What do Jonbennet, Chandra & Laci have in common? The Gary Condits!


Monday, December 22, 2014

Police Abuse? Try Nut House Incarceration INCOMMUNICADO for being Un-PC!

Police Abuse?  Come to Rawlins, DickCheneyland, WY!  In '74 I was ushered into the US Army Mil. Intel & told I was being sent to Germany to lure out my bio-father, STASTI Gen. "Master Spy" Markus Wolf. Many things were learned, as in he also had another son, half-black, who he'd bred from birth to be our Prez, Barry Soetoro. (Wolf has Celiac's). I was sworn to secrecy but a few years back I couldn't stand the false attentions and impoverishment so went public.  Know what happened? Set-up for a DUI "(Oh, free food tonight, we'll cash your paycheck in a -long- while"), staged false fight, followed from the restaurant steps, going 3 blocks home, when I got to curve Rawlins WY cops put on all spotlights, blinding me, causing me to barely hit side curb & loosen panel on my camper.  "Probable cause?" I had jinked in my lane, a truck driver's trick, to see who was tailgating me so closely. When stopped, made to stand in loose gravel while other cop ripped panel off camper and bust my tail lights. Turned to see & 1st cop forced me not to. Blood tests showed I'd been mickeyed, but appointed female defense attny. gave me fake copy and while prosecutor wanted 8 days for first offense, I was told I was being held only for an "Interview."  Female Judge was prejudiced by previous false reporting by ex-wife. Six months Incommunicado and never told term of sentence without trial in the WY Nut House in Evanstan , and I think I witnessed a "Suicide by the men in white coats" there.  Supermeds to keep the inmates quiet, sewage that overflows the cells, and they beg to go back to jail. Think they investigate?  Hell, no.
It cost them about $1K a day to keep me there, I was told. I never talked, until the Judge threatened on a conference call to have me chemically frontal lobotimized, and then only once. Had to release me at 6 mos.  Damage done.
SIX MONTHS and I lost my CDL occupation, reputation, and believability.  I am forced now into the hands of Social Svcs. (Catch-22) and am in a special "Nut Case" surveillance program where I live or can where I find menial work.
The worst part?  I've been under heavy surveillance for decades because I also witnessed the professional works of Gary Condit, and I know personally how he has provided the devastating blackmail on a high-ranking Conservative (Which, while not true, an orchestration, is still as damning) that keeps others from daring to touch the issue of 0bama's real father's ID and BC as a Communist Spy.  He is ineligible!  Check my DNA!  He has a black Indonesian mother, I had a white one! Yet, we're both bastards, and also adopted to hide our real parentage.
I KNOW HOW the Condits dispose of sexual/political embarrassments, and how he also used that to blackmail others and  infiltrate Congress. Ingmar Guandique is innocent in Chandra Levy's case.
So, report THAT to both Modesto, Rawlins Police Dept. and local DCI - And they frame you for DUI and send you to the Nut House.  Ruined. Going to starve to death, or freeze.  Unheard. For this I was supposed to earn an Army paycheck and rank.  I guess I'm as screwed as any other Army Veteran gets.  No wonder they've fashioned the VA to target those who know too much.  Either certain doc's get unsealed soon, or this country is shot to Hell.
That's the state of DickCheneyLand, WY, folks.  Why I was sent to live here, I guess, because as Bush's Aide, I know a lot about him, too.  Waterboarding?  That's nothing!
No wonder the black people have had their fill and Sheriff Joe thinks it'll spread.
Sheriff Joe, I'm on birtherreport.com - What are you waiting for?  Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy?