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Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Immigrant Sleeper Terrorists: The Manchurian Candidate methodology and how it works

The government has used me as a Double Blind Study on the Manchurian Candidate Effect for decades, that very methodology they expect in the one in ten refugees they've anticipated for so long. Trojan Horses, nothing but the clothes on their backs to be seen.  But plenty of hypnosis, false but painful surgeries, psychology, social and peer "Mentals" pressure and reeducation, untraceable body implants (!), planted and switched spouses to prove William Colby's point that such happened to him with his daughter, false documentations (Usually adoption to hide real lineage) etc.

It's like for the naysayers, "Hey, we can do it, then so can the enemy, and they are attacking..."

As for me, it's what they do Army enlisted soldiers when they want to experiment on human beings, and I was "Available."

My story is better than Snowden's. It's also the hidden truth behind Obama's real origins and why he is the way he is Why he is worse than a bad Sitcom that never ends.

And then to cap the point, how a "Sleeper" such as myself can suddenly up and lit the fuse to it all.  Like the saying goes, "The pen is mightier than the sword."  I'm armed with a word processor and Free Speech.
Next question is; Who put Obama up there and for what?  It's a very deep story but a true credit to our own Militiamen.  The Powers Who Be behind the scenes that protect our Constitution, our Nation, and it's People.  I take pride in having so served, I'm just seeking results.

Monday, November 30, 2015

In tribute to GHWB and his role in counter-running Barack Obama

I am the life-long agent of former Agent Handler, Dir. Ops, Dir. CIA, VP, and President of the USA, George Herbert Walker Bush.  It started with an inheritance I became heir of from my adopted step-father, US Army Sgt. Sam Hyatt, that quickly turned into an espionage deal. It turned out that the woman I knew as "Mother" had adopted me and that my biological father was, in fact, a high-ranking East German Intelligence STASI (HvA - Their version of our CIA) Officer Markus "Mischa" Wolf and that she was one of his agents. In all, I was adopted twice to hide my real lineage. It was discovered that they had found a loophole in Inheritance Law whereby Inheritances, and even the Right To Own Property, could be "Communized," and sought to create through first my step-father, and then me, a legal precedence to do so.  Such action was in conjunction to a very major long-term attempt to subvert the United States towards Worldwide Communism.
My "Mother," on orders from her intermediary agent handler who always advised her, a Donna Hansen, tried her best to drive my step-dad mad, and later, me.
It seems that if she could only cause him to exhibit "Dangerousness," then that combined with letters from other greedy relatives could convince the right Judge to have him (Or me) committed to a mental institution. She would thereby become Executor, but would ask the Judge to not assign it to her, but to the entire bunch, effectively cutting into small pieces an otherwise very productive estate.  Creating a precedence of the eventual downfall of Capitalism, and the conversion to a Worldwide Communist State.
While she did do much to destroy this loyal US soldier, it didn't work.  But as I'd been adopted, she then went to work on me. She accused him of having homosexually abusing me, which wasn't true, and then spent years spreading same about me to teachers, girlfriends, social agencies, supervisors, and the general public.  She expected the resultant reputation would drive me crazy.
What US authorities did was to have my second adopted step-father, another US Army Sgt., transferred to Japan, where much could be done with me, a minor, that could not be done in country. But not so surprisingly, people I barely knew, of homosexual influence, would be found mutilated to death in horrible but always the same way.
Throughout my life, Gen. Wolf would also show up inexplicably, in attempts to influence my life.  It turned out to be much more than that: He had deliberately bred me (And others) to have a big dose of Celiac's Disease genes, the precursor necessary to become a very hypnotizable and programmable "Manchurian Candidate," something discovered by NAZI researchers during WWII in their quest for "Master Spies."
It was on the steps of the noted Camp Zama American High School that I first directly met GHWB, and he asked me if I would agree to the arrangement.  He would promise to use his enormous resources to get me out of the mental mess I was in, once he achieved Office, for he had been "Tapped on the shoulder" to eventually assume the Office of President, if he could only bear the association with me and my false sexual pervert reputation as engineered by my Commie adopted mother.
It came out to be much more than that, because the Communists had had JFK and others killed for their goals, and part of it was his refusal to Executive Order the inheritance to the their liking.  But moreso, the Office of President would have to be "Stewarded" until the time ordered by a Court to have the inheritance unsealed, even allowing Communist Agents to hold the post at times, lest the CIA be looked upon as attempting a Coup of the US.
In fact, the most damning issue of all was that I was later put into US Army M.I., sent to Germany, used to lure Wolf and others to the West, and he was "Turned." It seems that part of their Master Plan included putting the "Perfect Alternative Everything" President into power in order to destroy the Office (With no President, we have a Communal government) with another one of Wolf's bred Manchurian Candidates, a Barry Soetoro.
Bred by Wolf, to a selected and manipulable black Indonesian Muslim woman, he was raised, indoctrinated, Legend and documents created, and crafted into the position.  With the CIA's help, for he's been totally counter-run.  This is part of why no one has been able to touch him.
The main reason, though, is that fear of blackmail.  Since much was orchestrated to make my "Homosexual Abuse" Legend to seem as if real, and then seemingly involving GHWB, this "Big Stick" has been the protection of Obama's continuance in office. Conservatives everywhere back off and wither in despair that such could be true of such a high-ranking Conservative, for such - If true - would ruin our very Judeo-Christian moral base.
Then comes finally the icing on the cake - The first time I encountered in horror the professional assassin, mentally programmed to enjoy the things he did to homosexuals, was when it all started, in Hopkinsville, KY.  Yet I met him several times, since, and always mentally went into complete denial of it at the time. As designed, I can now remember the details, have written most of them down, and expect to be subpeona'd for Gary Condit's eventual trial of the murder of Chandra Levy, at the very least.  Read my works to see how this ties together.

What is so hard to understand?  The connections between CHICOM money and the Clinton Foundation are CLEAR! They got all that cash by waging economic war upon us through damming the Yangtze River and forcing all those rural peasants to become Walmart slave-labor workers. They were deliberately exploiting our post-WWII economic boom and subsequent "Me" generation, the poisoning of our society with drug importation, destruction of our food supplies, demoralizing our society by buying out our Media and the PSYOPS of pro-gay and Christian family values, also by infiltrating Congress and passing Corn Syrup/obesity laws. ("Art of War.") Their known infiltrators, the Clintons, took that money and bought our politicians, Media, and the Hollywood Propaganda machine (Lesson learned from Walter Cronkite and Vietnam TV). That Hillarious deliberately sent her Agent Handlers sensitive military classified information though her email "Drop" is about as old spy stuff as it can get! Now, however, notice the timing of this election year, Ramadan, the Chinese lucky number "95" (Red anniversary), and a "3" Day weekend (Only leap years), and a holiday they'd like to obliterate and rename to "American Communism Day."  Only trouble is the big censorship on using the phrase "Weather Weapons" and the historic flooding in Red China.  When the 3 Gorges Dam does go, so will go at least the slave-labor factories on the Yangtze Delta. Their WWIII plans subverted, and that is what they get for having started it all by eliminating JFK and other hopefuls to put in their "Manchurian Candidate" Sleepers.
Now is a dovetailing of events: The Chandra Levy and Jonbennet Ramsey cases are doing mirror spins on the news. The first re-involves Gary Condit (Temporarily ignoring his wife) while the second rehashes the political cover-up that was involved. Yet, it's on Dr. Phil that Condit announces a new book (To raise Legal Defense money?) that seems to be a warning to anyone who might "Libel" him.  A smiling Burke comes on the show to say "I didn't do it" but has described some person who crept down late at night with her to the basement...
Having seen what I witnessed the Gary Condits do - To my life - as well as at Ipswich in 1977, I think I can put the pieces together.  I have:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01L80IYQM
And yet I have also completed another mission ordained by former CIA Dir. William Colby in 1977 when he got funds from Congress to prove that the Manchurian Candidate Effect was alive and well in their institution.  To be such a "Rememberer" has been my career, and now finally everything overlaps completely in this month of October, the day 28.  Monday, Halloween is important, for it's the same weekend I came home from a very painful tongue operation in 1984.
Bear with me, here: In 1977 CIA Dir. William Colby testified before Congress about the "Family Jewels" affair. It really refers to how Gen. Wolf code-named all his bred Manchurian Candidates after Jewels.  The easiest reference to find is Rainer Rupp,  NATO Spy, "Topaz."  I would have been "Sapphire," and Obama is "Diamond." I believe Hillarous is "Ruby."  Time will tell.
Back to the point: Colby had claimed that his daughter had been switched with a bio-double, and Congress laughed him out of his job.  But he got funding for a "Double-Blind Study of the Manchurian Candidate Effect," and that in essence is me.
Pursuant to that it was then proven in 1984 that one could be falsely lured into a major operation during which the feat of "Switching" a family member could be done.
When I got back home after a very painful partial hemiglossectomy, I was met by then Dir. GHWB, who gave me instructions on various things, like to obey my "Wife" as if a in-field supervisor.  But as I'd opened the door, the first thing I noticed was that my "Wife" was different. Her shoulder length hair was now down to her waist and she a much meaner demeanor.  In the shock of denial and the ultimate of pain, I had no choice but to submit.
The operation - And another procedure as well - Didn't take place at the Kailua Hospital at all, but after transport by military ambulance to 339 Kapa'a Street, a residential address fixed up to have a makeshift OR.
Not inconsequentially, right down the street from where Obama and his pot-smoking homo homeboys used to hang out at.  Right by that famous beach.
I was forced to live with and obey the orders of that woman, her destructiveness and all her affairs, until finally, her promised eventual divorce did come, thank God.
Bottom line was one thing to remember:  That in 1977 I was told by the Director that the highest ranking mole I would be worked against would next come into the room.
It was his aide, Dick Cheney. He'd been called across the way to assist the ASA recording guy to respool his reel-to-reel recorder.
And then the Director spoke some, but eventually asked him if he would be on his Cabinet as Military Minister when he became President, for he'd been told he would so become.
GHWB had told me much the same in 1969 at Camp Zama, Japan.
Yes, the vote is rigged, and it's my orders to tell you why and how it happened this way this time... It will be the 2nd Revolution, and a return to a Constitutional Republicanism; A return of the Power to the People.
This operation, if nothing else,  will culminate in a "Royal Flush" of Congress by Gary Condit's "Congressional Clientele List" alone.  But the Clintons and Obamas aren't far behind.  This attempted "Art of War" by the CHICOMS as they started it with the assassinations of the Kennedys and other likely hopefuls has been let go its course, and quite a push up, in fact, to push it over the top.
Two other things I was ordered to remember was 1)  The probable identity of the "Young man with the rifle on the Grassy Knoll," also called "Badgeman" was.  Again, time will tell:

