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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Celiac's Disease as prohibited in the US military and why

An answer to an article on Celiac.com that they refuse to allow me to post to
I was once told "Do you have an idea how much government funding we get?" by they
An article entitled "Celiacs in the military"

There is a much greater issue than simply being unable to get a gluten-free meal. Please carefully study the old b/w movie "The Manchurian Candidate" to see this "In plain sight" documentation of what can be done to one with Celiac's, and is done, by intelligence agencies all over the world, clandestinely.  Bluntly, the release of endorphins (Stronger than morphine) by the brain in autoimmune response to damage to the small intestine by gluten is a precursor to being very hypnotizable and remotely commandable.  Leading one, after time, to become very behaviorally programmable. And this kind of drugged training can be done anywhere in a secure and secret place.
 I actually have been a "Double Blind Study Subject In Situ" for the APA for over 38 years on the matter, along with other espionage matters,  if you'd like to know what true Hell is like, and I would appreciate the help of any of you to get my promised back pay, rank, and benefits before I die of old age and poverty.
The control over one's diet is easy enough in the military, but they went the full gamut with me, forcing me to marry a motivated Agent Handler Filipino sex worker (Digest the movie), who did same with control over my diet, and then I was used  as a "Undercover Investigator," a kind of test on the Posse Comitatus Act, for the interim.
They pulled me into Tripler Army Medical Center in 1993 under the guise of a Court-Ordered "Exam," gave me a intestinal biopsy, promotion papers, ordered me to stay married to my Agent Handler, and if they would only release my medical records, I could at least collect Disability while I await my promised role of Congressional Testimony.
When given the proper mnemonic, I, personally,  go into a hypnotic "Memorization mode," a product of having a high IQ and an eidetic memory, and memorize visually a crime event, into which I have been sent many times, so it has its uses. This was my training, and not necessarily that of others.
"Raymond Shaw," in the movie was a sniper sharpshooter.  Other movies have explained sabateurs, and bombers activated by phone call.
The mnemonic command to stop repressing and starting reliving a memory command can be delivered (in proper grammatical form) by a passerby, or simply such things as the day of year, overlap of religious holidays on a calendar, political events, celestial events, a telephone call, etc.,.
Of course, no one believes anything I would say about such, and being "Mentally Ill" is what local authorities have been told about me, and is actually my cover. At least I am still alive. I've had my share of close calls, especially in the trucking industry I was made to work in.
The whole story, as in how I was literally bred to have such genetics by a former East German Intelligence Officer (This goes back to WWII Nazi experimentation days and a certain Dr. Aribert Heim of Mauthausen Concentration Camp fame), only makes it worse. The real denial comes with in that such methodology actually affects our politics this very day to an extreme you simply cannot accept in your mind.  Former Dir. William Colby was quite right about such long-term infiltrators in Congress, and I guess I'm the result of his having obtained Congressional Funding to prove that point.
The bottom line is: The military simply cannot have such potential secret agents in their midst.
In fact, I am the living, breathing, proof that Congress is heavily infiltrated (As is the Presidency) by such, and we desperately need Term Limits to protect our Constitution and country.  And why those very infiltrators so long in power won't allow it, either.
What is notable is your statement that Israel allows such.   Well, some populations have a higher percentage of Celiacs, and the Jewish do, so they probably don't have any choice.  A high ranking Israeli Intelligence Office even told me once, that they had collected evidence to believe Jesus Christ himself had Celiac's, and that does put new light on the "Crown of Thorns," or possibly pruritic dermatitis herpetiformis, he had around this forehead, and the gluten grain vinegar he was tortured with, doesn't it?  His "Visions" and "Prophesies," etc.?
As a person with the effects of Celiac's Disease, I must also note the benefits that Vitamin B-12 shots have had with me.  Adolph Hitler received same.  Did HE have Celiac's? Was Hitler's attempted elimination of the Jews an attempt to wipe out this genetic propensity?

 This photo, was deliberately staged in b/w so that I could be given it for prosperity.  Deliberately misdated, it is the Ochsenbraterei Beer Tent at the 1977 Oktoberfest in Munich.  We were given about a half an hour for this hurried photo shoot before they opened for a private party.  That is I in the foreground,  staged to be having beer and bread (Gluten), while behind me are logos of wheat and hops. Behind me is STASI General Markus Wolf,  and to the left back is CIA Director GHWB (Head cut off), MSF Director Erich Mielke, and most notably, SS Mauthausen Concentration Camp Doctor Aribert Heim.  There are more Intelligence agents in the photo. Can you recognize the distinctive breastbone of the female agent to my left?
Another reason I was told to attend this function was for in the number of witnesses here, that can prove I was NOT in Duesseldorf at that time, where a known professional assassin, Gary Condit, was busy trying to frame me with some more murders by mutilation.  That long story is elsewhere in my written works.  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00K6JDMDW#reader_B00K6JDMDW