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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Open letter to Rush Limbaugh re Obama and Clintons

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Dear Rush,
 You've recently said that all would be solved by the connecting of the dots between Obama and the Clinton camps.  Let me do that for you and explain how it is that I know.  And BTW, say Hi to Steve.
To get right to the point, I've pretty much been former CIA Director GHWH's agent since I became heir to a massive inheritance from my first adopted step-father.  It became a national security issue because my adopted mother was a full-blown Communist agent.  As time went on, I found out that my real bio-father was also not only a Communist agent whose intent was to exploit a loophole in inheritance law to radically affect Capitalism in itself, but the high-ranking STASI Hauptverwaltung Aufklärung,(East German version of the CIA) General, Markus Wolf, at that.
So I was ushered into US Army Military Intelligence right after high school, trained in German at DLI, and stationed TDY n the British sector at the US Duesseldorf Consulate in hopes of luring Wolf to the West.  It worked. And others followed suit, too.

US Army Sgt. Clyde Lee Conrad with consular car in 1977
Long before he found out we were unto him
One million KGB $ later he was arrested

 Unbeknownst by most, Wolf worked for us since at least 1977, I got to talk with him, and he in fact helped make the planned "Fall of the Berlin Wall" event a rather peaceful one.
From left to right back:  CIA Dir. GHWB (No head), MFS Dir. Erich Mielke, Nazi SS Mauthausen Camp Dr.Aribert Heim (facial fencing scars), NATO COSMIC TOP SECRET Spy's wife,  "Tourquoise" Frau Rainer Ruppe and her mother, 
 Middle: Dir. HfA Markus "Mischa" Wolf, myself, Sarah Palin (A US Army agent of his then),
 WGIS Intl Officer
 Picture deliberately staged and misdated one year (1977), and Celiac's logo deliberate
The legal loophole centered around being able to have the intended recipient of the inheritance committed by a Judge.  This is relatively easy, what with the "Me generation," that is to say, greedy relatives eager to write such letters to the Judge, but also with sexually-related issues, as with almost any espionage issue.
 My "Mother" claimed that my step-father was "Homosexually abusing me" in order to drive him mad and into an act of "Dangerousness," another criteria for the above.
 When that didn't work, she divorced him, and I remained heir, she would spread such things about me to neighbors, teachers, authorities, girlfriends, supervisors, social workers...
Even my eventual assigned "Legend Wife" continued the same efforts. And, of course, the two  controlled my home life, emotions, intellect, social life, jobs, and most especially my diet.  I have genetic Celiac's Disease (No accident of fate), and you only have to watch the movie, "The Manchurian Candidate" to understand how that can lead one to being very exploitably hypnotizable and manipulable.
 Well, the inheritance got put into trust by the Powers Who Be until she would be too old to get at it and "Communize" it with greedy others, have it spread out amongst everyone rather than to one male heir. She was groomed by her handler, a Donna Hansen, in the then-fledgling enemy propaganda of “Feminism” (|Designed by Wolf - So as to be in charge of the inheritance in the day where women didn't do such things), and now you will also understand the same PSYOPS of “Homosexuality” also now so prevalently pushed by the Media.
 It seems that the Chicago influences who'd helped JFK get elected thought they'd get him to Executive Order the issue to their favor in advancement of their planned agenda to the Communization of the US, but he did not.  So they started the usual "Art of War" scenario by taking out our Command and Control first.  Hence, not only the assassination of JFK, but just about anybody who could fit the grade.
 The first time I rather officially met GHWB as an agent, overseas in Japan, he was rather ebullient.  He said that he'd been offered his political dream, that of being made President - But that he had to bear the stigma of my case and it's ramifications.
 That should start you thinking:  The Office of President has been "Stewarded" for many years.  And to show that the CIA is not out to take over the country, they basically let Media influenced voters put in the enemy every four years or so.  He later spoke to me of using the precedence of President John Adams, as in his own son becoming President, to keep the Office under CIA control, but he specifically ordered me to ring the bell, so as to prevent a third Bush from starting any family dynasty.
 So, early on, but especially while in Germany, very crafted orchestrations were set up to be played out deliberately in front of known eavesdropping devices and or known enemy agents to be recorded and eventually end up in the archives of KGB, East German, West German, British,  Belgium, French, Hawaii,  but most especially US FBI and US Army CID and other intelligence agencies.  In order to be found by such subsequent enemy infiltrators like the Clintons, and expectably utilized as blackmail on Congressional and Media Conservatives.  Hence, the whole Boehner story.
 Thusly luring out moles, spies, and sleepers ensconced in our own system.  Another pre-war act on our part to do this Royal Flush.
 You could ask then US Army E-5 Brain Larkin,
111 MI Bn,  Ft. Huachuca, AZ
who was made into a Secret Service Agent for operational reasons, about a scene at the Frankfurt US Army BAQ where GHWB and his "Office of Economic Opportunity" aide, Dick Cheney were in attendance, that Larkin reported to the E-5 Board Command Sergeant Major, who was from Hawaii. (Half way to Red China.)  Faked scenes, but very well orchestrated.  Sperm, on a Khaki Army uniform.