 In 2016

In 2001 in DC, 1977 in Duesseldorf, 1963 in Dallas?

He would have been 15, then, just old enough for a Kansas DL. He was raised just south of Dennis Rader's "BTK" reputation, and probably was in with a few of them at the time.
And now we know why the secret of JFK was kept by US Agencies all these years.
2)  And if it so happens that the "Big Secret" of "Climate Change" is really "Weather Weapons," and Red China gets too flooded out this season to start WWIII, it would be as the Dir. had asked me to remember:  "We just want to level the playing field a little bit."
Truth can be harder to believe than Fiction, sometimes, especially in real-time Espionage.

Friday, November 20, 2015

This IS how Chandra Levy and others died. I am witness to the modus operandi

Gary Condit in 1977

Where he posed with the perfect cover -

That of a "Serial Killer Investigator"

He was my "Roommate" at the Royal British Army Base there

The Story is involved - But the bottom line is what I witnessed at his home in Ipswitch, UK, on a three day weekend and what happened to a British Soldier he knew was homosexual and thought to be a "Political Sexual Embarrassment" Click on this link for those details.

"Disposing" of same gave him a future career, being able to infiltrate Congress itself, and blackmail Conservatives for political and espionage ends.

And while awaiting a confirmatory phone call - That was canceled - Bragged and bragged and revealed endless details that I was sworn to secrecy about. For the issue was to be counter-run on a long term basis.  What has been my life, "Gone to ground."

By my then Agent Handler,  CIA Director GHWB.

And what that means now that it is designed l come out at this timing.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Open letter to Rush Limbaugh re Obama and Clintons

Please note:  The underlined words are hyperlinks to Wikipedia explanations of them.

Dear Rush,
 You've recently said that all would be solved by the connecting of the dots between Obama and the Clinton camps.  Let me do that for you and explain how it is that I know.  And BTW, say Hi to Steve.
To get right to the point, I've pretty much been former CIA Director GHWH's agent since I became heir to a massive inheritance from my first adopted step-father.  It became a national security issue because my adopted mother was a full-blown Communist agent.  As time went on, I found out that my real bio-father was also not only a Communist agent whose intent was to exploit a loophole in inheritance law to radically affect Capitalism in itself, but the high-ranking STASI Hauptverwaltung Aufklärung,(East German version of the CIA) General, Markus Wolf, at that.
So I was ushered into US Army Military Intelligence right after high school, trained in German at DLI, and stationed TDY n the British sector at the US Duesseldorf Consulate in hopes of luring Wolf to the West.  It worked. And others followed suit, too.

US Army Sgt. Clyde Lee Conrad with consular car in 1977
Long before he found out we were unto him
One million KGB $ later he was arrested

 Unbeknownst by most, Wolf worked for us since at least 1977, I got to talk with him, and he in fact helped make the planned "Fall of the Berlin Wall" event a rather peaceful one.
From left to right back:  CIA Dir. GHWB (No head), MFS Dir. Erich Mielke, Nazi SS Mauthausen Camp Dr.Aribert Heim (facial fencing scars), NATO COSMIC TOP SECRET Spy's wife,  "Tourquoise" Frau Rainer Ruppe and her mother, 
 Middle: Dir. HfA Markus "Mischa" Wolf, myself, Sarah Palin (A US Army agent of his then),
 WGIS Intl Officer
 Picture deliberately staged and misdated one year (1977), and Celiac's logo deliberate
The legal loophole centered around being able to have the intended recipient of the inheritance committed by a Judge.  This is relatively easy, what with the "Me generation," that is to say, greedy relatives eager to write such letters to the Judge, but also with sexually-related issues, as with almost any espionage issue.
 My "Mother" claimed that my step-father was "Homosexually abusing me" in order to drive him mad and into an act of "Dangerousness," another criteria for the above.
 When that didn't work, she divorced him, and I remained heir, she would spread such things about me to neighbors, teachers, authorities, girlfriends, supervisors, social workers...
Even my eventual assigned "Legend Wife" continued the same efforts. And, of course, the two  controlled my home life, emotions, intellect, social life, jobs, and most especially my diet.  I have genetic Celiac's Disease (No accident of fate), and you only have to watch the movie, "The Manchurian Candidate" to understand how that can lead one to being very exploitably hypnotizable and manipulable.
 Well, the inheritance got put into trust by the Powers Who Be until she would be too old to get at it and "Communize" it with greedy others, have it spread out amongst everyone rather than to one male heir. She was groomed by her handler, a Donna Hansen, in the then-fledgling enemy propaganda of “Feminism” (|Designed by Wolf - So as to be in charge of the inheritance in the day where women didn't do such things), and now you will also understand the same PSYOPS of “Homosexuality” also now so prevalently pushed by the Media.
 It seems that the Chicago influences who'd helped JFK get elected thought they'd get him to Executive Order the issue to their favor in advancement of their planned agenda to the Communization of the US, but he did not.  So they started the usual "Art of War" scenario by taking out our Command and Control first.  Hence, not only the assassination of JFK, but just about anybody who could fit the grade.
 The first time I rather officially met GHWB as an agent, overseas in Japan, he was rather ebullient.  He said that he'd been offered his political dream, that of being made President - But that he had to bear the stigma of my case and it's ramifications.
 That should start you thinking:  The Office of President has been "Stewarded" for many years.  And to show that the CIA is not out to take over the country, they basically let Media influenced voters put in the enemy every four years or so.  He later spoke to me of using the precedence of President John Adams, as in his own son becoming President, to keep the Office under CIA control, but he specifically ordered me to ring the bell, so as to prevent a third Bush from starting any family dynasty.
 So, early on, but especially while in Germany, very crafted orchestrations were set up to be played out deliberately in front of known eavesdropping devices and or known enemy agents to be recorded and eventually end up in the archives of KGB, East German, West German, British,  Belgium, French, Hawaii,  but most especially US FBI and US Army CID and other intelligence agencies.  In order to be found by such subsequent enemy infiltrators like the Clintons, and expectably utilized as blackmail on Congressional and Media Conservatives.  Hence, the whole Boehner story.
 Thusly luring out moles, spies, and sleepers ensconced in our own system.  Another pre-war act on our part to do this Royal Flush.
 You could ask then US Army E-5 Brain Larkin,
111 MI Bn,  Ft. Huachuca, AZ
who was made into a Secret Service Agent for operational reasons, about a scene at the Frankfurt US Army BAQ where GHWB and his "Office of Economic Opportunity" aide, Dick Cheney were in attendance, that Larkin reported to the E-5 Board Command Sergeant Major, who was from Hawaii. (Half way to Red China.)  Faked scenes, but very well orchestrated.  Sperm, on a Khaki Army uniform.

