial

killing of one family was done by TWO men, not just Rader.  I believe that family to be that of

one whose kids were bullys and always chased me around Hopkinsville, KY, when I lived there.  I

was nearly framed for putting a .22 bullet through their window by Condit, one of the first

contacts I had with him.  They moved away, I guess to Kansas City.  The father owned the

billards parlor at the Indian Hills Shopping Center, where I would go play and then ran into the

two sons.
Anyway, Wolf was a dedicated Communist, mainly because as a Jew, he had flew Hitler's Germany to

Russia, where he was spotted and sent to their Spy University.
But as the post-WWII plans went down, it was clear that the East German Intelligence Officers

were going to be left to hang in the wind by the Russians.  The "Falling of the Berlin Wall" was

actually planned from WWII to become WWIII with the invasion of the West by Soviet tanks.  They

were narrow enough to fit through the strong pillars, but US tanks were too big to go in the

other direction.
Therefore, Wolf and Erich Mielke, Dr. Heim, and many others decided to defect to the CIA very

early on, bringing much of their operations with them.  Like I said, see that group photo I

mentioned and have some analyst study them for authenticy.
I was just "Utilized." Sent to ground as a "High value Intelligence Asset" and a "Double-Blind

Study in the Manchurian Candidate Effect." Promised rewards, Military rank and back pay,

benefits, vindication and given a (Federal Witness Protection Program) job.  I just have to play

out the game, and prove that we MC's accomplish what we're programmed to do, and obey the

mnemonics locked in my head.  But I'm getting so old I wonder if I will survive this.

By being bred by Markus Wolf to a paid and motivated black Indonesian Muslim woman, who then

gave up the son for adoption.  Adoptions legally wipe out past family history, names, etc. and

Wolf knew that. Then, using his intel resources, he has documented, groomed, educated, etc.,

Barry Soetoro to be the "Perfect Alternative President," being black but white, Christian but

Muslim, Straight but gay, on and on... All of his documents have been spiked by Wolf, though,

with that "Smiley Face" because, as I say, Wolf defected long ago.  This operation is being

cleverly counter-run by the Bush CIA, and I'm proud to be part of that team.
So, whether he knows it or not, Obama is being counter-run.  For example, his feeble attempts to

strip Americans of their firearms - In anticipation of Communist invasion - Has resulted,

instead, in the armament of the common family household to historic levels.
As one Chinese General has said, "We can never defeat America.  There will be a gun behind every

blade of grass."
So, Obama is a born and bred Manchurian Candidate, obeying his programmed mnemonics and

occassional instructions, whether he is aware of it, or not.
Why we need term limits on the Congress, Presidency, and SCOTUS, as well.
My duty done.

As I document in my enovel, the JFK assassinations resulted in a void in the Presidency, which

the enemy hoped to fill with their own people.  That being know, the Bush CIA "Stewarded" the

Presidential Office, careful to allow the enemy-controlled Media sponsored agents were given

their own First Amendment Rights.  In other words, they let in the Clintons, ect., so as to show

their real colors. Plus, since it could be expected that they would scour FBI, CIA, US Army,

even KGB and CHICOM archives to find damaging blackmail material to exploit, specifically

homosexually-seeming scenes were choreographed to be found there.  This "Blackmail" on GHWB has

become the basis for the Conservative fear to dare challenge Obama's ineligibility.  Now that

it's revealed as a "Sting," Obama goes "Poof!" like a bad Schadentrauem.
Again, see the details in my Kindle enovel.
You can see that Hillarious, the second Clinton dynasty, has been well set up. Her CHICOM

contacts are well documented as in her emails.  Justice will serve.
Thanks, John.  How's MI6?

A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity." --
Sigmund Freud
"An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have
to back up his acts with his life.” - Robert A. Heinlein
"Telling the truth during times of universal deceit will be a revolutionary
act."  George Orwell, "1984"
"You can't fool a good swordsman" Teruo Musashi, "The Book of Five Rings"
"Those who flaunt the word "Community" are just the mediocre trying to make
themselves look important."  Me, Rick Hyatt.
"All things in moderation.  Especially moderation."  Mark Twain
 Thomas Jefferson
"Why is it that when we talk to God we're said to be praying, but
when God talks to us we're schizophrenic?"
- Lily Tomlin
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