 I also underwent painful and unneeded surgical operations and events that affected my speech, and posture, as if secret CIA ways to keep one shut up. And deliberately before US Army doctors and nurses witnesses.  Naturally, there would be the loyal who'd want to cover such things up, too, for the sake of the country.
Can you imagine what would happen to our moral base if it came out that such a prominent Conservative were actually a closet homosexual abuser of his office, rank, assets, and young male aides who had "Reputations" of being homosexual? 
 This portrayal explains why both he and former CIA Director William Colby would secretly fly in the Dusseldorf Airport, and exit through the Royal British Air Force gate, rather than customs.  They used the aliases of "Gunther Hein," and he "John Willms."  I was ordered to keep and I still possess signed paperwork from they presumably having their fingerprints on them.
 The British base was where I was given housing, and was right down the street from the then US Consulate, where I worked, and several of these scenes took place.  You could ask former Attorney General Edwin Meese, with whom this was openly discussed to be overheard at a Frankfurt "Local."
 I was also used to help lure out a professional assassin.  A whole story unto itself regarding attempts to have me put away by character assassination.  And this will explain the still-pending cover-up regarding Gary Condit, Chandra Levy, Dick Cheney, and others.
 Well, we know that our own Media is basically owned and controlled by the CHICOMS.  The newly-released Pillsbury Report puts the entire "Art of War" methodology into context explaining how they have led up to our destruction from within, and now, overt military action and expansion they believe we cannot resist.   After all, they also own the Clintons, and there is also some grand magic that protects their other Presidential agent, Obama, right?
 I've certainly been put on ice, big time, especially by Orders from Hawaii Judge Richard Komo, in 1994, at the request - In a secret hearing - from then Secret Service Agent Brian Larkin. You could get more details from Hawaii attorneys Barclay Mcdonald and David Serano, Maui Prosecutors, and even retired Coroner/Justice of the Peace/And famed forensic pathologist Bert Friedland.  (He DOES know where "The bodies are buried.")
 My basic Agent Handlers on Maui were a Maui Police Department Lieutenant, Barry Born, and a "MPD Auxiliary Officer," Ronald Mitchel.
 I've basically been utilized as an "Deep Cover Investigator" by placing me in jobs, like oilfield trucking, to observe violations of DOT rules and the like.  Or drug trafficking, graft, fraud, and even murder. My success lays in being so unreadable by others.
 My cover is the best possible: That of US Army and VA shrinks (Like Colonel Timothy Berigan) labeling me a "Paranoid Schizophrenic," and thereby, by government stamp, not to be believed.
 Now, the proof of what I say would lay in actual documents, like the US Army Warrant Officer Contract I then signed when I was given such orders to go to ground, follow, and independently erupt like this on a set timing.  I obviously have motivation in getting paid held back promised pay and my own name cleared, especially if the inheritance doesn't work out.
 So that's the unspeakable blackmail being used to protect the Clintons and Obama's ineligibility to date.
