What do Jonbennet, Chandra & Laci have in common? The Gary Condits!


Saturday, August 6, 2016

The connection of the Gary Condits (Plural) to the Jonbennet Ramsey case widens as the election nears. As well as to their "Sexual/Political Embarrassment" Disposal Service for DC

All in timing with the upcoming elections, the Gary Condits’ (Plural) “Sexual/Political Embarrassment Disposal Service” is about to be exposed, and will result in a Royal Flush of Congress, and the entrenched espionage influence there, to say the least. I can say this, because the first time I saw Condit in the vicinity of a dead body was in Hopkinsville, KY, when I was about 14, or so. It was that of Faith Lutheran Church Pastor Lossner’s wife, and she had been suffocated to death. It’s a very long story, so to be incise, I was manipulated to be on the Colorado/Wyoming state line on that Christmas Day. Condit always sets up his patsy for the killing, and he’s tried to make me one many, many times.
But I was ushered into US Army M.I. right after high school, trained in German and espionage, and sent to the British sector of Germany. It was thought that whoever had been setting me up all my life to be associated to so many murders with M.O. had a British connection, and hoped to lure him there. (Condit’s mother-in-law is British – They had a flat in Ipswich I was also sent to with a British soldier, who was killed there.) There turned out to be connections to STASI Gen. Markus Wolf and even SS Mauthausen Camp Doctor Aribert Heim, who probably created the grisly methods the Condits use from his WWII research on Jews. Condit and his wife dispatched four people from the British Air Base that I know of and also was sworn to secrecy for.
It was decided that he be counter-run and monitored. Hence, my statement above. There must be untold numbers of such "Services" performed for Congress, alone. How about for the Clintons, or Obama? Justice Scalia?
I was sent to ground for the interim.
I can no longer find photos of Condit and John Ramsey together on the Internet. They were “Friends,” and Condit’s “Friends” are a sexually quirky sort. He always jokes about popping “S&M’s” into his mouth and I know what it means to him.
The unsealed Grand Jury report indicted the Ramseys for “Having allowed some others in the house to kill Jonbennet.” But, for one, the list of guests has never been released.
One might notice the timing of the release of the Chandra Levy’s Grand Jury, as well, the renewed but suppressed new investigation on Carolynn Condit (Usually a team, sometimes they act alone), and even the progress of Scott Peterson’s appeal. (He contacted a motorcycle gang to hit Laci, and Condit is the only Congressman in history to be a member of the Hell’s Angels. Again, I was manipulated to be in Modesto the day she disappeared. But, I'd called police to discuss the Condits, and that must be why Scott (And Gary's) Lawyer turned around and sold him down the river. How did the remains find themselves beached after a predicable storm? Well, one of Condit's kinky friends, Gov. Gray Davis has a fleet of boats of Catalina Island, where they have weird parties. Condit was also, at first, a suspect. But political powers “Exonerated him.” For the interim.)
They usually use horse tranquilizer to paralyze their victims first and then disrobe and tie them up. Always the underwear for the ankles, and duct tape for the wrists. (Notice the overlap in these three cases.) But Jonbennet apparently didn’t drink enough of the offered pineapple juice and may have regained consciousness – The scream.
In any event, the family must have consumed enough to sleep the night, Or did they? Will the son be telling more of these details, with this timing of September? http://www.nationalenquirer.com/…/jonbenet-ra…/photo/165609/

Simply put, I'm the only living witness of the murderous activities of the Gary Condits (Plural). They are professional espionage assassins put together (In their minds, literally) by enemy psychologists to love that which they do, the horrific power-laden attracting, luring, drugging, disrobing, tieing up, sexual torture, dismemberment to death, and disposing of their victims, a "Sexual/Political Embarrassment Service" to the highly corrupt.
US Agencies put me under their wing early on because people kept being found that way, and usually homosexual in scope. When I witnessed such an aftermath, I would go into a state of total denial, and in that way just never recognized Gary Condit when he'd pop into my life again. But, eventually, they used me as bait to lure him and realized what it would mean to counter-run the two. 
Then having been put in US Army M.I. and sent to the British sector of Germany, I was promoted, promised eventual back pay, and sent to ground with what I'd seen and heard. Even set up with a "Cover Wife;" Thank God for divorces. 
Now, finally, just before the upcoming elections, I can see the bigger picture. Not only with the highly corrupt in Congress be openly identified, but this may well reach into the Clinton Body Count and maybe even Justice Scalia as well.
The first time I saw Gary Condit was as he was leaving the back entrance of Hopkinsville, KY, Faith Lutheran Church Pastor's wife's home, as my adopted mother went in the front door. The arriving Sheriff's Deputies said she'd been strangled with a black trash bag.
And it just went on from there. The reason I was of interest was because of an inheritance (Put into trust and Court Seal which should be coming out now) from my adopted father, and what implications it could have if the enemy won; And I was put away for an association to these murders, and my Communist Agent Mother could have got the guardianship, and basically "Communized" it. A very crucial linchpin for the current upcoming timing of the CHICOM military expansionism after these decades of "Economic Warfare."
At least now I understand my military duty, and the hardships it has involved, to live in this bastardized version of the Federal Witness Protection Program. A life of "Being the usual suspect" (A Cover), total alienation from society, and impoverishment. Even using hypnosis (To which I am very susceptible because of Celiac's Disease) to make me hate myself and avoid others. And finally over!
The timing of the release of the hidden Grand Jury reports on Chandra and Jonbennet were at the same time, and so now are the reinvestigations. Like I say, right before the elections. I expect the FBI and a subpoena any day, now.
And stand in awe of how that will revolutionize our government: Term Limits will be demanded, and our original Constitutional Republican form of government reestablished. More than anything, it will expose the many "Sleepers," moles, spies, and agents of political change in our system for the American People to dispose of.
And I haven't even addressed, yet, what else I witnessed in Germany that affects even other important figures as concerns Ineligibility.
God Bless America.