 I also underwent painful and unneeded surgical operations and events that affected my speech, and posture, as if secret CIA ways to keep one shut up. And deliberately before US Army doctors and nurses witnesses.  Naturally, there would be the loyal who'd want to cover such things up, too, for the sake of the country.
Can you imagine what would happen to our moral base if it came out that such a prominent Conservative were actually a closet homosexual abuser of his office, rank, assets, and young male aides who had "Reputations" of being homosexual? 
 This portrayal explains why both he and former CIA Director William Colby would secretly fly in the Dusseldorf Airport, and exit through the Royal British Air Force gate, rather than customs.  They used the aliases of "Gunther Hein," and he "John Willms."  I was ordered to keep and I still possess signed paperwork from they presumably having their fingerprints on them.
 The British base was where I was given housing, and was right down the street from the then US Consulate, where I worked, and several of these scenes took place.  You could ask former Attorney General Edwin Meese, with whom this was openly discussed to be overheard at a Frankfurt "Local."
 I was also used to help lure out a professional assassin.  A whole story unto itself regarding attempts to have me put away by character assassination.  And this will explain the still-pending cover-up regarding Gary Condit, Chandra Levy, Dick Cheney, and others.
 Well, we know that our own Media is basically owned and controlled by the CHICOMS.  The newly-released Pillsbury Report puts the entire "Art of War" methodology into context explaining how they have led up to our destruction from within, and now, overt military action and expansion they believe we cannot resist.   After all, they also own the Clintons, and there is also some grand magic that protects their other Presidential agent, Obama, right?
 I've certainly been put on ice, big time, especially by Orders from Hawaii Judge Richard Komo, in 1994, at the request - In a secret hearing - from then Secret Service Agent Brian Larkin. You could get more details from Hawaii attorneys Barclay Mcdonald and David Serano, Maui Prosecutors, and even retired Coroner/Justice of the Peace/And famed forensic pathologist Bert Friedland.  (He DOES know where "The bodies are buried.")
 My basic Agent Handlers on Maui were a Maui Police Department Lieutenant, Barry Born, and a "MPD Auxiliary Officer," Ronald Mitchel.
 I've basically been utilized as an "Deep Cover Investigator" by placing me in jobs, like oilfield trucking, to observe violations of DOT rules and the like.  Or drug trafficking, graft, fraud, and even murder. My success lays in being so unreadable by others.
 My cover is the best possible: That of US Army and VA shrinks (Like Colonel Timothy Berigan) labeling me a "Paranoid Schizophrenic," and thereby, by government stamp, not to be believed.
 Now, the proof of what I say would lay in actual documents, like the US Army Warrant Officer Contract I then signed when I was given such orders to go to ground, follow, and independently erupt like this on a set timing.  I obviously have motivation in getting paid held back promised pay and my own name cleared, especially if the inheritance doesn't work out.
 So that's the unspeakable blackmail being used to protect the Clintons and Obama's ineligibility to date.
 And I know where actual copies of things actually still yet exist and are untouched.  That has to do with one of my surgeries, and I will submit once given overt military orders to do so.  I'm not fool enough to walk into a VA hospital.
 And here comes the crux of the matter: What can be so secret about Obama's true documentation?  His parentage, his past, his medical records? His real mental state and indoctrination that leads him to destroy the Office of President?  Why is he so designed to be so "Alternative," as if a role model to follow, and leave our traditions, ways of life, conservativism, military and economic might, and follow the Media propaganda road to moral decay and second-class Socialist subservience to other Communist Superpowers? At this point in time!
 Here's the really unbelievable - But provable - part: My bio-father, STASI General Markus Wolf was promoted to that position in the year of my birth because he also had Celiac's Disease, and by using his huge resources to identify certain women also with those genetics, could literally breed his "Manchurian Candidates."  There are more of us.
 Obama is, indeed, half black and half white:  His mother is, indeed, a motivatable Indonesian black Muslim woman, while our real father is white, Gen. Wolf. He, as a Master Spy, is also crafted in the art of false documentation, indoctrination, schooling, placement, and education of his subsequent agents.  The real question here is in asking, why, then, is so much of Obama's documentation obviously flawed, even "Signed" with "Smiley Faces," and the like?  Well, as I stated above, Wolf actually has been working for us a very, very, long time.
 All's it takes is a copy of Obama's actual birth certificate - Unknowingly  asked to be put into seal by said SSA Larkin to Judge Komo into the Phoenix Federal Court in 1994 - To be unsealed, processed, and obviously forwarded to SCOTUS. They will have to rule after recusing a few of their Judges, but will find Obama ineligible.
 That will undo ALL of his acts towards the Communizing of our country, but most especially will make of all our debt to Red China Null and Void as acts of economic and espionage warfare - And we'll need all those new immigrants to fill our new factories. Amongst the long-term poisoning of our country's strengths includes the infiltration of Congress, and their legislation to make Corn Syrup the cause of major obesity of our youth, who obviously can't fit into a Humvee, submarine, nor cockpit, any longer, either.  Since they've all been sent to college, let them be managers, instead. And that is only the beginning of the deliberate poisoning of our food supply and natural resources.
 Please contact me personally, if you would, Rush.  I hope I've laid this out clearly, but would be eager to fill you in with more names and details if you wish.   And, maybe, the FBI or US Army CID will finally show up - With my saved up paychecks!
 My ordered duty promulgated: I have proven William Colby's claim to Congress in the '70's that the Manchurian Candidate Effect works, and that there are surely many of us in Congress itself.  Term Limits are a dire necessity.
 And for what it's worth, as Colby also claimed, yes, they “Switched” his daughter with a biological double.  I know this for, as a test, they did the same thing to me with my “Wife” after my unneeded
tongue surgery in 1984, where, as I say, other experimental procedures were performed.

 In a place, on a street and near the famed beach, 139 Kapaa Street, in Kailua, HI, that Obama would recognize.
 The human body can retain some interesting materials.
Gary Condit, Duesseldorf British Royal Air Base BAQ, 1977
The perfect cover:  A professional assassin whose cover is a "Serial Killer investigator"
More specific info that details Gary Condit's affects upon my life; To wit, a long-ago uploaded Picasa page that details the murders he's always tried to frame me for in order to drive me nuts (And get at the inheritance), if anything by bloodthirsty vigilantes, progressive Judges, and emotional juries, more than a "Social Trend" in our increasing lawless and ignoring the rule of law government:    

Electronically Signed,
Rick A. Hyatt

revised 11/15/15

Friday, October 16, 2015

Answer to rsn's article about new JFK secrets out

My entire life has been taken up by espionage primarily because of who my bio-father was, former East German STASI Gen. Markus Wolf. There are two things to point out:  First of all, the Pillsbury Report is out, detailing the long-known, long-term CHICOM intentions of warfare upon us, and we all know that taking out Command and Control (That is to say, JFK and other presidential aspirants) is the first step in any warfare.  In that such meant their agents, such as the Clintons, and Obama, could then do their work, and of course, strive to destroy and eliminate the Office, as without it, we'd have a Socialism. The other faceets of the Chinese "Art of War" are there, too, such as the poisoning of our food supplies, our morals, etc., and of course, economic warfare.
Now is the point where open conflict is timed, as we would not be able to do anything about it.
However, I was told to remember, the Japanese say this right away and told us about it, so the CIA has, through the "Turning" of Gen. Wolf in 1977 (I was there), managed to counter-run the above, in essence "Stewarding" the Presidency. (Note the Nixon time period, who would have ordered it.) Along the way, I ended up standing in line for an inheritance from my first adopted step-father, US Army SF Sgt. Sam Hyatt. My adopted mother, was one of Wolf's agents, tried like hell to get at the inheritance to influence property rights, basically by trying to drive him into the nut house, and when that didn't work, then me.  She did not succeed in having him committed, and I'm told pressure was put on JFK to Executive Order the inheritance Communized, as Chicago Communists had basically put him into office, but he refused. As such, he was shot, deliberately just before Thanksgiving Day, the remembrance day of the Magna Carta, and our Capitalist beginnings. Thus was the bureaucratic start of their goal of Worldwide Communist.  But, to wit, and again, just along the line, all my life, people I hardly knew have been found mutilated to death, and part of my being sent to Germany was to lure this assassin out (The idea was to get ME put away as a nut case...) and it also worked.  Then I was sworn to secrecy about it for the interim. What I was told is that the facial profile closely resembles the "Young man Shooter on the Grassy Knoll" and to be sure to bring it up at the end. There's now tons of investigative proof to connect this man (And his wife) to these cases, now, and not so untimely is not only this refreshment of the JFK case, but that of Chandra Levy's, and even Jonbennet Ramsey's, and Scott Peterson's cases are in the works. The commonality is, of course, Gary Condit, who would have been 15 at the time, just old enough to get a driver's license from the state he lived in at the time.  He is, by the way, a lousy shot, but very wily when comes to luring victims for his other "Sexual/Political Embarrassment Disposal Service" victims into a home setting, and the rest is explained on blog site. It was figured, back in 1977, that he probably would use such subsequent blackmail to infiltrate Congress, which he did.  But, in the end, this very blackmail, counter-run, even explains the (Until now allowed) suppression of Obama's Ineligibility, also now about to come out. Please visit my blog on Blogger and also photos on Picasa for more info.  And or contact me at rickahyatt@gmail.com  Thank You. And see this.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Why Verizon Sucks - Ignore the txt msgs you're getting

