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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Today's anniversary of Lyric Cook's and Elizabeth Collin's disappearances - I saw them & Dan Morrissey during Amber Alert

On the anniversary of their disappearance. I have called and written repeatedly but for some reason the authorities will not call me back.
To wit, I was driving a load of gravel up Wamsutter Road, Wyoming,
passing the Love's Truck Stop in a BCN belly dump when those two girls (I can provide points of identification they've since changed on internet sites:
hair, glasses, etc.) looked at me plaintively with Elizabeth (Remarkable Owl-like glasses) holding a cardboard sign.   I could only read the first two letters written in pen, "IO...".
Elizabeth had on a light brown home made type sweater with a darker brown band.  Her handbag was similar, as if a home craft project. They were not dressed for Wyoming snow, wind, nor area, and street shoes. They had no other visible baggage nor the like.  When I looked to memorize her face, it was apparent she was self-conscious about her high forehead, and looked down.  Her dirty blond tresses flew forwards as if hit by the wind or as if to cover her face.
Something was very wrong, so, having an eidetic memory, I visually
memorized everything I could. There was no stopping there as they'd
started enforcing 18-wheelers from doing that on the road. To go
around and park my rig meant the social awkwardness of a truck driver
approaching two little girls...

I rationalized that Love's being a family place they'd be all right.
But being a former US Army MI Analyst I later concluded how wrong that was.
When I had a drink at Mike's Bar and Grill here in Rawlins, I saw the Amber Alert report on their TV, I was so excited I told not only Mike, but two bartenders, as well.  I even asked him about it later. (I also told other BCN drivers.)
About a week or so later after the above sighting, I saw Lyric (I have confused the names, but not the details, because Elizabeth simply looks more a "Lyric" in past correspondence) with a man I later ID'd from the Internet as Dan Morrissey in a small brown? new paint/body job Ford pickup about 15 miles up that road.  On the side, facing South, in a silt-filled ditch. NOT a local truck to park like that. 
Up popped the head of Lyric, her black hair, and her trademark "Owl-like" glasses. I now think she must have been napping on his lap. I thought otherwise at the time, being connected to a truck stop and all.
The look of pure horror was clear on his beard-stubbled face as he
looked at me in passing. It wasn't just that the world was at an end, more like
the Universe was.  He was parked in a spot on the road that would have necessitated big rigs to slow down and I think he wanted her to ID me. Thusly knowing I recognized the two and now he.
There are other espionage matters I'm involved in that maybe precluded
authorities from even calling me, I don't know.  But as I am a former
US Army MI Analyst, I believe I know why they could have been camping
(Small pop-up for that small truck - I've owned one. I also wondered why it looked like someone had used a shovel to pile fine dust on the trailer hitch and nearly hiding the multi-colored licence plate.) up there, not far from a
full-blown meth town.  A prime and remote camping area up the road. Elizabeth wasn't with them at the time - In that camper? And why he returned to Iowa with them with intent, a straight shot up I-80.  Even as he awaited trial for meth charges. A pair of narrow gauge vehicle tire tracks later reported on the internet at the scene. The two new too much about something, I guess... Or he just didn't want authorities to link his business here to his in Iowa at all costs? Meth-heads are notoriously murderous to my experience...
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