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Friday, October 27, 2017

The real JFK shooter

The real JFK shooter and why the CIA had to cover it up

I was ushered into enlisted US Army MI in 1974 because of who my relatives were, East German spies.  And how they wanted to influence an inheritance I stood for, and how people literally fell like flies about me my whole life.

A long story, but I was eventually stationed at the Land Liaison Office Office in the then extant Duesseldorf Consulate in 1977 with quarters at the nearbyRoyal Army British Airport. 

 A man claiming to be "A Serial Killer Expert Investigator" claimed to the Security Sergeant to have interest in me and managed to become my roommate. He had an British accent but wore no rank, insignia, nor name tag.  But he used his real name openly.

In our BAQ. He'd put up the pictures as he'd been told to, as I would subsequently be sent to Maui, where many Humpback whales are.  The two photos on the desk were of his son, Chad. He later told his wife he deliberately left out the one of their daughter.

He was, in actuality, a serial killer, Gary Condit, that often worked together with his wife in their "Disposal for hire Service" and actually infiltrated the US Congress that way. US Agencies swore me to secrecy thru even now, 40 years later.  He was the person I'd seen so many times when dead bodies would show up and as a kid, I  had simply repressed all those bad memories.

The reason I'd been sent to the British area of Germany was because whoever was trying to set me by attempting to frame me up with murders so as to be Committed was thought to have a British connection.  That was true, and he could put on a British accent quite well, for his Mother-in-Law was British.

Being given the idea to treat me as a "Special Job" for my Agent Handler, he took on this feigned assignment and lured both I and a British Sgt. who was openly gay to his new townhouse on Linnet Street in Ipswich.  (The unit closest to the street.)

But there was a screw-up, he got there early and his wife, Caroline Condit, went ahead and got the other soldier to drink some horse tranquiler and did him up the usual way and he ended up in 3 trash bags. They bragged  while waiting for the return phone call  of "Heartmeat pie," and "Liver and Onions," and how much else  had went down the toilet and shower drain, etc.

He got that phone call, and he was told to cancel. He brought me back on the ferry the next day in his little red MG.

Over the course of the year of 1977, they also dispatched the two civilian British bartenders at the NCO Club and a lesbian British WAVE who I'd had a one-night stand with, all with the intention of blaming the found bodies on me, a total of four.
The VW I unknowingly sold that WAVE at too high a price (Conrad had lanced me) and Condit interjected, saying he would solve the problem and he got in with her and left base, the last time she was seen by anybody alive. 

The common thread throughout was in that as an "Investigator" they willingly wanted to assist Condit to flesh me out.  Every time I went to the NCO Club I would hear about the homosexual joke regarding Batman and Robin,  The WAVE told me openly in bed that she'd been asked to investigate my sexual orientation in this manner by Condit and her Staff Sergeant had agreed.

Sgt. Ray Johnson, aka Clyde Lee Conrad, famous Army Spy who I was also worked
against, was my NCOIC there. He oversold me the VW. But he wasn't busted until his second tour in Germany.  He'd been sold the line that he should help investigate me.

The Brits also ribbed me about my occasional weekend duty at that safe and secure facility, where my Handler and his aide, Dick Cheney, would show up - As if my subsequent drugged hangover had something to do with homosexuality.

What was really happening was that a long-laid bunch of orchestrated scenes were being played out for the finding by known incoming and corrupt Presidential administrations.  I am now positive such "Blackmail" has been hanging over the heads of Conservatives who would have wanted the truth out about Obama's real birth certificate, or "Birthers." 
Brian Larkin, also sold the line that I should be investigated by he, was made for administrative reasons into a Secret Service Agent, later showed up in a court hearing in 1993 before HI Judge Richard Komo that would seal my fate and containerize my life for the duration.  I was told to take my vacation with him, for example. The real reason for his eagerness to do so was because of his hidden orientation.

Our "Dates," Brandy Britten Deborah Palfry and a friend, at the 66th MI BAQ, when they were just starting up their "Sparrow School and spoke of it for me to remember.

Throughout the year I would often be given weekend duty at the Consulate as "Security Officer," (Checking the phone answering device and shaking doorknobs) but then my Agent Handler would show up and it would turn into a medicated debriefing session.  Like what I had witnessed in Ipswich brought back to life with hypnosis and drugs.

Finally, near the end of my tour he showed me a picture of "Badgeman," "The young shooter on the grassy knoll" and the resemblance to my roommate was noted. I was told by my Handler  then CIA Dir. GHWB, to remember that some day that photo would be enhanced. Who was the man who set later the date for the JFK Files to be opened, yesterday.  But you can see what they're holding back.  The real truth. Term Limits are only the beginning of what will happen to the US Congress if this ever makes the light of day.

He would have been 15, just old enough to get a Kansas Drivers Licence.

Red China has an over 2,000 year old super-secret Bureau of Astrology and upon the heavens they do play their long-term military intentions. It boils down to in that invading Armys advance fastest in area devastated by disasters, and they have known for a long time what governments everywhere have been covering up; The arrival of Nibiru, or Planet X. This is the timing of a "Million Man Army," the real reason for the"One Child Policy," as well of the furtherance of decades of corruption to bring in American dollars and promote their population (More of them to survive the above), and the excuse with which no now promote Xi as the person to do the purge. But most of all, it's the military expansionism around the world, especially Africa. With no compulsions against bio-war in the "Art of War" new forms of new diseases are breaking out everywhere. You can now guess where the Zebra mussel, Asian carp, tree beetles and disease... Came from. They hope to march into the US without any resistance, hence the Anti-Gun movement and everywhere else in "Humanitarian Relief" in white UN tanks to "Restore Civil Order." When the world finds out that it was they who killed the Kennedys and others to put in the Clintons (And that's the part that's not getting released), the world will realize just when and how and by who WWIII started.