What do Jonbennet, Chandra & Laci have in common? The Gary Condits!


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Gary Condit's name now comes closer to the surface again in multiple cold cases

Note that of recent, the falsely accused of the Chandra Levy case, Ingmar Guandique is getting a new trial.
Now, such appeal is also happening for Scott Peterson.
Will new details of the JBR case and the Grand Jury's silencing now also come out?
The Common Link:  Modesto, "Condit Country."  The Gary Condits (Plural).
I've LONG said that Scott Peterson was guilty - Of another crime, not the one he got pegged for. Why? Because I KNOW the Gary Condits' (Plural) MO because I witnessed it. I long ago connected what I witnessed and was sworn to secrecy about in US Army MI to Chandra Levy, JBR, and Laci Peterson. You won't believe what ties me to these cases. Here are the details and I hope it gets out, now. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00K6JDMDW#reader_B00K6JDMDW
And from the Condit's "Political/Sexual Embarrassment Disposal Service" you can go to what great blackmail secret that has kept Obama afloat all this time, and perhaps why he's now hiding out in Kenya.