What do Jonbennet, Chandra & Laci have in common? The Gary Condits!


Saturday, October 7, 2017

HURRAH! CIA Dir. GHWB signed into law exactly 25 years ago that all JFK assassination materials are to be given to the public by Oct. 26th of this year. 
There are ENORMOUS implications to this! It was in the mid '70's that he ran me as an Agent and as part of that gave me secrets to keep to shout from the rooftops later. One is the comment below that involves how Red China had a specific agenda to rule the world that started with the assassinations of the Kennedys, etc. And a very specific timeline that comes to a head with the current events of the West Pacific, which is really Red China trying to lure up into war with North Korea, another "Vietnam" for us. In the meantime, they have built their "One Million Man Army" through their "One Child Policy" and are intent to rule the planet. I was ordered to remember that a satellite - I think Juno - Would be sent to an unreachable distance to always be sending back in plain fax form the proof of above. If they start WWIII, the world will forever understand that they started it; Inasmuch assassinating a country's President IS AN ACT OF WAR - And we'll forever have the moral high ground to do what we will do. 25 years ago exactly, I underwent an unneeded tongue surgery and under the pain and trauma they literally "Switched" my "Legend wife," a Filipina sex worker I'd been issued, with a much nastier woman that looked similar - But her hair reached down to her buttocks, unlike the first. What did this prove? CIA Dir. William Colby had testified to Congress that his daughter had been switched with a biological double, and they laughed him out of office, so I guess he showed them it could be done... I'd been pumped with information to remember, repress, and repeat ("The 3 R's") pursuant to provided mnemonics, dates, calendar events, overlapping religious holidays, etc, just as Colby had told Congress that the many spies in that body did (As "Manchurian Candidates" -we're taking TERM LIMITS, here!). Bottom line is that I was shown the photo of "The young shooter one the grassy knoll" to compare to photos I have kept and also on the internet of Gary Condit, the professional assassin and his wife. It's why the Chandra Laci, JBR, and Scott Peterson cases are all still in limbo, and there are many unsolved ones out there. 

To Compare:
 Colorized version of Grassy Knoll; Badgeman. Condit would have 15, then, just old enough to get a Kansas City DL. That is where Dennis Rader did his thing, some say with an accomplice.

 British Royal Army BAQ room, Duesseldorf, 1977

 Chandra Levy affair

 Condit on Dr. Phil, where he said nothing of value, but obviously lied like a dog

I believe that the family business has been passed down based on having been approached by she, I believe, at my current residence.  Wearing distinctive colored eye contact lenses and wanting to know "If I needed any help?" That's their MO, luring their victims into comfortable home settings, but able to customize things.

 What we're seeing here is the decades old "Art of War" by Red China which they started off by killing the Kennedys and others.  They have spent decades corrupting our politics, society, food, waterways, forests, morals, etc., to the extent that 70% of our youth are either too obese (Their infiltrators in Congress legalizing corn syrup in place of cane sugar), too tatooed (Our education system), with too many Felony arrests (The results of their agent Bill Clinton's "3 Strikes you're out and making EVERYTHING a Felony - Pitting authority against the populace...) to even serve in the Armed Forces. And now they expect this dumbed down generation to repeat the mistakes of history and jump into another failed Asian War.  Which they will then again divide and conquer.  They've set themselves up to march into all kinds of places as "UN Humanitarian Forces," and are probably the instigators in bio-war (Black Plague in Africa, mosquitos, plant diseases, etc.) going on now.  They most certainly were behind the Clinton Foundation, for example.  But it's not like we didn't know it all along, and GHWB's CIA has been instrumental in counter-running the Obamas and Clintons. It's no coincidence that GHWB mandated the opening of the JFK Files to be on Hillary's DOB. It's no coincidence that the proof of above is still being kept confidential, but guess what it will become, if Red China STARTS this war?  We will finish it with moral high ground.  There's a satellite way out there that will constantly send a fax (Yes, fax) back to whatever listeners there might be, giving them the reputation in the world they  deserve. http://rickahyatt.blogspot.com/2017/10/hurrah-cia-dir.html