If, as a pay-per-month customer like I am, you're getting txt messages from Verizon telling you what a valued customer you are and that you'd get a free phone if you just switch over to a more expensive contractual arrangement, beware, it's just ANOTHER Verizon bait-and-switch.
Consider my story: I was set up for a first time DUI basically because I'd pissed off some druggies at inthe Peppermill Bar I town, where is seems like they get Police protection, I think, and certainly for sure, some local trucking companies.  I had refused to falsify my DOT logs nor drive illegally.  My reports to the DOT regarding some of the photoshopped safety inspections resulted in one company, Bandit Trucking (Yeah, the name fit - He ran off with the payroll too) being taken completely off the road.  Others would seem to be pending.
Long story, but I'd refused to lie on Federal forms because I had had a SECRET clearance while in US Army M.I., and had obeyed orders of an espionage nature that means I'm SUPPOSED to be called up one day with a Subpoena to testify about some major things Like who the identity of a assassin-for-hire is, for example, and things that I witnessed.  I supposedly actually hold military rank, which I'm to get some day, I'd been promised in writing, back then.
If I don't die of old age or poverty, first.
(But now you know just what the basis is of the blackmail both the Clintons and Obama have had over Conservatives all this time:  Old FBI, Army, even foreign staged and false "Security Breaches" left for them to find and exploit, among other things. And why both camps will soon collapse.)
But it seems that the Feminist Judge threw the book at me, basically because of the incomprehensible and totally fabricated words of my Filipino ex-wife to her, who has Munchausen's-By-Proxy, actually poisoned her father, and has exploited more men for money-by-sex and blackmail, not to mention the Social Security Administration,  than you can imagine.
It's not surprising to me that Feminism and Homoism are both long-term Commie PSYOPS propaganda designed to destroy our moral base.  I know this from my past espionage work overseas.
So, I was jailed INCOMMUNICADO  for six months without any trial, with the exception that I could make paid-for phone card outgoing calls for the first three months, if I knew the number to call. My appointed female Defense lawyer visited nor called me not even once, even.
Since my ex-wife claimed that I was homosexual (I'm not), the "Efforts" to get me to "Confess" to same through the acts of the other inmates (They were easily overheard late at night), and even the continuous mantra broadcast through the PA system, was intense!
It was usually a voice engineered phrase, over and over, "FAGGATTACK... FAGGGATTACK..."
The reason:  It may have been because I'd been trying to get authorities to listen to the above story. It regards some prominent politicians and the same issue.
BUT! When I did make calls to the local Verizon office from the jail, they refused to accept them.  There is a little recording that goes out before the call stating that it's from a jail, and  Verizon refuses to answer such calls.  As such, I could not suspend nor stop my service, let alone pay for it.
When I tried to get my phone working afterwards, I was told I owe them nearly $1000, so got a Tracfone.  They ignore even my written letters and calls.
So, again, another bait-and-switch, the above txt messages where I call the suggested number, I verbally fill out a long application, and then they hit me up on the bill for services I never got, again.
I'm beginning, for the methods used, to think that it's actually a CHICOM-owned company and we'll see what happens to our communications network once actual war with Red China breaks out, which will be soon enough.
Hopefully, if you ever get jailed for something in our increasingly Police State oriented country, you might have relatives to make calls for you.
The GRAND irony? I actually witnessed not only Grand Fraud as perpetuated by the hospital staff at Evanstan, where kickbacks are apparently gotten by allowing sewage to back up in the prisioners's cells and then calling a specific plumber, but, also, the apparent Suicide-By-Men-In-White-Coats arrangement by which the Wyoming Legislators have destroyed all evidence by demolishing that building.  They want to fund a bigger, better, Hospital PRISON where people can be subjected to involuntary drugs (I was threatened with a chemical frontal lobotomy by the Judge if I didn't talk), sleep deprivation, isolation, PA brain washing... All the neat tricks used at the KGB Lubyanka interrogation center in Moscow. About which, Catch-22, they treat me as if "Delusional" about.
How their influence extends to Verizon....  Is scary.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Obama's curtain call is about to happen


Obama's end will be a true shock for the world. It's already begun. His real father being an East German Communist Master Spy who bred, indoctrinated, documented (Badly), and infiltrated him into the White House - Is overshadowed by only one thing. The CIA has counter-run the whole thing since 1977. I was there. This is why he lingers on and on in spite of so much public distain. It will be SCOTUS that declares him ineligible, the CIA is no dummy, Mark my words. His real bio-father, STASI Gen. Markus Wolf, is white and his mother a black Indonesian Muslim prostitute. He was adopted and name changed to hide his past. He was bred to have Celiac's Disease, the precursor needed to create a very programmable "Manchurian Candidate." Like myself, so I should know.

Friday, September 11, 2015

What does 9/11, Cheney, Condit, Bushes, JFK, CIA & Obama have in common?

We did the Trade Center on a timing. The Chandra Levy case is being reopened after a long cover-up, bring back Dick Cheney and Gary Condit (And his wife). Obama has been counter-run as a known Manchurian Candidate, and the Bush CIA has counter-run the Presidency. The reason the Commies shot JFK has to do with a landmark case precedence that could have communized inheritances and the Right To Own Property, and that concerns my entire life. We've hoisted a Barry Soetoro to see who would salute, and all the "X's are on the dotted lines" on the fake Iran deal - Their own death warrants as they have exposed themselves. A massive typhoon engulfs Asia, but the Media doesn't report how much rain the Yangtze River and the Three Gorges Dam is getting. Allah help any Mecca rock-thrower in this transition of power about to occur in the US lest they become a city of radioactive Angels. We've shown what our reaction would be. This is, if anything, payback time for JFK and our Office of President, which they tried to take out and occupy with their own. Time will show just what kind of assassin Gary Condit has always been, and I've witnessed it myself.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Is "Universe-Shattering" a Biblical proficy, and/or Sheriff Arpaio's Ineligibility case? What does it lead to?

Wow!  Religious Leaders are predicting a "Universe-shattering event" yet this month of September, culminating with the celestial events such as the Blood Super-moon, ect.  Wouldn't you know that AZ Sheriff Arpaio also calls the Material he's collected on Obama's ineligibility to be President "Universe-shattering?"  SOME coincidence! Written in Holy Books, whatever, having SCOTUS declare same (Let's say right after the Three Day Liberal Day Weekend) will be dramatic.  We could even find out that the CHICOMS had JFK and other Presidential hopefuls since killed in their quest to destroy America from within. Such that the Bush CIA had to "Steward" the Presidency, allowing actors, or even the other side (Clintons) in every other four years, to retain "Balance" and still follow the US Constitution, as the CIA does not want to take the country over, it just wants to destabilize Communists regimes, like we have now.
Oh, MUST we wait until after Liberal Day Weekend? So as to not upset them with his downfall?
Google me on Kindle.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Is Obama boffing his adopted daughter Malia? Study the recent photos

Maybe time to revisit my personal theme?  That Obama's real father was STASI Gen. Markus Wolf, who bred Manchurian Candidates for long term infiltration? That I was also one, and that Obama has been counter-run by the CIA since the get-go? I think it's coming to a head, for there's so much out there about his "Leaving Office," and constant gloomy photos of his "Family."  But then, he DOES seem much closer to Malia, as a woman, than to Michael.  The other adopted daughter always keeps her distance, and Michael stays aloft. Something up? Study the newest photos from the vacation return.  They are closer than a couple!  Is that a bulge I see? One thing for sure, he's not getting any P* from Michael!
See this video for example.   Then, this one:

Here's a list of stills that show an extraordinary physical closeness and intimate contact while virtually ignoring Sasha, and definitely Michael.

 1st Lady and 4th Lady, now

Is that a hard-on?

Who's close, who's not


And as of 10/8/16 the changes get obvious.  Michael is quoted as having admonished Malia, photos now don't show Obama and her close together but standing next to Michael.  Malia's "Taking a year off in Spain," and the DNC is apparently airing Michael as Hillary's replacement. FB will ban you if you call Michael a Tranny. They did me, with that explanation.Articles of the First Tranny Americaphobe now depict him as a "Beautiful and Articulate 'Woman replacement for Sick Hillary'".  Which has got to be long-term Commie planning to demoralize our troops and nation as Red China starts WWIII in the Pacific.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Scott Peterson is guilty - But charged with the wrong crime!

