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Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Immigrant Sleeper Terrorists: The Manchurian Candidate methodology and how it works

The government has used me as a Double Blind Study on the Manchurian Candidate Effect for decades, that very methodology they expect in the one in ten refugees they've anticipated for so long. Trojan Horses, nothing but the clothes on their backs to be seen.  But plenty of hypnosis, false but painful surgeries, psychology, social and peer "Mentals" pressure and reeducation, untraceable body implants (!), planted and switched spouses to prove William Colby's point that such happened to him with his daughter, false documentations (Usually adoption to hide real lineage) etc.

It's like for the naysayers, "Hey, we can do it, then so can the enemy, and they are attacking..."

As for me, it's what they do Army enlisted soldiers when they want to experiment on human beings, and I was "Available."

My story is better than Snowden's. It's also the hidden truth behind Obama's real origins and why he is the way he is Why he is worse than a bad Sitcom that never ends.

And then to cap the point, how a "Sleeper" such as myself can suddenly up and lit the fuse to it all.  Like the saying goes, "The pen is mightier than the sword."  I'm armed with a word processor and Free Speech.
Next question is; Who put Obama up there and for what?  It's a very deep story but a true credit to our own Militiamen.  The Powers Who Be behind the scenes that protect our Constitution, our Nation, and it's People.  I take pride in having so served, I'm just seeking results.