What do Jonbennet, Chandra & Laci have in common? The Gary Condits!


Monday, August 29, 2016

I have a new enovel on Kindle, "Jonbennet Ramsey, Chandra Levy, and Laci Peterson have WHAT in common?" that is very timely in the upcoming reinvestigations of Chandra Levy, Jonbennet Ramsey, and even Laci Peterson.  (Available by 8/30).  But they are only the tip of the iceberg, and I here reprint my biography from Kindle here to explain.
Well, please help me get this out. If you really want a change in D.C., this WILL DO IT! It's an ongoing process, but slowly dragged out in public view; Perhaps they want me to burst the balloon The Gary Condits I have witnessed being professional assassins and the government has allowed them to continue for decades, probably to flush Congress out this election. They are likely the perpetrators for the Clinton Body Count and perhaps the murder of Justice Scalia. Please pass this on, and try it out! Give me feedback, too.

An explanation of my lifetime of being set up for horrible murders by Gary Condit, being used by authorities to lure him out, being sent to ground until the right time (These elections), and a detailed transcript of their bragging and what they did to a British Royal Soldier - Those details explain these three deaths.

Simply put, I'm the only living witness of the murderous activities of the Gary Condits (Plural). They are professional espionage assassins put together (In their minds, literally) by enemy psychologists to love that which they do, the horrific power-laden attracting, luring, drugging, disrobing, tieing up, sexual torture, dismemberment to death, and disposing of their victims, a "Sexual/Political Embarrassment Service" to the highly corrupt.
US Agencies put me under their wing early on because people kept being found that way, and usually homosexual in scope. When I witnessed such an aftermath, I would go into a state of total denial, and in that way just never recognized Gary Condit when he'd pop into my life again. But, eventually, they used me as bait to lure him and realized what it would mean to counter-run the two. 
Then having been put in US Army M.I. and sent to the British sector of Germany, I was promoted, promised eventual back pay, and sent to ground with what I'd seen and heard. Even set up with a "Cover Wife;" Thank God for divorces. 
Now, finally, just before the upcoming elections, I can see the bigger picture. Not only with the highly corrupt in Congress be openly identified, but this may well reach into the Clinton Body Count and maybe even Justice Scalia as well.
The first time I saw Gary Condit was as he was leaving the back entrance of Hopkinsville, KY, Faith Lutheran Church Pastor's wife's home, as my adopted mother went in the front door. The arriving Sheriff's Deputies said she'd been strangled with a black trash bag.
And it just went on from there. The reason I was of interest was because of an inheritance (Put into trust and Court Seal which should be coming out now) from my adopted father, and what implications it could have if the enemy won; And I was put away for an association to these murders, and my Communist Agent Mother could have got the guardianship, and basically "Communized" it. A very crucial linchpin for the current upcoming timing of the CHICOM military expansionism after these decades of "Economic Warfare."
At least now I understand my military duty, and the hardships it has involved, to live in this bastardized version of the Federal Witness Protection Program. A life of "Being the usual suspect" (A Cover), total alienation from society, and impoverishment. Even using hypnosis (To which I am very susceptible because of Celiac's Disease) to make me hate myself and avoid others. And finally over!
The timing of the release of the hidden Grand Jury reports on Chandra and Jonbennet were at the same time, and so now are the reinvestigations. Like I say, right before the elections. I expect the FBI and a subpoena any day, now.
And stand in awe of how that will revolutionize our government: Term Limits will be demanded, and our original Constitutional Republican form of government reestablished. More than anything, it will expose the many "Sleepers," moles, spies, and agents of political change in our system for the American People to dispose of.
And I haven't even addressed, yet, what else I witnessed in Germany that affects even other important figures as concerns Ineligibility.
God Bless America.

Update: 9.24.16
That very day in 1995 I was tricked into going elk hunting on the Wy/Co border and I was unusually closely surveilled. As that case came to light, and persuant to my past experiences with the Professional Assassins, the Gary Condits, I am now quite sure that I nearly got set up with being their false "Intruder." But I had taken my son with me at the last moment, and I believe that resulted in their sudden change in plans. Instead of Jonbennet being transported via suitcase to my hunting area, the Ransom note was written, etc. Condit's extreme political power was used for the cover-up, and their names as guests have never surfaced. The Ramseys were not "Exonerated," the Grand Jury's findings, kept secret for a decade, indicted them for "Having allowed someone to kill her in their home..." But it covered up and not acted upon, THEN. NOW is the timing - The upcoming elections. The same thing happened to me when I was sent to Modesto by SWIFT the day Laci Peterson went missing, and, again, there was a change of plans. I witnessed the Condits do their thing at their Ipswich, UK, flat in 1977, was promoted (US Army MI) and sent to ground. They had promised me that I would end up the same way their other "Sexual/Political Embarrassment Disposal Service" victims usually meet their ends. I hope to get a subpoena any day, now. Ergo: The Ramseys ALL knew what was going to happen in advance. Imagine that 911 call with Condit there, about to tell them of the change in plans. Burke smiles and yet is nervous like that because he didn't get arrested for knowing what went down. He's probably been told that there's an imminent arrest - And it's not him. They truthfully lie when they say , "I didn't do it." (But I know who did.) Just the same way Condit says, "I didn't kill Chandra Levy (His wife did the deed.) and then presents that gallows smile. Here are the gruesome details as to what I'd witnessed. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01L80IYQM