Open letter to Scott Peterson

Rick A. Hyatt
548 15th Street #402
Rawlins, WY 82301

CDR# V72100
San Quentin Prison
San Quentin ,CA 94974

Dear Mr. Peterson

I am writing this letter because I believe I have information that would be beneficial to your
defense and also your current appeal. Please bear with me on this, because it's a tangled web.
To put it bluntly, we both know Gary Condit, don't we?
As you stated publicly, "I didn't do it." I believe that. I'll try to explain.
I have known the Gary Condits (Plural) since I was a kid.
(Personal photo with Gary Condit posing as a SAS Officer in Düsseldorf in '77)

How? Well, they are a team of professionally put-together assassins whose primary mission is
to infiltrate Congress by disposing of "Sexual Political Embarrassments" in a manner so clinical it
makes Jeffey Dahmer look tame.
As I was once told, "Their minds have been seriously messed with by enemy psychologists to do what they do." They actually enjoy what they do in a bizarre sexual way.
Gary Condit has been trying to frame me for murders my whole life. This is a bizarre
statement, but this has to do with an inheritance I stood to stand for from my stepdad. The Powers
Who Be used me to identify him, and later his wife, by putting me in US Army M.I in the '70s. But
they have let him continue what he does because he thusly identifies so many truly corrupt, who can
then quietly be counter-run.
His goal with me was to have driven me crazy and/or frame me bad enough that I would
eventually be put in the Nut House. There is a legal loophole with inheritances that would have
allowed my adopted mother, a Communist Agent, to the€n get it and presumably Communize it by
asking the Judge to give it to to all her relatives as well.  It would have been devastating as a precedence for Capitalism in general and quite damaging to our productivity s a country.
That, and other reasons is why I got put on ice most of my life while it plays out.
To wit: Condit is or at least was an extremely powerful individual. He could simply make a phone
call to one of his past 'Clients" and get what they had access to. That's how he picks his patsies,
through police data bases and whatever. This is how he found Ingmar Guandique, for example, I
believe, while Condit conveniently arranged to be in Dick Cheney's office.
He has tried to set me up many times. The issue central to you is in that on the day Laci
disappeared, I had been manipulated by my SWIFT Transportation Driver Manager, a Nathan Young,  to be in Modesto.
After Condit was on TV during the Chandra Levy thing, I felt I no longer had to follow past orders to keep my knowledge of his activities a secret, and had been quite vocal publicly. I was so frightened when that manager again tied to force me to go there again, I spent my own money on fuel to return the truck to Denver and quit.
So I had been eager when there to contact the Modesto Police Department and the Dispatcher had me
speak to a Detective, but it went nowhere, of course.
But having done so documented the fact that I was trying to contact them, and therefore wasn't a "Known Serial Killer who was in the area..." Type theory. Believe me, my life is hounded by this kind of false investigations and the like.  The close attentions of the California Highway Patrol was quite evident at the time. To this day, I am assailed by investigations by authorities who act upon the collected "Psychological Profile" of myself, as based upon their theories and rabid hopes for personal aggrandizement.

What I believe is this: That for whatever reason, you erroneously tried to contact a "Hit Man"
and you ended up meeting the only Congressman in history who is a member of the Hell's Angels.  He saw an opportunity to combine some things.
I believe he got you to get that boat and document yourself at the Marina so as to "Prove" you
weren't  in Modesto, where, conveniently a van and Laci were seen, etc. Modern Courts do no rely on actual poof, anymore€, just appearances and Feminist emotions will do. I was to be the patsy having been set up to be in the general area.
I was a trained Military Intelligence Analyst, while enlisted, after all. Told to keep up my skills.
I have been tested to have a high I.Q.
If you download some of my stuff from Kindle, you'll read how I was set up to be near the
Colorado state line hunting when Jonbennet Ramsey was killed, for example. And of their Modus Operandi, which they always follow (So as to offer a "Copycat Killer" misdirection), and grotesquely will explain why Laci and Connor were found in the manner they were. You may not like that, but I believe you didn't know in advance of his methods.
The same applies to Chandra Levy having been found in that manner. And to many others I
have documented on my Picasa Album in attempts to get out from under these false attentions, which,ironically, are my protective "Cover." Since I'm always so carefully watched, Condit would have a hard time getting at me without being seen. I have, however, seen him here in Rawlins, twice, so I would like to have this over with..
I believe Condit obtained the help of former Gov. Gray Davis, who owns Catalina Island. They
seem to share certain sexual perversions according to the internet and his stewardess girlfriend. And using one of Gray's boats, dumped the remains in a manner that a known storm's actions would deposit them near the Marina where you documented being.
Sickenly enough, Gary's and Carolanne's words to me in 1977 (And documented in this transcript) as to what their Grand Finale would hopefully be are reflected in the press reports of the condition with how the fetus was found, down to the duct tape and being kept in a freezer. And fake press reports of crabs doing the work.
Your lawyer was also Condit's, which really does explain how you got sold down the river.
I believe you are sentenced for the wrong crime.  I hope your appeal works out. Like you stated-
you do not wish to be known for having done it (Yourself). Contracting a murder is not the same thing as having committed the murder of a pregnant man, I would imagine most especially so in prison.
I am sure that the timing of the new trial being granted Ingmar Guandique, your own appeal, and the overlap of Jonbennet's Grand Jury results overlap for a very good reason. Believe it or not, I'm sure they overlap because of the timing of the above inheritance's unsealing, and with it, documents like my own and another's true birth certificates.  Guess who that might be.
I would like past promises made to me to become evident, as well. This includes, if nothing
else, military rank and back pay and benefits for having done this undercover lifestyle and other duties.
There is much more of my life's unwilling involvement in this espionage that reaches to the very
top, so don't be put off by what you will read of me. Who my real biological father is, for example, and what a mess that will be when that comes out.

I hope this will help you out.
Contact me if you wish.
I authorize your giving this to authorities if you wish.
Rick A. Hyatt

(revised 1/3/16)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Gary Condit's name now comes closer to the surface again in multiple cold cases

Note that of recent, the falsely accused of the Chandra Levy case, Ingmar Guandique is getting a new trial.
Now, such appeal is also happening for Scott Peterson.
Will new details of the JBR case and the Grand Jury's silencing now also come out?
The Common Link:  Modesto, "Condit Country."  The Gary Condits (Plural).
I've LONG said that Scott Peterson was guilty - Of another crime, not the one he got pegged for. Why? Because I KNOW the Gary Condits' (Plural) MO because I witnessed it. I long ago connected what I witnessed and was sworn to secrecy about in US Army MI to Chandra Levy, JBR, and Laci Peterson. You won't believe what ties me to these cases. Here are the details and I hope it gets out, now. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00K6JDMDW#reader_B00K6JDMDW
And from the Condit's "Political/Sexual Embarrassment Disposal Service" you can go to what great blackmail secret that has kept Obama afloat all this time, and perhaps why he's now hiding out in Kenya.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Now comes Obama's declaration of ineligibility by SCOTUS.

Well, the long-awaited time has simply come:  It boils down to the unique timing and overlap of this Fourth of July, Ramadan, and a legal/espionage issue that deals with the possibility of the Communization of inheritances.
That's where the overlap of myself, Obama, and STASI/NAZI/Commie General Markus Wolf (Our mutual bio-father, not to mention several other bred "Manchurian Candidates") come in.
As you can read, the Pillsbury Report has been released, and it proves that Red China at least has been planning our demise from within since JFK was killed.
Again, how I come in as standing in line for this inheritance thing long in trust, for JFK had not let the Commies have that precedence change in law by way of Executive Order way back when, and they shot him for it.  My life has been harsh, but vital, duty to country.
They came up with filling the Presidential void since then with Wolf's long-bred "Perfect Alternative President," Obama.  And the CIA has counter-run it, and him, the whole time. Mainly by "Stewarding" the Presidency with actors, the Bush CIA, and for good measure, the known-to-be paid agents of the CHICOMS, the Clintons, Carters, etc.  They've shown their true intentions for our country, haven't they?
"Universe-shattering?"  I'm getting to that.
Since Wolf was "Turned" as far back as '77, when I was put into US Army MI and sent to Germany to do so, he has spiked Obama's records. They all look good on the surface, but many have his signature "Smiley Face" on cursive "A's" to  prove it.
Obama and my own real birth certificates - To prove the connection - have unknowingly been in the hands of the Phoenix Federal Court system since HI Judge Richard Komo unknowingly sent them there in 1994, an arranged "Plea Bargain" for things I didn't do.
That brings in the also known assassin-for-hire, Gary Condit. Also, long covered up, but will come out, now. He helps "Arrange" political scenarios and blackmails Congressmen after they engage his "Disposal" services.
Yes, there's rhyme and reason to "911."  A long story.
My own involvement with the Condits is  why I've been "Treated" as a "Homosexual Serial Killer" by authorities all this time, and it basically continues in my life, today.  This is  verifiable fact, and the reason for my special handling and even false incarceration here in Rawlins, Wyoming.
Let it hit the fan...
Back to the top: As we know, Obama's true birth certificate is the core of the matter. SCOTUS has it, but couldn't rule on it because of the PSYOPS importance of potential war at this time period.  The political ramifications of such a major Conservative victory on this July Fourth. They've ruled, instead, as if Obama's Justices were real and not shams all this time. Like all's he's done, once declared ineligible (They have the Judy case before them), all's he's done becomes Null and Void.
America's reset button.  The espionage Coup of the Century.  WWIII averted, for the Commies have a strong USA, and if nothing else, a well-armed citizenry and seasoned military to face; No cake walk. No take over from without, nor within.
If they had, or would do a dirty bomb this Ramadan, their Devil's Rock would be ground zero. A true "City of Angels." Or so I was told, long ago. That threat seems to be over.
George Bush commissioned Randy Travis to sing the song, "Point of Light" for a specific reason, long ago.  For good reason. It was meant to mean something to me as it would any Manchurian Candidate in the field.
For I, like Obama and others who are still out there in posts of political prominence, was bred by Gen. Wolf for our "Manchurian Candidate" genes, and susceptibility to such methodology.
Celiac's Disease is genetic. Wolf was prolific in these methods whose research on Jews goes back to the NAZI era, and concentration camps.
You folks really don't want Obama to play President, any more, nor do you want who's been planted on the Right Wing, to be, either: Sarah Palin.
The sham that are the contenders right now is merely to confuse the enemy for the interim.  The American People will rise up about this, and take their country back.
God Bless America.
Let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor...