Brian Larkin, now with the Boston Drug Task Force, was once my "Buddy" and yet investigator of me as being the "Suspect Serial Killer" the Condits had set me up to be.  That would be in my U.S. Army M.I. days from Ft. Huachaca to Germany. Since he held a similar posting to mine, that of "LLO Officer Assistant," me at the Duesseldorf Consulate, and he at Hannover, it was oft "Suggested" we get together.
He would search my VW for blood in the trunk, we vacationed together across Europe, but maybe most notable was his set-up of my "Legend."  For example, he once suggested we visit a totally legal Brothel in Frankfurt.  I noticed that he didn't really perform with his girl.
Another time we had to stay at the US Army 66th M.I. Grp.'s barracks in Munich overnight and he suggested we meet a pair of girls on a Student Exchange Program.
I remember how they phrased things in a way I would remember their names, like, "Deborah, a Biblical name," and "Brandy, who wouldn't want some brandy?"
I got the pretty one but he didn't seem to make it with Brandy.  They had spoken of being a new thing sort of like the KGB "Sparrow girls," and simply knew their ultimate fate.
It was not really a surprise to read one day of the subsequent strangulations (Or hangings) of Deborah Palfrey and Brandy Britton.  Here's a photo of our dates that day at the 66th M.I. Group.
They had a handler with them.
The ultimate overlap I notice is the strangulations of they, Jonbennet, some of Condit's old buddy, Dennis Rader's victims, and probably Scalia.  He just strangles, sometimes.

Here's two comparison photos as the DC Madam thing came out.
That may be Brian Larkin behind her, I'm not sure why it would be.

Both before they "Hanged themselves."

This is their handler and her daughter in Honolulu later on, I believe.

Spec. 4 Brian Larking from Ft. Huachuca, Interrogator, where he was assigned to investigate me.

Brian Larkin on Lake Chiemsee where he insisted we go; A known Gay boater hangout.  I was ordered to take and keep this photo.

Another staged photo that was to be held years of enlisted service, but with notable individuals in it.  For example on the left, noted Communist psychologist Dr. Black with an ASA guy who did the recording in the Consulate and other things.  On the right, Larkin and way in the back, "The Big Red One," my NCOIC from Ft. Bragg.  This is a cut from the video"Das Alles ist Duetschland" on Youtube with many other "Hidden in plain sight" mnemonics that concern STASI MFS HvA Gen. Markus Wolf and one of his spy ring, "Topaz" or Rainer Rupp, the NATO Spy.
Even the foreknown immigrant invasion that was inevitable...

For decades I could not locate Larkin on the Internet, but recently he surfaced as the Boston Drug Task Force Leader. This photo depicts him as "Brian Lily X Larkin" to mask his identity, but "X" is a meaning for me. This is him today.

As I remember back in '77 his boss, LLO Officer Planck as we had a conversation where he could easily be made a Secret Service Agent for operative reasons.  Indeed, he did appear before HI Judge Komo's Court in 1994 to have several documents sealed in the Phoenix Federal Court, and then he showed up again recently as a "Fellow Jailbird" in a set-up first time DUI where WY Judge Eiken (After advice from the Prosecutor to have me serve 8 days) gave me SIX MONTHS! The intense homosexual/violence pressures on me didn't work at the Carbon County Jail, nor at the Evanston Hospital, where Judge Eiken also threatened me with a chemical lobotomy if I didn't talk.
But then, while there, I detected a "Suicide by the men in white coats" and government graft concerning fraudulent emergency plumbing repairs.
Something US Army/CIA forensics psychologist Col. Timothy Berigan, one of my long-term agent handlers, told me in 2001 that I'd one day witness, and even drove me there from Lingle, so that I could see that very cell I would be put in, in advance.
Long story made short? Larkin and I were once sent to the Condit's flat in Ipswich, UK, after the British Sgt. dissappeared, on a 3-day weekend.  But Condit turned us away.
Therefore, he know the real story behind the Gary Condits and should be talked to by the FBi as to the upcoming Chandra Levy/Jonbennet Ramsey cases.
If nothing else, one of the packets he handed to Judge Komo was "A report on Gary Condit" to be sealed until this 11/3 right before the elections.
The Judge was astounded that a Congressman be involved, and, indeed, my whole lifestyle as a "Double-Blind Serial Killer Study Subject" (Meaning being always harassed and harangued, falsely befriended and employed, investigated,  even forced to marry a Filipino Sex Worker) has been "Congressionally funded."  My "Cover."