What do Jonbennet, Chandra & Laci have in common? The Gary Condits!


Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Anybody wants to know how I know that Gary Condit infiltrated Congress by posing as a "Serial Killer Expert Investigator," while really being a professional assassin, himself, contact me or just pick up the small efile below.
It's out, now! The perfect cover, as you can see, and an agent  of the Other Side at the same time.   Why? Because it was known that Condit had as a blackmail target, the then Dir. CIA. Who had the need of a "Cover" of such kind. If people believed Condit's blackmail, then 0bama would surely be put in by the many moles and infiltrators in our system, exposing themselves.
Many are resigning now, or have been put out of office with this past election. Or shown themselves with this last "Budget Vote."
Point?  Condit's believed "Homosexually-related blackmail" (A disinfo campaign) is what has been used to scare Conservative Judges, Congress (BOEHNER), and Media from DARING to press upon Obama's true ineligibility. From DARING to press neither for his Birth Certificate nor his medical records. (CLICK HERE to see why Celiac's Disease is the key.)
Below is a small efile of the best transcript I could make of what happened on day in June, 1977, where I witnessed the Condits dispose of the remains of a sexual Political Embarrassment, " a British Soldier.  It was a FUBAR, but it led to Condit believing he then had the goods that would guarantee his rise to Congress and fulfill his espionage goals.
It is the basic Modus Operandi that reflects upon not only Chandra Levy's case, but others.
Kindle worldwide's lowest price I could make it is 99 cents! Please help me get it out there.
If this is brought to the fore, an innocent man goes free from false imprisonment and a guilty couple get properly charged for horrible cold case murders.
More importantly, a major cover-up about how Barrack 0bama's birth certificate is being kept off-limits through undue and false homosexual blackmail, (A deliberate disinformation campaign) is revealed.  His true parentage shown.  And since that will reveal that they are not US Citizens, he will be declared ineligible to be President.  And everything he's put into place, to include enormous debts, will be found NULL and VOID. Not to mention what the People will do to those who helped put him into place; As they find out WHO his real father is, a former high-ranking STASI Communist "Master Spy" who bred 0bama for the positon, Gen. Markus Wolf.

Check here for the link to Kindle

Monday, December 29, 2014

Obama's real Communist Spy father about to be revealed

Having just spent 20 years in a Court-Ordered Cover of being a "Serial Killer In Situ Study Subject," in order to hide the identity of the real professional serial killer for hire, I can now tell the actual details. It is time, and this will get very big, soon The details, of course, are in my Ebook, which reference and detail these following issues:
I was born the son of former East Germany STASI Gen. Markus Wolf. He had perfected the use of Celiac's Disease, a genetic quality, to perfect and actually breed his Manchurian Candidate agents, just like in the old B/W movie. (Remember the scene where Raymond Shaw has a beer (Gluten) then inadvertently gets a hypnotic command to jump into the lake? But doesn't remember why?).
As such, the US Army ushered me into Enlisted Military Intelligence in '74 and sent me to Germany to lure him to the West, thinking he'd cross the line to see me as he'd done once before - And get caught. It worked.
During his debriefing, a whole lot was learned. What the Communist long-term plans were for our downfall, especially in the arena of how 0bama had bred by Wolf to be our "Perfect Alternative President" for the right timing: This year's election, the Budget vote, and a timed Communist Police State takeover by all the other long-term mesmerized infiltrators in Congress.
My own planned role had been to become a precedence of Inheritance (and Property Rights) laws towards Communizing same. If I could be driven nuts and put away, as my adopted Communist "Mother" tried to have happen so many times, she and her greedy sisters would have petitioned the Judge to cut up my step-father's inheritance into many same pieces. Destroying, over time, Capitalism in general. I was to receive that inheritance also this year - Or be put away.
And as such, (usually gay) people had started being found mutilated to death from my childhood on. Real cases, still "Unsolved," from Kentucky, Tokyo, Okinawa, California, UK and Duesseldorf were found dismembered the very same gory way. Worse, it continues to this very day. And I know who is really responsible. But was sent to ground 20 years ago with this dire secret, with, as I've pointed out, the onus of being "Treated and Studied In Situ" of being as if the responsible. A perfect cover.
I actually was promoted to Warrant Officer status back in '77 for this duty, and I hope I'm paid some day. I still must, however, do my duty of being a Whistleblower about it all.
For in that said "Assassin-for-hire" (And his accomplice wife) were lured out for identification when I was sent to Germany to lure out Wolf. Posing as a "Serial Killer Expert Investigator" has been his cover and his means to infiltrate Congress, as well. He does this "Disposal Service" for the high-ranking corrupt, and then blackmails them forever on, gaining more and more personal power and access to databases and Police files. To use for setting his new crimes up, finding patsies to pin the next crime on, etc. Like me, for example, if I'm in the area.
Since my Agent Handler in '77 was a very high-ranking CIA Officer destined for the very top, they let this killer think that he'd got the blackmail goods on him, and he was counter-run the way the rest of Wolf's creations have been done.
They've pushed his Communist infiltration over the top: Disgruntled Americans have voted many out. And this "Budget vote" merely lures out the rest. Now comes the Coup D'Edat: 20 years ago, in HI Judge Komo's Court, many documents were put into seal. For example, a false report from Rep. Gary Condit that now implicates him. My true birth certificate, listing Markus Wolf as my father. (Being since adopted, my name has been changed.)
And Barry Soetoro's (AKA Barrack Obama) real birth certificate, too. In other words, not only is his true father a foreign national Communist, he very much so did not have the best interests of the US in mind. His true mother is a black Muslim Indonesian woman, and his documentation and Legend-building was all the craftsmanship of Master Spy Runner Markus Wolf.
0bama will now be declared ineligible. All he's done will be NULL and VOID. America reset button. the Constitution restored. Our foreign debts will be declared acts of economic warfare, and negated. We will have tremendous economic recovery, and the national debt quickly wiped out.
And that's how the CIA does things. Due to, of course, my Agent Handler, GHWB. Read about my life's strange association with him. The burden he had to bear being associated to my case. Written for now with pseudonyms, but easily figured out.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Police Abuse? Try Nut House Incarceration INCOMMUNICADO for being Un-PC!