Friday, May 22, 2015

Chandra Levy case reopened for after Memorial Day. TIMING! Gary Condit, the blackmail that has protected Obama's ineligiblity

FINALLY!  My long decades of having to protect the Gary Condits is now over! This is the proverbial tip of the iceberg, however.  The timing is deliberately to be after Memorial Day.  Bottom Line:  Here is the Modus Operandi as I have experienced it with the Condits, and the story gets very, very morbid... My own travail, over at last, being held as if the responsible in so many of their serial killing-for-hire... Long story... Here is the link I have LONG had up:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00K6JDMDW#reader_B00K6JDMDW

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Hell, Vladamir Putin might be my half-brother by STASI Gen Wolf, even!

Knowing as well as I do, former STASI Gen. Markus Wolf's penchant for the breeding, grooming, documentation, and indoctrination of his "Manchurian Candidate," (Read Barrack Obama) for high places by choosing an appropriate woman to impregnate. Then having her ditch the kid to another paid couple for adoption and insertion into a long-term cover (Yeah, me, too). Not the mention the similar ages (61,65,55), And in that Wolf spoke fluent Russian easily traveled around the world, even graduated from Moscow's KGB U, well, then...  I might have ANOTHER half-brother!  I've already got several half-siblings. Mind you, this was former NAZI genetics methodology, I believe, probably the results of former SS Concentration Camp Mauthausen's Dr. "Death" Aribert Heim's "Research."  Google me & see the photos I've got and make up your own mind.   http://rickahyatt.blogspot.com/

And see this article:  http://www.thedailybeast.com/cheats/2015/05/07/putin-birther-has-proof-of-faked-past.html
It's Die Zeit's detailed reporting of such same similarities.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

How to end the Obama fiasco NOW - I have the key - I AM the key

Want to end the Obama charade right here and now?
I have access to the following, and more:
I was put in US Army MI to lure out Markus Wolf, he was turned, and his plans to put his son, Barry Soetoro into the Office were found out.  He was turned, and the issue counter-played.  I was sent to ground, and impoverishment, yet with duties to expose all.
I have the same DNA!  So easy!
Where's the real authorities on this?  Except to keep my life wrapped up like a mummy?
I know where real copies of his birth certificate have been hidden. The Courts have them!
I was then used as "Bait" in a way that makes it look like CIA Dir. GHWB was blackmailable. This needs to be cleared out. The Clintons found what they'd hope they'd find in US Army, FBI, German, Hawaii,  even KGB files that allowed them to rule over Conservatives with an iron fist all this time.
This has been the means by which Conservative Courts, Congressmen and authorities have been muzzled to date on following up on Obama's false documentation
All done by Wolf, a "Master Spy" and expert at forgin such.
He "Signs" most of them with his "Happy Smile" annotations to a capital "A" to prove his work.
Yet it's all been spiked, too, so obvious under scrutiny, so as to be found out some day.
That time is now.
The Clintons are Communists, and have been set up. They couldn't resist the temptation to help put Obama into the Presidency. Now their real funding is being made public. Red China's plan to bring us down from within and at the top has been counter-played.
Help me make this happen!  This is America's Reset Button! The debts to Red China, every law he's signed.... ALL NULL AND VOID, once he's declared ineligible - In THE WAY that he's ineligible!
Please consider going to this site to review the details.
http://www.gofundme.com/th9jh9kg us GOFUNDME
And see my video on Facebook at:

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Wyoming State Hospital Evanston's so-called Suicides- By the Men In White Coats

Reply to Wyoming Public Radio's propaganda push for "Title 25" shorter waiting list to be committed to the Wyoming State "Nut House" Hospital system without jury trial. (Typos corrected 5/23)

Know the real reason they're spending tons of money to tear down the old building and building a new one?  For one, the peculiar lay-out of the cells allowed for the perfect social crime:  The dispatching (Maybe for hire, I don't know) of those most eager to have someone assist them in a "Suicide by the men in the white coats," one of which  I believe I had witnessed.
Note that this issue has been the actual "Suicides" reputation of the structure they've quietly - but expeditiously - torn down and replaced.  Maybe their families thought this "Humane?"
It boils down to how one certain room in a cul-de-sac (Cell #4) was used for the "Noisy and violent" inmates , and also the "Sleep Medications" would be super maxed on certain nights to that no one knew what could be going on during "Force Feeding" and the like.  I clearly remember one inmate making a written complain about it.
Choking on one's own vomit could be listed as an "Heart Attack," I suspect.  Unwitnessed except by a probable co-conspirator in the control booth.  I overheard a strange conversation the next day.
I had refused all medication, so...  What I heard one late late night...  Scared the living Hell out of me.
Is that why I get "Treated Special" these days? 
And they've torn the structure down, I guess. All evidence - And any potential devastating lawsuits - Destroyed by the acts of the Wyoming Legislature.
Any family members who have lost their own there and suspect this - Not to mention their lawyers - Please feel free to contact me at rickahyatt@gmail.com or 307-321-3371.  No Shrinks need call. I don't do Psy Evals, and would not "Talk" there even when incarcerated to the longest term Judge Eiken was legally allowed (Then) to do.  I was long ago ordered to not be, while in the Army.
Wouldn't you know the VA goes to lengths to get me to "Talk?"
I only talked a bit after, in a conference call with the Shrink, the appointed Defense Attorney and, Judge Eiken was I threatened with a "Chemical Frontal Lobotomy."  The whole supposed purpose for being sent there?  To see if I could "Stand Trial" for a charge I'd already long over served time for.
The real reason?  The things I was saying publically of a political and corruption nature...
(One of which was the deep nature of the Communist infiltration of our system pursuant to Red China soon coming... Oh, and now it's being proven true...)
Now, believe this at your own risk. I've been undercover since I was sent to ground long ago from Enlisted US Army Military Intelligence, and you can Google the reasons why if you wish.
But, to wit, my "Witness Protection Program" has always meant my life has been very carefully shunted by government agencies.
(Sounds "Paranoid," right? What perfect cover!)
A certain US Army espionage psychiatrist and agent handler Capt. Timothy Berigan, (Hold on, it gets better!) has long played roles in where I work, who I had to marry and stay married to, even to where I've lived.  The best "Make work" they could give me was "Undercover Investigator."
I've mostly been used in the oil field trucking industry as a truck driver to make reports about safety and fraud issues that I've sent to US Sen. Enzi.  I understand it's had an enourmous effect.
Part of my "Cover" was to be set up for a first-time DUI and  put in jail for 8 days - Which, thanks to Judge Eiken, and the Defense Lawyer appointed to me, and a special waiver she tricked me into signing,  turned into SIX MONTHS incarceration INCOMMUNICADO. And - The Nut House.
In about 2002 Berigan actually drove me to the Wyoming State Hospital in Evanston and showed me room #2, where he said that they would sent me to, eventually.There are deeper reasons as to why I had to actually put through the ordeal, and "Tested."
For what that I am not.  A long story, but very important.
Certain features of the room were kept, like the graffiti on the door window, so I would later recognize it, even though it was undergoing restoration work at the time. A certain workman was introduced to me so as he would later point me out.
Also, I was told that a certain Graft, a matter where a ranking  female official there conspired on a long term fraud to exploit a known plumbing problem. It specifically had to do with room #2.
The Graft meant that the inmate of Cell #6 literally had to live in the shit that (Literally) flowed downhill because of a known plumbing defect.  Room #2 was kind of on top of the incline.
By State contract, she would call a certain plumbing company who would charge for "Emergency services," late at night.  All caused by a little blue disposable mechanic's rag.  Which they'd conveniently leave behind to eventually re-clog up the works for the next time.
They did that one late night when everyone was "Deeply Sleeping," and I was moved next door due to "Emergency Plumbing repairs."  By a woman who clearly was a senior office worker, and one particularly mean male "Social Worker."
I asked to be moved back the next morning, and that's when a brand new blue disposable mechanic's rag floated up in my toilet.  I flushed it - And all the plumbing problems repeated themselves the next week.  Enormously.
Capt. Berigan had said I would come probably to witness same, which I did, so I could report it, a reflection upon my true veracity.
Bet she got a lot of kickbacks all these years!
And it only cost the State about $1,000 a day to keep me there!  So that I could have my veracity tested - Or ruined? By having been put there?  What other Political, military, criminal, or other truths have I told they don't want out?  It's enough to drive one crazy!)
That the Leftist Media is "Clamoring" to have "Shorter waiting lists for Title 25" is merely but bait for the public to open the door to Hitler or Stalin-like concentration camps based upon Political incorrectness.  Don't fall for it, especially if you're Jewish, politically-incorrect, a whistleblower of high level political corruption (Let's talk 0bama), or loyal to the Constitution of the United States.
Or own too many guns or even one at all. Or are a trained Veteran.  They REALLY hate that.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Where a true copy of 0bama's Birth Certificate is hidden - In plain sight!