 And I know where actual copies of things actually still yet exist and are untouched.  That has to do with one of my surgeries, and I will submit once given overt military orders to do so.  I'm not fool enough to walk into a VA hospital.
 And here comes the crux of the matter: What can be so secret about Obama's true documentation?  His parentage, his past, his medical records? His real mental state and indoctrination that leads him to destroy the Office of President?  Why is he so designed to be so "Alternative," as if a role model to follow, and leave our traditions, ways of life, conservativism, military and economic might, and follow the Media propaganda road to moral decay and second-class Socialist subservience to other Communist Superpowers? At this point in time!
 Here's the really unbelievable - But provable - part: My bio-father, STASI General Markus Wolf was promoted to that position in the year of my birth because he also had Celiac's Disease, and by using his huge resources to identify certain women also with those genetics, could literally breed his "Manchurian Candidates."  There are more of us.
 Obama is, indeed, half black and half white:  His mother is, indeed, a motivatable Indonesian black Muslim woman, while our real father is white, Gen. Wolf. He, as a Master Spy, is also crafted in the art of false documentation, indoctrination, schooling, placement, and education of his subsequent agents.  The real question here is in asking, why, then, is so much of Obama's documentation obviously flawed, even "Signed" with "Smiley Faces," and the like?  Well, as I stated above, Wolf actually has been working for us a very, very, long time.
 All's it takes is a copy of Obama's actual birth certificate - Unknowingly  asked to be put into seal by said SSA Larkin to Judge Komo into the Phoenix Federal Court in 1994 - To be unsealed, processed, and obviously forwarded to SCOTUS. They will have to rule after recusing a few of their Judges, but will find Obama ineligible.
 That will undo ALL of his acts towards the Communizing of our country, but most especially will make of all our debt to Red China Null and Void as acts of economic and espionage warfare - And we'll need all those new immigrants to fill our new factories. Amongst the long-term poisoning of our country's strengths includes the infiltration of Congress, and their legislation to make Corn Syrup the cause of major obesity of our youth, who obviously can't fit into a Humvee, submarine, nor cockpit, any longer, either.  Since they've all been sent to college, let them be managers, instead. And that is only the beginning of the deliberate poisoning of our food supply and natural resources.
 Please contact me personally, if you would, Rush.  I hope I've laid this out clearly, but would be eager to fill you in with more names and details if you wish.   And, maybe, the FBI or US Army CID will finally show up - With my saved up paychecks!
 My ordered duty promulgated: I have proven William Colby's claim to Congress in the '70's that the Manchurian Candidate Effect works, and that there are surely many of us in Congress itself.  Term Limits are a dire necessity.
 And for what it's worth, as Colby also claimed, yes, they “Switched” his daughter with a biological double.  I know this for, as a test, they did the same thing to me with my “Wife” after my unneeded
tongue surgery in 1984, where, as I say, other experimental procedures were performed.