Police Abuse?  Come to Rawlins, DickCheneyland, WY!  In '74 I was ushered into the US Army Mil. Intel & told I was being sent to Germany to lure out my bio-father, STASTI Gen. "Master Spy" Markus Wolf. Many things were learned, as in he also had another son, half-black, who he'd bred from birth to be our Prez, Barry Soetoro. (Wolf has Celiac's). I was sworn to secrecy but a few years back I couldn't stand the false attentions and impoverishment so went public.  Know what happened? Set-up for a DUI "(Oh, free food tonight, we'll cash your paycheck in a -long- while"), staged false fight, followed from the restaurant steps, going 3 blocks home, when I got to curve Rawlins WY cops put on all spotlights, blinding me, causing me to barely hit side curb & loosen panel on my camper.  "Probable cause?" I had jinked in my lane, a truck driver's trick, to see who was tailgating me so closely. When stopped, made to stand in loose gravel while other cop ripped panel off camper and bust my tail lights. Turned to see & 1st cop forced me not to. Blood tests showed I'd been mickeyed, but appointed female defense attny. gave me fake copy and while prosecutor wanted 8 days for first offense, I was told I was being held only for an "Interview."  Female Judge was prejudiced by previous false reporting by ex-wife. Six months Incommunicado and never told term of sentence without trial in the WY Nut House in Evanstan , and I think I witnessed a "Suicide by the men in white coats" there.  Supermeds to keep the inmates quiet, sewage that overflows the cells, and they beg to go back to jail. Think they investigate?  Hell, no.
It cost them about $1K a day to keep me there, I was told. I never talked, until the Judge threatened on a conference call to have me chemically frontal lobotimized, and then only once. Had to release me at 6 mos.  Damage done.
SIX MONTHS and I lost my CDL occupation, reputation, and believability.  I am forced now into the hands of Social Svcs. (Catch-22) and am in a special "Nut Case" surveillance program where I live or can where I find menial work.
The worst part?  I've been under heavy surveillance for decades because I also witnessed the professional works of Gary Condit, and I know personally how he has provided the devastating blackmail on a high-ranking Conservative (Which, while not true, an orchestration, is still as damning) that keeps others from daring to touch the issue of 0bama's real father's ID and BC as a Communist Spy.  He is ineligible!  Check my DNA!  He has a black Indonesian mother, I had a white one! Yet, we're both bastards, and also adopted to hide our real parentage.
I KNOW HOW the Condits dispose of sexual/political embarrassments, and how he also used that to blackmail others and  infiltrate Congress. Ingmar Guandique is innocent in Chandra Levy's case.
So, report THAT to both Modesto, Rawlins Police Dept. and local DCI - And they frame you for DUI and send you to the Nut House.  Ruined. Going to starve to death, or freeze.  Unheard. For this I was supposed to earn an Army paycheck and rank.  I guess I'm as screwed as any other Army Veteran gets.  No wonder they've fashioned the VA to target those who know too much.  Either certain doc's get unsealed soon, or this country is shot to Hell.
That's the state of DickCheneyLand, WY, folks.  Why I was sent to live here, I guess, because as Bush's Aide, I know a lot about him, too.  Waterboarding?  That's nothing!
No wonder the black people have had their fill and Sheriff Joe thinks it'll spread.
Sheriff Joe, I'm on birtherreport.com - What are you waiting for?  Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy?