OK, I just had a writing brainstorm. Let me pass it by you.  Here's the first few paragraphs, and if you wish to read the entire mini-chapter, a link to my blog where I'll see what general reaction I get.  I'm getting lots of hits on my blog from Ukraine, Russia, Europe, etc., and maybe this is why:
Remember for the sake of legality, this is a "Fictitious work based on real experiences."  It's in 3rd person, a fictitious person named "Dick" who is also related to Barrack Obama through their mutual father, an East German Master Spy, Markus Wolf.

    So they were coming for him! Dick could tell.  It was the way he'd used the WorkForce Center computer to look for jobs, and they'd used his psychological profile against him.  What was Facebook, anyway, what was Twitter, why did one's cellphone take pictures of onesself by itself? And track one's movements?
    He'd had a temporary job like that before, working at an RV Park. But this interview had went SO wrong. 
    A familiar face he couldn't place, with a new hairdo.  A pointed, psychological sharp edge on the woman, as if to provoke, repel, or anger him.  A pointed, but dull and flat conversion with a couple who "Showed up" she pretended to discuss common things with, but acted as if they were reading memorized lines dreampt up by some psychologist.  But the purported RV Owner didn't know she had to purge a new propane tank right from the store!? It had oxygen in it to prevent internal rusting, and that had to be let out before it could be filled!
    Bizarre.  Most espionage events are.
    But she seemed to "Know it all," and "Be in charge," so later demanded Dick go "To the Sheriff's offce - No the jail, to get a Criminal Background Check for this new job application," something employers usually did themselves.
    It frightened Dick greatly.  THAT booking room, THAT step into a Incommunicado six months term he'd gotten for having tried to report what he knew, before?  THAT was a one-way street!  It had ruined him completely and he was only now trying to come back from the experience.
    A false, set-up, framed, FIRST TIME DUI in his own vehicle.  SIX MONTHS, while they'd tried to get him to talk about - Well, never mind. An unrelated matter.
    Her exact and precise words had been mirrored by the WorkForce Center manager when Dick had went there, instead.  Word for word.  THAT named RV Campgound did criminal checks by having...  No one else did.
    And they wanted him to WALK RIGHT IN!?
    MAYBE THEY FINALLY WANTED THE MICRODOTS!  Call him "Nuts," again, and force a surgery on him.  It had happened before~
    Oh, and Dick had never told anyone about this.  People just assumed one was crazy. And that was his "Cover," anyway.  Perfect, right?  Unneeded hernia surgery, tongue surgery, teeth uglified, hell, the Judge had even threatened a chemical frontal lobotomy if he didn't talk!
    Ah, so long ago...  It was in Germany in the '70's, when he'd been told that someone could be made to have part of their tongue cut out to constantly remind them, "Don't talk."
    And it had actually happened to him, in 1984.

    His former boss and agent handler, CIA Director GHWB, had already made that big political jump, and had become Vice President.  So a plan got put into operation.
    He'd been told that, some day, it would be neccessary, and a "Constitutional Crisis," actually, for SCOTUS to decide:  Could a person be cut against their will to have material remove that could constitute a "Human Bomb?"     Something about Pastique micropellet embedded siliconic gel, like women use to get bigger boobs and butts.  Only a bit more explosive.
    Yes, also a "Constitutional Crisis," to decide on Soetoro's birth certificate...
    Oh, yes, Dick had returned from that surgery with a HUGE stomach!  A HUGE glob under his chin!  The nurse had told him he'd been taken to a military base for his operation while out, but Dick only knew a day was missing from his conscious life.
    Any attempts to get his past military medical records were returned with "Your records are being held by an unnamed Agency, so cannot be retrieved."  So no disability.
    His wife had had to buy him new shirts, and his co-workers at Hyatt Regency Taxi had all laughed and commented upon his "Reverse Liposuction!"
    Especially the head, Darelene Johnson.
    But!  This!  This was brilliant!  This was the epitome of the espionage method of "Hiding in plain sight!"
    He had also been told way back when that it was known, in the '70s, that the enemy would come to take power in the US.  Have access to all otherwise secret and hidden information, even that held by the CIA, and Courts.  So, a lot was planted to give them everything THEY WANTED TO SEE.  The Clintons, especially, reveled in what they "Found," thinking such was such great blackmail material on the former Director. 
    Why, their pet project, a bred-from-birth Communist Manchurian Candidate, would be allowed to rise to the Office of President, an Indonesian named Barry Soetoro.  He would work to destroy that Office.
    Oh, Dick could remember Secret Service Agent Brian Larkin giving his own and that of Soetoro's Birth Certificates to HI Judge Richard Komo in a special sealed hearing, in 1994.  BEFORE that name, Soetoro, meant anything.
    It was to be sealed in the Phoenix Federal Court until it was all over.  Meaning now.  But did it survive, without being tampered with, altered, destroyed, rewritten?
    This was a test of the Judicial System's own integrity.
    For Dick held - In plain sight! - Right under his skin in his belly and chin where any new scars would show tampering!  Millions of microdots of just that and so much more.
    They must want it back, now, to compare to what paperwork was now before SCOTUS was true and valid, or not.
    And so what the hell - Just offering Dick his past promised military rank and pay wouldn't work for them.  Cops and the like only believe they get is true and real, if they steal it, or trick someone out of it. Or take it by force.
    There had once been a day in America, when you could trust cops, and authorities.


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Why SCOTUS is delaying Obama's Ineligibility status - Has to do with me being endlessly investigated