 In a place, on a street and near the famed beach, 139 Kapaa Street, in Kailua, HI, that Obama would recognize.
 The human body can retain some interesting materials.
Gary Condit, Duesseldorf British Royal Air Base BAQ, 1977
The perfect cover:  A professional assassin whose cover is a "Serial Killer investigator"
More specific info that details Gary Condit's affects upon my life; To wit, a long-ago uploaded Picasa page that details the murders he's always tried to frame me for in order to drive me nuts (And get at the inheritance), if anything by bloodthirsty vigilantes, progressive Judges, and emotional juries, more than a "Social Trend" in our increasing lawless and ignoring the rule of law government:    

Electronically Signed,
Rick A. Hyatt

revised 11/15/15

Friday, October 16, 2015

Answer to rsn's article about new JFK secrets out

My entire life has been taken up by espionage primarily because of who my bio-father was, former East German STASI Gen. Markus Wolf. There are two things to point out:  First of all, the Pillsbury Report is out, detailing the long-known, long-term CHICOM intentions of warfare upon us, and we all know that taking out Command and Control (That is to say, JFK and other presidential aspirants) is the first step in any warfare.  In that such meant their agents, such as the Clintons, and Obama, could then do their work, and of course, strive to destroy and eliminate the Office, as without it, we'd have a Socialism. The other faceets of the Chinese "Art of War" are there, too, such as the poisoning of our food supplies, our morals, etc., and of course, economic warfare.
Now is the point where open conflict is timed, as we would not be able to do anything about it.
However, I was told to remember, the Japanese say this right away and told us about it, so the CIA has, through the "Turning" of Gen. Wolf in 1977 (I was there), managed to counter-run the above, in essence "Stewarding" the Presidency. (Note the Nixon time period, who would have ordered it.) Along the way, I ended up standing in line for an inheritance from my first adopted step-father, US Army SF Sgt. Sam Hyatt. My adopted mother, was one of Wolf's agents, tried like hell to get at the inheritance to influence property rights, basically by trying to drive him into the nut house, and when that didn't work, then me.  She did not succeed in having him committed, and I'm told pressure was put on JFK to Executive Order the inheritance Communized, as Chicago Communists had basically put him into office, but he refused. As such, he was shot, deliberately just before Thanksgiving Day, the remembrance day of the Magna Carta, and our Capitalist beginnings. Thus was the bureaucratic start of their goal of Worldwide Communist.  But, to wit, and again, just along the line, all my life, people I hardly knew have been found mutilated to death, and part of my being sent to Germany was to lure this assassin out (The idea was to get ME put away as a nut case...) and it also worked.  Then I was sworn to secrecy about it for the interim. What I was told is that the facial profile closely resembles the "Young man Shooter on the Grassy Knoll" and to be sure to bring it up at the end. There's now tons of investigative proof to connect this man (And his wife) to these cases, now, and not so untimely is not only this refreshment of the JFK case, but that of Chandra Levy's, and even Jonbennet Ramsey's, and Scott Peterson's cases are in the works. The commonality is, of course, Gary Condit, who would have been 15 at the time, just old enough to get a driver's license from the state he lived in at the time.  He is, by the way, a lousy shot, but very wily when comes to luring victims for his other "Sexual/Political Embarrassment Disposal Service" victims into a home setting, and the rest is explained on blog site. It was figured, back in 1977, that he probably would use such subsequent blackmail to infiltrate Congress, which he did.  But, in the end, this very blackmail, counter-run, even explains the (Until now allowed) suppression of Obama's Ineligibility, also now about to come out. Please visit my blog on Blogger and also photos on Picasa for more info.  And or contact me at rickahyatt@gmail.com  Thank You. And see this.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Why Verizon Sucks - Ignore the txt msgs you're getting

