What do Jonbennet, Chandra & Laci have in common? The Gary Condits!


Friday, August 8, 2014

I am Stazi MFS Dir. Markus Wolf's bio-son. So is Barrack Obama, and that makes him ineligible to be President.

 Why is the month of August, this year, the center of so much
weather and yet political connected intreige?
From Obama's desmise to radical weather - And Planet X?
Long-term warfare planning, perhaps?

This is a '77 photo of myself, NATO Spy Rainer Rupp,
and his step-mother, a Ms. Thatcher, at Fort Fun, Germany

It was exactly 20 years ago that Espionage documents relating to my relation to former East German STASI Gen. Markus Wolf and NATO Spy Rainer Rupp were sealed for a 20 year term (now), a "Plea Agreement"  in HI Judge Richard Komo's Court.
Things I'd been ordered to do, couldn't talk about, and was being put on ice for the interim for. One document was "A birth certificate from some Indonesian guy named Barry Soetoro," another one concerned my roommate of the time, a Gary Condit, my military papers and other things. They were to be unsealed on a 13th with a hearing to be on a 25th, but continued until after some important holiday (Probably Labor Day).
I note that I've been told that my lawyer of that time, Maui Lawyer David Serano has suddenly left the county.
I note that 0bama has returned from his exile to have a one day stay in DC.  I note that such BC would be before SCOTUS by now, and whatever he did today  in DC is covered up by the "Ferguson" False Flag operation. 
I note the famed pathologist, Weicher (sp) is commenting on Brown, and he's done autopsies on JFK, RFK, Chandra Levy, JBR, and Laci Peterson.  I note my Amazon Kindle eBooks have long described the Condits' connections to these very people as professional assassins, or "Disposal Experts."   And my eBook has LONG been in print with the reference of Condit to a 15 year old young man as can be seen in the enhanced Moorman photo of the "Grassy Knoll."
I note that as of late, I've received several conference-type calls from people claiming to be "Spooks," "From the CIA but  using fake names," and the like, the purpose more likely being to get a "Credulity Exam."  I've already been through the mill on that.
The bottom line will be that connection between the very technically-oriented Communist Gen. Wolf, Master Espionage Spy, the Condits as professional assassins and blackmail experts (as trained by a NAZI Concentration Camp experimenter, Dr. Aribert Heim), 0bama as Wolf's deliberately-bred Manchurian Candidate, and myself as being the Rick Van Winkle witness now awoken to be called forth. A misfortune of birth.
A timing perhaps borne of the Communist Chinese Astrology Department's 2,000 year old super-secret observations, and perhaps the known return of "Planet X," or other weather phenomena.  Something that, if well known, might create large-scale panic?  But also, a great time to plan ahead long-term start an invasion, if one had one in mind, and they sure do.  I wonder if the 25th is the known apogee?
One thing for sure, do know the Director said something to the effect that the planned upon Iraqi war would permit us to examine known archeological artifacts to that accord, and had wanted me to remember that.  And, of course, there are those who say, and now revisit how it was that the 911 attack turned out to be our reason to go there.  Well?
Wonder if Sheriff Joe thinks this is "Universe-shattering," or what?  I'd embed a pic or two of Rupp and I together back then, but this site doesn't support that.  Just note that I was the FIRST one to deliver COSMIC TOP SECRET dis-info to him (This will rewrite some history), as so ordered to do.  I have talked to him briefly a few times in the interim.
A whole contrived CIA op, if one ever existed. My Agent Handler had always been, of course, GHWB. From 1969, even, when I lived in Japan. 
Another possible event Ferguson is hiding are the immense rains that China has been receiving by whatever means. With any good luck, their WALMART slave-labor factories below it on the Delta will wash away and  end their economic war on us, and we'll fire our factories up with all the new immigrant workers.
It's been a long time for the CIA to "Steward" the Presidency, one way or the other, but now I think JFK will smile in his grave.  And we'll soon have to have a Cmte. of Living Presidents until reset elections.
Now, I hope this is enlightening to you thinkers, and to those that would like to shut me up or ridicule my simple observations, can lick my ***.  I'm just waiting to see if we're going to be lucky enough to see the 2nd Coming, or not, or if it's just another False Flag.
And I get my promised Army pay, rank, and benefits, or not. Not to mention other promises.  If you want to send me a  Paypal buck, do so: I'm flat broke because they like to keep me grounded like that, not to mention these decades of horrible false Legends.
My Ebook - Why it has to be Ineligibility - Not Impeachment
STASI Gen. Markus Wolf before Berlin Wall came down
Please click and take a look at my "Fictitious novel, based on facts, " BRED TO BE A MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE   I'll be rewriting it with real names and the like, so the guessing will be over.  In any event, it's not hard to figure out.
The bottom line can now be told: Gen. Markus Wolf used WWII NAZI research to breed and run his spies, his "Manchurian Candidates."  I explain why having Celiac's Disease (Yes, like in that movie) is core to such a long-term indoctrinated, programmed, documented, groomed, Spy-In-Place in my enovel.
Simply put, a person with such genetic disorder can be totally programmable with the right environmental factors. One's mother, one's wife (I was ISSUED one) influence not only one's gluten intake (Diet), but also one's emotional and sexual states.
One can become heavily hypnotizable, and even behaviorally programmable - Even by remote control, over the phone, or casual approach on the street.
I was sent by the US Army in '77 to Germany to turn Wolf, and it quietly worked.  They decided they'd go ahead and counter-run Wolf's special project, a "Perfect half-everything- US-President-to-be," Barry Soetoro aka Barrack Obama. 
I obviously have the moral and civil duty to independently report that he's NOT ELIGIBLE to be President.  If anything, his father DID NOT HAVE THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE UNITED STATES IN MIND!
The neat thing is, when this is disclosed, everything Obama's signed, ordered, appointed, indebted, etc.  will be NULL AND VOID.  America Reset Button.  Unlike Impeachment would do, as in handing that Police State power over to some other implanted spy-in-place. (Got any guesses?  See my eBook.) 
I was made into a "Double-blind Study" of the effect, and I'm supposed to be given back pay, rank, benefits and testify to Congress!
I was made into an undercover investigator of sorts in the Wyoming Oil Truck Driving business, so I've had an effect, perhaps through WY Senator Enzi.  But I'm left out here twisting in the wind... At the mercy of a certain agent handler, a Melvin Holloway, who I believe holds a Legal Waiver over my life (Signed under distress in '77).
Every job the center sends me to, he shows up and starts convincing others that I'm a gay pervert.  And should be put away.  Because of whom I've known - Or maybe how (He thinks) I've known them. (Obama reportedly is - I am not.)
And then the story gets deep, as I was also used as a sting up the VA, it being known in '77 that the proponents of its growing size had political agendas in mind:  I've had two unnecessary surgical operations in my life, and those of the VA thought in '87 that one such provided intense political and sexual blackmail upon a rising Director of the CIA. In other words, that Obama's Communist Presidential eligibility could not be questioned, or else.
And then from '83 I've also been used as a special study in the long-term effects of a particular material within my body proper.  You know what I'm referring to. I'd like to get rid of the extra weight.
Hence, my eBook, an attempt to break free and life a life. And get past promises fulfilled before I starve or be made homeless again!

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Also, go to The Birther Report for more talk and info on why 0bama isn't even eligible to be President.  So, has he been counter-run the CIA, the whole time, the Presidency "Stewarded?"  Since JFK, even, perhaps?
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