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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Police State in Rawlins, Wyoming, Chicago has competition!

Whoever previously posted that Rawlins is a Police City State certainly has it on the nose. Like the new Police Chief they once hired in Encampment that swore to crack down on the stop sign runners until I wrote in saying that such surely meant the town was therefore going to plow the roads so one wouldn't get stuck at intersections and he resigned... During one of our mini-blizzards the other day I didn't drive into the ditch at the sight and sound of blaring lights, but did was was legal, that is to say, staying in my right hand lane and slowed to let the emergency cop by. As he passed, he proclaimed on the bullhorn that I should leave the roadway.
The retaliation? I am trained in espionage, so spotted the tail starting from my work place late tonight and could tell from the manner and silhouette it was a cop. I'm not stupid, and any citizen these days has to not be from both the criminals and the cops. I drove carefully, and according to Wyoming state law, which mandates that one drive according to conditions above all. As such, when I came to the corner of 3rd and Cedar, I timed my slowdown to the known funky lights there, and carefully swung around that usually slippery curve with care not to fishtale, and went to the left lane, like I would have with a 18 wheeler, which I used to drive until I was set up with a DUI by the RPD (Probably because I reported a meth operation at the trucking company I worked at - Or it might have been because I was a stickler on DOT rules and refused to falsify them). So the New Usual, blinding white lights meant to shock and disorient under the guise of "Police Protection" (Let's face it: Every Rawlins resident is a potential Al Qaeda terrorist, especially in the wintertime) Again, the blaring bullhorn, something to the effect I should move slowly or something, as I directed the blinding rear view mirror out of my eyes.
My probable cause for the pullover? Some law somewhere that has nothing to do with Wyoming Winter conditions that states I must take the right lane immediately upon a turn. Which obviously had nothing to do with the real crime: I offended somebody's macho emergency response by not running off the road into the ditch for the maniac with blue lights the other night. It's the same story I've heard before: Our cops aren't locals from Wyoming, they're from some corrupt town out in Nevada, or someplace. Enforcing urban traffic rules as an excuse to proglumate their show of "Who's in Charge, here, and it ain't you citizens" type mentality. I could be wrong, maybe they recruit from Chicago, God knows anymore the way the Rawlins Times keeps sugar-coating and covering up murders and shootings and the like.
Any previous offers by myself to first responders to come have free hot coffee at the place I work nights are withdrawn with prejudice. You can count on my not stopping if I see you in a ditch. All the continuous attempts by RPD Officers to conveniently "Be" at the Loaf & Jug to "Discuss Things," as I have reported many, can considered wastes of time. I've been intimidated by better, as I have had experience overseas, as in working against the KGB and STASI, even. Go get a subpoena or better,, boys, even being thrown in the nut house to make me talk about things I am acquainted with will require US Army approval, and quite above your heads. But, Citizens beware! YOU are the Power of the People, not the ones who want to make you think they are and work so hard to take your Freedoms away. For that Police State, with them in charge of everything. It's getting like 1939's Hitler era, Paperien, Bitte! To even PROVE you can drink or smoke or use the public throughway. Or drive, or hunt, or even subsist upon the land God gave us. We seem to be allowed only upon their whim of good graces, not God given Constitutional Rights.
And to think! I was made to think that I should be grateful! For not having been written up for the technicality of my insurance card being quite valid (They easily check, but Geico sends paper only upon request) and for using wintertime Wyoming driving rules, instead of Police State Rules of total technical obedience. No wonder they had a revolution in 1776, and are quite apparently working on one, now...
Or, this is more "Police Verbal Judo," as they no longer converse with us, but use Pavlonian Psychology to disarm us, instead, like they do in Communist countries, and are using this methodology to get me to be angry, quite the "Mind Crime" any longer. Figures, doesn't it? They used to be citizens with special duties, but now they don't entertain that thought: They consider themselves above us, and our rulers to boot. By whatever means. Ask Hillary, Bill, or Obama. If law were enforced in this country, the highest law in the land, the Constitution, would be, and those kind would be in jail. Not us all the time and in increasing numbers, instead.