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Friday, September 4, 2015

Is "Universe-Shattering" a Biblical proficy, and/or Sheriff Arpaio's Ineligibility case? What does it lead to?

Wow!  Religious Leaders are predicting a "Universe-shattering event" yet this month of September, culminating with the celestial events such as the Blood Super-moon, ect.  Wouldn't you know that AZ Sheriff Arpaio also calls the Material he's collected on Obama's ineligibility to be President "Universe-shattering?"  SOME coincidence! Written in Holy Books, whatever, having SCOTUS declare same (Let's say right after the Three Day Liberal Day Weekend) will be dramatic.  We could even find out that the CHICOMS had JFK and other Presidential hopefuls since killed in their quest to destroy America from within. Such that the Bush CIA had to "Steward" the Presidency, allowing actors, or even the other side (Clintons) in every other four years, to retain "Balance" and still follow the US Constitution, as the CIA does not want to take the country over, it just wants to destabilize Communists regimes, like we have now.
Oh, MUST we wait until after Liberal Day Weekend? So as to not upset them with his downfall?
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