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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Why SCOTUS is delaying Obama's Ineligibility status - Has to do with me being endlessly investigated

Well, my story is a long one,  but it really boils down to having had my life subverted to a Cause much greater than my life is worth, so how can I complain? It starts with an inheritance as an espionage matter, turns into who my bio-father was, and to whom else he bred for his Manchurian Candidate long-term spy ring.  All identified by "Jewels," such as "Sapphire," "Diamond," "Ruby," "Topaz," "Turquoise," and so on.
Obama should have been called "Ebony," but that's actually a wood.
Well, I will complain some...
My ife is full of having been the subject of espionage hypnotism because of this, which MOST unfortunately makes me the cause of extreme interest by those who would profit from government grants and money to STUDY my ass... And/or probe for more lucrative political blackmail material. A "Wavier" I signed in 1977 out of fear (I was told I had to or if I didn't I might end up in prison for the works of a professional Serial Killer For Hire, Gary Condit), I was under the effects of drugs (They generally would give me a shot of something before any hypnotic session I was to memorize the events of), and to boot, my genetic specialty: They always made sure I was Celiac Symptomatic, that is, heavily glutenized in diet, for that compounds the deep hypnotic effect.  "Under Duress."  An invalid contract.
In other words, totally illegal for them to continue to invade my life and privacies at all, even if it were ever so to begin with.  Yes, it was operationally necessary at the time, and I was also signed in with rank and pay I've never seen, BUT WITH AN END TERM!  It should be OVER, and it's not!
So, from being ordered to follow certain behavioral aspects that would fool yet entice the known infiltration agency known as the American Psychological Association, who have made my life miserable for eons, back in 1977 to events along the way:
They can't tell, by their own reports and studies, the difference between their ever-so-convenient "Criteria" of "Mental Illness" and hypnotically-induced behavior.  So, they are powerless in the hands of any Manchurian Candidate, and further, have no interest in finding out any of them in our government structure, anyway.
The APA fully supports their activities in their general work of subverting our country through Socialism and demoralization of our moral base, to begin with. Their Dr. Spitzer, in the '70's, was the first one to espouse Homosexuality as "Normal," as if it were, which it isn't.
(That PSYOPS theme, like "Feminism," was the brainchild of former STASI Gen. Markus Wolf UI came to find out. Read on...)
So, no surprise that they think - As well they (And especially the Clintons) were definitely entrapped in; The idea that I "Show signs of homosexual abuse."  Which said deliberate orchestrations laid well into FBI, Army, German, Hawaiian (Thusly CHICOM), even KGB files, were sure to be found by them as the political tide would turn.
And they'd be drooling to exploit same, on a prominent Conservative in particular, my then prime Agent Handler.
Here's an example of the long laid orchestration:  This is a photo of myself with famous NATO COSMIC TOP SECRET Spy, Rainer Rupp.  Google me for more.
From Day One when I arrived in Germany in 1976, he called me on the phone and asked if I would not spend weekends with him, as he claimed to be a distant German relative of mine.  My boss approved. I had no idea that he was a suspected mole that I was to be run against.  Bottom line?  What do you think the weekends together at his "Mom's" place in Schwabing later looked like?  Especially after I was ordered to give him bogus stuff?  Which turned into HI Judge Komo locking up my life for 20 years in this above-mentioned "Study" in 1994?  As if major Security Breaches?  Or a cover-up of something ghastly, so terrible, that could ruin Conservatism in general if it got out?
I remember how well Rainer fabricated the above hand on my shoulder routine that day.  They'd hired a known double agent photographer to take these photos so that such would end up in certain hands. Rainer claimed he'd hurt his leg, and needed the support.  I was in a big blue funk because this was after I found out what he really was, but had been turned, and had undergone an ordered hypnotic session there that day, as ordered to do.
Gen. Wolf was the main operator in that, that day.  Along with below named US Army Dr. Capt. Berigan.
It was October, 1977, but it had been orchestrated as an "Easter Bonfire" for reasons that tie in this April 3rd, as a matter of fact.
(Good Friday, it's also the day Ted Kaczynski was arrested.  A whole story here about what he has kept secret all this time about a murder of a DLI Director in 1975.  Here he deliberately poses with his hands as if handcuffed, or so the conversation went at the time -(In 1975 at DLI! When he was in the US Army, and one of my Handlers!)  The deal they cut with him keeps him and what he knows safe in SuperMax, of course.

(Third from left.  4th face from left is another long story.)
What I refer to is the long line of murders that were committed by the aforementioned Serial Killer that Judge Komo sentenced ME to "Treatment" for.   It never stops. I'll never have a normal social life, I fear.  I now explain:
So, I had to marry a Filipino sex worker and exploiter of men who hated the fact that she'd been told I was "Queer."  She had two sons, but neither by me, because of that. I had to live with that until the day would come that I'd be free, and it never has.
Once, I decided to get a CCW from Idaho, which meant I'd have to drive there to get it.  She pushed the idea, but insisted we stay at a motel on the way there.  I was surprised that she demanded that we stay at the Key Motel in Rawlins, WY, only one hour into our trip.
A familiar face suddenly showed up, who gave her a written message and imparted that such stay overnight would be a future "Key" to me.  Mnemonics.
As I'd been ordered to obey Her as if a supervisor in the field, I hated whatever it was she was again up to, but had no choice. (On the road home, she insisted we drive in a blizzard, having the kids buckle up, hoping I'd crash the car and camper. We did jackknife, but I controlled it.)
As I'd been ordered to do during that period, I stayed glutenized with real beer, and she helped immensely to make sure I did.  So, when I answered the door in the middle of the night at the motel, I was in no mood to go with two men who insisted I go with them to a local certain restaurant for something.
The kitchen was empty, but it would be only for a short time for my visit, they said.
They put me in hypno, I guess, because I remember the details so vividly.  Probably another of those little blue pills I've been given so much of in my life.
They showed me three sinks (3 being an important mnemonic to me) with special qualities to remember.  One could only get scalding hot water and one only cold.  How it was the "Company way," I had to remember in that I would some day end up working there, to always change out the greasy washing one, but to siphon off the floating grease when possible. To always use the sanitizing sink, even when greasy.  And other things of note.
Why, there would be "Steve!"  Where was "Steve?"  Well, he had to leave already, so they showed me how I'd recognize him.  Going outside to the broken concrete sidewalk behind the dumpster, they took a large kitchen knife and proceeded to (Un) sharpen it on the broken concrete.
Bizarre, bizzare, bizzare...  But it was to be my Fate, my "Script" so well written out in advance.  In view of the above mentioned "Higher Things."  I hated it. I tried to put it all out of my mind.
Yes, my life has been constrained and arranged by government agencies, and I've learned well that there is no individual freedom left in America, any more.  Certainly not for me and my advancing old age. By hook or crook, I've always ended up working at where She has sent me to, or by they, or both.
This "Steve," of course, designs to be "My best buddy," that I now find myself working there.  It seems I'm suppossed to be "Taken under his wing" about Life and such and God Knows What Else.
I guess there are those who see this as "My natural habitat," for continued "Study" and "Treatment."  Why, I'm given "Knives to play Pantry worker with," and introductions to seemingly willing waitresses (My sexual orientation?), or, lately encouragement to work with "The crew," one of whom seems rather "Effeminate..."  Or "Verbal engagement" with the druggie sorts, there.
You know, based on their compilation of my "Psychological Profile."
Yeah, they in their convulsed Shrink minds, WISH TO SEE past "Homosexual abuse" that perhaps "Led to my own slicing and dicing of those individuals."  They ignore evidence, facts, reports, actual events, and even unsealed secrets in their desire to impose "Impressed memories" on me, or the like, I take it.
So that said "Blackmail," which has been the protection of Barry Soetoro's rise and stay in power by making untouchable his real birth certificate.... Would remain as if valid.
But it's not.  He's ineligible, and right now SCOTUS has it before them.  What are they waiting for, then?  Some work that I'd WANT to continue this travesty of "Treatment?" HELL, NO!  I want my back pay, rank, and other things as well.Freedom from these KGB sorts.
I remember well, so long ago, that I'd one day play a role in a "West World," or "Twilight Zone" sort of episode, at the end, a "Gauntlet," or rehashed "Basic Training," where I'd be put back into physical shape, which this work has done. And it is certainly that bizarre.
Now, there's a new slew of "Psychologially-based influences" there I'm bombarded with I won't even get into.  But the overwhelming use of resources and personnel to perform this orchestration only reflects upon the severity of the espionage issues that were so long-laid.
SCOTUS now has two "Constitutional Crisises" before them.  One is not where 0bama was born, but who, exactly his real father is: Former high ranking Master Spy STASI Gen. Markus Wolf, a man who obviously had no good intent for our Constitutional Republican form of government. He was as bona fide Communist as you can get.
The other has to do with another military duty I was made to perform: To be a human guinea pig in a surgical manner, one that could be detailed by former US Army Dr. Timothy Berigan, if he'd only come on out and give the details. It's an explosive story, so I won't go into it here.
He holds, figuratively, the "Key" to it all.  He's supposed to be down at Ft. Huachuca, AZ, I'm led to believe. And he knows where the paperwork is buried.
Ever so conveniently so, Berigan is an espionage Shrink. He was the one, in my "Fictitious novel, based on real events," OBAMA IS A MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE AND SO AM I, that diagnosed the works of one particular murder by the Condits.  So, when Komo ordered me to TAMC back then, it was Berigan who classified my very real experiences, of which he even took part, as "Delusions."
Which became part of my "Psychological Profile."
While calling me at the same time, of "High intelligence."  Ordering me to stay married to that woman for a certain term, as my Agent Handler.  Having me sign promotion papers, even though I was long out of Enlisted Service as sworn to something else. Screwing up on a nighttime Intestinal Biopsy, to prove Celiac's Disease.  He gave me a stomach ulcer by accident, as well.
But said medical records cannot be found by the National Personnel Records Office, as they are "Being held by an unknown agency."
And I'm being pursued by the VA, naturally.  What do you think they'd do with me if they could?  They have tried before, as in 1994. So have local authorities.
Berigan later reappeared in my life as "Bill Oberst," of "Oberst Trucking," in Lingle, WY, and before that as "Clay Carrier," Maitre D' of  Barons' Restaurant at the Saratoga Inn, and the like.  Jobs my "Wife" told me to take.  More "Interviews," more paperwork hidden away in places.
So now that we're past that strategically important date of Easter of this year, and how the enemy could have used such as a timing of terrorist import (Especially the Muslims), and yet SCOTUS holds the key, will we soon see the end of this farce? 
Once 0bama is declared ineligible, will the S*** really hit the fan!  Economically, militarily, and nationally.  Historically, even.
One would of course ask why 0bama has been thusly counter-run the entire time, but that would bring up why the CHICOMs have had our Presidents killed since JFK on...  The newly released Pillsbury report says it it.  Find it on the Internet.