What do Jonbennet, Chandra & Laci have in common? The Gary Condits!


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Authorized to independently declassify JFK's shooter on grassy knoll: Pro assassin Gary Condit started his career there

 Am authorized to independently declassify JFK's shooter on grassy knoll. Can be seen in Mooreman photo as Gary Condit age 15 just starting out his political/sexual assassination-for-hire career. Later joined with wife teammate, also put together by STASI shrinks to enjoy their work. They usually operate as a team but sometimes independently like Chandra Levy. All covered up until this particular election/timing enemy agenda to bring us down. Dir GHWB told me that was he as then investigator put fake shell on JFK's gurney as they had to cover it up for interim. Now Pandora's Box is truly open, for there is much, much, more.  Link to ebook on Kindle:  http://www.amazon.com/BRED-TO-BE-MANCHURIAN-CANDIDATE-ebook/dp/B005DTO112
Another link to my own experiences with Condit's killings as attempts to frame me to them (It would have influenced inheritance law toward Communization thereof) is  https://plus.google.com/photos/+RickAHyatt/albums/5223288562212386609?banner=pwa

Photos for comparison:  Age 15, in 1977 at the British Barracks in Duesseldorf where he posed as "A Congressman investigating the death of a Constituent" (Director of DLI at Monterrey, Ca.), and more recently after the Chandra Levy murder.

For a more detailed description of the Condit's Modus Operandi preview my Amazon Kindle mini-novel transcript. And perhaps even take advantage of a special up to 90% off it's usual $3.99 sale starting on Dec. 14 for seven days.

 Go to The Birther Report for even more talk and information on 0bama's Ineligibility to even be President.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Open letter to Wyoming Congressmen

Rick A Hyatt
548 15th Street
Cathy Gardens Apartments - #402
Rawlins, WY 82301

Congresspersons Lummis and Enzi
Washington, D.C.

Dear Congressperson,

I had written to you many years ago in order to access my military records. You sent me a form and I finally got an answer: “Your records are being held by an unknown agency so are unavailable.”
That should lend veracity to what I will now explain to you.
In 1974, I was “Ushered” into US Army Military Intelligence, taught German and told I was being sent to Germany as bait to lure the head of the East German version of our “CIA,” if you will, (Ministerium Fuer Staatssicherheit), STASI Gen. Markus “Mischa” Wolf, to the West, so he could be caught. They told me that as he is my biological father, he might use his spy talents to disguise himself and find a way to see me. He had done this once before when I was very young.
That he is a master of false documentation is another matter that should be addressed properly.
It worked. He turned out to be a “Co-worker” in a German safehouse I'd been assigned to.
He subsequently was debriefed, “Turned,” and worked for the CIA much earlier than is publicly known. We learned their long-term plans for us, that lead up to this election.
But he'd wanted to use me for a unknowing espionage purpose, as well. Pursuant to that, what I witnessed, and who else I am related to, I was “Ordered to ground” for the duration. I was sworn in as a US Army Warrant Officer, CID, TDY, and from time to time, I have been approached by retired US Army Officers that have me sign promotion papers and the like. I am given no copy, of course.
I was told to go to Maui and obey the orders of a woman I would recognize by demeanor, and she would be my “Intermediate Supervisor.”
Hypnosis was used, an espionage methods and means, to make me “Forget,” yet deeply remember what I had witnessed, and to be prepared to testify to Congress, some day. It's all that important.
That I was to watch for mnemonics in my “Media,” like press reports, and as much of my instructions were done under the influence of injections and hypnosis, I would also play a part for the APA as a “Double-Blind Manchurian Candidate Study.” (Their, and the VA's, political power intentions as Enemy action were already known.)
To them, and even a Maui Court, I was to be a “In Situ Serial Killer Treatment Program” subject. That there was a big Congressional Funding for this, and it involved former Rep. Gary Condit. My experience in espionage is that murder is not that uncommon. I was to take the heat for several of them for the interim as part of my “Cover.” I am told that I'm listed on INTERPOL, as a matter of fact. This should be brought to the light of day.
Later, I was to go to Wyoming (As she commanded), and become an oil field truck driver. What I witnessed there in terms of gross misconduct, I've reported to you. But the continued danger to my life, and well-being does not stop there.
Simply speaking all the above is “Delusion” to authorities and the above, because I have no paperwork, and having any real income or social status would have blown my cover. My now-divorced “Legend Wife” made sure of that pursuant to her own contractual agreement.
But, to be to the point where a pinched nerve makes it hard to work, as does increasing age, facing even eviction notices and being heavily in debt is somewhat far beyond duty.
The bottom line is that I expect subpoenas in these very major cases, but they never come. I'm instead the relish of the APA as some kind of “Person who needs help.” I don't want any help. I refuse it. Such intervention into my daily social life creates the opposite effect and upsets me greatly.
Going, for example, to the VA would only repeat what they did to me in 1988 or so. In 1977, I'd had an unnecessary hernia surgery at SHAPE Hospital in Belgium. Heavy pain was associated to the idea of ever telling anyone about anything. To get a “Tune-up Surgery from the VA in about 10 years, for it was sewn up too tight.” I believed them under hypnosis, of course, and did so. The VA then tried very hard to have me put away then, as they suspected - And hoped for - There being some kind of sexual cover-up to these unusual and severe procedures done to me.
That was a deliberate disinformation campaign that should be aired out. Their subsequent desired deep interrogation and blackmail upon Conservatives that has surely been the cause of such near takeover of Socialist Democrats in this country is another cause that should be addressed to an Intelligence Committee of Congress, sir.
My testimony is, if not covered-up in this way, something that will change the political landscape even more than this last election. To wit, former Rep. Gary Condit (And his wife) are much more than simple “Suspects” in the (Being covered up) D.C. Chandra Levy Murder case. What I've witnessed them do would shock you but also make you comprehend all of the above. And there is much more.
SIR, PLEASE HELP BRING IN OUT OF THE COLD! Help me complete my sworn military mission! Lift me out of this impoverishment! I'm sure half the world knows of my true identity in any event! Help release me from this Hell of being their Pavlovian Laboratory Rat in an electrified cage!
If this is to be swept under the rug, can I at least get my promised pay, benefits and rank?

Please do contact me with your reply, Sir. Winter is coming, and I'm out of even gas money.

Sincerely Yours,

Rick A Hyatt
SSN: 567-909-3000


Thursday, November 6, 2014

The rise and fall of Obama is a long-term counter-running of Barry Soetoro and STASI father Gen. Markus Wolf

It's the culmination of a CIA counter-espionage running of 0bama. Pose question: "How do you lure all the spies, moles, Manchurian Candidates, agents, etc. out of the woodwork?" Since the enemy has used such hypnotic methodology since WWII to infiltrate our system for a final takedown? (Hint: East German Commie methodology based on WWII Nazi research on Jews) Put it this way: "Hoist a Barry Soetoro up the flagpole and see who salutes."
Right now it's clear as a bell: Anyone who obediently stares at 0bama and obeys his orders is a long-term planted spy. The CIA educated the People by counter-running him to the hilt. And they predictably reacted and are taking their government back.
That's what the CIA does best isn't it? Infiltrate and take down Communist regimes across the world? Now yo u know why (With an occasional exception for the Liberals) the Presidency has been stewarded by CIA Dir. George HW Bush, then his son, an actor, and then the Big Show of Commie 0bama.