Friday, December 19, 2014

I didn't have sex with all these women! By Korea's Kim Un

Tonight, after light's out, we'll have a tete-a-tete about your families' relocation orders to the work camps...

So, who's going to be the lucky ones?

Oh, those pesky paternity suits!

Got to keep the populace happy!
Now it gets a little kinky...
A present from Vladamir?

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Enemy Sleepers exposed with budget vote! Now we can oust 0bama!

HURRAH! As per the mnemonic in my enovel, "Hoist a Barry Soetoro up a flagpole and see who salutes!" (As in the long-term Sleepers in Congress ID'ing themselves) IT HAS NOW HAPPENED! With this fudgy-wudgy vote on the Budget et al.!   It was just a trick to lure them out! NOW we'll have Barry's real birth certificate pulled out by SCOTUS, and he'll be declared INELIGIBLE!  His works NULL AND VOID to include this bogus vote!  HURRAH!

Be sure to preview for free my Kindle enovel  Obama's real father - And mine - Was... STASI Gen. Markus Wolf for free, and/or take advantage of a special 7-day up to 90% off sale (From the usual $9.99) starting on Dec. 14th.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Open letter Congress: Why my due inheritance reason JFK was shot in '62

Rick A Hyatt
548 15th Street
Cathy Gardens Apartments - #402
Rawlins, WY 82301

Dear Congressman,

This may well be the most explosive matter that you will have heard in your Congressional career. Please read this well. It's not “Conspiracy Theory,” it's not “Delusion,” it is pure fact that, when digested, will want you to bring me to Washington on subpoena.
I invite this, in fact, it is my civil and military duty finally consummated:
As a young child, I stood in line for a huge inheritance, and I'm supposed to get it at age 60. Hence, the matter of timing involved. I'm almost 61.
It was placed into trust to keep it away from enemy Communist forces, who had wished it become a matter of a legal loophole-driven precedence in inheritance law. That would affect Property Rights, even. A monumental dissolution of the Free World's Capitalist way of life.
This was done on a very monumental day for me, Oct. 13, 1961, a “Friday the 13th,” in fact.
Pursuant to enemy action to make this happen, people started getting killed all around me. I've written to you about this.
Worse. From what I was later told to keep direly secret, it seems that President John. F. Kennedy had been placed in office with funding from Chicago Communists. I understand that it was their natural assumption that he would rectify the matter for them by Executive Order, and the Communization of America could start right “On Time” for them.
I understand he refused to do so. So, a year later, on Nov. 22nd, 1962, they shot him. Not only a matter of doing that, it was upon the timing of Thanksgiving, for that holiday truly represents the celebration of the Pilgrim's freedom from Socialism, and survival and success by turning to Capitalism. Thus, the Magna Carta; the forerunner of our US Constitution.
They turned the last 52 years of our country's past into grieving over him, instead of Thanksgiving each November. Their plans for this past election are obvious.
I was “Ushered” into US Army M.I. in 1974, as I have told you, and I was told that I must write this letter to Congress upon a specific time frame. This proves that the hypnotically-based “Manchurian Candidate” methodology works even over a long time period. This proves that former CIA Dir. William Colby's words to Congress in 1975 that there are such long-term enemy agents in Congress – And even the Presidency, now - were true. And there's more to tell.
Only the passage of Term Limits, as our Forefathers assumed would naturally happen, can bring this county back into the hands of its citizens, instead of foreign agents and their agendas.
I was also told the probable identity – To keep direly secret for a long time – of the shooter on the Grassy Knoll, and to independently declassify it. Once you debrief me for the details, you will come to understand why the Gary Condits (Plural) assassination-for-hire activities have been allowed to continue and be covered-up for so long. Some of which I had to take blame for all these years.
Please bring me in out of the cold before I become another “Homeless Veteran.”

Go to The Birther Report  for more talk and information about 0bama's Ineligibility to even be President.