If, as a pay-per-month customer like I am, you're getting txt messages from Verizon telling you what a valued customer you are and that you'd get a free phone if you just switch over to a more expensive contractual arrangement, beware, it's just ANOTHER Verizon bait-and-switch.
Consider my story: I was set up for a first time DUI basically because I'd pissed off some druggies at inthe Peppermill Bar I town, where is seems like they get Police protection, I think, and certainly for sure, some local trucking companies.  I had refused to falsify my DOT logs nor drive illegally.  My reports to the DOT regarding some of the photoshopped safety inspections resulted in one company, Bandit Trucking (Yeah, the name fit - He ran off with the payroll too) being taken completely off the road.  Others would seem to be pending.
Long story, but I'd refused to lie on Federal forms because I had had a SECRET clearance while in US Army M.I., and had obeyed orders of an espionage nature that means I'm SUPPOSED to be called up one day with a Subpoena to testify about some major things Like who the identity of a assassin-for-hire is, for example, and things that I witnessed.  I supposedly actually hold military rank, which I'm to get some day, I'd been promised in writing, back then.
If I don't die of old age or poverty, first.
(But now you know just what the basis is of the blackmail both the Clintons and Obama have had over Conservatives all this time:  Old FBI, Army, even foreign staged and false "Security Breaches" left for them to find and exploit, among other things. And why both camps will soon collapse.)
But it seems that the Feminist Judge threw the book at me, basically because of the incomprehensible and totally fabricated words of my Filipino ex-wife to her, who has Munchausen's-By-Proxy, actually poisoned her father, and has exploited more men for money-by-sex and blackmail, not to mention the Social Security Administration,  than you can imagine.
It's not surprising to me that Feminism and Homoism are both long-term Commie PSYOPS propaganda designed to destroy our moral base.  I know this from my past espionage work overseas.
So, I was jailed INCOMMUNICADO  for six months without any trial, with the exception that I could make paid-for phone card outgoing calls for the first three months, if I knew the number to call. My appointed female Defense lawyer visited nor called me not even once, even.
Since my ex-wife claimed that I was homosexual (I'm not), the "Efforts" to get me to "Confess" to same through the acts of the other inmates (They were easily overheard late at night), and even the continuous mantra broadcast through the PA system, was intense!
It was usually a voice engineered phrase, over and over, "FAGGATTACK... FAGGGATTACK..."
The reason:  It may have been because I'd been trying to get authorities to listen to the above story. It regards some prominent politicians and the same issue.
BUT! When I did make calls to the local Verizon office from the jail, they refused to accept them.  There is a little recording that goes out before the call stating that it's from a jail, and  Verizon refuses to answer such calls.  As such, I could not suspend nor stop my service, let alone pay for it.
When I tried to get my phone working afterwards, I was told I owe them nearly $1000, so got a Tracfone.  They ignore even my written letters and calls.
So, again, another bait-and-switch, the above txt messages where I call the suggested number, I verbally fill out a long application, and then they hit me up on the bill for services I never got, again.
I'm beginning, for the methods used, to think that it's actually a CHICOM-owned company and we'll see what happens to our communications network once actual war with Red China breaks out, which will be soon enough.
Hopefully, if you ever get jailed for something in our increasingly Police State oriented country, you might have relatives to make calls for you.
The GRAND irony? I actually witnessed not only Grand Fraud as perpetuated by the hospital staff at Evanstan, where kickbacks are apparently gotten by allowing sewage to back up in the prisioners's cells and then calling a specific plumber, but, also, the apparent Suicide-By-Men-In-White-Coats arrangement by which the Wyoming Legislators have destroyed all evidence by demolishing that building.  They want to fund a bigger, better, Hospital PRISON where people can be subjected to involuntary drugs (I was threatened with a chemical frontal lobotomy by the Judge if I didn't talk), sleep deprivation, isolation, PA brain washing... All the neat tricks used at the KGB Lubyanka interrogation center in Moscow. About which, Catch-22, they treat me as if "Delusional" about.
How their influence extends to Verizon....  Is scary.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Obama's curtain call is about to happen


Obama's end will be a true shock for the world. It's already begun. His real father being an East German Communist Master Spy who bred, indoctrinated, documented (Badly), and infiltrated him into the White House - Is overshadowed by only one thing. The CIA has counter-run the whole thing since 1977. I was there. This is why he lingers on and on in spite of so much public distain. It will be SCOTUS that declares him ineligible, the CIA is no dummy, Mark my words. His real bio-father, STASI Gen. Markus Wolf, is white and his mother a black Indonesian Muslim prostitute. He was adopted and name changed to hide his past. He was bred to have Celiac's Disease, the precursor needed to create a very programmable "Manchurian Candidate." Like myself, so I should know.