Well, my story is a long one,  but it really boils down to having had my life subverted to a Cause much greater than my life is worth, so how can I complain? It starts with an inheritance as an espionage matter, turns into who my bio-father was, and to whom else he bred for his Manchurian Candidate long-term spy ring.  All identified by "Jewels," such as "Sapphire," "Diamond," "Ruby," "Topaz," "Turquoise," and so on.
Obama should have been called "Ebony," but that's actually a wood.
Well, I will complain some...
My ife is full of having been the subject of espionage hypnotism because of this, which MOST unfortunately makes me the cause of extreme interest by those who would profit from government grants and money to STUDY my ass... And/or probe for more lucrative political blackmail material. A "Wavier" I signed in 1977 out of fear (I was told I had to or if I didn't I might end up in prison for the works of a professional Serial Killer For Hire, Gary Condit), I was under the effects of drugs (They generally would give me a shot of something before any hypnotic session I was to memorize the events of), and to boot, my genetic specialty: They always made sure I was Celiac Symptomatic, that is, heavily glutenized in diet, for that compounds the deep hypnotic effect.  "Under Duress."  An invalid contract.
In other words, totally illegal for them to continue to invade my life and privacies at all, even if it were ever so to begin with.  Yes, it was operationally necessary at the time, and I was also signed in with rank and pay I've never seen, BUT WITH AN END TERM!  It should be OVER, and it's not!
So, from being ordered to follow certain behavioral aspects that would fool yet entice the known infiltration agency known as the American Psychological Association, who have made my life miserable for eons, back in 1977 to events along the way:
They can't tell, by their own reports and studies, the difference between their ever-so-convenient "Criteria" of "Mental Illness" and hypnotically-induced behavior.  So, they are powerless in the hands of any Manchurian Candidate, and further, have no interest in finding out any of them in our government structure, anyway.
The APA fully supports their activities in their general work of subverting our country through Socialism and demoralization of our moral base, to begin with. Their Dr. Spitzer, in the '70's, was the first one to espouse Homosexuality as "Normal," as if it were, which it isn't.
(That PSYOPS theme, like "Feminism," was the brainchild of former STASI Gen. Markus Wolf UI came to find out. Read on...)
So, no surprise that they think - As well they (And especially the Clintons) were definitely entrapped in; The idea that I "Show signs of homosexual abuse."  Which said deliberate orchestrations laid well into FBI, Army, German, Hawaiian (Thusly CHICOM), even KGB files, were sure to be found by them as the political tide would turn.
And they'd be drooling to exploit same, on a prominent Conservative in particular, my then prime Agent Handler.
Here's an example of the long laid orchestration:  This is a photo of myself with famous NATO COSMIC TOP SECRET Spy, Rainer Rupp.  Google me for more.
From Day One when I arrived in Germany in 1976, he called me on the phone and asked if I would not spend weekends with him, as he claimed to be a distant German relative of mine.  My boss approved. I had no idea that he was a suspected mole that I was to be run against.  Bottom line?  What do you think the weekends together at his "Mom's" place in Schwabing later looked like?  Especially after I was ordered to give him bogus stuff?  Which turned into HI Judge Komo locking up my life for 20 years in this above-mentioned "Study" in 1994?  As if major Security Breaches?  Or a cover-up of something ghastly, so terrible, that could ruin Conservatism in general if it got out?
I remember how well Rainer fabricated the above hand on my shoulder routine that day.  They'd hired a known double agent photographer to take these photos so that such would end up in certain hands. Rainer claimed he'd hurt his leg, and needed the support.  I was in a big blue funk because this was after I found out what he really was, but had been turned, and had undergone an ordered hypnotic session there that day, as ordered to do.
Gen. Wolf was the main operator in that, that day.  Along with below named US Army Dr. Capt. Berigan.
It was October, 1977, but it had been orchestrated as an "Easter Bonfire" for reasons that tie in this April 3rd, as a matter of fact.
(Good Friday, it's also the day Ted Kaczynski was arrested.  A whole story here about what he has kept secret all this time about a murder of a DLI Director in 1975.  Here he deliberately poses with his hands as if handcuffed, or so the conversation went at the time -(In 1975 at DLI! When he was in the US Army, and one of my Handlers!)  The deal they cut with him keeps him and what he knows safe in SuperMax, of course.

(Third from left.  4th face from left is another long story.)
What I refer to is the long line of murders that were committed by the aforementioned Serial Killer that Judge Komo sentenced ME to "Treatment" for.   It never stops. I'll never have a normal social life, I fear.  I now explain:
So, I had to marry a Filipino sex worker and exploiter of men who hated the fact that she'd been told I was "Queer."  She had two sons, but neither by me, because of that. I had to live with that until the day would come that I'd be free, and it never has.
Once, I decided to get a CCW from Idaho, which meant I'd have to drive there to get it.  She pushed the idea, but insisted we stay at a motel on the way there.  I was surprised that she demanded that we stay at the Key Motel in Rawlins, WY, only one hour into our trip.
A familiar face suddenly showed up, who gave her a written message and imparted that such stay overnight would be a future "Key" to me.  Mnemonics.
As I'd been ordered to obey Her as if a supervisor in the field, I hated whatever it was she was again up to, but had no choice. (On the road home, she insisted we drive in a blizzard, having the kids buckle up, hoping I'd crash the car and camper. We did jackknife, but I controlled it.)
As I'd been ordered to do during that period, I stayed glutenized with real beer, and she helped immensely to make sure I did.  So, when I answered the door in the middle of the night at the motel, I was in no mood to go with two men who insisted I go with them to a local certain restaurant for something.
The kitchen was empty, but it would be only for a short time for my visit, they said.
They put me in hypno, I guess, because I remember the details so vividly.  Probably another of those little blue pills I've been given so much of in my life.
They showed me three sinks (3 being an important mnemonic to me) with special qualities to remember.  One could only get scalding hot water and one only cold.  How it was the "Company way," I had to remember in that I would some day end up working there, to always change out the greasy washing one, but to siphon off the floating grease when possible. To always use the sanitizing sink, even when greasy.  And other things of note.
Why, there would be "Steve!"  Where was "Steve?"  Well, he had to leave already, so they showed me how I'd recognize him.  Going outside to the broken concrete sidewalk behind the dumpster, they took a large kitchen knife and proceeded to (Un) sharpen it on the broken concrete.
Bizarre, bizzare, bizzare...  But it was to be my Fate, my "Script" so well written out in advance.  In view of the above mentioned "Higher Things."  I hated it. I tried to put it all out of my mind.
Yes, my life has been constrained and arranged by government agencies, and I've learned well that there is no individual freedom left in America, any more.  Certainly not for me and my advancing old age. By hook or crook, I've always ended up working at where She has sent me to, or by they, or both.
This "Steve," of course, designs to be "My best buddy," that I now find myself working there.  It seems I'm suppossed to be "Taken under his wing" about Life and such and God Knows What Else.
I guess there are those who see this as "My natural habitat," for continued "Study" and "Treatment."  Why, I'm given "Knives to play Pantry worker with," and introductions to seemingly willing waitresses (My sexual orientation?), or, lately encouragement to work with "The crew," one of whom seems rather "Effeminate..."  Or "Verbal engagement" with the druggie sorts, there.
You know, based on their compilation of my "Psychological Profile."
Yeah, they in their convulsed Shrink minds, WISH TO SEE past "Homosexual abuse" that perhaps "Led to my own slicing and dicing of those individuals."  They ignore evidence, facts, reports, actual events, and even unsealed secrets in their desire to impose "Impressed memories" on me, or the like, I take it.
So that said "Blackmail," which has been the protection of Barry Soetoro's rise and stay in power by making untouchable his real birth certificate.... Would remain as if valid.
But it's not.  He's ineligible, and right now SCOTUS has it before them.  What are they waiting for, then?  Some work that I'd WANT to continue this travesty of "Treatment?" HELL, NO!  I want my back pay, rank, and other things as well.Freedom from these KGB sorts.
I remember well, so long ago, that I'd one day play a role in a "West World," or "Twilight Zone" sort of episode, at the end, a "Gauntlet," or rehashed "Basic Training," where I'd be put back into physical shape, which this work has done. And it is certainly that bizarre.
Now, there's a new slew of "Psychologially-based influences" there I'm bombarded with I won't even get into.  But the overwhelming use of resources and personnel to perform this orchestration only reflects upon the severity of the espionage issues that were so long-laid.
SCOTUS now has two "Constitutional Crisises" before them.  One is not where 0bama was born, but who, exactly his real father is: Former high ranking Master Spy STASI Gen. Markus Wolf, a man who obviously had no good intent for our Constitutional Republican form of government. He was as bona fide Communist as you can get.
The other has to do with another military duty I was made to perform: To be a human guinea pig in a surgical manner, one that could be detailed by former US Army Dr. Timothy Berigan, if he'd only come on out and give the details. It's an explosive story, so I won't go into it here.
He holds, figuratively, the "Key" to it all.  He's supposed to be down at Ft. Huachuca, AZ, I'm led to believe. And he knows where the paperwork is buried.
Ever so conveniently so, Berigan is an espionage Shrink. He was the one, in my "Fictitious novel, based on real events," OBAMA IS A MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE AND SO AM I, that diagnosed the works of one particular murder by the Condits.  So, when Komo ordered me to TAMC back then, it was Berigan who classified my very real experiences, of which he even took part, as "Delusions."
Which became part of my "Psychological Profile."
While calling me at the same time, of "High intelligence."  Ordering me to stay married to that woman for a certain term, as my Agent Handler.  Having me sign promotion papers, even though I was long out of Enlisted Service as sworn to something else. Screwing up on a nighttime Intestinal Biopsy, to prove Celiac's Disease.  He gave me a stomach ulcer by accident, as well.
But said medical records cannot be found by the National Personnel Records Office, as they are "Being held by an unknown agency."
And I'm being pursued by the VA, naturally.  What do you think they'd do with me if they could?  They have tried before, as in 1994. So have local authorities.
Berigan later reappeared in my life as "Bill Oberst," of "Oberst Trucking," in Lingle, WY, and before that as "Clay Carrier," Maitre D' of  Barons' Restaurant at the Saratoga Inn, and the like.  Jobs my "Wife" told me to take.  More "Interviews," more paperwork hidden away in places.
So now that we're past that strategically important date of Easter of this year, and how the enemy could have used such as a timing of terrorist import (Especially the Muslims), and yet SCOTUS holds the key, will we soon see the end of this farce? 
Once 0bama is declared ineligible, will the S*** really hit the fan!  Economically, militarily, and nationally.  Historically, even.
One would of course ask why 0bama has been thusly counter-run the entire time, but that would bring up why the CHICOMs have had our Presidents killed since JFK on...  The newly released Pillsbury report says it it.  Find it on the Internet.